1995-02-17: Wounds Laid Bare


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Scene Title Wounds Laid Bare
Synopsis Sio slips back to Holly's on the next Hogsmeade weekend to get her wand back. She gets more than she bargained for.
Location Holly's Flat
Date February 17, 1995
Watch For Some really, really epic poses.
Logger The BAD WOLF herself

The house seems to be empty. The lights are off for the most part, and no one's come or gone for quite some time. Sirius was here early in the day, and he did leave one occupant behind - namely the large savannah cat who's lying on her extravagantly-coloured cushion in one corner of the front room - but besides that, the place is quiet.

It's been cleaned. Dusted. The things that were lying around have been picked up and put away. On the counter between the front room and the kitchen, there's a very small basket - the kind that owls sometimes deliver. There's an address tied to the handle: Siobhan Noble, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Slytherin. Seems there's a delivery to be made… Inside is a small plush wolf - it seems Holly does have a sense of humour - as well as some Honeyduke's chocolate and Siobhan's wand. Attached is a note that says only 'Sorry,' with no signature. It's evident who it would be from, though.


For a Slytherin, Siobhan certainly has her share of foolhardy moments. Those, however, tend to occur in the heat of the moment; when she's moving more on instinct than rational thought. Give her time to consider the consequences and Siobhan will very, very rarely choose a stupid path. Unfortunately, it is excruciatingly difficult to be a witch in a magic school without your wand. It's even harder when you're trying to hide a set of scratches from the rest of said school. She's waited over a week, but she can't wait any longer.

Covered in her usual magenta cloak this time, Sio makes her way down Ivy Lane as if to meet Alistaire at the Hog's Head, turning off just before it to stand in front of Holly's door. Without her wand, she can't just…spell the thing open, but she doesn't need it. At least, she hopes not. Closing her eyes, she concentrates as hard as she possibly can and hisses out an "Accio wand." When she hears a small 'thunk', she has to resist the urge to facepalm. Of course Holly wouldn't just leave a window wide open or something. That would be too easy.

Holly was lying in the dark of her room trying to recover from the previous night. She does feel a lot better than she did earlier, when Sirius visited to bring back Mo, but she still hasn't really slept well. When the clunk sounds from the front room, Holly sits up, dark eyes blearily adjusting as she tries to figure out where the sound came from.

Meanwhile, in view of the window, Mo stands from her cushion, stretches, and approaches the wand, which has come out of the basket, and is now on the floor. The cat looks at it, tilts her head, and then picks it up and carries it back to the counter, depositing it back inside the basket, along with a little bit of cat drool.

Meanwhile again, still feeling like she's been run over twice by a truck, Holly leaves the safety of her room in order to start toward the noise. She does, however, only make it half way before she has to make a bathroom run. Being nauseous sucks.

Cat drool. Lovely. That wand'll need cleaning, but first, Siobhan has to get to that wand. Her time with Jimmy taught her some rather harsh lessons and exposed her to some rather unsavory characters, but one of the more useful things she took away from that is conveniantly tucked away in the pocket of her denims. Pulling the set of small metal sticks into her hand, she slips in the wedge and starts to move the tumblers into place; one at a time. Really, it's a good thing not many people come back by here. It'd look awfully strange to see Sio crouched in front of someone's door.

What the hell?

Leaving the bathroom, Holly cautiously approaches the door. She has every right to be afraid of someone trying to break into her house, given what she is now, and the fact that she's sure some people in the village know.

She should probably get her wand, but her mind is sort of fuzzy at the moment, and it doesn't even cross her mind. Instead, she heads right to the door and yanks it open, only to face— !

Siobhan Noble.

Holly stands there almost dumbfounded. She's pale, dark circles around her eyes, and sick-looking, but any werewolf would be right after a full moon. The black tank top she's wearing clearly shows off her arms, which display deep slashes that were gouged into them over a month ago. They still look almost raw.


This…was not what Siobhan expected. Weren't werewolves like…dead to the world for a few days after their transformations? The sight of Holly - already someone who frequents her nightmares - with those raw slashes that deeper mirror the ones she now lives with startles her enough that she falls back on her arse, scrambling backwards off the stoop. Brown eyes wide, she steadies her breath and swallows hard. "Um…" Seemingly at a loss for words, she swallows again and takes a deep, steadying breath. "I just…um, I didn't mean to - oh bollocks." Even having experienced her negative reaction to Lupin, Siobhan wasn't ready for the adrenaline rush of fear in her system when faced with Holly. "My wand?" There's a small squeak in her voice; one she is definitely not proud of.

