1994-11-28: Wrackspurtis Revealia!


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Scene Title Wrackspurtis Revealia!
Synopsis Sneaking out in the middle of a class, Luna sneaks into the Slytherin Common Room, and sets herself to clearing it of the Wrackspurt infestation! Snape and Slytherins are not amused.
Location The Slytherin Common Room
Date Nov 28, 1994
Watch For Snape's new wrackspurt friend
Logger Luna Lovegood for the first half; Julian Legume for the second half

Monday, about the middle of the afternoon. The first warning signs were easily overlooked. During Luna's favorite class, Mme. Trelawney's, Luna had sat in the back row, near the exit. Unusual for her. Slipping out in the middle of the class, when Trewlaney asked everyone to close their eyes, and open their minds~!… well, Luna was missing after the physical eyes were opened again.

About twenty minutes later, down in the Slytherin Common Room. The first students to start to make their way back from their classes may notice something as they come to the brick wall that seperates the school from their common room. A very vibrant sound of pigeon-like cooing, even through the stone and the occasional cry of the voice of a young witch from behind it. Once inside, well… Luna stood in the center of the room, a glowing talisman of some kind upon the floor. It was vibrating quite rapidly, clacking and banging against the floor. Luna herself stood, wand out, gazing up at wonder at the ceiling. There were scores of pigeons - numbering in the twenties, perhaps the thirties, flapping this way and that, and cooing, of course.

Returning from Advanced Defensive Theory, Siobhan is one of the first to arrive at the entrance to their common room. The noises are…obscure and really, really odd. For all she knows - not being familiar with them at all - it could be a Dark Arts ritual. Her bag is pulled off of her shoulder and set off to one side, her wand slipping into her hand with a smack. The seventh-year winces at the sound, but holds up her hand to forestall any incoming students. "Don't open it yet."

It's a free period for Bean, and he's normally in the library doing his homework to get it done before the end of the day. However, today, the little First Year traipses back to his Common Room, intent on resting for a few minutes, and enjoying the calm, quiet serenity that is the — he stops short as Siobhan prevents him from heading in. He listens for a moment. That sound is really familiar. Why? It takes him another few seconds, but he gets it. "Birds. Pigeons or something like them." Nasty little buggers. Take the best trash and fly away with it.

Birds don't sound terribly different when they fly- it all depends on the size of the bird. Rene is on Bean's tail, but mainly because he left something in the common room and was aiming to fetch it and leave again. Something that he can't simply summon across the castle- at least not to him. "What's going on?" His displeasure is evident, for a few reasons. But for now, he waits, peering at Siobhan and then towards the common room entrance. "Did somebody take the school owls?" Hah. Oh, how absurd.

In the room proper, as the talisman stops glowing and slows down a little bit to clack once and rest against the floor, well, it was starting to smoke. Owl-like, Luna draws her eyes down from the pigeons surrounding the ceiling, back down to the talisman, her attention drawn by the lack of clacking sound. "It's rather worse than I thought." she says in her daydreamy tone, giving her wand a swish and a flick, before tapping the talisman. "Wrackspurtis Revealia!!" she intones with a certain passion - words that might carry to those waiting outside. A combination of Luna actually raising her voice for once, and the echoing corridors, may conceal recognition of her voice.

Regardless, the talisman starts to glow rather hotly again, and starts to vibrate, before a particularly plump, remarkably pigeon-like wrackspurt appears from the talisman, and starts to flap towards the wall that conceals the door out into the corridors.

With a flick of her fingers, Siobhan beckons Julian and Rene. "One of you, go an' fetch Snape. Now, please." It's only moments afterwards that she hears the voice. The first word is lost through the stone, but she hears Revealia. Motioning for the remaining student(s) to stay back, she steps to one side and mutters the password. As the bricks rearrange themselves, she peers around the side…only to come face to face with Luna Lovegood. "Luna?!?" she hisses, striding inside but keeping a wary eye on that…thing. "What're you doin' in here, girl?"

Julian nods quickly, and hurries off to get his favorite teacher. He runs toward the office and raps quickly on the door. "Sir, sir!" He calls, hoping the man is in. He waits for a response, wondering why the sound of pigeons of all things, is coming from the common room.

Suddenly pigeons. "What-" Rene makes a surprised yelp when a few dive for the exit, forearms flailing and hands moving to cover his head. He knows what else birds do! He is not too worried about the pigeons getting into the castle, however.

