1994-11-01: Wolves And Families


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Scene Title Wolves and families
Synopsis Jack is dealing with the news of the changes at the ministry. Eva comes and they talk about her work and how their families are affected.
Location Leaky Cauldron
Date Nov 01, 1994
Watch For not much really.
Logger Jack

Jack's in the Leaky Cauldron again. This time, he's staring down at the Daily Prophet, and staring up at the table where he sat with two people the night before. He scowls, and then looks down again, tossing back his drink. He leans back in his seat, grumbling under his breath.

Evangeline clomps into the bar, her boots a bit heavier than most, so the sound is allowed to carry. Meandering here and there, she snatches a paper from an unattended table, only to cause a number of curses from the wizard that just lost his paper while on a trip to the WC. Ignoring any complaints her way, she pauses by the bar to pick up a simple bottle of butter beer, and then turns. Leaning with her back on the bar for a long moment, the woman scans the crowd before spotting Jack. Now she doesn't know him, not really, but he does look familliar; or at least that look he's sporting does. After a moment of staring she moves off the bar, heading in the direction of his table. "Ye got the ministry scowl down pat mate…" When she speaks, her Irish accent comes through, though there's a slightly "formal" clip to it. "Been seein that one a lot lately."

As Jack looks up to see who's calling him 'mate', he spots Evangeline and nods. "Aye." And it's his own odd mix of Scot and Irish that's slipping through. He's already had a couple of drinks. "Have a seat." He scans the paper. "S'worth scowling about, actually. That woman is a …" He purses his lips, innate rearing kicking in: don't insult a lady, at least without serious cause. He realizes something else. "My name's Jack Noble." There. Formalities taken care of, he can return to scowling at the paper.

Taking the seat, Eva shrugs with a light roll of her shoulders. "That woman isn't much consequence to me. S'pose on that leve I'm a bit lucky." grinning she sips her drink in silence before nodding. "Wasn't exactly sure your name, I think I've seen you bouncing around here and there, well when I was actually in the office that is. Spend more of my time in the field than anything these days. Name's Evangeline." Extending her own hand in greeting she smiles. "Evangeline Anastasia Katerina McDowell."

Jack looks up again, taking the grasped hand. No consequence? That makes his eyebrows lift quickly. However, he schools his face into a polite expression. "Alright." He shakes her hand continuing, "Yeah, I have been bouncing around quite a bit." He listens to her name. "That, madame, is a mouthful. What do people call you when you're late for supper?" He flashes a winning grin. "If you need to hear the whole thing from me, I am Icarus John Noble. "

Evangeline hmms. "Named after the chap that flew too high and melted his wings huh?" Shrugging she smiles politely while sipping her drink. It's a quick answer that comes when asked what best to call her, "Eva" she says simply. "Or Evangel. Either one works. So, what do you think of our new Acting Minister?" She sounds genuinely curious, trying to make conversation perhaps.

"Eva." Jack tests the sound out and nods. "I'm not exactly sure where the name came from. It was a combination of the story and family recommendations, I think." He gives a sheepish smile. "But I prefer Jack. So, I use it." He shrugs again, leaning back in his seat to examine Eva for a long moment. "Our acting Minister? That's a fire-crab topic, you know. Could burn you." So, Jack plays it safe. "Let's just say that I'm not sure she is the right person for the job."

Nodding at the comment she shrugs. "Not much choice at this point I suppose, never know though. She might turn out to do pretty well. Though…" sighing, Eva finishes off her drink before adding "I just wish someone would explain to her that all that pink makes her look like a giant muggle marshmallow."

The mention of muggle marshmallows makes Jack laugh loudly. He lets out a shout of laughter, and then covers his mouth to help stem the bulk of his mirth. "That's … " He attempts to communicate, then gives it up as a bad job for another few minutes. Finally, the laughter subsides somewhat, and he shakes his head. "That's so appropriate. I'll have to share it. Do you mind?"

Evangeline shakes her head, grinning. "Nah. I don't mind. Besides what's the worst she could do to me if anyone found out? It's not like there's a long life expectancy in my branch." Smiling some she calms, getting somewhat more serious. "Problem is, if the regulations she wanted to pass go through now, well…I think our units will become no better than the muggle gestapo of the second war."

Jack frowns, and realizes he hasn't asked which department she works in. So, he fixes that. "Which branch is that?" He studies her waiting for the answer. The only response to her other words is a quiet nod and something muttered to himself very quietly.

"Werewolf Capture Unit" she says levelly. "Though "Control" could be substituted if you want. Means the same thing. We're the ones that have to deal with the furries that step out of line." Shrugging again, she holds up a finger. Standing the woman heads to the bar, picking up another butter beer before coming back. "It's a life, bit of a hard one, but I don't complain."

Jack does not like the WCU. Not at all. However, he's going to attempt to avoid isolating every single one of their members, just in case the contact helps somehow. "So, you work in the RCMC. Can I ask you a kind of a stupid question?"