"nonono— " Holly starts as Siobhan scoots away. But it's a little too late to just tell someone not to be afraid. The look in the older woman's eyes is… almost devastated. Defeated. It's all for reasons she knows, but can't put into words: She's a thing to be feared. A creature. And even if she's coping, this reaction will make her feel about ten inches tall every time.


Turning from the door, she heads toward the counter, reaching first for just the wand, thinking about it, and then grabbing the whole basket. Mo peeks her head through the door while Holly's away, big ears perked up, head tilted at the Slytherin who's sitting outside.

When Holly returns with the basket, she starts to hand it to Siobhan, then just sets it on the ground instead, and backs away. "I was going to sed it by owl."

Nodding mutely, Siobhan relaxes marginally once Holly is back inside her house and out of immediate danger range. Running a hand through her hair, she blows out a breath and does her best to pull herself together. Mo's appearance helps - Sio has a terrible weakness for critters - and the young Slytherin even manages a soft smile. Holding her hand out palm down, she makes a series of soft purrling noises from her throat and waits to see if Mo will come closer. Holly's return doesn't startle her as badly, but it does cause a visible tension in her shoulders. "Um yeah." She lowers her eyes and nods a little shakily. "Th-thanks."

Mo either seems to sense that she needs to be on her best behaviour, or is calmed by the scent of someone who smells normal. She wanders out of the house, sniffs at Siobhan's fingers, and then rubs her face all over them in an 'Okay, now you belong to me' gesture.

"She usually doesn't like people," Holly says encouragingly, as Mo attempts to crawl into the younger girl's lap.

As she stands there looking down, her entire apology - everything she condensed into one word in the basket - just comes tumbling out, despite the fact that they're outside. "God, I'm so sorry, Siobhan. I don't even— I've never had to deal with anything like this before. It's no excuse, I know. I can't tell you how it feels to — You'd think it would just be one day a month, but you have to deal with it every single day. And, I — I don't know. It just got to me. I went too far. I didn't even realise what I was doing until after it happened." She pauses, looking back into her home. "Mo, let's go."

The cat looks up, yellow-green eyes narrowed, and she growls as if protecting Siobhan. Holly just gives her a look, and closes the door. A muffled 'fine, stay out there!' comes from the other side.

Siobhan - normally quite the chatterbox - has absolutely nothing to say. Before she can even think of something, she has a lap full of VERY HEAVY CAT and a Holly who seems to have just had an episode of verbal diarrhea. "Um… I - " And then the cat - whose name is apparently Mo - is growling and the door has been slammed. Blinking down at the kitty and sparing a fleeting thought that Q would frighten this cat with her affection for fuzzy things, Sio shakes her head. "Don't suppose you have any idea what happened?" Hearing a responding 'mrowr', Sio nods and reaches one hand to scritch the large pet behind the ears. "Yeah, me neither."

A few minutes are spent scritching and petting and overall quiet spoiling of the sort all cat-lovers are familiar with, but seriously, Mo is huge. When Sio starts losing feeling in her thighs, she glances up to the door and clears her throat softly. "You um…I think you forgot your cat?" she ventures, her voice really far too subdued for normal human ears.

Holly would say that Mo would eventually find her way back inside, and she's already stepping away from the door when she hears Siobhan's voice again from the other side. All she wants to do is go lie down again, but she turns and opens the door anyway. "Mo, come on."

Mo tilts her head.


Kitty gives Siobhan another rub, and then Holly gets it. Stupid cat. It wants company.

"Siobhan, can you come in for a few minutes? Maybe we should talk." And, just like that, the cat vacates the girl's lap, and calmly walks back into the house. "Please. I'm too sick to do anything like what happened before."

"Um…" But then Mo vacates her lap and Siobhan really has no reason to say no. No reason except the partially-irrational fear gnawing at her insides. When she reaches for her wand, the small piece of willow fits her palm like it was made for it and a tension Siobhan didn't even realize she'd been carrying eases.

"Yeah, I um…I can come in f-for a bit."

Pushing to her feet, she brushes herself off and follows at a 'safe distance'. If the grip on her wand is white-knuckled and a little desperate, well… There's no one to call her on it, is there?

When Siobhan enters the house, she'll find much less wolfsbane than before. Most of it has been planted outside, though a bit of it is hanging to dry out of Mo's reach. Despite the cleanliness of the house, there's still a 'nest' of sorts on the couch, which Holly flops onto. Aah, the vertigo and dizziness melts away… For the moment.