Perhaps Snape already heard the commotion coming from the Common Room but Julian only needs to rap on the door once before he pulls it open swiftly. He steps immediately past Julian, his face a mask of extreme displeasure at having been disturbed from whatever it is he does when he isn't teaching Potions Class. He moves towards the entrance, looming in the doorway as a pigeon perches itself on his shoulder.

Oddly enough, the pigeons were not landing on Luna, or entangling in her hair. All in all like the eye of the storm, as the pigeons were getting more and more excited as people start to come, Luna hops a touch as she is called by Siobahn. Startled by the noise, the flock of pigeons…wrackspurts takes off in every which direction, flapping and fluttering across the room, leaving feathers, and… ah… other things in their wake. In fact, a couple spot the open door, and start to make their way towards that! Since Sio was there, well, they'd have to flutter past her, of course. "Mind the wrackspurts, Sio - it is as I thought!" Luna says, as the talisman starts to flutter back down to gentleness again. "You've a terrible infestation of wrackspurts in here." she says, ready to give her wand another flick and a touch to the talisman.

It was at that precise moment, right when she was drawing another breath to shout the incantation, that Snape arrives. He always made her so terribly nervous, Snape did. All of a sudden, this 'saving the Slytherin from the wrackspurts' thing wasn't sounding so great! "…oh… hello, Professor. You might be wondering why all these wrackspurts are here…" with that, however, her voice takes on a certain excitement. "Or that you can see the wrackspurts at all! It's a wonderful invention of my fathers!" she exclaims.

Oh dear… There are an awful lot of birds heading in her direction. Scrambling for an appropriate solution, Siobhan goes for the simplest solution. "Immobulus!" Pigeons, thankfully, are less magically resistant than Bludgers. Two more repetitions catch a vast majority of the panicked avians. One of those that slipped through seems to have found a new home…on her Head of House. Oh, dear. "Wrackspurts?" Even Sio's spent enough time in Muggle London to recognize these things. "Luna, these are pigeons." Professor Snape's arrival, however pigeon-infested, is a bit of a relief. She won't have to try and explain to the excitable Ravenclaw just why this was a Bad Idea.

Julian barely gets out of the Professor's way in time, and follows him back to the Common Room. "Thought they sounded like pigeons." Julian shudders, as another reminder of his life before Hogwarts suddenly appears again. "Nasty critters. Their sh—" Oh, yeah. Professor nearby. "Feces burn. They'll destroy rock if there's enough of it." He shudders again, and then cheers inwardly as the Champion immobilizes the birds. "I have got to learn that one." Simple spell could totally revolutionize Bean's life, especially if he ever has to go back. He's enthralled by it.

No taking poops on me, please. Rene does find the hood on his robes, pulling it up over his head, collecting his hair inside. The first year mumbles something in French- something about shit, yes. He peers at Sio when the spell comes, his eyes following the slow freezing of avians in mid-flight.

Rene's lips push together when he finally sees Professor Snape- while scary, the addition of a pigeon- that does nothing to stop the blond boy from holding in a laugh. "We have bird problems." Including one that is decidedly not a pigeon.

The bird that has perched on Snape's shoulder remains mobilized, prompting Snape to stare at his once he learns just what it is that pigeons do. As though speaking the universal language of fear, the bird takes to the air and flutters out of the Common Room and into the corridor once again. The Potions Master crosses his arms once again and crooks an eyebrow at Luna.

"Wrackspurts?" Snape looks at the frozen birds, mouth an unreadably grim line, "Another of your father's 'theories'?" The last word spoken as though he meant to say 'insane, crackpot theories'.

"You're both quite incorrect." Luna says, the daydreamy tone continuing as she informs Julian and Siobhan. "These are wrackspurts. Sometimes, they are invisible, and slip into your ears, and make you fuzzy-minded." she says, with the convinced air of someone talking about their religious beliefs. Turning back towards Snape, and looking a touch harried by now, she says. "Yes… no, it's not quite a theory, professor. See?" Luna says, giving the wand a flick and a touch again. "Wrackspurtis Revealia!" she says, with distinctly less passion than before, the talisman beginning to glow and quiver again, before spitting out another 'wrackspurt'. In the space between 'casts' of the talisman, it looked, perhaps, like a sneakoscope and remembrall on its way to melting into a single mess.

