1995-02-04: Wrong Place


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Scene Title Wrong Place
Synopsis He's been in Hogwarts all along. You just didn't know it.
Location Hogwarts
Date 4 Feb 1995
Watch For The Reveal!
Logger Holly

With a lighter schedule, but heavier regiment of studies, Perpetua makes her way down towards her common room after lunch. It's a Saturday, but that doesn't matter the more years you have under your belt at Hogwarts. OWL's studies nearly drove her over the brink, and lessons haven't let up. Some of her professors are even talking about NEWTs! That's not until next year! Yeesh! Perpetua isn't alone as she descends the stairs to her common room. In her hands is a small cage, lurid pink, clean and containing her pet rat. Since his disappearance and then return, she's been keeping an eye on the little guy. "It's for your own safety, you know. Not that you understand what I'm saying. Carlie's cat was eyeing you for a snack! I have a responsibility to look after your wellbeing." Sure enough, within the cage is a nice selection of snacks from the lunch table. Cheese, crackers, bits of fruit. Quite spoiled, Mr. Skitters is.


Oh, he understands. A lot of people don't give rats the credit they deserve! It's sad, really… They're such noble creatures, possessed of an intelligence that ordinary people just can't fathom. Sure, this one might act like a bit of a dope from time to time, and he does love to sleep, but there are certain… Problems that have started to crop up, and while Mr. Skitters is in this cage, well, those problems are eventually going to come to him.

It's time to take action.

The rat shifts, its weight increasing by at least three times. The weight should be just enough for the girl to notice, before he once again returns to his normal ratty state. She'll stop, check the cage… Only to see her beloved Skitters peacefully crunching away at a cracker. Perhaps she'll open the cage, just to be sure… Things haven't worked out as he's wanted them to so far, but, hey, maybe he'll get lucky this time.


Perpetua blinks and looks at the cage, midstep. "Huh. I think you're eating a bit too much!" Which doesn't explain why the weight got heavier, then back to normal. She frowns just a bit, then ducks out of the hallway with the cage in hand. She carries the cage into an alcove that looks like it belongs in some sort of Abbey. The alcove is shielded from view and there's an altar thingie that she can set the cage down onto. "You know what? We're almost to the common room. I think I'll let you out, you can ride in my pocket." She opens the cage and reaches in to scoop the rat out into her hands.


His plan really was a genius one. In fact, it even had the approval from the Dark Lord. They never gave him the credit they should have, always believing him to be the stupid one of the group. Who did they think he was, after all! A Marauder! He knew the tricks of the map inside and out, and he certainly knew how to fool it.

But the magic has been degrading over time. He could sense it… The fact that despite his knowledge of the workings of the map, his magic was flawed.

But fooling the map was only one part of the problem. He also had to fool the senses - sight, specifically. The Dark Lord knew a thing or two about that, altering the rat's appearance so that no one could find him. Of course, there was the missing toe. It was a risk, but in the end, no one figured it out.

When the Hufflepuff reaches her hand into the cage…

Well, it was a good life. But with Sirius Black pardoned now, staying in one spot would be stupid. Perpetua will, therefore, find her hand absolutely mauled by little rat teeth and claws. THIS IS FOR ALL THE PINK. AND THE BOWS. AND THE NAME. Not the food, though. The food was good BUT DEFINITELY THE PINK, DAMMIT. And after Peter Pettigrew is certain that Perpetua's hand is good and bloodied, he drops himself out of the cage to the floor, and transforms.

So much for fooling the map. The map'll know it's him now. Oh, well.


Perpetua is oblivious, as so many Hufflepuffs seem to be. They just go along, doing their own thing. They don't have much of a beef with anyone, no real rivalry to speak of. It doesn't help that this Hufflepuff in question is a bit of a ninny to start with. So when she reaches in to pick up her loving pet, that she's adored, pampered and fawned over these past few months.. She's in for the first real shock of her life when the rat turns on her! Needless to say as her hand is mercilessly chewed upon, she lets out a SCREAM. Surprise, pain and the sight of blood do that to her y'know. Then before she can wrap her robe around her bleeding hand, her rat is.. is… She doesn't know who that is, but it can't be good..

"PROFESSOR SPROUT!!!," is screamed out as she tries to run from the alcove. Her head of house's name is heard in between screams of panic and fear.


His robes are tattered, ripped in some places, faded, old… And yet, they seem to suit him. There's a rat-like look to him, of course. Then again, he's spend much of his life as a rat, so the fact is, he's almost more used to that than he is being human.

