1995-03-15: Wrong Idea


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Scene Title Wrong Idea
Synopsis Just a meeting outside the Broomsticks, and a misunderstanding
Location Hogsmeade - High Street
Date Mar 15, 1995
Watch For Teasing
Logger Ded Coz

For the second time this week, there's a familiar roar of an engine that doesn't come from the road winding through Hogsmeade, but rather from the sky above. Robes whipping about, Sirius looks pleased with himself as the motorbike touches down on high street. So he was just here in the village this morning, and had other things to do back in London, but he quickly grew bored with cleaning and fighting with Kreacher. He'll do more when Tonks is free to assist. For now, it's back to Hogsmeade to check in on the place. Twice in the past month or so, there's been an attack of sorts. Perhaps it's the proximity to the castle that's been drawing attention, or it's all just a coincidence. Ignoring any looks he's garnering on the motorbike, he drives down the cobblestoned street a bit before braking to a stop outside the Three Broomsticks.

Maggie is walking along, her cloak around her against the mild chill as she approaches the Three Broomsticks. Another day, another.. well, you know. She turns with some concern at what is a pretty unfamiliar sound, blinking at the sight of Sirius on the flying motorbike, breaking into a grin and waving while he lands. "Now that's quite the entrance."

David arrives from the side street looking about a moment. The motor bike catches his attention not having seen it in person before. "Woah nice bike Mr Black never seen it in person just at work." he chuckles slightly but it finishes quickly. He turns to the bartender. "Hello Maggie, how have you been?" he looks back quickly though. "Did everyone get all patched up? What a fiasco."

"I specialize in making an entrance," Sirius quips as he gets off the seat. The bike's been polished up and cleaned, and there's no trace of Tonks's snowy bootprint from the other night. Maggie's given a bit of an odd look for her friendliness. It's not the reaction he's used to from strangers these days. He raises his hand as David approaches, "Thanks. I'm glad to have her back. Brooms are fine, but this was my pride and joy a few years back." As with any guy and his favorite ride, he loves the bike. "Mmm. Yes. Everyone got patched up. Tonks says those two moronic witches are facing a lovely collection of charges. We talked about that this morning."

Maggie is a bartender, it is an occupational hazard and, well, just her nature. She does listen, quite curiously, to the conversation. She tsks, sighing, "A body can't walk safe in the streets anymore, it seems." softly.

David nods "Glad everyone was okay, was a completely pointless thing that was." the Auror shakes his head. "They deserve what they get I'm afraid even if they are just wannabes. Anyways too much work lately." he chuckles "Yes it does seem that the way doesn't it."

"Not really, no," Sirius says in a sober manner and turns to Maggie, "Be glad you weren't working the other night. There was a pair of idiots playing at being dark wizards. Thought they'd make a scene in front of very capable wizards and witches." There's a snort of contempt made here. "It's a waste as Tonks and I were talking this morning. It never fails to astound me.. morons like those two waste our time and resources, distracting us from far more serious situations." Angry? Yes, Sirius is getting angry about it all.

Maggie gasps, and nods, "I heard there was some sort of mess happening in the Broomsticks, but Dark Magic?" she shivers, "Done in the open? Yes, that is horrid. Was anyone seriously injured?"

Sirius shakes his head, "No, no one was seriously injured. The witches were inept, and incredibly overpowered. Which tells me, they hadn't had a clue as to what they were doing. If they were actual dark wizards, they would have taken one look at the retired auror with us and and disapparated." He'll refer to Moody this way, as not everyone knows his name.

David nods "Yeah, exactly they had no idea what they were walking into. Though learned a new move, the boot throw." the young man sighs after his grin fades. "Oh well, what are we all up to this evening? I came back after making my reports and such back on the hunt and watch."

Maggie pauses, glancing to the two, knowing her answer is unlikely to be as.. significant. She says, "Mmmm, well, I had another day off work, but I was going to see what happened." she murmurs, nodding toward the Broomsticks, "See if she needed any help."

Sirius barks out a laugh, "Tonks surprised me with that one, although I shouldn't be." She did train under Moody, and she's a bit on the unpredictable side. Maggie's words garner a shake of the head from Sirius, where he's still standing by his bike outside the pub. "We helped Rosmerta clean up last night. Dunno if the ruckus was enough to chase people away."

Look! It's a wolf! It's a vehicle of some sort! No, it's Super-Lupin! He's a-walkin' up the path casually, though if one were to look closer, it may appear that his mind is elsewhere. It's because of that that if he were to usually notice his best friend, Sirius, he doesn't just as yet.

Maggie nods, "Then I guess I'm at loose ends today. But gladly, given the alternative."

"Me too, wasn't expecting it." David moves a bit more towards the others. David seems a bit focused glancing back towards the broomsticks. "Wouldn't worry to much Miss Maggie, there are often these days some sort of defender here in the village it being so close to the school there are much more dangerous places to be."