The effort of standing so long means that it's a long time before Holly says anything. She pulls a blanket around her shoulders before she opens her eyes and says, "What I did to you was inexcusable. But I don't want you to be afraid of werewolves because of it. I don't know if you'll ever accept my apology, and what I'm about to say might make it even less likely. There are a lot of werewolves out there who have never hurt anyone, and who will never hurt anyone. They're… Just normal people. Siobhan, I want you to believe me when I say that what I did… It had absolutely nothing to do with what I am. It's related, though. If you stay, I'll try to explain."

Siobhan pauses on the way in to scoop up the basket, holding it to her chest like some sort of shield against things she does not want to face. When Holly flops down on the couch in a manner reminiscent of a potato-sack, she blinks for a moment and then settles cross-legged on the floor. She can still see Holly's face, but is close enough to the door for personal comfort. While Holly speaks, she stares down at the basket's contents, not quite managing to suppress a wry smile at the stuffed wolf. One the barrister is finished, it seems that it's up to Siobhan to say something. Just what, she has no idea. So she'll do what she always does; she'll wing it.

"Logically, I know that's true… For all the reasons I told my Da when he was bein' an arse about Professor Lupin." She hazards a glance up to Holly and taps her temple. "Up here, I have no more issues with werewolves than I did two weeks ago. I don't think any of you should be locked away or hunted or denied jobs or anythin'." And here she hesitates. "But that doesn't stop me bein' afraid."

"I'm still not entirely sure what I did to set you off that way. I know m' mouth runs off with me sometimes." She shrugs then, but has the good grace to look at least a little sheepish. "I'm sure somewhere in what I said, you had good reason to be angry, but whatever your cause…you threatened to bite me, Holly. You cornered me and you did somethin' to my leg I just can't get magic to heal. I have nightmares of you and nightmares of Lupin - who never did anythin' to me - and nightmares of people I know suddenly turnin' wolf an' tearin' me to pieces. I don't know if I'll ever stop bein' afraid of you for that." Her voice stays quiet; subdued. It paints an entirely different Siobhan than the one Jack or Sirius or even Lupin may have described.

"But even if I get over bein' afraid, I dunno if I'll ever stop hatin' you." There's very little actual venom in those words. In fact, one might have to question their veracity, considering that they're said…almost forlornly. "Because when I was hurt and scared and sent Ed to Jack…" And here, wet brown eyes raise to meet Holly's.

"He came to you first."

Sometimes, this doesn't seem fair, because she's so new at this that there ought to be some leeway, but there's not. Essentially, every tramatised werewolf is expected to act like a model citizen or be branded dangerous, and Holly's already failed so abysmally at that, that she might as well just turn herself in now and be done with it. Still, there's some good she can do in the world, even if this will be a black mark on her for the rest of her life - attacking a child.

And she'll be afraid for a long time. Holly can't make excuses for what she said or did, and even what she was going to say seems insufficient to explain away what happened, and so she bites her lip and says nothing. The nightmares… Holly knows of them. She has them. And now she has, at least, passed that affliction onto someone who didn't deserve it.

Beyond that, though, more than the fear, is the hate. She's been hated before - after all, there was Umbridge, and many people in court before that - but it's never hit her this hard. She's like a deer in headlights when Siobhan says those words. "But, I…" she starts.

Why would Jack come to her first? Holly has an idea, but Siobhan wouldn't understand it right now. Hell, Holly herself barely understands it, and to try to parse the reasoning…

The worst thing is, it's in that moment that clarity strikes her. The knowledge that she literally can't be close to anyone, including Jack, because this has happened, and she was the cause of it. So she'll do the right thing.

"Before you go, I just want you to know why," Holly says. And while Siobhan's heard Jack tell the story, she's never heard it from the person who experienced it. "I want you to picture… It's night just over a month ago. Remus and I are hiding in a cold shack because the Minister of Magic's decided that he and I are fugitives - because I tried to defend an innocent man. Hit wizards break in, and I learn just what the Cruciatus curse feels like, not once, but twice.

"They take me and him to a cell. They lock us in, I'm interrogated with another Unforgivable. And then, after all that, on the night of the full moon, I'm mauled by a good friend who has no idea what he's doing. And I understand, Shiv, because I don't know if I'll ever quite stop being angry at Remus for what he did to me, but I don't hate him. I woke up at St. Mungo's and T— "

She bows her head. "I didn't want to live anymore. Jack was there when I tried to… Your brother came here first because he knows that even though you went through something terrible, you're strong. He knew you'd be okay.

