1994-10-02: Wrackspurts


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Scene Title Wrackspurts
Synopsis Luna decides to check people for wrackspurts!
Location Hogsmeade - High Street
Date Oct 02, 1994
Watch For How Sirius gets the girls
Logger Stubby Boardman

Following his little meeting with Remus, Padfoot waits a bit before sneaking out of the shack. It doesn't matter that only a handful of people knows this form for what it is. There could still be questions, seeing Remus go one way and 'his dog' go another. So, he waited, and now the large black dog is trotting down High Street, looking for a paper to swipe, then he's back to his cave.

Despite the fact she said she wouldn't get in touch with Sirius, at least to herself, she seems to be hanging around at the moment, outside of the Three Broomsticks. Perhaps Tonks is just waiting for the black dog to show up, and then snag him and drag him off on the pretense she's going to return him to Remus then let him know what happened in the Ministry. And wouldn't you know it—on cue, Sirius shows up. Does she know her cousin or what?

A paper that the dog may be willing to swipe would be in the hands of one young Ms. Lovegood. Humming rather happily to herself, the girl had the latest copy of the Quibbler in her hands, held upside down, of course. The road was a bit sedate at the moment, as it was midday. There were a few pedestrians to be certain, and a few more packs of students roaming from shop to shop - Luna was by herself, however, and with no 'pack'. Not quite noticing the presence of the dog, or Tonks, Luna continues her merry little way down the walk.

Not only are members of the Black family freaks, unstable and temperamental, they're also mind readers amongst themselves. Eying his cousin, Padfoot breaks into a sprint, bolting towards Tonks. With one intention, to try and barrel her over. As for the copy of the Quibbler that Luna's carrying, he's only snatched a paper from a kid once!

… He wouldn't … "Ack!" And then Tonks is bolting the other way … she wanted to catch the dog, not get barreled over! Of course, fate and her own two left feet get the best of her, and in between tripping and just the fact a large dog can easily catch up to a person, Tonks is soon going under a massive amount of fur. Better be careful, Luna, Tonks might've aimed in your direction before she takes her little trip!

And the child in question for the last paper-snatching probably deserved it. The commotion of bolting dog gives Luna pause, her little hum ending on a rather sudden note. Lowering her paper with a bit of a rustle, Luna makes a deceptively slow sidestep, letting dog and auror fall to the ground beside her. Letting the Quibbler fall a bit more, she says, her tone bearing the dreamy sort of faraway that Luna was known for, "My, that's a rather friendly dog." she says, a vague sort of smile spreading across her lips.

Padfoot was counting on Tonks's poor coordination! Ha-ha! There's a loud bark before he soundly pounces on the woman, and delivers a rather sloppy lick against her face. After that's gotten in, he wriggles away, barking again!

There's this sort of strangled sound when she gets her face licked. UGH DOG GERMS. "Gerroff," she grumbles, shoving at the massive canine, though he's already scrambling away. She pushes up to her elbows, and then uses the back of her hand to wipe off dog slobber. She does look behind her at the fair-haired girl who spoke. "Heh, thanks," Tonks replies, though one would seem if she really does agree with the sentiment. Padfoot's given a glare. "He belongs to a good friend of mine who apparently's missing a few marbles."

"Missing a few marbles?" Luna repeats, glancing from energetic dog to Tonks, then back again. Folding her magazine up, she grasps it with one hand to let it dangle at her side. "Or, perhaps, he has a few too extra wrackspurts making his brain all fuzzy." Luna says. Dangling about her neck was something akin to a broken sneakoscope on a string.

Padfoot dances on all four paws and ducks behind Luna. He's not above using a student as his shield against his cousin! Barking again, he stays behind Luna, even as he's puzzled about what the heck she's talking about.

"Wrackspurts?" She blinks then she tilts her head slightly to figure out what she's reading. The Quibbler…someone actually /reads/ that rag? Tonks, still, is more or less is polite. "Could be," Tonks decided. Heh. Remus with Wrackspurts. The Sneakoscope gets her attention, "Any reason why you're wearing that?" It's casual, as Tonks turns to face Luna fully, though she's still sitting on the ground. She frowns and reaches into her pocket for her wand, while fixing Padfoot a look, "IF this broke, it's going to be your tail."

