1995-10-27: Wings and Things


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Scene Title Wings and Things
Synopsis The two small snakes are getting ready for the Halloween Ball. Their newest professor helps them.
Location Slytherin Common Room
Date Oct 27, 1995
Watch For Screeching in mMermish, easy magic, funny hairstyles…
Logger Mister Bean

A few hours after the students were released from lunch, the stones on the entrance wall do their shift-aside thing, opening the doorway for a very familiar face. Siobhan Noble - still-damp hair twisted back in some very complicated looking braid and dressed only in a pair of long baggy sleep pants and a faded grey Beatles shirt - angles her way through, carrying what might very well be a Muggle tackle-box that clunks and jangles as she shifts her grip on it. "Claire? Amy?" She calls out for two of the older girls, but doesn't see them in the common room at all. With a soft 'oof' she hauls the big box up to rest on the table in front of the fire, giving a chance for her fingers to regain circulation. A glance to the painting above the fireplace brings a warm, bright smile to her face and she executes a flowery sort of bow to the stern man. The painting of said man fights against a smile, only ending up caught between that and a scowl. Siobhan giggles at his predicament, but leaves off tormenting him further in favor of looking for a few very specific faces.

"I think she misunderstood my size," Bean grumbles, carrying a huge swath of green material that is shaped into … something as he walks into the common room. "She told me I couldn't be right about how tall I was. As if Hogwarts has never seen a boy this little before." He rolls his eyes. "Even the wings are bloody huge!" He catches a wing on a chair nearly sending him to the floor, but wobbles a little and stays aloft. "I don't know how the bloody 'ell I'm gonna get this …" Oh, look. Teacher. "Hello, Professor Noble." He beams, quick-change making him into the sweet little boy again. "Would you know a charm to resize a costume?"

How he got here ahead of time is anyone's guess, but the humming sound that comes from the dorms precedes Rene's appearance in the door to the common room. The reverie of whatever he was singing to himself cuts off rather abruptly when he reaches it, as if he might be scolded for singing by someone in said common room. His look around, however, nets him no such people. With his hair pulled out of its plait post-lunch, and his face freshly scrubbed, cheeks still pink, he may have skipped out on the end of lunch a minute early for purposes of the forthcoming evening. When these French kids get ready for a party, it can get pretty hardcore. Thankfully he is only as invested as much as he can spare.

"What in the world is that?" Rene is quick to remark on the pile of green that Bean has in his arms, giving it a dubious look before picking his feet up to get closer. "I see that we are busy bees already, hm?" What was said about the French could possibly be said about the Slytherins too. Just sayin'.

Siobhan's face lights up as first Bean and then Rene pop into view. She gives Bean a bit of a wry look, glancing from him to her lounge clothes and back to him with a raised brow expression of 'Do I look like a professor right now?'. She knows it'll be enough; she's dealing with her little snakes, after all. "Clothes are easy." Well, they are if you spend as much time in uncomfortable clothing as Siobhan has. "But I dunno about the wings…" She cranes her neck around to try and get a better look at said fixtures. "What're they made of?" Because material sometimes makes all the difference in the world. Siobhan misunderstands Rene's question at first, laying one hand on her … rather heavy-looking box. "This is my kit." And a thoroughly professional-looking one at that. "I came down to help some of the girls with their hair and makeup, but I guess they're not out of the showers, yet."

"Cotton on wire, I think." Bean answers her question first, grinning up cheekily at her. Then, he gazes over at his friend. "You know you all got in trouble for singing that the other day," he whispers, though his tone is more gleeful than censurious. "It's my costume." He sounds slightly affronted. "It's … green." And there's a really good reason for that. "Well, ma'am," Julian's attention turns back toward the woman with the box. "You always look like a professor to me!" Cue cheesy grin. Maybe there's a reason Rene likes Bean and Jack both so well.

He looks over at Siobhan's box. "Is it possible to charm hair to stay still?" He pulls at a curl. "I'm not sure what I want to do with this. So tempted to cut it all off again." He's done it before.

"That is why I braided my hair this morning, after." Rene tells her, smug with himself for thinking of a way to avoid getting his lovely locks dirty - and at the same time avoiding the rush of boys to the various Hogwarts baths. Can't blame him for wanting to avoid it. The blond boy drapes his arms over the back of one of the leather loungers, watching Siobhan. "I have a small one, myself." Somehow unsurprising. His smile turns mischievious at Bean when he reminds him of admonishment. "At least I can sing. It could have been worse."

"I have a pair of wings as well. Though I am sorely tempted to transfigure a pair, instead…" Maybe he'd do it himself, or maybe someone else would- but Rene with actual wings sounds- fitting. His smile vanishes when Bean brings up the option of cutting all his hair off. He slaps his palms down on the back of the couch, and stands, though the effect is not as good as it would be with someone …taller.

"Vous n'tes pas srieux! You can't possibly! You just need a trim… and perhaps a couple of pins… hold spray…" Rene kneads a knuckle on his own chin, looking thoughtful. "Okay, well- I do not know what to do with curly hair, I have little experience."