"It's not fair, though. You're his sister, and he should have known that family is always, always priority. I'll take care of things."

No, Siobhan hadn't heard that story. All she'd heard was that Remus bit Holly. Sitting there, listening to something that wouldn't be amiss in a collection of Poe's dark thrillers, she finds another chunk of her blissfully innocent world-view falling away. Holly hurt her. Holly scared her. Holly took Jack away. Those three things together make Holly the Bad Guy…only when the final piece is added, they really don't.

Siobhan has always been a Girl of the People. Even when they do stupid things, deep down, she can't help loving all of them. She Champions the underdogs and defends those even society defines as inexcusable. It's why she fought so hard against the prejudice that chased away Lupin. It's why she hugged her many times Great Uncle Ichabod - despite his being a vampire. It's why she trusted Sirius and it's why she jumps to Snape's defense every time. Hearing this from Holly damn near breaks her heart. Looking back up at the older woman, there are tears threatening to spill out over her cheeks.

"Holly, I'm so sorry."

The words are barely more than breathed, but there's real sincerity there. The only real terrible truth is that Siobhan isn't sure just what she's sorry for; sorry for Holly being so tortured and for losing her will to live; for herself because she's scarred, she's lost her place with Jack (she understands now, even if Holly doesn't) and because she's now afraid of something she shouldn't be; for Remus, because he now has Holly on his conscience; and for Jack, because now all this mess is his, too.

"If you could put all this to rights, Holly, it wouldn't be nearly as much of a mess." To soften her words, she even manages a small smile. It's a sad smile, but it's a smile. "I've watched him drop even his most needy of friends if he even suspected I might be in any trouble." And perhaps it's this that makes her sorriest of all, because it means that childhood really is over; she can't just rely on Jack to put her first anymore. Even just admitting it pushes those tears out over her face, her shoulders shaking as she tries to hold in a sob that would only humiliate her further.

"He loves you, you idiot."

"Things happen," she says. There should be more to that statement, but at first, those two simple words are all there is. Holly was never exactly innocent. She saw things as they were, and never glorified or demonised anything in particular.

And she's told her story, but she doesn't feel good about making Siobhan see what happened to her. Holly wants forgiveness just as much as anyone else in the world, but she can't forget what she did, and she doesn't want anyone else to forget it, either.

She leans back on the couch, pulling her knees up, watching Siobhan with eyes that are just a little too intense. In a way, she's just gotten what she wanted - the pity and forgiveness of someone that she really hurt - and that might make things easier in the future. At the same time, it feels like she's cheating by spinning a sad story that tugs on heartstrings.

Eventually, she responds to the apology with, "Don't be. I was worried about you." She points to the basket again. "I got the idea, you know, the day before the full moon. I never had time to send it, or I would have." She laughs, rolling her eyes. "It's funny… I want you to like me. I want everyone to like me. Just… surround myself with like, like, like, and… I never had that problem before. I never cared what people thought of me, and now I feel guilty if I look at someone wrong. I wanna tell you to be mad, 'cuz I know I deserve it. But I won't."

Because she doesn't want to be alone.

At the same time, it looks like she's heading down that road. She can see what this did to Siobhan and Jack, and that's something she has no right to tear apart. Holly knows Jack likes her. Love is a strong word, and she - as an attorney - has always been skeptical. Siobhan just proved that love can be as fleeting as who's prettiest at the time, too.

It's what made Holly so upset, what drove her over the edge that night. She can't respond to said allegations of love at the moment, because she's already decided what she has to do to fix things. She can say one thing, though: "To break this down, though… I have a disease. I'm acting like a five-year-old. And I'm sorry."

"You're right. Things happen." It's the only logic she's been able to apply to this past week after all. Shifting her position a little to redistribute her weight, Siobhan sets the basket to one side, pulling out the wolf plushie and tossing it up and down; mostly for something to do with her hands. So long as she and Holly stay on opposite ends of the room - and with Holly in a very prone position - she can relax, just a little. A bit of chocolate and a cute stuffed animal won't erase the past week, but it was a nice effort - even Sio can appreciate that.

