Zarina Zanford
Zarina Zanford
Portrayed By Kerli
House Slytherin
Year 6
Position Student
Sex Female
Race Pureblood
Age 17
Place of Birth Wiltshire, England
Date of Birth 18 Apr 1977

Character Description:

Before you is a young woman with long, soft white hair that tapers off at the small of her back. Long locks shimmer with bright highlights as it frames her pale face. A slender nose is the center piece of her smooth, beautiful face. Separating her bright blue eyes accented by long black eyelashes. Below her nose is a pair of full, soft lips that reveal white teeth when she smiles. The curvature of her chin leads to her slender, strong neck.

Slender, womanly shoulders lead gracefully downwards, holding the uniformly black cloak bearing the house badge on her right shoulder. A soft grey sweater covers her full chest, trimmed with deep green and shimmering silver along the collar. Just underneath the sweater is a clean white dress shirt, buttoned with pearly buttons with a green and silver tie knotted under the collar, tucked between the dress shirt and dark grey sweater. The cotton material of the sweater covers her arms, the deep green and silver hem hinting with the lean build, leading to feminine hands with slender fingers and pale, natural fingernails.

Her flat, lean stomach curves naturally under the grey sweater, the deep green and shimmering silver hem covering over the tails of the white dress shirt beneath it. The smooth curve of hips hold the soft material of matching grey, pleated skirt, the hem brushing just an inch above the knee. Her lean, sculpted legs move gracefully as she walks, calves defined beneath soft, pale skin. Leading to small feet within black shoes with enough of a heel to accent her legs.

Character History:

This story starts not with the family of Zanford, but with the bloodline of Witford.

Ramona Witworth was the older sister of Rohda Witworth, two sisters that got along well though their ideas of love and life were completely different. Ramona married third generation Auror Zuriel Zanford, his pedigree and family line earning the complete approval and praise from the Witworth family, while her sister Rohda went on to marry Radcliff "The Razor" Rumple, a Gryffindor and Quidditch player moreover. And comparing to the choice her older sister had made, the Witworth grudgingly approved of the younger sister's marriage with obvious distaste.

During the late hour of April 18th, 1977, Ramona Zanford gave birth to a little girl in Wiltshire, England. The night Zarina was born is a mysterious one, the death of Ramona Zanford inevitable mere hours after her daughter is born, though whispers of suspicion circulate about the true cause of Ramona's death. No one knowing that the true blame were to be put on the shoulders of her husband, a Deatheater. As she grew, Zarina showed amazing talent in magic. Her natural charming personality and sympathy often allowed her to enrapture family members.

By the time her invitation to Hogwarts arrived, she already knew how to make several simple charms and potions And after receiving her acceptance letter, she and her father went on a special trip together, since this is the first that her father has spent time with her since she was an infant. She was delighted to find Diagon Alley opening up before her, opening so many possibilities for the future as the merchants and storekeepers advertised their products with loud, booming voices. Visiting Ollivander, her Willow wand with Phoenix core chose her, the first year books bought and robes measured for her stature. It was all very exciting to the young girl and as she waited for the first day of classes to begin, she buried her nose in her books, learning and memorizing all that she could. The sorting hat instantly chose for her to be a Slytherin the moment it barely touched her head, making her father proud for her to be a sixth generation Slytherin.

Throughout her first year, Zarina was eager to learn whatever her hands came across, her attention soon divided between her studies and the odd attitudes of some of her classmates. Social and friendly to those who talked to her, she often would find them staring, which was never unusual to her for she is used to attention. It is when boys often offered treats or to study or walk with her that stirred her curiosity, finding their mannerisms peculiar and interesting. Though being as young as she is, she did not learn until later how useful it can be to her.

Christmas of her first year, she stayed at Hogwarts instead of returning home to find it its usual empty self, her father working as always. So to pass her time, she experimented with making potions from her textbook. When she succeeded enough, she browsed through the library, finding second year potions book and deciding to read through it. That Christmas day, a large package was brought to her by owls, a present from her father. The latest racing broom on the market in 1989, the Nimbus 1700. So thrilled she was with the present that she trudged through the snow to the Quidditch Pitch to practice on her first racing broom.

The year continued and soon came to a close, bringing a slow moving summer with it. She received letters by owl often, most from boys she had made friends with, all eager to know how she was doing and if she was looking forward to seeing them in turn. And although she did look forward to returning to school, she knew that their interest are misplaced in her. Only seeing the beauty and talent, admiring from afar and only seeing what is on the surface. After all, looks are everything, right?