And then, he is right there in her face, hand wrapped around her shirt collar, pulling her close so that the other hand can cover her mouth. His breath is awful, his watery eyes stare into hers. Without anyone here who could kick his ass, Peter actually feels pretty confident!

Nice job, Pettigrew. Beating up a little girl.

"You'd best keep your trap shut. Now, I'll let you go, but y—you're going to do what I say. Is that clear?"


Perpetua's eyes go as wide as saucers as she's grabbed roughly. Another scream for Professor Sprout spills forth before cutting off as the nasty hand covers her mouth. Behind the hand, she gags, oh gawd, the stench. Where'd her rat go? Where'd this man come from? Oh Merlin's beard! This is not good! Never, ever in her life having been in a situation like this, she struggles.

There's a reason the Hufflepuff mascot is a badger.

Perpetua squirms, twists and tries to turn away from Pettigew's grasp. She even tries to stamp on his feet. A good tactic here would be to bite the hand over her mouth, but no thank you. She can't get to her wand, otherwise she would be using that, but she's not sure what to cast! Some silly charm perhaps, or shoving her wand at his eye? She never was good in offensive spells!


Okay, okay, what does he do now!? He could have just gotten away from her again. SHOULD have gotten away from her again. In his own mind, he has to justify this somehow, so…

She won't stop wiggling, so he slams her back against the alter, and the cage crashes to the floor. Peter swears, looking toward the door to see if anyone's decided to investigate. No one? Good. "Stop— Stop moving or I'll KILL YOU!" he hisses, giving her another shake for good measure.

"Of all the kids in the world, I had to find an idiot, didn't I? Listen to me. I'm Peter Pettigrew, girl. I'm a Death Eater. Do you kn— know what that means!?" His voice rises in pitch, and his face gets redder and redder the more he speaks. "It — It means you do what I tell you to, that's what!" His evil villain monologue skills could probably use some work, but he'll go with what he has. "All I have to do is snap my fingers, and VVol Volde— The Dark Lord would be here before you could blink those pretty little eyes. So settle down."


Perpetua freezes when Pettigrew threatens to kill her. Eyes still wide, they fill with tears, not from pain, but from flat out fear. A cry escapes as she's pushed back against the altar. The struggling ceases momentarily. Her face goes chalk white, not at the mention of Pettigrew's name or Death Eaters, she's a sheltered soul really. It's the mention of You Know Who that has her paling, and tears spilling. There's a swallowed cry as she stares up at the man, who's probably not much taller than she is. She's too scared to even be hurt by the comment that she's an idiot. (Although it does sting a bit.)

Pet can't think, this is too much information, too much excitement. She can't even get a grip on her emotions, and despite the threat, she lets out another muffled scream against the hand still over her mouth. If she had a cooler head on her shoulders, she'd be fighting with magic.


He's getting nowhere. Think, Pettigrew. Think. Dammit, he only has two hands, so how is he going to hold her against the alter, cover her mouth, and get his wand? Wait.

Removing his hand from her collar, he goes for his wand and casts the best spell he can think of for the circumstance. "Silencio."

There. Now he doesn't have to hold her face anymore, but he does reach out for her collar again, holding her against the altar, giving her another good shake for good measure. "You almost undid a whole lot of work, you little brat. You think fooling a magical item is easy?" He looks at the door again, then back at the Hufflepuff. Wonderful… She's crying. Not that he really cares. Maybe he would have, at some point, but… "You know what? If they wanted me to care, they would have treated me a little better than they did. Sirius Black was just lazy. Couldn't handle the pressure. Y-you know what he did? Threw it all on me, that's what! Th-Threw it all at me, 'cuz it was too hard. So— So you know what I did?! HUH!? You wanna know!? I killed 'em! Hah, I did. That sure showed them, didn't it? Locomotor Mortis!" That should keep her in place.

Standing, he goes to check the exit into the hallway. It's too open for his liking. Anyone could walk by at any point. See them in here. Peter was never good with memory charms, though, so he can't exactly erase her memory. Hmm…


Another silent scream escapes as 'Silencio' is cast and she's given another good shake. So much is hitting her mind at once. She could have been nicer to her brother, a little more bold with Walter at the Ball. Merlin's… she's never going to see any of them again is she? At that thought, the tears flow more freely, and she's just a little aware of Peter's rambling speech. The names he's dropping, all of that, she knows what he's on about, she just can't /think/ for beans right now. She's no expert on the story, she knows the basics, and even then it's dodgy because her parents kept a good deal from her.

With a trembling hand, she does try and reach for her wand, but as soon as it's in hand, it's clattering across the floor. Finding her legs locked together, she topples over and hits the hard stone floor, wand out of reach.