Perhaps it's good that Lupin hasn't seen Sirius yet. On the other hand, Sirius has spotted Lupin, and without a word to Maggie or David, he's rushing away in Lupin's direction. He even transforms mid-run and gallops towards Lupin, and when close enough, is leaping at the man. There's even a bit of a growl heard.

Lupin is a bit shocked at first as a dog comes leaping on him, sprawling him on the ground. He looks up at the dog and frowns. While some may be afraid of this big black dog on them, growling, Lupin isn't quite. "It's…good to see you too. Though such a greeting wasn't quite needed." He murmurs. "Though I must admit…you don't sound too happy."

Maggie is surprised into a stifled scream, slapping her hand over her mouth as she moves back. "What the…"

David glances back towards the others in time to see first Sirius running and than turning into a large dog and leaping on another familiar figure. The Auror frowns but mearly looks confused perhaps not sure if this is done in jest or if actual trouble is afoot.

Another growl issues from the dog before he backs off of Remus, and Sirius is standing there in its place. A hand is extended down to the man on the ground to help him up. Hey, it's the least he can do for his friend, right? Black doesn't look pleased, this much is true. He's oblivious to Maggie's little scream back there as he utters to Remus, "We need to talk. Holly sent me a letter about something you've been saying." He doesn't just leave it there, his voice has dropped to a low volume, which isn't helping the growly tone, "Since when have you been as gossipy as an old woman?"

Lupin takes Sirius' hand and looks at his old friend. He furrows his brow. "Can't imagine what you're talking about, Sirius." And honestly he can't! He frowns slightly. "I'm not gossiping at all. Never have." He looks around to the people that Sirius apparently left standing there. "I hope I didn't interrupt anything?"

Maggie takes a breath, and she shakes her head, "I'm thought he was going to.." she chuckles, "Silly of me, I suppose."

Sirius leans in and mutters, "Then what the blazes is Holly on about, saying that you've been telling people she attacked Siobhan? Holly's been in a delicate state since.. you know.. She left to go abroad and sent me a letter." Oh, he's not pleased. He's also concerned, for if it is the truth, he's worried that something may be wrong with Lupin. He never was one to be overly verbal. "You've always been one to keep things close to the vest. So why've you been chatty about something that was private?" He shouldn't be quick to take someone else's word over Lupin's. Look where suspicion got him last time around. Yet, the letter Holly sent was alarming. "We'll talk later about this.. I was just chatting with the lady there and the auror, David." He indicates the pair.

Lupin shakes his head. "I would never tell anyone about what happened between Holly and Miss Noble! You know that. Why would she think that?" He sighs and shakes his head. "I haven't the faintest clue why she'd think that. You should know that I wouldn't do such a thing. I don't know what you're in a huff about! You know her better than I. Perhaps Miss Noble told someone!" He tries to keep a tone down on his snippiness. Honestly. But it's only a couple days to the full moon, and as per usual it's having it's pre-full moon effects on him. He looks up the road. "Is that his name? The auror came to me asking some questions about attacks. Didn't know much of anything about them really, but he wanted to know anyway."

Sirius's irritation subsides and deflates as he reaches a hand to place on Remus's shoulder. "I'm sorry my friend.. I should have realized.. You know I tend to react first rather than think. If you said you hadn't told anyone, then I believe you. I should have approached you better about what she wrote in the letter. I should have learned by now to not doubt you as I once did, much to my shame." Apology is all over the animagus's face now, "Come then, let's go join them again then."

Maggie seems to have recovered from the surprise, and is even smiling at the two being in better spirits.

Lupin pats Sirius' shoulder. "Apology accepted, my friend." He smiles softly. He starts walking further up the road with Sirius toward the persons he was talking to previously.

Thankfully, she didn't catch the exchange, or if she did, it was the very end, and would only be a source of mild puzzlement and something to file away for later to ask Sirius about. But Tonks is stepping out of the Broomsticks, probably trying to make sure that there's no further mess from the other night. After a glance around, it's easy to spot familiar faces - especially /those/ familiar faces. A bounce in her step, she makes her way over in that general direction.

Sirius is a bit shamefaced for a few moments longer as he walks with Lupin. "Sorry about that," he says to Maggie as they return. "Ah, Tonks," he says to his cousin as she exits the Three Broomsticks. With an open palm, he moves to give Remus a bit of a playful shove in Tonks's direction.

Maggie glances to the two and she offers a smile and nod. "I'm sorry, I guess I got the wrong idea."

Lupin smiles to Maggie, ever so slightly, as they approach. "I'm sorry to have taken Sirius away from you." He doesn't see Tonks until Sirius says her name. He looks over and smiles, a little more genuinely. "Ah, Dora. How nice to see you."

