Xenophilius 'Xeno' Lovegood
Portrayed By Rhys Ifans
House Ravenclaw
Year Graduated
Position Editor-in-Chief, The Quibbler
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 40
Place of Birth Upper Flagley, Yorkshire
Date of Birth April 2, 1954
First Appearance Neighborly Conversation

Character History:

Lovegood was born in Upper Flagley, Yorkshire, on April 2, 1954. A popular wizarding village, Xeno grew up surrounded by the strange and varying beliefs and talents of all manner of Wizards and Witches. His parents would often regale him with tales of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, Gulping Plimpies and other beasts that were too fantastical for even the Wizarding World. Like most children of wizards he was sent away to Hogwarts when he came of age and was sorted into Ravenclaw. An extremely quick-witted young man he was swift to latch onto a rumour and follow it to its source in order to find the truth.

It was at Hogwarts that he met and began dating Bessinea Egen, the daughter of some wealthy Swedish wizards who migrated to England some years earlier. Once they had graduated they married, moving to a small flat in Diagon Alley after Xeno was offered a cadet reporter position with the Daily Prophet. For several years he was particularly proud of his position at the Prophet, covering all manner of things from Quidditch Tournaments to breaking news covering the rise of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Unfortunately, all of this came undone shortly after the birth of his daughter – Luna.

After discovering some particularly nasty details about Dark Wizards in England after the defeat of You-Know-Who, Xeno’s story was scrapped by the Prophet by order of the Ministry. He was told that times were too happy to scare the Wizarding World with dangerous tales of Dark Wizards. In the end, the Dark Wizards did not prove to be nearly as dangerous as You-Know-Who’s followers but they did harm several Muggles before they were captured. Xeno believed this was because the Wizarding World had not been informed and, as a result, resigned – deciding to create his own paper which would tell the truth.

Moving to the country to live with his wife, a developer of experimental charms, and his young daughter – it took several years for Xeno to get the Quibbler off the ground. Printing copies from their home in Ottery St. Catchpole, his world was thoroughly rocked when Bessinea was killed by a backfiring charm – witnessed by both Luna and himself. Unfortunately, Xeno became a little unhinged as a result.

While he had always told Luna stories about Crumple-Horned Snorkacks like his parents had told him, the death of his wife resulted in him wanting to be much closer with his remaining family member. He began to insist that they were real (although he never knew for sure that they weren’t) and would take Luna on searches for them, printing his somewhat-crazy beliefs and pseudo-facts in the Quibbler.

Since then the Quibbler has never been popular, often cited as nonsense although with a small, hardcore base of avid readers. Xenophilius has had to learn to live by himself, his daughter now spending much of her year at Hogwarts leaving him to his own devices. Despite accepting charitable (no money changes hands) submissions from writers seeking to get their name in print, Xeno does much of the writing himself. He often goes out to interview famous and infamous wizards, tirelessly researching the facts even when some think he simply makes it up on the spot.



Despite his strange beliefs that have very little basis in fact and are widely considered nonsense, Xeno sticks to his guns. He is utterly convinced of the existence of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks and Gulping Plimpies and that a bite from a Gernumbli gardensi will exponentially increase a person’s creativity. As much as someone may argue with him that these are not facts but bizarre fiction, Xeno is thoroughly convinced that his version of the truth is, well, the truth. Arguments with him simply result in off-handed denials and insistence that those who debate with him check their facts – it can be quite infuriating.


Xenophilius Lovegood lost his wife, Bessinea, some years ago when an experimental spell she was working on went awry. As a result, his only real remaining family is his daughter Luna whom he is extremely protective of. As well as spending as much time with her as he can (he frequently takes her on holidays to all sorts of places), he shares his beliefs with her and would do most anything to keep her safe and happy. This does span very much into the realm of slightly overprotective parent – the idea of his daughter having a boyfriend, for example, is preposterous and he would much rather she stay with him over the holidays than stay with friends.


Xeno does not care about making money, believing that he has a duty to the public to present them with stories and facts that they need to know. He believes the Daily Prophet to be full of useless, biased and often-inaccurate drivel and that he is doing a great service to the community by bringing them the news they need. While most people think him to simply be a lunatic, Xeno still believes that it is his duty to present the truth (even if he is the only one who considers it to be the truth) regardless of the danger or ridicule he may receive. It would take a direct threat to Luna to steer him away from this mindset.


Despite many of his beliefs being ‘alternative’ to the common view, Xenophilius Lovegood is a great intellectual. Of the many different fields he has studied he knows quite a bit, even if the facts are not necessarily true. He has made a point of learning about the other side of many arguments he presents as well, understanding the commonly-accepted history on a subject while believing in an entirely more off-the-wall and fantastical one. When he speaks about academic matters he speaks with conviction, even if he is not necessarily offering the widely acknowledged truth.


Xenophilius Lovegood has always been rather anti-establishment, often willing to support non-violent movements against the Ministry of Magic. While he is not a rebellious or violent man, he often feels that the Ministry over-regulate things and conceal important facts for their own benefit. While he does not want to see the Wizarding World in chaos, he would much rather see an open and more friendly Ministry who are willing to acknowledge they are being secretly subverted by the Rotfang Conspiracy.

Memorable Quotes:

Hermione Granger: "I mean, you could claim that anything's real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody's proved it doesn't exist!"
Xenophilius Lovegood: "Yes, you could. I am glad to see that you are opening your mind a little."

Trivia and Notes:

  • Xenophilius 'Xeno' Lovegood is known for being quite mad - or at least everyone believes him to be.
  • Editor-in-Chief of The Quibbler, a magazine almost as loony as he is.


When? Where? What?
September 15, 1994 The Burrow, Ottery St. Catchpole "But it is quite clear that the Tri-Wizard Tournament is merely an effort for the Ministry to find candidates for their secret police force. It was, after all, how the Tournament was used in the past – although with Durmstrang and Beauxbatons involved it was also an excuse to spy and subvert different Wizarding governments."
September 15, 1994 A Letter to Luna "Trolls are, as you know, great philosophers."
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