Crap. He should have disarmed her! That's a close one, isn't it? "Can't have you magicking me now," Peter says gleefully, stepping on Perpetua's wand until a distinctive crack is heard. He kicks the pieces over toward the wall, out of sight.

And then, he figures it out, and chuckles madly! Oh, it's too perfect. Voldemort will reward him for sure! He'll clean up all the evidence and take the girl with him, and then… He'll… Have a girl. With him. Yeah, he'll figure that one out later, but this seems like the best thing he can do right now.

With these curses, you've really got to want it to make them work, and Peter's never wanted anything to work more. This is how he prepares himself every time he casts an unforgivable. You gotta want it to win it, Pettigrew!

But she's silenced. And leg-locked. Surely he can take a couple extra moments to get his revenge for all the damn pink. "Crucio!"


Perpetua watches her wand get snapped with horror from her position on the floor. Legs still locked, she rolls over onto her side to try and push herself up. She can still bunny hop if she can get to her feet! It's a plan that just might work, except for having an unforgiveable thrown her way. She hasn't been through Moody's classes, she dropped Defense for her NEWT levels, so she is in no way prepared for the onslaught of pain the Cruciatus brings. She rolls right back onto her back and screams silent screams of pain. How woefully inadequate tht word is when describing what the Cruciatus deals out. The tears are flowing more freely as she lays on her back, upper torso writhing and contorting at the hold the curse has on her.


There's some part of Peter that kind of regrets what he just did, but, he tells himself, it had to be done. It was vital. She wouldn't have gotten the fact that he is absolutely serious if he hadn't done it. Ah! But that's long enough, isn't it? He raises he wand again, which effectively cancels the curse. "Pain is funny," he says to himself… Perhaps it's a throwback to the days the marauders were the kings of Hogwarts! James must have said that at some point, right? No? Oh, well, that's just something for Peter to claim.

He won't even give poor Perpetua the chance to recover from the curse before he's got her collar in one calloused hand, and he's pointing the wand at her head this time. "Imperio," he says, drawing the word out, relishing it, enjoying it as if it's a fine wine.


Yeah, it's easy for the person dishing out pain to say that it's funny. It's absolutely hilarious from where Perpetua is laying. Only it's not. She's not recovered from the curse, her body shaking, face clammy, when she's grabbed by the collar. A noiseless cry is given and she flinches back as much as she can. Where is everyone? Why did she have to take that hallway this time of day? Won't someone please come by and help her!? She's always been a good student, a good person! More tears spill down her cheeks, even as her eyes go slightly unfocused as Imperius is cast on her. A blank, slack expression takes the place of the terror she was displaying.


"Here's what you're going to do," Peter says. He can't help the rat-like laughter that comes from the performance of two successful Unforgivables in a row. If only James and Sirius could see him now! Perhaps they would finally give him the respect he deserved - no, demanded - all those years at Hogwarts. "After I transform back into a rat, you're going to put me back into the cage, and take me … " Picking up one of the broken bits of Perpetua's wand, he draws a crude map on the floor. It's enough that she'll see that he wants her to take her into Hogwarts' sub-basements, down through the dungeons, and into a long-forgotten area of the castle. No one will go into the old storage room. "When we get there, you'll open the cage, and you'll let me out."

He gives her another shake. He likes shaking her. It makes him feel powerful, and the best part is, she can't do a damn thing about it. Stupid girl. Stupid, stupid girl! "You're to avoid any— // He looks over his shoulder at the arch into the hall. "Anyone,// do you understand? Under no circumstances are you to do anything other than go straight here." He pokes at the map he's drawn in the dust once more, before throwing the bit of wand off to the side again.


The shaking, she doesn't mind it so much now. Perpetua's mind is just /ripe/ for the Imperius curse. It's a floating sensation, almost like a dream, as she nods to the instructions. "Go down through the dungeons, into the basements, old storage room. Avoid others. Go straight to the storage room," she repeats in a dazed manner, staring at Peter without actually looking at him.


"Good," he says. And that's the last thing he'll say before he's suddenly a rat again. He's completely helpless at this point, but he already knows that Perpetua won't hurt him. After all, she's been given a command that she absolutely has to follow. He starts to head toward the upended cage, sniffing at it, pointing at it with his nose, just in case she's forgotten the first step of this hastily strung-together plan.


No, she hasn't forgotten. Perpetua puts the rat back into its cage, closing it up. The cage is picked up in her hands and she leaves the alcove. Her broken wand is left behind, and unfortunately, trods right through the hasty map on the floor, disrupting its lines as she leaves. Doing as commanded, she proceeds through the dungeons, the basement levels and straight to the storage room.

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