"Well, yes. It's common knowledge, really." Luna says. "Daddy even made a wrackspurt detector - so it'll be a lot harder for people to deny their existence still, really." With that, her free hand dips into her robes, pulling out a sneakoscope and a remembrall set on a pendant. This remembrall, however, seemed to have a rather jagged crack in it, and was faded. It then sets into Luna's mind that she was asked a question, and the schoolgirl dips her head to look down at her necklace, then back up again. Smiling a bit wider at Tonks, she leans forward a touch, and lowers her voice to a whisper, "Oh, this is just to keep the nargles away." she says, keeping her smile on Tonk's face as she straightens again. Once straightened, she glances down towards Padfoot as she is used as a shield, lifting her arm a bit so she can look beneath it towards the dog. "Hello, dog." she says.

Barking again, Padfoot worms his way up to Luna's side. His tail wags frantically as he's laughing on the inside at Tonks. Taking a few steps forward, he looks up at Luna, in order to see what Tonks is referring to. Huh. Sneakoscope. To each his/her own he figures. Ears perking up slightly, he turns his gaze upward when Luna speaks to him.

Tonks is trying very hard not to laugh at the girl. Wrackspurts, a detector made out of things that have other uses… and "Nargles?" Tonks' expression just scrunches up here. A look is shot at Padfoot, almost as if the Auror's aware she's being laughed at. "Your daddy made that? That's really sweet," Despite being weird, it /is/ sweet, so Tonks speaks honest truth here. "OH, this is Padfoot. I'm Tonks," she finishes off. There's a pause, rubbing her chin as she regards the Quibbler. And then the question comes without much thought, "So, Stubby Boardman's Sirius Black?"

The perking up of the dog seems to delight Luna, her smile growing a bit wider. Her eyes were still a fair bit distant, as if she were looking at something /past/ Padfoot. It takes a few words from Tonks for Luna to lift her eyes back up towards her again, her smile dimming some, but still remaining wide. "Mmhmm! My dad is a genius, you see. Always finding the truth in hidden things." There is a pause, Luna's smile slipping further away as her brow crinkles in thought. "Of course, that's public knowledge, really. Stubby Boardman must have got a little tired of the rock and roll lifestyle, so he took the name of Sirius Black." Another pause, Luna switching subjects with ease. (Well, beyond the pauses.) "Would you like to see if you have any wrackspurts? It's really very amazing to see work." she says, lifting the 'wrackspurt detector'.

Oh jeez, Tonks, don't go there! Padfoot's caught a glimpse of the articles in question from time to time and is amused to no end by them. They aren't the sort of thing the average witch or wizard will believe. The wagging tail slows briefly as he listens to Luna. Wow, just, wow. Maybe he should dress like a singing sensation and hide that way. Then again, maybe not.

Tonks chuckles at the clarification, but she doesn't mention her relationship to Sirius. It might provoke some odd questioning from the Quibbler-fanatic. Of course, she also has no clue she's talking to the daughter of the Editor, either. "You can pet him if you want," she comments about her attention to Padfoot. "He doesn't bite, really." Large dumb dog, yup. Then she's being asked about the… "Oh, okay. Always good to make sure I'm still in the top of health, and all." What the hell's a wrackspurt?

"He is a bit large, but he seems very kind." Luna says to no one in particular. Having no free hands, she sets the Quibbler down upon the pavement, and uses the now-freed hand to reach towards the middle of Padfoot's ears for a clumsy little stroke between them. Regardless of whether or not the dog allows that, she looks back up towards Tonks, giving her quite the smile. "Here, then. Put this on…" she says, lifting up the pendant that bore the remembrall and sneakoscope on the end of the silvery chain, offering that to Tonks. "It works because of the broken magic, daddy says. The sneakoscope for…" How did he put it again? "…helping to see things that are not there, and the remembrall to help it remember to look for it." she says, a vague note of triumph in her dreamy voice, giving the offered pendant another little jingle.