Siobhan isn't booksmart or highly intellectual, but every so often she has a mental bounce that puts pieces together. "You got it to work?" Yes, she recognizes that conglomeration of sneakoscope and remembrall. She seems…inordinately impressed. "…How?" Then again, she saw the thing back when it didn't work. As the next 'wrackspurt' shoots from the device, she tries something. "Luna, did you notice that these things are comin' out of your detector? Finite Incantatem." If they're conjured birds, that might do it. If they're not…Hogwarts now has a new species of pest.

"Those are pigeons." Religious fervor be damned. Julian's lived with the nasty things since he was three. "How in the hell is it doing that?" He's completely forgotten Snape's presence. "Are they real?" And if they are, how can we make them disappear again? "I bet you could use this to get ahead in the Tournament, Noble." He grins, considering the possibilities. However, the grin fades as the boy pictures the birds making their way into his ears. "That's disgusting." Sorry, Luna.

The hood of his robes are pulled down the rest of the way over Rene's face, effectively hiding his amusement. And the fact he's also putting his face in his hands. Soon, he does peer out from under the edge of his cowl. "If they are real, we can feed them to the owls." The Mortal Enemy of the Wrackspurt!!!- Dinnertime. He keeps his eyes on the birds as Siobhan casts the dispel, hoping that it does work. Because really- he does not want to help deal with the pigeon infestation before classes dismiss again.

"Lovegood," Snape begins, perhaps exasperated although he does not show it - his voice a simple, even drawl, "The fact remains that you are trespassing into another House's Common Room without express permission. This … "

He pauses, creating a loud bang followed by a haze of green sparks on one side of the room - prompting the 'wrackspurts' to flutter towards the door, "Is unacceptable."

Siobahn's spell doesn't quite have the effect she would like - they weren't created by the device, unfortunately. What it does, however, is give the last straw for the abused talisman, which gives up the ghost in a little 'bang', and a puff of acrid-smelling, hazy purple and yellow smoke. If one peers at the smoke, it may seem like there are suggestions of things moving inside of it, people, perhaps, and other things.

Luna, however, looked a bit crestfallen at Snape's proclamation, as much as she could, anyways, with the faraway gaze and a slow dying of the vague smile upon her lips. "Well, there were wrackspurts, professor! It's… proof for the entire wizarding…" she begins, but then, perhaps wisely shuts her mouth. Biting upon her lower lip, Luna falls into a sit by the remains of the talisman, gathering her robes about her absent-mindedly.

"Oops…" Siobhan meant to get rid of the bird, not break Luna's device. "Luna, I'm sorry," she manages to get out before those sparks startle the buhjeezes out of her. She whirls, about to give some student a real tongue-lashing when she realizes it came from Snape. Oh. Not about to get in the way of her Professor - she's still a little off-balance around him, anyhow - she kneels down by where Luna's sitting, gathering together the pieces of this detector…thing.

When the thing breaks, Julian jumps a little. He leans forward, looking at one of the pieces, seeing the pictures in it. "It's a transporter." He gestures to the pictures. "That looks like…" He's not sure where it is, but it's somewhere else. It looks a lot like 'home' to the boy. He snickers, and continues to watch as Siobhan picks up the pieces of the broken device. "Did you make that, Lovegood?" If it's a transporter thingy, it could be dead useful.

Aww. Though Siobhan sees to that poor- whatever it was, Rene shuffles closer to Luna as she folds in on herself, so to speak. "You should get going. You can find Ginny and tell her all about how our common room is full of critters?" Also there is a squid somewhere off yonder, and sometimes he taps on the walls- His tone is mostly cajoling because he wants her to get out of here before she gets in even more trouble- not that Snape is not apt to hand out something in about t-minus ten, nine, eight…

If Snape is in the mood to hand out punishment for this nonsense, he makes no effort to acknowledge it. The 'wrackspurts' fluttering away now, he offers Luna a glare.

"Get yourself and your trinkets out of here, Lovegood, or it will be detention and Ravenclaw shall be so far behind in points they shan't catch up until next century."

With that, he turns to stalk out.

Giving a little smile towards Rene, Luna sticks her wand up into her ear, brushing off her robes as she rises to a stand. Glancing towards Siobhan, she holds out her hands for the detector. If Siobhan hesitates even the slightest in handing them over, even, Luna turns to hurry out of the Common Room, the fear of Snape set into her. She can always get her stuff from Sio later, right?

Luna also gives a quick shake of her head to Julian as she passes him, pauses to open her mouth, and then shuts it again, glancing after Snape. Leaning forward to whisper to him, as if sharing a secret, "My daddy did - he's brilliant, you see." she says, before carrying on with the former action - that of getting out of there!

