Zenobia Lloyd
Portrayed By Michelle Trachtenberg
House Ravenclaw
Year 6
Position <position>
Sex Female
Race Halfbreed
Age 17
Place of Birth Pemroke, Wales, UK
Date of Birth 21 Feb 1979
Mother Cynthia Adams
Father Augustus Lloyd
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Augustus Lloyd graduated from Hogwart's with honors near the top of his class in House Slytherin. His parents, Gregory and Eunice, both affluent Slytherin alumni as well, couldn't have been more proud. He landed a good position at the Ministry in the Department of Mysteries, and everything looked promising for the bright young wizard. Then he met Cynthia Adams. Cynthia was also bright, and remarkably pretty. A librarian. And a muggle.

The Lloyds disowned their only son the day he married that creature. He was turned out of the family townhome in London and forbidden to show his face there ever again. Taking his new bride he moved to Pembroke, on the Welsh coast, where Zenobia was born. Augustus and Cynthia lived comfortably, between Cynthia's income and Augustus' freelance work. He tutored Zeno privately until she was of age to enroll in Hogwart's. Growing up in Pembroke, she lived in both the wizard world as well as the muggle world.

Zenobia was surprised when the Sorting Hat put her in Ravenclaw, perhaps expecting to be put into Slytherin like the rest of her wizarding family. Her father told her of her family heritage, but only that he had a falling out with his parents. And it wasn't until she was in her first year at Hogwart's that she discovered what being Slytherin truly meant. And what it meant to be half-breed.

Zeno took after both of her parents and excelled in her studies. Quiet and withdrawn, she spoke seldom and didn't easily make friends. Early in her academic career, she began doing private research on Slytherin, his house and his principles, in an attempt to better understand her wizarding roots. A decent flyer, she was two short of making the Ravenclaw Quidditch team when she tried out as Chaser her second year.

She didn't hesitate to join Moody's Army, and fell in quite well with the group. Here her closely-guarded family history didn't matter, not even the rumors that her grandparents were both Death Eaters. Zeno worked out and trained with Moody's Army, throwing herself into this new field of study with the same enthusiasm as her research. She learned both control and creativity under pressure, and proved to be quite adept at handling herself.

Shortly before the battle at the Ministry, Zeno received an anonymous owl urgently asking her to come to London. The address was one she had only heard of, and she was shocked to discover that her grandparents had apparently either died or suddenly abandoned their London home. Zeno missed the battle at the Ministry, spending a few days investigating the newfound mystery at her grandparents' house in London before returning to Hogwart's.


Zenobia is quiet and reserved, a 'watcher'. She doesn't speak often, but when she does it's usually something worth hearing. Zeno isn't easily angered, but once she does her Slytherin heritage really comes out. She's not afraid to use magic for harm.

While Zeno has dated a few guys, she's had difficulty with trusting anyone. With age comes increased confidence, so she mostly hides her emotional vulnerability behind a dry sense of humor and exaggerated air of aloofness.


Other Information

  • Wand: A 10" dark wand made of cherry with a phoenix tail feather core.
  • Patronus: Snake
  • Pet: Jenkins, a Great Grey Owl
  • Core Classes: History of Magic, Charms, Potions, Transfiguration
  • Electives: Wizarding Literature, Advanced Defensive Theory, Divination, Ancient Runes

Memorable Quotes:

Trivia and Notes:

  • Zeno's paternal grandparents are rumored to have been Death Eaters.
  • Her father was in House Slytherin.
  • Zeno is in Moody's Army. She's a good duellist.
  • Zeno did not participate in the Battle of the Ministry. She wasn't on Hogwart's Grounds that night either.
  • She spends a lot of time in the library.
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