Portrayed By Liu Yifei
House Slytherin
Year Graduated
Position Hit Wizard
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 28
Place of Birth Camden, Northwest London
Date of Birth 03/08/1974
Mother Li "Millie" Mei-Lin
Father Li Feng Shen
Siblings Zhang Wei, Ying Yue, Wang Xiu Ying, and Andie
Marital Status Single
Children Annabelle Li
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

The daughter of two half-blooded second generation Chinese immigrants, Wen Qiao Yun "Winnie" Li is not too unusual as Wizarding personas go. Her maternal grandmother, Fei, is a noted Chinese witch. She graduated Hogwarts with an impressive 10 OWLs and keeps a rather unusual gyrfalcon as a close friend and personal familiar. Her proudest accomplishment in school was being a repeated victor in a then dubiously legal after hours Dueling Society, a skill she keeps polished today. She was particularly noted for her skill in the use of Charms.

Today, Win is a Hit Wizard, an enforcer of magical law whose specialty is in tracking organized crime and dealing with dangerous criminals. Her biggest success has been in using her advanced knowledge of Muggle society and family connections to track down smugglers of muggle artifacts, an area in which she has had significant success. Cutting this flow of income has also made her a number of enemies.

Winnie is also the adoptive mother of a young half-Veela named Annabelle, now in her 4th year at Hogwarts, whose parents were Ministry members who died tragically in an incident involving a particularly nasty smuggling case.


Win is a seemingly serious person with a subversive sense of humour. She is often quiet but likes people. Unfortunately, she also has a bit of a temper and likes to argue.


Other Information

Memorable Quotes:

Trivia and Notes:

- Win's siblings usually use the names "Chang", Amy, Marie, and… Andie. Andie is the only one who has stopped using her formal name entirely, however.

- Win's gyrfalcon, Mei, has limited magical abilities of her own. These include invisibility and manipulating the wind for her own benefit in flight.

- Win's favourite charm is Aqua Eructo. Washing people away is satisfying.

- Win is also an avid practitioner of Muggle unarmed self-defense.

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