That cheesy smile and comment earn Julian only a roll of his professor's eyes. Tapping her wrist against the aforementioned Magic Box, Siobhan grips her tiny willow wand and twists it, tapping the green cloth with the tip and then making small circles in the air until the fabric seems to be a much more reasonable fit for Bean. "Try it now?" She can make some minute adjustments, if need be, but it'll be easier to see this way. "As for hair - " She eyes Rene and taps one of her own braids to echo his point, then winces at the French. "Really, must you?" It's not her classroom and so she can't actually do anything about it and so there's just this little touch of a whine in her voice. "I can do some wonders with hair and I'm a fair hand at human transfiguration…" Which is what her wings for tonight are. "But I dunno if I'm supposed to transfigure students or not." She vaguely remembers something about that being a definite 'no-no'.

Julian was raised on the street, so when someone says, "get changed," he doesn't see much wrong in pulling his long robe off right there in front of her. It's not int he middle of class, after all. T-shirt and pants. That's it underneath. He pulls the green cloth over his head, sighing happily. "Much better, Siobhan." He uses her name cheekily, since she says she's not 'Professor' right now. "I think it's almost perfect.” He gestures to where the arms and legs are just a little too long for his short limbs. "Maybe tuck it in a little?"

Bean shrugs unworriedly at Rene's outburst. "It's so much easier to take care of short, and, besides, it always grows right back, curls and all." When he was younger, it used to annoy him, because it made him look so distinctive. He got into the habit of keeping it pretty short. The idea of hairspray in his hair makes him grimace, though. "That stuff is weird. Maybe some sort of goop?" He looks hopefully back toward the Woman with the Kit.

"Why do you hate my native tongue so?" Rene sighs through his nose and shakes his head in an exaggerated motion. Anyway. He sidles around to sit himself on the edge of the sofa. "I thought that you would say that. I know of a spell that will sprout me a little pair- if I mess it up, it is a teacher's duty to help me fix it, correct?" They can't fault her if he needs some help. "I just need some small ones, I do not wish to be flying my way into the rafters."

"Maybe I just …like your hair." Rene fumbles his straw-grasping efforts, coming to the conclusion that Bean is not only right, but that he is letting his attachment to his own hair get involved. Wizards can be vain, if they want to be. It happens.

Siobhan sighs heavily and turns to Rene with a baleful look. "Conas a bheadh ​​sé an-mhaith leat má labhair mé an teanga nach bhfuil a fhios agat ni?" It's not her father's tongue, but her mother's. That, however, seems to be her only answer about the French. Another twist of her wand and a tap to the noted hems and Siobhan watches in satisfaction as the arms and legs shrink up. They're still a little long, but she figures that's better than being too short, all things considered. "What do you want your hair to do, Bean? You might not need either one." Not a fan of heavy products whenever they can be avoided - likely a side-effect of growing up with her mother - Siobhan wrinkles her nose at even the idea of 'goop'. Rene's loophole, however, delights her. Her whole face lights up and she favors the little blond boy with one of her most dazzling smiles. "Exactly so, Rene!"

Rene's face quirks into an 'ooo' in no time, regardless of his not being able to understand. "Was that one of the isle languages? I know some Irish words, but only because they are names of things. They're in a song."

He rubs his palms together, then, looking very proud of himself. "Should we try it now, or later? Oh, I wonder what color they'll be… do you think it will take mine into account?" Not his wings, he doesn't have any- judging by the way he is running his fingers through the hair in front of one shoulder, that may give it more context. For being a boy, Rene can be a real girl sometimes. It isn't his fault. Really.

Siobhan watches Bean dig through her Big Box of Stuff(tm) - actually a fair bit bigger on the inside, thus the weight - with a fond sort of smile. "Careful you don't fall in!" she chides him jokingly. With him occupied, Sio turns the full weight of her attention on Rene. "Transfiguration usually copies the color of the thing you're changing. It's a lot harder to turn a pair of blue cotton pyjamas into a red silk chair, for instance." She doesn't exactly know why, except that it somehow makes sense that it'd be easier to change just the shape or just the color instead of trying to go for both at once. "Have you lot done human transfigurations, yet?" The thought only just now seems to occur to her, but since it has, she eyes the young blond skeptically. "Because if you don't know at least most of what you're doing, you could really hurt yourself…" And that lower lip is pulled between her teeth, again; Siobhan is torn.

Julian rifles through the box, looking for something that might make his costume just… work. However, he turns when he finally realizes Siobhan's asked him a question. "Mainly, I want it to stop bothering me. It tickles my ears." He shakes his head, then shivers slightly as the curls seem to lightly brush his ears. "Just feels weird. Even just pulling it back might work?" He holds up a small, green ponytail holder thing. "What do you think, Frenchie?"

"I don't think we actually start it until much later-" Rene leaves out how much later- sixth year, usually- human transfiguration is NEWT level, mostly. "-but I have read books on it! And about animagi. And I'd only be doing part of it." He rubs at his cheek a moment, looking her over. "If you'd rather I not, though…" He sounds disappointed at this idea. "I had a backup plan too. I have fake ones, maybe you can help me charm them on? I just have always wanted my own, I can't help it."
"I think you just need a trim, that is what I think." Rene makes a terribly feline face, brandishing his wand up from at his side.

