1994-10-08: News Carried on the Wind


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Scene Title News Carried on the Wind
Synopsis While out in Muggle London, Tiana and Remus scent each other.
Location Picadilly Circus and Tia's flat
Date Oct 08, 1994
Watch For Running in heels and ripped dresses
Logger Tiana

It's early evening here in the Picadilly Circus area of London. Most people have milled home by now, however, while few others straggle along as if hesitating to arrive at their final destinations. Remus Lupin is neither of such people. He, more of a drifter than anything, has no commitments to be anywhere at the moment. Though he does not exactly live in one particular spot, nor does he live anywhere specifically. Today he sits on a bench facing the statue of Eros as he eats the last half of a sandwich that he made for himself.

Like the majority of the crowd around her, Tiana is ready to go home. Exiting the cinema on the arm of a well-dressed man in his mid-fifties, she is dressed to kill. The two talk quietly for a moment and then she kisses him on the cheek before turning to walk the few blocks to her home. The woman moves with a grace of motion that is uncanny; passersby stare unashamedly even as they give her a wide berth. Not twenty paces into her pleasant evening stroll - though who could have a pleasant stroll in those stiletto heels is a mystery indeed - the eerily beautiful woman stops dead in her tracks. A cool night breeze caresses her face and she lifts her head up into it, closing her eyes and inhaling deeply through her nose. Yep, she smelled right. When she moves again, it is far less of an amble - her steps are deliberate and precise, the clicking of her heels sounding a bit like a musician's metronome. Even at this pace, her hips swing invitingly, which is an interesting phenomenon, since the /last/ thing she wants to do is to attract the source of that…all-too-familiar scent.

An all too familiar scent indeed. If the breeze were moving in his own direction, he'd have caught her scent as well. As is, with all the scents intermingled around, Remus Lupin is not completely sure that he is smelling that familiar scent or if it's just a mixture. If the breeze were coming in his direction, perhaps he'd be more sure. For now, he stays put, finishing off his sandwich and staring in fascination at the statue of Eros. He seems to find it quite interesting. He studies it in great detail. Not being in Muggle surroundings such as this all too often, he likes to take in as much as he can before he parts.

Moving quickly - and that's an impressive feat in a dress this tight - Tiana begs, /pleads/ with whatever gods exist to let the wind keep coming from her left. And, for a little while, it looks as if she'll get her wish. Luck is not to be with her tonight, however. As soon as she reaches the curb at the end of the block, a particularly strong gust of wind whips back, carrying her scent as it carried the other. Cursing a streak that would shock a sailor - if, of course, that sailor spoke her particular Slavic dialect - she waits for traffic and pushes onward, praying that she can at least make it to Hyde Park before whoever it is follows /her/ scent to its source.

It's a few moments before said scent is carried over to where the other werewolf is sitting, but once there, it hits him full force. He takes a deep breath in, not wishing to seem like he's visibly sniffing the air. Remus recognizes that scent as clearly as Tiana did. They both, no doubt, have had that scent imprinted in their memories for all time now. His well trained, calm eyes begin to subtly scan the area he is in, to see if he can catch sight of the other. No luck just yet, but he does not give up. He lets his gaze casually peer in the direction of the wind so as to catch sight of those in that hopeful direction. Perhaps they are there…

Stopped mid-street by a lorry that didn't pay attention to the light, Tiana - in a moment of weakness - turns to look over her shoulder. As if drawn there by an invisible magnet, her pale blue eyes lock onto those of one Remus Lupin. For a moment that seems to drag on a lifetime, she holds that gaze, frozen as a million thoughts run through her head. Lost in a swirl of fear and rage she has been able to escape for nearly seven years now, she can't pull away. When that moment finally shatters, the young wolf follows the most basic of all instincts - human or animal - she /runs/.

Pale grey eyes meet the pale blue eyes. Remus knows that this is the person the scent belongs to. He, through the years, has been able to control most of his fear and his rage. He has been able to push through it. But he's well aware of how she might feel. He's well aware of why she might run. He doesn't want this to happen. The haggard looking man stands slowly. But alas, she runs. He starts, at a hurried pace, after her. Should he apparate nearer to her, perhaps? He isn't sure!

And boy does she /run/! It's a bit unnerving to see someone move that quickly in such high heeled shoes, but Tiana looks as if the very hounds of hell were on her heels. Which, in a manner of speaking, isn't /entirely/ untrue. Several blocks down, she rounds a corner and dashes to the base of a fire escape, where her stilettos are quickly removed. Shoes in one hand and the other used on the railing to help her haul arse up the narrowly winding metal staircase, Tia chances another look behind her. Up, up, up she goes, up to the tenth floor. Diving in the open window, she slams it shut and flips the lock before collapsing on her floor. It takes a while for her to catch her breath - not from the exercise, to be honest that felt good - but from the sheer weight of all those emotions and memories. Who knew a single scent could evoke so much?