What? Hey now, no volunteering him up as if he were some /dog/. Oh wait.. Right. Play the part of the pet and and lovable animal. When Luna reaches to give the clumsy petting, he lets her. The things he has to tolerate and do to stay under cover for now! He really should go and hide.. but he's not missing /this/. Oh no way. Plunking himself down, he sits next to Luna, and watches the wrackspurt testing.

Tonks takes the tester and places it over her head and settles it down. She listens to the explanation with a keen interest, strangely enough. She lifts up the sneakoscope and she nods a bit as if it /all makes sense/ "Who's your dad? He's got some rather interesting ideas?" Is this thing lighting up? She does glance around for anyone suspicious who might accidentally trigger the device, but otherwise, she'll elave it to chance going. "So what does a wrackspurt do again?"

The wrackspurt detector doesn't actually do anything, except sit there. "Oh, my daddy is the editor of the Quibbler." she says, stopping the petting of Padfoot to draw her wand out from her robes. "It'll slip into your ears, and make your brain go fuzzy." she says. Taking a deep breath to steel herself, she says, "Well, here we go." Then, with a swish and a flick of her wand, she taps the edge of the remembrall, saying, "Wrackspurtis Revealia!" /Then/ something starts to happen. Both the sneakoscope and remembrall start to flicker with a green light, and it isn't too long that, with a flash of light, a rather pigeon-looking shape appears, and starts to flutter off in a random direction.

He may not be laughing aloud, but rest assured, Padfoot is laughing a LOT on the inside at Tonks about now. Although, he's not so amused that he misses the detail that Luna's daddy is the editor of the Quibbler. Well, that explains /that/.

"Xenophiliheywhat'reyoudoing?" The Spell goes off and Tonks gives a little squeak. She stares down at it, watching the pretty lights and the shapes and everything. The explanation goes missed, and the fact she gets startled means her hair shifts a color for a moment, before shifting back to it's standard pink. After it's done it's show she can't help but peek down her shirt to make sure something didn't suddenly blow up in there due to the spell. She gives Luna an odd look.

The pigeon-like shape solidifies into what looks deceptively like an actual pigeon, the confuddled bird landing atop a lightpost and giving a mournful, pigeony coo. "Ooo, you had a great big one." Luna says, missing Tonks' strange look to peer up towards the lamppost herself. "I knew daddy was right about this." she says, smiling quite brightly up at the pigeon. Although there is a pause. "…is your hair usually pink?"

Aisling comes strolling down High Street, her hands shoved deeply into her pockets as she browses the shop windows while she walks. She's here on a mission… she needs more ink. Her classes lately have dried up her supply, so this weekend is more than a good excuse to get some. Her walk however is stopped by the group standing on the street. A group she might have passed if she hadn't of noticed her classmate among them.

Staying put, Padfoot watches this event with interest. Huh. Well how about that. He's not too sure what to make of Luna, but she's entertaining! It's a distraction he's needed. Cocking his head slightly, he glances away from Luna and Tonks, spotting Aisling in the process.

Tonks pulls the Wrackspurt Detector off, and she's back to being amused. She regards Padfoot, "You want to see if you have wrackspurts?" She almost calls him Stubby, playful, but thankfully he's sitting there as a dog and it makes it easier to continue with his Marauding Nickname. The question about her hair blinks and she shakes her head. "Nah, I just like the color. Most days I feel like pink." She runs her hand over the short, spiky locks — a cyan color appear, "This color I like too." She doesn't yet notice the other girl.

Luna is continuing to look after the 'wrackspurt', as the unusually pigeon-like thing then flaps its wings and takes off again. "You must have been feeling very fuzzy-headed with something of that size in your mind!" Luna says. Turning about to favor Tonks with a smile, her eyes lifting to glance towards the spiky, now cyan-colored hair, she then notices her housemate out of the corner of her eye, and turns her head to beam a smile in her direction. "Oh, hello." she says.

