1994-11-04: You've Got Mail!


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Scene Title You've Got Mail!
Synopsis Edwin annoys Sirius, Sirius annoys Edwin!
Location Undisclosed
Date Nov 04, 1994
Watch For Nooo not my door!
Logger Pound Puppy

The best way to not get into any sort of tiffs with the guards on duty, is by Sirius staying in his room. By now the bed is a little more familiar a substance to sit on, and he's lounging with a book, trying his best to focus on it. Now that he's spoken with Holly and is more or less caught up on major events of the outside world, it's helping just a little. Although the frustration of helplessness persists. Nevertheless, staying put, and out of the way is helping to decrease conflict.

That method only works if trouble and conflict don't come a-knockin' all on their own, which - well. This time it technically doesn't knock, because the door to Sirius' room is quite suddenly opened without any sort of advance notice, quickly followed by Edwin invading the doorway in all his broad-shouldered creepy glory. In his free hand he holds the sad remains of a package and a bit of parchment that looks like a letter. "You've got mail, Black."

There is that, yes. Sirius ignores the presence at the door best he can, even when it is rudely thrust open. He bristles, and if he were in his animagus form, his hackles would be raised and he would be growling. Except, he /is/ growling under his breath, he doesn't need the animagus form for that. He turns a page in his book, not looking over the edge, "Fine. I've got mail. Just set it down and be gone."

"You're not going to /receive/ the mail until you learn how to be civil, especially since the correspondence is suspect. It details an alias you seem to have been using right under the Ministry's nose. Who would know about that, mmm?" Well, okay. Edwin is grossly exaggerating the contents of the letter, but it is all for the just cause of harassing his prisoner and might end up being justification for gibing the Lovegoods their fair share of Ministry troubles to boot. He gives the letter a shake, the edges of parchment flapping feebly with the movement.

There's curiosity about the mail and just what the devil Edwin is alluding to. However Sirius is not about to beg or act like a common animal. Behave and get a treat. "No bloody clue what you're flapping your gob about. If the correspondence is suspect, then discard it," he says in a flat and controlled manner.

That gets a smile from Edwin. "Oh, I've already burned the other contents of the package, Black. No need to give you everything you've been sent." Which gives to rise the question of just what else may have been destroyed that was intended to reach the hands of the captive animagus. "This letter is more along the lines of merely interesting. It's not quite on the level of being incriminating. Yet. Now, are you going to be a good lad and play nice with the other guards?"

Sirius bristles inward further as he fights with himself to not blow his stack. "Bully for you," is said in a forced tone of mildness. The destruction of incoming mail and the withholding of anything else is no surprise to the man. It's amazing he's been able to move around the house as he has. Restricted yes, but more mobility than a cell allows. "I'd rather hex your face off, but seeing as I haven't got a wand. You're safe. How about you get to the bloody point about the letter and leave me alone?"

It would be so entertaining to watch Sirius lose his temper again. Edwin is willing enough to stop the game of keepaway, though, and he simply tosses the papers down onto the floor next to the bed without any sign of care or concern. It'd be even more entertaining to watch the animagus crawl, after all! "Read it. Some intriguing people have taken a very keen interest in you, Black, and we - the Ministry - want to know why."

No threatening movement has been made. In fact, Sirius is still lounging on the bed, book in hand, trying to look at the words on the pages instead of Edwin. Who.. will be quite disappointed that Sirius remains put on the bed. "Because you're a right bunch of nosey gits, that's why," he says evenly. It's easier to try and keep a lid on his temper when he's not looking at the antagonist. Although.. he does flash a rude gesture at Edwin, "I'll read the letters when I damn well feel like it."

Sirius is just lucky that the house is so well watched. Otherwise, he'd currently be writhing in pain. However, the hit wizard's wand stays safely stowed in its place in his inner pocket and the Unforgivables fail to start flying like they most certainly should be. It's really most unfortunate. Edwin frowns at the man distantly and then glances down at the book, which might mysteriously end up missing in the next couple of days. "We'll certainly be having a chat about it when you do. And if you don't do it in good time, I'll make sure it gets done." A warrant allowing the use of the Unforgivables on a mass-murdering convict shouldn't be too hard to obtain from Umbridge.

It's a shame.. Sirius is so bullheaded and forceful, Edwin might have a time if he chose to use oh say, Imperius. If the book winds up missing, no matter. There are others he's allowed to have, plus the chess set is still around. "I look forward to it," he says in a bored yet sarcastic manner. He's not sure what the devil could be in that letter to rile up Edwin. It's probably nothing and the prat is getting his jollies this way. "Not that you bloody well care, but I can honestly say, that whatever is in that letter is most likely nonsense. I've only kept correspondence with a small handful of people since breaking out of Azkaban." Oh he points that out, as a matter of pride.

And now a frosty smile crosses the older wizard's face, his eyebrows arching at the mention of illegal correspondence. "I'll be sure to follow up on that tip, Black. The people you've been in contact with have been aiding and abetting an escaped criminal, and the Ministry just can't have that happening. Such a pity that you'll have put them in such a poor position with your ignorance and bullheadedness, isn't it?" God knows how much Edwin would enjoy imprisoning his prisoner's few remaining friends, even if only for the sake of harassing Sirius. It's all because he seems to know too much. "Do enjoy your evening."

Too bad he hasn't given names. "Hardly aiding and abetting if they haven't a clue where I'm hiding or that I was planning on breaking out. Quite easy to do it was, too. Also, the tropics were quite nice just a few months ago. All warm and sunny." Now Sirius sounds a bit cheery, perhaps knowing that he's getting a bit under Edwin's skin in return. Now as to where the places were that he was hiding? Good and vague he is. The tropics covers a wide range. "I shall, now be a sport and shut the door on your wait out, will you?"

No names, no, but everyone on the approved visitor list is officially suspect. Edwin doesn't visually rise to the bait that Sirius puts out, simply shrugging a shoulder and turning himself around again to wander into some other part of the house. Before he quite makes it past the threshold of the door, however - his wand is drawn and pointed. Not at Sirius, mind you, but at the door. "Your privacy is a privilege. Until you start playing ball with us, you're losing it." And by that, the Death Eater means Sirius is going to be losing his entire door, which is Vanished a moment later when Edwin mutters the appropriate incantation. Then he's gone, whistling merrily all the way down the hall.

Sirius doesn't seem bothered about the loss of the door. It'll be back, and there is the parlor.. and of course, he has the right to privacy with his defense team. "Someone's got an attitude," he says, further needling at Edwin. Aha.. now he feels better, knowing that the cheerier he gets, the more it annoys the Death Eater. Now, if he were a muggle, this would be the time to strip down to underpants and play air guitar. He does however, have a bit more dignity left and doesn't resort to that.

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