During the next school years, she studied and worked hard, trying out each year for the Slytherin Quidditch team, trying to earn her father's approval while using her natural charm for her own benefit. Often leading on boys, she enjoyed the attention and presents they offered her, the benefit of a studying partner in or out of class, though it always became boring in the end. There was no spark or interest, leading to the inevitable of hearts being broken.

Now being her sixth year, Zarina has intentions of studying harder than ever, wanting to become an Auror like her father. With books in one hand and a Nimbus 2001 in the other, she prepares herself for the year that might possibly decide the rest of her life.

Other Information

This character is seventeen years old. Being such, there is the rare possibility that the rp's recorded here will become adult oriented and rated R. I will label those rp's as such in the title. Because I have this warning up, I am in no way responsible for those that may or may not get offended. I have taken my precautions, you're the one that chooses to read the ones that are labeled R.

Memorable Moments and Quotes:

Mei opens her eyes, looking up at the finger crosseyed. Blinking the girl ahs softly and then chuckles. "Are you having fun?" Never moving from her spot she peers at the poking finger.

Zarina just smirks at her, straightening her back as she forces the smirk from her lips for her expression to become hard and serious, "Never. A Slytherin must always strive for perfection. Anything else is a distraction and a nuisance." The hard look lasts a moment longer before the smirk reappears on her full lips.

Trivia And Notes:

Zarina is the cousin of Rupert Rumple, related through their mothers.

Logs & Events

Date Log Characters Rated
1 Train Bumps
Zarina runs into a few interesting students while coming aboard the Hogwarts Express, as well as meets a Gryffindor in quite an unexpected way.
Braeden, Crane, Stephen, and Zarina R for partial nudity
1 Another Train Bump
Zarina meets the Slytherin fifth year Prefect in the Hogwarts Express Corridor, made a few new friends as they 'stumble' into her Compartment, and Mei causes some mischief with a kiss mark on cousin Rupert's cheek.
Mei, Melissa, Rupert, Stephen, and Zarina PG
1 1994 Sorting and Feast
The sorting of First Years, and the feast. Also, mention of the Triwizard tournament and the changes related to the other schools protests.
Amber, Ashley, Braeden, Cho, Cullen, Dumbledore, Harry, Jackson, Julian, Kyrie, McGonagall, Mei, Melissa, Nessa, Nester, Ophelia, Oswald, Perpetua, Rupert, Siobhan, Snape, Sorrel, Stephen, Tonks, and Zarina PG
1 Late Night Studying
After the sorting, Zarina goes to the Library to find out more about the Triwizard Tournament, all while managing to bump into a certain Gryffindor again.
Braeden and Zarina PG
2 Hoppin Red
Zarina accidentally releases a chocolate frog in the Great Hall, finding herself in an awkward situation.
Braeden Cullen and Zarina PG-13, for a brief suggestive situation
2 Settling Things
After the "chocolate frog" incident, Zarina finds Braeden in the Library to return the things he left behind. As well as later on making friends with Ginny Weasley.
Braeden Ginny Oswald and Zarina PG-13, for a explicit conversation
5 Strengthening Solution
The 4th - 7th year Potions classes are combined and tormented by Professor Snape.
Alton Antigone Ashley Braeden Crane [[[Cullen]] Harry Hermione Kyrie Mei Ophelia Snape Stephen and Zarina PG
9 The Plot Thickens?
The Slytherins panic over their point deficit. Snape appears to suggest an impromptu study session, and first-year scolding follows.
Derek Ella Julian Oscar Oswald Crane Snape Siobhan Stephen and Zarina PG
9 Late Night Rendezvous
Zarina NC-17
11 Constant Vigilance
The kids get their lesson with Mad-Eye Moody.
Ashley Braeden Crane Danny Derek Ella Estellise Ginny Mei Melissa Rene Tommy and Zarina PG
12 Dumblecup?
Talk between students of other wizarding schools, the Triwizard Tournament, and other possible names to call the Tournament.
Alton Ginny Julian Melissa and Zarina PG
12 Hall Pass
Zarina PG-13, for explicit conversation and situation
17 Strength and Weakness
The 4th-7th years students return to Potions class to test out their Strengthening Solution.
Antigone Braeden Cullen Mei Ophelia Snape and Zarina PG
17 Ginger Root
Zarina PG
18 First Date
Zarina PG-13


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