Aisling hesitates to come any further, even with Luna's smile- they do seem to be in some sort of conversation. "Hello Luna, ma'am." She nods her head politely before she completely makes her up mind. But, that's all before she notices the dog that's with them. Aisling's eyes light up and she practically skips the rest of the way there. She asks the cyan-haired woman in a rush of words, "You've got a dog! Is he yours? Can I pet him?"

Padfoot growls at the offer of checking him for wrackspurts. Keep that thing away! (In other words, no thanks.) Rising up onto all fours, he pads over to Tonks and nudges at her hand with a cold, wet nose. Just to annoy her… and ack! Rolling his pale eyes up to Tonks with a resigned expression, he stays put to tolerate more patting.

There's a laugh here and she nods to Aisling, "Yes. Just be careful, I think it's getting close to nap time." She does take advantage of Luna's comment about having something on her mind, though. "You can say that. I've kind of gotten a bit of trouble in my work recently. It's been bothering me." Mainly because, well, Umbridge is a BIG FAT TOADY but that's besides the point. "And there's other things going on. So … maybe that'll help." She points up to the pigeon thing. wherever it ran off to. She just smirks down to Padfoot though, as if trying to convey to him he brought this upon himself.

Tucking her wand back into her robes, Luna idly reaches out her hands for poor old Sirius again, to scritch him about the neck. "Well, the wrackspurt is certainly gone now… that doesn't mean you cannot get other ones." she says. "If you would like, I could show you a technique that will help you get rid of wrackspurts, and you can do it anywhere, and anytime you feel fuzzy-minded!" she says, smiling up towards Tonks.

Aisling squats down beside Tonk's companion a second or two after she gives her permission, "You're a handsome mister… has he got a name?" The Irish girl inquires while working on giving Padfoot the full treatment- a friendly pet and a lengthy scratch behind the ears. What dog doesn't like that sort of thing?

Padfoot's ears droop a little at the return look from Tonks. Hey. This was a good idea when he was a teen y'know. Came in handier than he ever could have imagined too. Settling back to sit, he lets Luna scritch under the neck, then Aisling. Too bad he's not sixteen again, he would have been the envy of his fellow classmates. Now? It's just kind of sad.

Ginny emerges from Honeyduke's, her pockets full of sweets. She was in the middle of blowing a bubble - from which more bubbles were multiplying and floating into the air - with her gum when she spotted two of her yearmates. As she got closer, she recognized Luna's blonde head, and quickened her pace to join them. "Hi!" Ginny calls out in a general greeting. "Ooh, doggie!"

Tonks nods to Luna. "Sure, why not." She doesn't mind humoring the girl. Besides, the Quibbler's the only periodical right now that believes Sirius is innocent — even if it does say he's some guy named Stubby Boardman. She smiles to Aisling, "His name's Padfoot. He's actually my friend Remus' dog." It's only after she says the name that she realizes that these are Hogswarts students likely, and Lupin had just taught a year before … She grins and gives Padfoot a loving scritch and a peck on the nose. She loves you Cousin, you big oaf. But then someone saying hi catches her attention and she glances up. For a moment she just stares, but certain things stand out. The freckles… the /hair/. "… Wait …" Blink blink. "Nah, that can't be … /Ginny/?" This is said mostly to herself.

Giving the poor disguised Mr. Black one last ruffle, Luna straightens up. Although her face manages to brighten up as Ginny approaches, the girl saying, "Ginny! Hello!" she says. But wasn't she going to do something? Oh, right. "Well, with wrackspurts, they do get stuck between your ears, so…" Without further ado, Luna begins to… well… dance, one supposes. Swaying from side to side with feet planted, she makes a distinct, higher-pitched, nasally hum, and folds her arms behind her back, her eyes turned towards Ginny.

"Oh. Well… you're very nice for keeping him. With the Professor being ill and all." Aisling nods to herself, standing up as well from Padfoot to wave at the other third year as she comes by. It doesn't surprise her very much at the cyan-woman might know Ginny. It seemed that the Weaselys were quite well known around school. After her wave she eyes Luna oddly as she… dances. Who knew what went on inside that girl's head.

