1994-07-06: Wolfsbane And Bezoar


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Scene Title Wolfsbane and Bezoar
Synopsis After procuring the necessary ingredients, Snape watches over Reverie as she prepares wolfsbane potion
Date 06 Jul 1994
Watch For An almost hug
Chronology Lupin gets more Wolfsbane Potion
Logger Reverie

Various places

Mmmm, Knockturn Alley. It's one of the best places to get all sorts of assorted goodies and ingredients, especially if you're looking for the rare stuff. Reverie is one of these people today as she speaks with a man over in one of the darker corners. "You sure that's authentic monkshood? I need it.." she says urgently, wrinkling her nose as she inspects the ingredients thoroughly.

She's not in her St. Mungo's uniform right now. Instead, she's her casual wizarding wear, a robe and everything..

Snape found himself in the Alley making similar purchases last year, his eyes turning to the wolfsbane that Reverie inspects so thoroughly. His own observations come instantly from his place a few paces behind her, pale hands hidden in the many folds of his robes. He arches an eyebrow, deigning to keep his comments to himself asx he waits to make a similar transaction with the dealer of restricted potions ingredients.

Reverie hrmms for a few moments as she thoroughly inspects the wolfsbane. Seeing that it's authentic and cecent, she hands out a few galleons. "Thank you.." she bows before suddenly turning to leave. But there he is. The potions master. She lets out a yelp and gasps, "Pro…Professor Snape!" she says softly, taken aback by his presence. "I..I wasnt expecting anyone here.." she admits ruefully.

"Obviously," Snape says slowly, noting Reverie's reaction to his presence. He takes a step forward, not dealing in questions or murmured queries with the salesman. He judges everything on the table with a single, appraising glare and points to a host of ingredients once he's satisfied. Nothing that would likely be used for a class at Hogwarts it seems - clearly destined for his private stores.

"Um..how have you been, professor?" Even after all this time, she is so formal with him, but unlike his other students, she actually enjoyed potions, for it was her favorite class, even to the point of idolizing the man. "I hope your summer has been good thus far?" Reverie asks softly as she sticks the bottle of wolfsbane amongst her things.

Snape seems as though he has ignored the question for the moment, handing over the galleons before he deposits the ingredients into the pockets that must occupy the folds of his robes. That done, he turns around in one sweeping movement and begins to stalk away - the fact that he's actually speaking to her the only sign that he may be inclined to allow her to follow.

"It has been acceptable," he says flatly.

In truth, any student who does very well in Potions class tends to be looked upon in a slightly more favourable light. He would never show it, of course.

"Well that's good.." she says with a nod, following him out because that's the only direction that would be acceptable. The other way tends to have all sorts of dark wizardry going on, and considering her own sordid past with dark wizards, it wouldnt be good to go in that direction.

"How have the students been? Anyone actually meeting your high expectations?" she asks curiously, raising her brows while she keeps her hands behind her back as she follows.

"Has anyone?" Snape asks with a slight curl of his lip, pausing at a stall to investigate what can only be described as a horde of items associated with the Dark Arts. He gives the shopkeeper an unreadable look before he moves on.

"No. They still believe that potion-making is all putting a bowl of otherwise-uselss scraps into a cauldron and getting a result."

He offers Reverie a long stare, as though daring her to challenge that view.

"I liked potions.." Reverie says speaking up as she wrinkles her nose a bit as she stares at the darker items before following behind him once more. She pauses as she gets that long stare, left speechless for a few moments. Even after all this time, even with her graduating, he's still this intimidating.

"While it's true that potions oftens has the sum be greater than the sum of its parts, it's more of a science than any of the other classes. It's akin to muggle chemistry, except there are a bit more complications to potions, such as the incantations, the proper way way to mix the ingredients. It's very precise. That's why only those who pass potions N.E.W.T.s can become healers, for they need the precision associated with potion making.." she says with a sage nod.

Snape snorts at the likening of potions to Muggle chemistry, apparently not agreeing wholeheartedly though he says nothing along those lines. He continues to move along the Alley, the fact that he hasn't picked up his pace the only real indication that he does not entirely mind having Reverie along.

"So you're a healer now?" Impressed? Unimpressed? Who can tell with his deadpan tone.

"No sir. I finished my training to become a mediwitch, so I do active field duty, such as when there were Deatheaters in Diagon Alley. However, I'm still technically a healer in training, and I should be finished within two years. I took a rather roundabout manner, but I wanted to experience field medicine before I dedicate myself to staying within St. Mungo's most of the time.." Reverie says matter of factly, smiling warmly at the question. Whether he's impressed ornot doesnt matter. The fact that he's still talking to her seems to be enough.

