1994-10-12: One Cream, One Sugar


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Scene Title One Cream, One Sugar
Synopsis Remus pays a call.
Location Tiana's apartment
Date Oct 12, 1994
Watch For Tea and magical updates!
Logger Tiana-rama

Seated at her kitchen table, Tiana is dressed in a pair of tight black stretch pants and a pink tank top. It's a much more casual outfit than she usually wears, but is at least well put-together. Her glamours, however, are still in place, her long black curls pulled up into a stylishly messy bun. Her bare hands are wrapped around a tall mug; she inhales the steam that rises from the surface, savoring that sensation for a long while before even taking her first sip. It's later in the afternoon, the sun slipping between the buildings of the London skyline. Hyde Park can be seen from her windows, but her attention seems to be turned inward, her pale blue eyes staring off into the middle distance.

It has been a quite day for the most part for Remus Lupin. He made a point in contacting the woman he had recently met. She seemed surprised at the sight of him. Someone so much like her in some aspects. Having now made an arrangement to meet, most of his day has been spent in waiting. With the time quick approaching, however, Lupin made his way, apparating to inside the lobby of the apartment building, ever so slowly making his way up to Tiana's apartment. After a few minutes, he finds himself standing there outside her door. He hesitates for a moment. Slowly, a hand is brought up and folded into a fist. He knocks on the door three times before lowering his hand once more.

Those three knocks startle Tiana from her thoughts and for a moment she appears panicked - as if she's forgotten something important. Her mind catches up quickly however, and it's only a heartbeat between her mug clinking against the tabletop and the slide of the latch as she unlocks the door. Swinging silently on its hinges, the heavy door parts enough to admit a single person, Tiana herself stepping back to facilitate entry. She doesn't offer a greeting, but shuts and locks the door behind him. "How do you take your tea, Mister Lupin?" Her soft question seems at odds with her tense posture, setting the tone for the evening. He'll have to get to whatever point he wants to make, and she's not about to be helpful in the endeavor.

Lupin smiles softly as the door opens and he enters the home, taking his hat off as he does so. He gazes about, getting more of a look about the place then he did before. His eyes move back to Tiana and he smiles once more. "One cream, one sugar please, Miss Moldavia. Thank you." He motions to a seat across from the cup that she had been drinking from. "May I have a seat?"

With a wave of her hand towards the couches where they sat the last time, Tiana wordlessly acquiesces. One cream, one sugar in a cup of earl grey; ready. Holding his tea in one hand and snagging hers from the table on the way, Tia hands him the mug before seating herself in the same wingback as before. "Wand on the table, please." It's a soft request phrased without room for arguments. It's only fair, really - all things considered. Tucking her legs up underneath her, the proud Romanian witch takes a sip of her tea, seemingly content to wait him out.

Lupin receives the tea graciously before taking a seat on aforementioned couch. Wand is brought from the sleeve and placed on the table once more, a sip of his tea drank. "I am sure this must seem…unusual to you, Miss Moldavia, as you thought there were no other werewolves out here. I would like to offer myself as one to answer questions to yourself. You must have one or two, no? I would in your situation."

Sipping again from her cup, Tiana seems to consider his words, holding her silence for a long while. When she finally speaks, it is slowly and deliberately; each word is worth its full weight. "I appreciate the kindness you feel you are showing me with this offer, Mister Lupin." She pauses then for another slow sip of tea. "But I am, myself, curious as to what questions I should have for you." She smiles a little then, a slow gesture calculated to be reassuring. "I may not be, how you say, a genius, sir. But seven years is a long enough time for even I to catch on."

Lupin shakes his head. "I merely wish to offer myself up as an open book to you, ma'am." He sips his tea a little bit once more. "I don't know which questions you should have. Only you would know of such things." He gazes intently at the woman. "You've only been a werewolf for seven years?" He asks gently of her. Afterall, seven years isn't all too long for some.

Stiffening, Tiana bristles at his use of 'only'. "Seven years this November, yes." Seven years too long, in her opinion. That said, she falls silent once more, sipping twice from her cup. Once, she looks about to speak, but stops herself; trust does not come so easily as it once did. "Your Ministry…what do they do with us?" The 'if they find us' remains unspoken, but hangs between them nevertheless.

Lupin holds up a hand. "Please, do not take offence. I know it is not easy. I am in my thirties and was infected when I was a mere child. I've had over two decades of experience with this and it never gets easier I am afraid." He looks down at the floor for a few minutes, a deep sigh audible. "It is not illegal for us to be as we are, but they prefer to be able to have an eye on us if possible." He pauses for another moment. "They've made it difficult for us to find work in the wizarding world, though that is not a problem for you. There is one person in particular in our Ministry, however, that you must be wary of. Delores Umbridge. She works for the Minister of Magic directly. She has a strong dislike for anyone not purely wizard or witch…including werewolves. She has attempted to get approved numerous anti-werewolf legislation."