Taking firm grasp of his wand, making sure it's not visible by the muggles, Lupin spins on spot, appearing just in time to Tiana go around the corner. He doesn't have time to see what level she stops at, nor which apartment she seems to go into, so he hops onto the fire escape and scurries up. From level to level, he looks through the windows, hoping to find the right won. When finally he does, he takes a few deep breaths in and out before tapping on the window to get the attention of the other who is so much like him in more ways than others could imagine.

Having finally managed to get her breathing - and emotions - down to a manageable level, Tiana sits up, half supporting herself on one palm and facing away from the window. So it is then, that his tapping startles her greatly, causing her to whirl and scramble up into a defensive crouch. Oops… Note to self: never crouch in dresses this tight. They /will/ rip. After a few seconds of watching him /not/ trying to break in, she edges just a little closer. She calls out a soft question in a Slavic tongue, just loud enough to pass through the glass. Right, because all werewolves come from Romania… See what a little panic will do to the higher thought center?

Having hidden his wand away once more, Lupin looks through the glass and tilts his head. The tired and downtrodden looking man furrows his brow in confusion. "I…I'm sorry, Miss. I'm afraid I do not understand." Comes the response from the British gentleman. "I just wish to talk with you, however. Nothing big. Just talking."

"Only…only talking?" Tiana edges forward again, one hand hovering over the locks for that window. She opens her mouth to speak again, then pauses, turning incredulous eyes on him. "You are…English?" This seems to perplex her. "How? I thought we were extinct west of Turkey…"

Lupin bows his head in a nod. "Yes, only to talk." He smiles kindly, in a way that he hopes shows his intent. He gives Tiana a small nod once more. "I am very much English. Yes." He chuckles and shakes his head. "No, not extinct at all, in fact. Rather quite thriving, if you know where to look, however."

With a swift motion, the locks are thrown and Tiana has leapt backwards. He /said/ he only wanted to talk, but that doesn't mean he's safe. "Stay in here." And with that, she's darted back around a corner - presumably to grab clothes that aren't torn indecently. In less than three minutes, she's back, dressed in a set of sweats and a tank she can move easily in should the need arise. Hovering in the doorway, she points to the small table in front of the couch. "Place your wand there." There's a pause. "Please." About to take no risks, this one.

Lupin moves in through the window slowly, not wishing to strain himself. He does as he's told and waits. He smiles as the woman comes back. Though her request comes now, he's not surprised. Anyone would wish to be on the safe side. He slowly lets his wand slip out of his sleeve and places it gently on the table. Though he can perform magic without a wand, he needn't take mention of that. No need to make her uncomfortable.

Once his wand is on the table, there's a visible easing of tension from Tiana's shoulders. Now they are on even footing. Mostly. With a wave of her hand, she gestures for him to be seated on the couch. She waits until he's seated, then curls up in the wingback chair - as far from him as she can get and still be facing him. "What is it you want of me?" she ventures quietly.

Taking a deep breath in, Lupin sits at the designated spot. "My name is Remus Lupin. I am a werewolf, as you know all too well. You are not one I've known of yet. Though that usually means little. There are a few packs, speckled across the land. I wished to introduce myself. Especially if you are not in the loops I know of. I…" There's a pause. "I wish to help you if you need help." He smiles softly. "What I mean to say is, there are more around. Most seclude themselves, however. Keep themselves from regular society. But there are people out there that are not afraid of werewolves such as ourselves. I know that life is not easy for our kind. I just wish to offer myself as a guide and as someone who understands how you feel."

Tiana snorts, leaning jaw into one hand. "I believe you are a little late, sir." Her shoulders sag in a sigh. "There is no help left for you to offer me."

Lupin smiles softly once more. "You would be surprised, ma'am, and what help I could offer." He says in a calm voice. "I cannot stay long. In fact, I should be off. But I will leave you with a card. I would like to speak again."

"Leave it." Tiana's voice is deadpanned and tinged with a bitterness that, ironically, Lupin probably understands. Still, there's a bit of the vindictive in her. "Better yet, take one of mine." She nods to the little crystal holder next to his wand, her voice just a little too sweet to be believed. Let him see what help he wants to offer once her job title is out in the open. She doesn't mince words on paper.

Lupin watches Tiana for a few moments with sympathetic eyes. He understands perhaps better than most the voice Tiana speaks with. His hand slowly reaches for card holder, taking one slowly out, reading it over. Though once that is done so, he slips it away, looking back up, no judgement in his face. "I shall be in contact, as I hope you shall be as well." Comes a calm response. He picks up his wand and with a quick little wave, a card appears on the table. It would read, when Tiana cares to glance at it, 'Remus Lupin, Dark Arts expert'. He stands. "Talk to you soon." And he's gone.

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