Having hesitated - just a little bit - Siobhan is now left holding the broken pieces of Le Wrackspurt Detector. "Well…uh…" With Snape stalking out the door and Luna booking a hasty retreat, she's left staring at her burden with something akin to helplessness. "What did you say this was, Bean?" Yes, she's doing as he asked her to. Mark it down in history, mates.

"Transporter." Bean replies to Sio. "That ball thing?" He gestures to the particular piece. "Showed pictures of a place. Not here. It looked…" He glances around, seeing that the professor has left and it's just Sio and Rene. And they know a lot more than the others. "It looked like… well, not exactly where I came from, but something pretty close."

Rene wants to get a closer look! He steps up to Sio, peering at the pieces in her hands. "Well, wherever they came from… somebody is now missing all of their pigeons!" Ell-oh-ell. He sticks his tongue out a bit, giggling behind it. "I wonder what that looked like." Someone sitting in the park feeding birds, all of a sudden- blip, blip, blip.

" 'That ball thing's a Remembrall, Bean," Siobhan informs him absently, used to such explanations to Muggle-born or -raised students by now. "What'd you see…exactly?" Rene's commentary, however, has her chuckling softly behind one hand. "Probably scared a few Muggles, that's for certain." She eyes the slowly-floating pigeons still held in the air by her magic, and then the doorway leading to the rest of the castle; and the rest of the pigeons. "What're we supposed to do with this lot, then?”

"A Rememberall? One of those things to help you remember?" Bean frowns. He wants a 'Forgetall.' But that's neither here nor there. "I saw a street with people on it, and a fountain, and I think I even caught sight of the block's crazy drunk."

While Julian goes on about the little machination, Rene steps back to look up at the pigeons still left in the common room. "Let them into the hall. They will find a way out. Birds do that." Maybe they will find a mail-owl. "And perhaps we should clean up the…" He now peers at the furniture, pointing at the pigeon leftovers.

"Really, now…" Siobhan scratches at her head and stares up at the floating birds. "Considerin' it's a Remembrall, it coulda been pullin' that picture from your memories of it." Forcing him to recall something he'd rather forget. Irony is a cruel bitch. "I dunno…" A wave of her wand and a muttered incantation transfigure a table into a large birdcage. "It'll be a tight fit, but see how many you can get in there. I'm gonna find Hagrid. He'll know what to do with 'em." Brushing herself off then, she slips the broken device into her robe pocket and stands.

"Got any bread?" Wait a minute, thanks to Bean's odd life, he's got some in his pocket. He crumbles it up and sticks it into the cage, scattering it all around on the floor of the thing, then backing up. "Now, we just wait until they all go in there, and …" He watches them fly toward the food, with another snicker. "City pigeons, alright." He shakes his head. Siobhan's words get no comment, though he does close his eyes for a moment. Cruel bitch indeed.

"Pigeons can live anywhere. We can really just let them out a window…" He stops to watch Bean, tilting his head at first, but breaking into a smile when the birds start to realize what it is. Right. That leaves some furniture to wipe free. Rene turns himself to face the common room proper, lifting his wand with a sweep. "Tergeo!" Mmm, cleaning spells. A cleaning freak's best friend.

"Let them out the window to shit all over Hogwarts? No thanks, I've had my share of detentions for the year." Which is to say, none so far. Waving to the younger two students, Siobhan steps out the door, grabbing her discarded bag on the way out. "I'll be back in a bit!"

Julian watches as the pigeons, greedy little things that they are, fly into the cage. He steps up quickly and shuts the cage behind them, hoping that he didn't miss any. "That all of them?" He frowns. "Oh, well, if we did, we'll just shoo 'im out the window." He sits down and waits for the cage to be retrieved.

Rene plops down beside Bean to wait for someone to come back, peering between the cage and the door. "I think that she thinks the poop will eat through the floor." And that is all he has to say about that.

"It might, if we mix it with…" And Bean's mind is thinking about the corrosive potion ingredients Snape has them working with, while he grins widely at the older Snake's assumptions.

"Maybe we should make Sio some pigeon bombs." Best Idea Ever. Rene has it.

"For her to use in the next task." Bean agrees wholeheartedly. His mind is awhirl with ideas, and ways to implement them. "What if we…" He continues to whisper quietly to the other first-year, tossing ideas back and forth. This could be interesting.

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