Portrayed By Zoe Wanamaker
House Ravenclaw
Year 1963
Position Flying Instructor at Hogwarts
Sex Female
Race Pureblood
Age 49
Place of Birth Rhydymain (Wales)
Date of Birth 26 Jan 1945
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Born in the countryside near the vilage of Rhydymain, Wales, in 1945, Xiomara "Xi" Hooch learned quite early the art of flying. Her father, Tewdws Hooch, and mother, Marured Kendrick Hooch, both broom racers, both took her flying from the time she was able to sit up on her own, and Xi developed a lifelong love of both flying and speed as a result. She entered Hogwarts at the expected age, and was sorted into Ravenclaw House, where she joined the Quidditch team in her second year as a backup Chaser, and made her way to team Captain in her fifth year. A good student, with a hunger for learning (like most Ravenclaws), Xi went on to become a Prefect, and in her 7th year, Head Girl. She graduated as expected in 1963, and went on to follow in her parents' footsteps, racing brooms for the love of the speed. Her Ravenclaw heart was appeased by extensive research into the history of broom racing and brooms, and work on new charms and spells to improve a broom of her own design.

Between 1963 and 1970, Xi raced brooms, eventually meeting up with and falling for Randon Platz (a Durmstrang graduate), whom she married in 1972. But their marriage was to be short-lived, as Wizard marriages go, and they had no children. In 1979, Platz was killed in a broom raceā€¦ with help from a couple of Death Eaters and their wands. After her husband's death, Xiomara went back to Hogwarts to become the flying instructor, and took up residence in the castle, in part because it was a place where she could heal emotionally. At Hogwarts, Xi has flourished. After a few years, she resumed her research into broom lore and spells, a pursuit she enjoys in her free time, when not teaching. Despite the tragedy of the 1979 broom race, once she remounted a broom, her joy in flying resumed, and has never left again. Though she is firm with her students, it is because flying is not a "safe" pursuit, and she is very concerned with ensuring that her students know how to fly properly before turning them loose.


Xi is known to be a no-nonsense witch. Nobody dares misbehave in flying class, or they will be out before you can say, "Quidditch!"

Other Information

Memorable Quotes:

Hooch2.jpg "Just as I suspected. Inferior braking charm. You're damned lucky you weren't killed, Mr. Barker. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a letter to post. The Headmaster will be hearing about *this* incident, and rest assured, until that braking charm is fixed, your sales to underage wizards - at least underaged wizards who wish to continue to take flying lessons from /me/ - will be severely limited!"

Trivia and Notes:

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