Listening to the man seated across from her, Tiana cannot help the softening of her icy gaze. She knows that pain, and to have had it thrust upon one in childhood… Thoughts of her own child spin briefly through her head before she can shove them aside. "I am sorry," she offers softly. It is all she can offer. It isn't much, but it's something she would have liked to hear. Talk of someone with such a violent distaste for differences causes a rumble to start deep in her chest, only to be swiftly cut off. "And their…methods of detection…? How do they, as you say, weed us out?"

With a kind gaze, Lupin looks back up. "And I for you. It is not something one can easily come to terms with." He smiles kindly to her. "There is no sure fire method of detection other than the full moon. If they suspect someone of being a werewolf, perhaps they shall keep said person under their watchful gaze until the full moon to be certain. As well, there is the Werewolf Registry. When a name is given, it is placed in this registry so that they can keep tabs on who is a werewolf. There is also a Werewolf Capture Unit of the Ministry. There is also a Werewolf Support service which assists those of us afflicted as such."

Tiana nods slowly, her eyes distant as she mulls over the new information presented. "My job, from before… It often entailed hunting down werewolves and putting them down." Her voice is distant, not quite as tightly controlled. It's a hesitant extension of a little trust. "I grew up believing them to be creatures of evil." Her fingers wrap tighter around her cooling mug, gripping it as if it were her link to sanity. "With all that I have lost because of them, I have had no reason to question that belief. But I /am/ one of them and I do not feel that I am evil… Still." There's a pause then, as she blows out a deep sigh, turning to look Lupin in the eye. "Do you ever think that maybe they have the right of it? That the world would be better off without us because there is good reason to fear us?"

Lupin nods along as he listens. "People are raised and taught to fear and despise and hate those like us. Only…they are taught about the animal that is presented in the transformation, not about the actual person. There are those who have turned toward darkness because of the fact they are shunned by society. But there are some who are not bad. I, for example, am not bad. There is good reason to fear what we become, but I do not believe we should be just written off. Especially now with a potion that can be brewed so that we keep our human mind during he full moon."

A potion to allow the human mind to prevail? This is news to Tiana! Sitting up straighter in her chair, the witch's expression is carefully neutral and her posture is one of wariness, but there's a flicker of hope in her eyes. "I was unaware that such a potion existed." She sips again from her now tepid tea. "Is it very hard to come by?" If she could simply curl up in her bed and sleep off the transformation, quite a few things in her life would become…much, much simpler.

Lupin smiles and nods. "Well, it does indeed exist. It is called the 'Wolfsbane Potion'. It keeps your mind intact though a transformation still takes place." He explains. "It is complicated. I do have some stored away. I could give you some perhaps?" He says kindly. "It is difficult to make. I've had to go to get some made specifically."

This seems to take Tiana's breath away, for the woman doesn't speak at all for several moments and when she does, it's with a little difficulty. "That is…/most/ extraordinary." She blinks twice and then seems to shake herself. "But I could not put you out in such a way, Mister Lupin." Not after he's been so kind to her. "If you would be so kind as to put me in touch with your supplier, however, I would be most grateful." A belated thought seems to occur to her. "Your supplier is discreet, yes? Or else their silence can be bought? I have no desire to…even let on that I know of your world." Funny how she always refers to it as someone else's world, rather than share ownership of it.

Lupin shakes his head. "It would not put me out in the least, Miss Moldavia. Honestly." He says kindly, with a soft smile. "But where I got my supply from might not be the best for you if you wish to not be discovered as yet. I received mine from St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. They'd most likely want to make sure you were registered or some such. I shall give you what I have, and then I shall get more for my own, as I am already registered in the United Kingdom."

Tiana considers this and shakes her head. "They will become suspicious if you are taking enough for two. I will not allow you to take that risk for me." A little high-handed of her perhaps, but she means well. "Surely there are Potions Mistresses - or Masters - " an odd afterthought " who could concoct the brew…" Teeth worry her lower lip, a very imperfect gesture that seems quite at odds from her usual, careful expressions. "I assure you, sir. Money is no object." Not for this, at any rate.

Lupin chuckles. "I would not have worried if I were you. The last person made enough for quite a while." He says softly. "But, let me look around and I shall see what I can do for you, alright? Certainly there is someone who is willing to make this." He says with a firm nod. "Now, I must be off. But you know how to contact me. If you've got any questions or wish to inform me of anything, regardless of how trivial it may seem, please feel free to contact me immediately."

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