"I see," Snape replies, firmly skirting around the subject of Death Eaters although a familiar mark beneath his sleeve itches somewhat at the thought. Again, no words of encouragement as he continues along down the alleyway. He simply 'understands'.

"But it's quite good. I understand you made a certain potion for a certain person who taught at the school. I was wondering..if you had any advice on making the potion that man needed. It's quite difficult and I was hoping you would have some pointers.." Reverie offers, chewing on her bottom lip as she waits to gauge his reaction on the subject of Lupin.

"I don't enjoy speaking in such imprecise terms," Snape says with a slight shake of his head, turning his head to one side to weigh Reverie carefully with his eyes, "If you are referring to the Wolfsbane Potion, it is not a simple task as you should be well aware. While I am not so inclined to waste time brewing it for Lupin myself … "

There is a long pause, so long that he actually stops to purchase a small jar full of what appear to be wriggling, green worms from a stall.

"I will give you some instruction as you need it."

He turns swiftly, lifting a hand to point a finger very close to Reverie's face, "But I do not do this for his benefit and you will understand that."

That brief fire now gone from him, he returns to his flat and near-emotionless tone, "What step in the process gives you the most trouble?"

"As I'm completing the required amount of turns, the mixture I get is blue, but I do not see the characteristic smoking. I think I might have messed up somewhere in the step prior, but I am looking for the smoke that comes from it. Perhaps I am looking too hard and miss it. I dont know, but it's quite frustrating.."

Reverie's cheeks flush bright red from either embarassment or frustration, or perhaps both. She runs her fingers through her hair and takes a deep breath as she bows her head and curtsies before the potions master. "And I understand that this is not for his benefit..I would never suggest such a thing.." she says softly in the end.

"I don't think," Snape begins, as though trying to picture the failed solution in his mind, "That the correct temperature is being applied … most likely your cauldron is not suitably enchanted for the mixture."

He actually stops walking for the moment, even looking thoughtful

"If you will vow to keep it from him that I'm … " he has trouble spitting out the next word, " … helping you, then I'll observe you brewing the potion and determine where you're failing."

"I promise I will not let him know that you are helping me,though I do not understand, but if it is your wish. I normally give credit where it is due, but if you wish to remain anonymous, then you shall remain that way.."

Geesh, what happened between them, she doesnt know, but if Lupin thinks she's as good as Snape as result, then so be it, she could probably learn a lot afterall. She hrmms a bit, mulling over his words as she ahhs and smacks her forehead.

"I didnt think of that. It's a terribly sensitive process isnt it, I should have been paying better attention to those things..gah.."

"It is best to think of potions as living things of a sort," Snape answers, voice lowered so as not to be seen being so 'friendly' with another human being, "To treat them appropriately in order to compel them to do your bidding."

"An overbrewed Wolfsbane Potion," he says simply, "Is nothing more than an elaborate and expensive poison."

It's a good thing she didnt give that test batch to Lupin then! Reverie ahhhs and nods, definitely making mental notes as she hrmms and chews on her bottom lip once more. "Might I ask, what would be the best antidote for an overbrewed wolfsbane potion?" canting her head to the side as she waits for an answer. This isnt exactly your everyday mediwitch/healer potion afterall.

"A bezoar," Snape says in reply, his lips curling into the very faintest makings of a smirk, "Anything else would have only a partial chance of success. That is why the Wolfsbane Potion is not available over the counter at any apothecary."

"And those are awfully rare. I believe we only have a few available to mediwitches.." she says pursing her lips as she stretches her arms into the air. "Well, we can go to my laboratory at St. Mungo's if you'd like to observe me making the potion. That is, if you're not busy now. You can always send an owl to let me know when you are free and we can do it then. It is totally at your convenience afterall.."

Snape snorts once again as though it is all a great bother for him but he nevertheless nods his head, folding away his most recent purchases into his pockets where they seem to disappear into inky blackness.

"They are rare, yes. So I suggest you do not make too many mistakes."

That said, he appears ready to travel.

"Okay! Shall we apparate then?" Reverie asks curiously, raising her brows as she offers out herhand to theolder man. She lets out a soft chuckle justin case he doesnt take her offer, but that is the fastest and quickest way to go afterall.

Snape reaches out, but his long pale fingers instead deign to wrap about her wrist - he's not the hand holding sort.

And there's that POP! and soon the both of them are gone from the alley and are in a rather sterile lab environment. Unlike the dungeon, St. Mungo's has quite the sterile laboratory for potions, and Reverie steps over towards the side as she shrugs out of her overcoat and slips into her lab coat.

"Have you ever visited the St. Mungo laboratories before, Professor?"

"Yes," Snape answers, folding his arms across his chest as he watches Reverie begin. The subject is swiftly changed, however, when he decides to speak again.