"At least you haven't lost your sense of humor." She holds up the little wolf plush and waggles it as if to explain her non-sequitor. Who knows? Maybe Holly's being turned into a werewolf gave her a sense of humor. Sio certainly didn't know her well before the event. Still doesn't now. Not sure if she wants to change that or not. "Look…" She swallows hard and stares at the chipped fingernail polish on her right thumb. This is the most difficult conversation she's had in a long time.

"Jack's been pullin' away from me an' I hate that. He went to you first an' he wasn't even mad at you for what happened. He didn't jump to my defense an' he didn't come home for Christmas an' I hate all of it." And Holly for being at the root of it, however juvenile that might be. "But I love my brother, Holly Maplewood." Her entire world was formed on the foundation of Jack. "An' he loves you. He has to." Because if he doesn't, then it's just that he doesn't love Sio anymore and that…is something she can even entertain except in the darkest corners of her sleep-deprived, nightmare-ravaged mind.

"I would rather cut off m'own face than see him hurt." And those aren't just pretty words either. "So even though I wish I could rage at you and hurt you and never have to see you again…" After all, it's always best to be honest from the start.

"If I did that, you'd break things off with Jack." She gives the barrister a sharp look, one that says not to even bother denying it; Siobhan is far more perceptive - eerily so - than people give her credit. "An' I do think that might break him. What I said that day… Holly, it's true. My brother's not exactly known for his discretion in the bedroom." She manages a wan smile at that, one of fond exasperation. "An' I've never seen him act the way he does about you in…years." And she was okay with that, because it meant she was First. "That was just sex. This is more." Again, said with more vehemence than is probably deserved, but Siobhan has convinced herself of this. She clings to it like a dying man to his god. She can recover from a crack in her foundation. Shatter it and she'd not even bother crawling out of bed.

Holly can't even scratch the surface of how she feels lately. At times enraged, at other times depressed… There's confidence of the past thrown in just to mess with her sometimes, it seems. In any case, she's a wreck, but there's always the hope that tomorrow, she won't be, and that's what keeps her going. That, and the idea that there's still some good to be done in the world, even if it's a third-class citizen doing it.

"I hoped you'd appreciate it," she says, tired eyes managing a smile when Siobhan pulls the wolf out of the basket. It's grey. Nothing like what she looks like, but it's the thought that counts, right? "You have to have some humour to be a lawyer. I mean, the things people get themselves into? Hilarious."

It was meant to be funny, and to drive a sort of bridge into that rift between them. A bandage of sorts. It's worked, to a degree, in that it's gotten them talking, even if Holly almost left Siobhan out in the cold February air. Facing the people you've wronged is hard. Facing the people you've ruined is damn near impossible.

This all kills her to hear, too, and she doesn't know how to respond to it, except to realise that she isn't wrong at all. Her being in the picture is hurting a family. Tearing them apart. "Don't," she says. The anger is just on the edge of her voice, the word directed inward at herself, more than at Siobhan. What she says next is for Siobhan, however. "Don't you dare discredit him, or even imagine for a second that he can only love one person, or that he has to love someone 'best' or 'first' over someone else. You don't— You can't realise what you've lost until you're put into a position where you could lose everyone. That's when you get it, Siobhan. That's when you get it." She collapses backward again. Maybe what she said doesn't make much sense, she realises, so she goes on. "I'm facing having to write a letter to my family telling them that I'm a werewolf. You think I'll miss any one of them more than I'll miss another? Nope. If Jack really thought you were hurt, he would have torn me apart."

Holly isn't going to discredit the girl by pointing out her age. In fact, she thinks of Siobhan as an equal at the moment.

For seemingly no reason, Holly starts laughing. In fact, she does so until she starts coughing with the exertion, and even then, she can't stop. God, it sounds so ridiculous to be upset over trivial crap like this. There's a bigger picture, it's just that she couldn't see it beyond her own nose before. "That's what got you in trouble a week ago," she says when she can breathe again. Thankfully, it doesn't seem like the woman is inclined to act on that again, nor could she, even if she wanted to.

What happened had nothing to do with the fact that she was a werewolf. It was all bottled up anger and rage. Even so… "You came into my house and essentially told me that I was just another number to Jack. And I thought you knew… I really did. At the Three Broomsticks, I saw you looking at me. I thought you came here to hurt me because you knew what I was, and you didn't want me with your brother."

