1995-10-10A: Yours in Hope


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Scene Title Yours in Hope
Synopsis Julian sends the promised message to Jack
Location Torchwood Offices
Date October 10, 1995
Watch For Jack gets mad.
Logger Jack (well, and Bean, technically)

The letter is penned in neat handwriting. Very precisely placed letters cover the page. He doesn't recognize the name, but it's delivered by Henrik. Jack is intrigued. He still checks it three ways from Sunday for curses, though.

Dear Mr. Noble:

I am a friend of your sister's, and am sorry for your hurt. Jack notices he says 'hurt' instead of 'loss'. That strikes him as odd. He keeps reading. I know that we have not met each other, but I was asked to write you and ask if it was possible for you and your family to arrange for someone to sit for their NEWTs out of season. It would really help things along.

I've lived a lot in my twelve years, Mr. Noble, and moving from the Muggle world to the Magical one has taught me a few things, one of which is that sometimes, the impossible can actually happen. Please remember this.

The sense of hurt and hope that rises in Jack's chest at these words steals his breath completely away. Surely he can't be … surely … The next words have him gulping down a Sobriety Solution and apparating to Torchwood Manor.

Also remember this: "Even winter's kiss has no power here. The sum of all human wisdom will soon see blackened petals bloom again; Wait and Hope."

A wild fury breaks free, catches the hope and hurt and swirls around inside Jack like a maelstrom. He crumples the paper in his rage, but refrains from destroying it completely. Just barely. Da needs to see this. It is signed:

Yours in Hope,
J. (Bean) Legume,
Slytherin House (Second Form)
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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