She's about to utter a greeting when she notices the shove. Sirius gets tossed a look around Remus. Oh, is he wanting to /start/ something? He wouldn't dare…. "Wotcher, Remus," she greets, lifting a hand and managing to keep her voice level. Maggie's given a nod from the pink-haired Auror.

Maggie looks to the group and she says, "Oh, no trouble at all. We were only having a casual conversation." pleasantly. "I'm a bartender.." she nods over at the Three Broomsticks.

"I did as well," Sirius admits but doesn't elaborate. It's for him and Moony. Tonks is given a rather innocent smile as he moves to lean against the seat of his bike. "How long have you been working there?" he asks of Maggie, after throwing a sly grin towards Tonks and Remus.

Lupin smiles slightly at Tonks still, but flashes Sirius a look and shakes his head ever so slightly, telling his friend that he knows the tricks he's playing at. He nods to Tonks. "What brings you to this fair town?"

Tonks makes a face at Maggie as if she suddenly had gas, "Oi, I hope there wasn't too much of a mess for you. We tried to clean up as best we could." Haha, if Remus only knew what was fueling those tricks. As for why she's there? She points at Honeydukes and beams a grin, "Do I need anymore of a reason?"

Maggie shakes her head and she says, "It was, these gentlemen said, cleaned up in a thrice." then she adds, firmly, "I won't be having a problem with a mess made trying to protect people. And.." she says abashedly to Sirius's question, "I started right after I finished at Hogwarts. I'm afraid.. I wasn't much of a student. Always better at recipes than potions." she chuckles softly.

What? Sirius is innocent. He's not up to anything. Yet. "She was running low on Chocolate Frogs, and hoping to run into someone.. I'd wager." Ahahaha. Oh he's in trouble now. "Oh is that so?," he asks, turning back to look at Maggie. "No harm in that at all. Everyone has their strong suits."

Lupin looks between Sirius, Maggie, and Tonks before shaking his head. "A little drink didn't hurt anyone, I don't suppose." He says lightly with a little grin.

"Yeah, I"m not really - " There's a pause and if Sirius isn't careful, there's a sharp kick aimed at his ankle at the 'run into someone' comment "- good at those repairing stuff. I'm surprised the table I put back together actually resembled a table. And chocolate frogs are important," Tonks says very seriously to, er, Sirius.

Maggie says, "There's plenty of tables." then she looks, well, rather puzzled at the chocolate frogs comments. But to the drinks, she says, "But there's drinks inside, if you're interested in a butterbeer, or something stronger."

Sirius merely laughs at the sharp kick aimed for his ankle. Which he takes, because that was too close to his bike! Ouch. "Yeah, Tonks, why don't you and Remus go have a drink, I'll even give this nice lady here the money to cover them." Sly, and subtle as a beater's club to the head this one. "I'll pass on a drink myself, got a few things to tend to here in the village."

Lupin raises an eyebrow at Sirius. "You never were all too subtle, weren't you, Sirius?" He says with a little laugh. "Didn't I always have to cover for you back in school?" He smirks. "But yes, Tonks, why don't we grab ourselves something to drink…it seems Sirius won't stop this until we do." Yes…it's all because of Sirius. Yes.

Tonks looks about ready to hit Sirius now. Just all out hit him. AT least judging from the way he brows are down over those wide brown eyes of hers. Maybe a little bit of ol' Crazy Bella's peeking there. But Remus seems amiable to the idea of a drink, so she withdraws a timepiece from her cloak and regards it. "I got time for a shot or three," she acquiesces. Maggie's confusion is answered, "I like chocolate. A lot. So I tend to hit up Honeydukes. A lot."

Maggie nods, "I can understand. I like a good, strong hot chocolate at times myself." she tries to not react to the, well, what seems to be a matchmaking attempt.

"No clue what you mean, Remus," Sirius says airily as he withdraws enough coin from his pocket for the drinks and passes it over to Maggie. What matchmaking? Tonks all but professed a mad crush earlier. Sirius just picked up the ball and ran with it. Like he normally is prone to doing. "Nice meeting you," he says to Maggie, then gives Tonks and Remus a 'play nice' expression, before scooting away from Tonks. "Later, you lot." And he's moving hurriedly away and down High Street.

"No clue my briefcase!" Lupin laughs and shakes his head. "But for now, I'll play along, Sirius….for now." He snorts softly. "Well, it should be fun, I suppose. I haven't had a good drink in a while and I could really use it right about now."

Tonks just stands there, and then at his retreating back she just shouts, "PINK! I swear, PINK!" What she's swearing pink on, who knows. But Sirius better watch it! "So…I'm in the mood for a nice mug of mead…." She rubs her hands and turns in the direction of the broomsticks. Might as well not let Sirius' tab go to waste, right? And turning her back means she can momentarily allow her face to just flood with color at the whole playing along thing. Though, nice thing about being a Metamorph? She can shift /that/ away too.

Maggie smiles as she opens the door, to allow any interested to enter.

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