Evangeline chuckles softly. She's probably heard any manner of questions, but she remains polite. "You just did." Grinning playfully she nods. "And yeah, go ahead. I'll answer it."

"Have you ever looked at the portraits of the heads of the departments?" Jack wonders aloud. "Someone informed me that one of my relatives was Head for a while, and I wanted to know how far back that was. I have been rather busy lately, and haven't made it into that section of the department. Would you remember offhand when Ichabod Noble ran it?"

Evangeline ahs softly and thinks. "He's not in my department." Cocking her head to one side, her usual way of thinking she hmms softly "I think he's attached to the Vampire division, but I can't be sure. They keep weird hours."

Jack frowns, and shakes his head. "No, I'm talking about the pictures. Have you seen the row of portraits down the hall from Uncle Ichabod's office?" Yes, he knows.

Evangeline ahs and then thinks. "Not off the top of my head…" she admits some. "I know my brother has a portrait up there, in their rememberence area, but I've never really looked at the portraits of the former department heads." Shrugging she smiles "And here I was thinking you'd ask one of those usual "how can you arrest someone that's not done anything wrong" questions."

"I understand you're having to follow the current laws. I wouldn't be able to do it, but…" He shrugs. "If people don't follow the laws, then you do end up with Gestapos and such." He is Elder Noble's son, and that's big with the older man. "I know where the blame lies." Right with the pink-sweatered one, and those like her. He sighs. "No, I'm just trying to figure out the mysteries of my genealogy. There are several, but Uncle Ichabod is the first, I think." He gives a small smile. "I am pretty much aware of his…" Well, if it were a werewolf, he'd say, 'condition.' But he's not sure that applies. "Of who he is."

Evangeline ahs and sips her drink "Technically, it's what he is, but I understood your meaning." Leaning on the table somewhat she toys with it, slowly ripping the lable from it. "I can understand wanting to know things like that though. My family's spread out so far that I gave up long ago. Robert though, he loved looking into our history."

Jack shakes his head. "He's my uncle. My Great great …." He gestures for the thought to keep going. "…uncle, but my uncle nonetheless. He's a part of the family." He frowns as she mentions this man in the past tense. "Robert?" He wonders who he is.

"Robert Damien McDowell. Hit Wizard. He was killed in the line of duty in 1987. Was awarded the order of merlin 3rd class because of it." Shrugging she smiles some. "Older brother. We were pretty close." Looking to the shredded lable the woman sighs somewhat. "Werewolf got him."

The light dawns for Jack. She's fighting for her family, in her way, much as he's fighting for his family and friends. That makes it a little more understandable, but he's got to do what he feels is right. "I'm sorry." It's all he can say.

Evangeline pffts softly. "Captured the bugger two years ago and sent him off to Azkaban. T'was the kiss for him, tho he kept sayin he didn't remember doing it." Now somewhat cold the woman smirks as she sips her drink "And he very well may not have. They tell us the lycanths don't have much of a memory of what happens when they change anyway."

Jack shakes his head. "No, not without the Wolfsbane, anyway." He knows that the potion changes things for the werewolves, and that it's the only way they can stay alert through the change. "I understand you may have strong feelings about your job, but I will state, just for the record, that you and I would probably disagree on several issues about werewolves." He watches her face, gauging her reaction.

She just looks at him curiously. Cocking her head again she doesn't show much if any emotion. "Ye got me curious now." Standing she turns her chair around so she can lean on the back of it, putting her hands together before her as she leans on her elbows. "Why don't ya spill your guts. I won't hold it against you. Hells, I've probably heard it before."

Jack shrugs. "One of my good friends is a werewolf, and takes the potion. He's sane and calm, and has been for a long time." That might be enough to label him in the small world that is Britain's wizard population. "I understand the need to protect folks from the feral ones, or the ones who want to hurt, but I'm not convinced sweeping laws are the way to do it." He shrugs again, and shifts in his seat. "It's almost the opposite of your situation. My friend is part of my circle, and I'd do what I need to do to protect him." He speaks this quietly, but there is a surety in his voice.

Evangeline just nods as she listens, pursing her lips some. "We get that a lot. There's actually an answer to the unspoken question there. For one, I don't make the laws mate, just bound by the same ones that the aurors and hit wizards are sworn to uphold." Wrinkling her nose some as she thinks, Eva reaches up to rub her nose before continuing. "Let me put it another way, maybe I can help you understand the department a bit. Or at least offer a different point of view."

With a tightening of his expression, Jack shakes his head. "No, I understand that. I really do. I'm just saying that for me, it's about family." His friends get included in that. "And, I really should be going soon. My secretary is going to send someone after me if I don't check in with her soon." He rolls his eyes. "Thank you for the conversation." He gestures to the Prophet. "You can keep that, if you like." He stands, preparing to leave.

Chuckling softly she nods. "Might want to warn your family member that with the Pink Demon's new position, her proposals will likely face no opposition." Eva speaks softly, never looking back as she finishes her drink before yawning. "See you round mate."

"Indeed." Jack nods. He takes the news to heart, and steps out the door, heading home.

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