"Once you've succeeded in brewing the Wolfsbane Potion, I suggest you make careful note of your methods so as to avoid complications in the future."

A lab notebook is grabbed as she nods and continues to head over towards her lab bench. It's immacuately clean and quite organized, all the ingredients within easy access. She picks out the wolfsbane out of her coat and places it on the table before motioning towards her cauldron.

"So one possibility is that it might be not enchanted properly? I thought I did it all, but if you wouldnt mind inspecting it..it's been a while since I've had you inspect my cauldrons though.." she says while pulling out a quill to take down any notes.

Snape moves towards the cauldron, his wand quite suddenly in his hand as though it slid free from his sleeve. He taps the cauldron three times in silence, frowning slightly.

"Its what I thought," he says flatly, muttering a charm that suddenly gives the cauldron a very glossy look indeed, "Overheated."

"It has been put through a lot of use, and I guess that might be the cause.." Reverie frowns as she wrinkles her nose and pouts for a few moments as she starts searching around for another cauldron.

A few minutes pass and she brings out a new set, takinga deep breath as she mutters the required incantations to properly prepare it for the potion. Hopefully she didnt mess up in any way.

If she did, Snape says nothing. He remains silent, arms still folded over his chest as he watches her prepare for the potion. Will he call out if she does something wrong or simply let her make the mistake? Who knows.

Once the incantations are complete, Reverie takes a deep breath and checks to make sure everything is of the right temperature. Then she begins the process of preparing the potion, properly mixing the ingredients..and the oh so slow process begins..

"Cut the wolfsbane finer," Snape says quickly, almost as though he is back in the classroom, as he gestures at it wih his wand, "If you can't dissolve it quick enough then the entire potion is useless."

There's a quick scribble in her notes before she starts chopping away. It was just a fine julienne before, but now the wolfsbane is being chopped up like nobody's business. "Yes sir!" she says with almost military efficiency.

"And add one pinch every three seconds," Snape informs, pointing his wand at the cauldron, "Keep the dose even."

She starts separating the chopped up wolfsbane into as even portions as possible. She takes a deep breath and starts counting softly under her breath while adding a pinch upon every multiple of three until all of the portions are eventually into the potion.

Snape must be pleased with the progress due to the fact that he says nothing, standing at a distance and watching the potion take form.

As he's not saying anything, Reverie just concentrates, making sure everything is timed perfectly. With the last pinch in, she makes even more notes to do it perfectly and in just this way fornext time. She pauses before muttering another soft incantation as she stirs the cauldron..

Snape actually deigns to nod a little at the work, watching her work before he speaks up again, "Lower the heat now."

And that's when the heat is lowered with another spell, which she verbalizes to make sure it's done just right. She is quite meticulous afterall as she takes a deep breath, her brows furrowed in deep concentration.

Snape then decides to throw in something of a distraction, raising his eyebrows and asking, "You are aware that the Wolfsbane potion should be stored out of direct sun or moonlight?"

"We have a dark room to store all the light sensitive potions in, sir.." she replies, still maintaining enough concentration to not mess the potion up. At least, she hopes she doesnt mess anything up at this point. The potion is starting to turn blue. Hooray!

"Maintain the stirring pace," Snape instructs, pointing to the potion, "Be careful to not let any of the dust in the air settle on it. The slightest imperfection makes the entire exercise pointless."

"It's a good thing we have a completely sterile lab then.." she says with a smile as she maintains the pace, not slowing down the least or increasing. She continues to count softly, keeping the steady rhythm as she looks around for any posible dust particles that might be floating around.

Snape's lip curls slightly at what he perceives as smart talk, arms still folded firmly as he watches in silence.

Well, she did have a smarmy mouth, but at least she hasnt gotten sassy. She continues to do what she's doing, even muttering a soft spell to protect the cauldron from having anything enter it. Hey, that's new!

"The most difficult part is over," Snape declares, stalking forward to crane his neck and look into the potion, "Now you simply have to let it settle."

Now that she can stop stirring, she nods and makes the notes in her laboratory notebook, making down everything she did in a narrative fashion. Her notebook is neat to the point of OCD, but hey, that's how she got here. "And we wait for the smoking, right?"

"It should begin any moment," Snape says flatly, staring into the blue depths of the concoction.

A minute passes and soon, there's a faint smoke that rises from the cauldron. Her eyes widen with excitement as she lets out a happy squeal and is even about to hug Snape, but stopsherself half way. "Um..thank you, Professor Snape.." she says with a curtsy and a bow of her head.

"Hmm," Snape says with a nod, "You've been successful. I suggest you keep those notes for the next full moon."

That said, the Potions Master smooths out his robes - looking as though he is about to disapparate.

Any additional notes fall to the bottom.

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