Siobhan doesn't quite believe that. She's seen Jack tear into people for far less than what Holly did. It's terrifying, the feeling of losing that security blanket. Absolutely terrifying. She frowns at the mention of Holly's family. Sio has a lot of empathy bottled up in her little blonde body, but even she has a limit and really…now is not the time to get into 'whose life is worse'. Really

"Merlin…I'd almost be afraid to ask." She stares at the silver-grey wolf for a moment. "I mean…just the messes my family gets into alone…" Would seriously fill a book of Funny Law Stories. There are untold millions to be made. Then comes the laughter.

"Um…are you okay?" Sio expected a dry smile, hoped for a chuckle or a giggle at that - if only to lighten this abysmally dense mood - but she wasn't at all prepared for the hysterical laughter. Just when she was about to cast a little Aguamenti on the barrister's face to snap her out of it, Holly seems to calm down enough to speak, and promptly floors Siobhan.

"WHAT?" And then she starts to laugh, tries to smother it, and nearly chokes herself in the process. "Merlin's saggy, wrinkly balls, Holly! No." With the heel of her palm, she wipes the tracks of tears from her cheeks and shakes her head. "No, I'm sure Jack's - " she was about to say 'done weirder stuff', but caught herself at the last moment. So she is learning a little tact. " - a grown enough man t' know his own mind. It wouldn't matter if you were a Crumple Horned Snorkak, to be honest." Oh Luna, if only you knew how abused your beasts had been.

"No, I can safely say that first, I had no idea you were a werewolf until the day I came t' your house, and second that I had no problem with werewolves at all. I was quite fond of Professor Lupin last year. Umbridge had no right t'do what she did. After all, s'long as you take your potions, none of you are any scarier tha - " She almost finishes the same quote her Da used so effectively at the Ministry. And then she cuts herself off, because therein lies her dichotomy. Even away from the full moon, they are scary and they are potentially dangerous. "Hmm." And her nose wrinkles up in concentration. "This…is somethin' I have t'think about…" She won't sugarcoat it. No point. Everything's shifting from black and white to shades of grey and…and Siobhan isn't sure she much likes it. Yet.

They really could argue all day, but Holly's getting extremely tired. Not only of the back and forth, but of just being conscious. Unfortunately, as soon as she tries to sleep, there will be nightmares, she'll wake up sick, and this whole process will start over again from square one. How long can this last?

As to whether Holly's okay or not… She's honestly not sure. She feels like she can be, if she stays close to people who can help her. At the same time, it would be better for everyone if she did join a werewolf colony - or pack, or whatever - and just disappear.

She hasn't decided if she's going to be a coward or not yet. She's leaning toward 'not,' but it depends on how things go.

"I don't know what to say to help you feel better. All I can do is say this, Siobhan. I swear— " Something really important. "On my dad's grave that I will never let that happen again. And I know this sounds heartless, but I'm almost glad it was you. If it'd been someone else, I could be caged right now. In Azkaban for the rest of my life. And that's a lesson I'm not gonna forget. Ever."

And that really is the answer, Sio just hasn't found it for herself yet. She will; she will. She's getting tired, too. It's a draining thing, confronting change. Especially change you're not so eager for. "Thanks." That's really all she can say in response to that… Really. Pushing herself to her feet, she puts the wolf in the basket and slips her arm through the handle. "I'll um…let you get some sleep." Shifting, she sidles to the door as subtly as she possibly can.

No, she can't quite bring herself to turn her back on Holly yet, but at least she's trying to be subtle about it. A thought ocurs to her then. "Um…do me a favor?" She looks all hopeful and cute.

"Don't mention this to Jack?" She blushes a little. "Whatever your choice with him," and she gives Holly a look that says she knows what the right choice would be. (Because when Sio gets an idea in her head… Circe save the person who tries to stop her) "He has to believe it was your choice, not my influence. Okay?"

Holly's still fuzzy-headed enough that she doesn't notice that Siobhan won't turn to leave, that she's backing toward the door. Probably for the best, though, all things taken into consideration. Holly doesn't need the guilt, and neither does the Slytherin.

"I hope you feel better. I really do." Certain that the door will be closed and no one else will attempt to break into her house, the woman even closes her eyes. Ah, sleep. It's drawing her down—

A quizzical look is offered to Siobhan when the favour is asked. "I won't tell," she says. There's little to tell. Despite what she's heard, and the arguments that there's something different between her and Jack, Holly doesn't think she should be with him. Friends, yes, if he'll allow it. But with this disease in the picture, it seems like love might be out of the question. Even if she wants him, even if she loves his company… It'll hurt less if she breaks it off now.

Aaaand from here we segway right into the Hogsmeade Battle.

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