As Tonks gives him that peck on the nose, he playfully snaps at her. Momentarily, he's distracted from Ginny's approach by Luna's impromptu little dance. Interesting, but who is he to cast judgement? Besides, with a father who edits the Quibbler, he can't say he's surprised about how Luna is. Staying put, he plays the perfect gentleman as the girls get in the pets and scritches.

Ginny hears her name from an unfamiliar voice. "Yes?" She looks towards the woman standing next to the gigantic black dog, her brow scrunching. "Do I know y.." Ginny's polite inquiry is interrupted as Luna begins to, er, dance. Ginny does a doubletake, then simply waits for it to be over, and explained. She was rather used to Luna's oddities.

The dance is watched for a moment, though Sirius gets bapped on the nose for his snapping (it barely touches the muzzle), and she seems to actually be considering the merits of it. Luna, she decides, is quite interesting. Nutters, likely, but at the same time, completely uncaring of her image in the eyes of others. Very few like that. "Yeah, he travels a bit now," she comments to Aisling about the Absent-minded Professor's ..er…absence. For Ginny though she just shakes her head. "Wow… No, maybe… You're Charlie's little sister. You grew." She seems completely astounded at the fact that this has happened! "Tonks! I went to school with Charlie."

Finishing the little dance, a slow nod comes from Luna. The smile creeps back up unto her lips, but she gathers the wrackspurt detector back from Tonks, to put almost reverently back into a pocket on her person. "She wanted to know how to get rid of wrackspurts." she tells Ginny on the side, before bending over to scoop her slightly more scruffed Quibbler up off of the ground.

Well, that's good to know… that he was well. She had rather liked the Professor last term. Professor Moody on the other hand, was just… scary. Aisling's eyes glance over to the paper as Luna picks it up. Out of habit she reads anything that has words on it- no matter how outlandish it might be, "Is that a new issue of your Da's paper?"

Ignoring Tonks's retaliation, Padfoot gives a snort. Rising back up onto all fours, he pads forward.. and darn. Luna picks up the Quibbler. He was going to swipe that! He'll just grab another paper later. (Although The Quibbler looked like it would give him a few needed laughs.)

Realization dawns on Ginny's face. "Tonks! Right, you came to the Burrow a few times, didn't you?" After a moment of thought, Ginny adds, "I remember you with pink hair. Did you dye it?" She grins at Luna's explanation, nodding as if that made perfect sense. "Does the motion make them seasick?" Ginny asks, moving forward to put her hand under Padfoot's gigantic nose. "Hi, doggie. Who're you?"

"Oh…" She makes a face, the hair turns itself pink right quick. "That better?" She gives Ginny a grin. AS for the dog? She glances down, "Padfoot." Poor Sirius. Haha. To Luna though, she looks thoughtful, "I'll keep that in mind." Maybe she'll sit there and do it in front of Umbridge one of these days. And then call /her/ a wrackspurt.

Or maybe the Quibbler would open Padfoot's eyes to the dastardly Tri-Wizard Conspiracy that threatened to engulf Hogwarts! Regardless, the Quibbler stays in Luna's hands, as she turns towards Aisling. "Oh, yes. If you would like a copy, daddy sends me lots of free ones. They're all mostly back at the school, however." Luna says. With plenty back at the school, she wasn't likely to miss this one overlong. "I do miss professor Lupin." Luna says, rather randomly. Turning her eyes to look up towards Aisling, she says, rather meaningfully, "He was quite gentle for a dark arts teacher. I rather wish they didn't sack him."

"I'd like that. I missed reading them over the holidays." Aisling does sound sincere over that, even if she did find them to be downright silly at times. Sometimes silly, however, was medicine for the mundane. She looks up a bit startled when Tonks changes her hair, but decides when Luna doesn't react that it might be something more 'normal' than she realizes. To distract her mind she blinks to the girl in response, "Sacked? Was he really? Because he was ill?"

Knowing it's expected, Padfoot sniffs at Ginny's hand when it's held under his nose. Another sniff is made before he gets up, and trots off. Pretty much, looking like any bored animal, wandering off to do its thing. Chase rabbits, scare small animals, hide from the Ministry, etc.

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