Siobhan turns to the problem presented by Julian, first. Tapping the tip of her wand against the corner of her mouth, she is finally struck by inspiration. "Since you're my Puck tonight, I think I have just the thing." With a few practiced flicks of her wand, several mumbled words and a couple designs traced in the air over his head, Bean is left with what at it's most basic could be considered a 'spec-ops mohawk'; the very short wide stripe of hair down the middle of an even closer-shaved head. Tooled into the close-cropped hair on the sides of his head are what look like vines and branches, leaving a mossy tinge around his temples and just the very tips of the 'hawk' frosted with silver.

"There!" Siobhan beams with pride and grabs a mirror from her box to hand over to the youngling. "Whatcha think? Feel like giving anyone a donkey's head yet?" It's a light tease, but it does include a poked out tongue. When it comes to questions about human transfiguration, Siobhan sighs. "No, no. Come here, Frenchie." She bounces on the balls of her feet, apparently full of restless energy. "I'm good at actual transfiguration - so long as it's not one of those rituals - but I don't trust myself with charms." Well, except the 'girly' ones she learned off her mum. "I'll need your shoulderblades bare for this, though." Not to mention concentration.

Julian looks into the mirror, and grins widely. "Lord, what fools…" He reaches up to grasp toward her outstretched tongue, not really intending to try to grab it, more to make a point. "I really like it, Siobhan." He nods. "Yeah, it's like sixth form." What? He hears things, alright? He glances down at his sleeves which are still a little longer than they're intended. "They might actually work this way." He slides them down his hands a bit, making a hose shape. "Woooo…. Spoooky." He's a very silly boy.

"Puuuck?" Rene whispers to himself, watching the hair transformation with a certain amount of uncertainty. "Nice." Finally comes his verdict. It matters, okay? He has to be seen near it! He turns his eyes up to Siobhan now, smirking. It was either get her to cave, or try it himself- and he actually was not as sure as he sounded about it. Thankfully, Sio is still Sio, and doesn't want him transfiguring his bones hollow on accident.

"Right here, then?" It is nothing doing, but he still voices his usual bit of bashfulness. Rene shrugs off his school robes to reveal breeches and a sage green tank- incidentally, with perfect space for transfiguring one's shoulder blades. Incidentally.
"Have at me, professor. Or I promise I shall do it myself." And he would try. Mark his words. Rene pulls his hair out of the way as he speaks. He's not skinny, per se, under all those robes- lean under the skin, from working at home. "'Expansis Alis'. To be sure. It is a straightforward motion."

There is some truly delicious irony in the woman who manipulated both Voldemort and Dumbledore into her plans allowing herself to be, in turn, manipulated by children. She gives Rene a sharp look, as if to communicate that she's onto his wily ways, even if she does feel like complying with them. "If anyone asks, I didn't do it." A little because she doesn't want the headache of being told off for it, but mostly because she's fairly sure that a specific Head of House would never let her live it down - and he's got enough ammunition thankyouverymuch.

Neatly dodging Julian's half-hearted grasp for her tongue, Sio giggles at his silliness. "Absolutely terrifying, Mister Legume. I'll be well protected, tonight." Making an exaggerated motion of rolling up sleeves that aren't there, Sio pulls a face at Rene and rolls her eyes. "That spell would dislocate both your shoulderblades. So, unless you want to spend the rest of the evening in the Hospital Wing, I'd suggest you hush and let me concentrate."

Adjusting her stance, she rolls both shoulders and shifts her grip on her wand. Letting it be the focus, she finds it going in small, slow figure-eights almost without prompting. A slow stream of Latin is muttered and the skin over Rene's shoulderblades starts to bubble and shift. Some instinct prompts Siobhan to reach into her core and nudge an extra thread of gold into the natural path down her wand arm. The extra boost of power makes the rest of the spell … almost too easy. Two white-feathered wings grow smoothly from Rene's shoulderblades. They're not big enough to fly with - especially without hollow bones - but he'll be able to move them at will.

Staring at them as if a little shocked by her own spellwork, Siobhan blinks twice and shakes herself. "Um. Come find me at the end if it hasn't worn off and I'll reverse it." Flopping back to sprawl on one of the couches, she continues to stare - thrown by the simplicity of a spell she was sure was going to be a pain to cast.

"I'll protect ye with my very life, milady." Julian dances, slowly stepping further into the role of his costume. "Oooh, that's beautiful. I think I'll stick to my green cotton ones, though," he admits. "They seem to work much better for my costume." His expression turns half-envious, half-surprised. "You know who Puck is, right, Frenchy?"

It takes absolutely all of Rene's willpower to quell childish glee and not turn around. But he does it, somehow. When the spell takes root, he winces, feeling the shift of the growth under his skin and overtop of his muscle. It's an odd sensation, but one that he finds strangely alluring. He won't be telling the caster that, at least for now. Probably later. When the wings sprout up, he can feel their shadows behind his head, flapping open like from a cocoon, stretching upwards and outwards, and folding back again. The feathers go from soft white to a buttery white, quite matching the rest.

"If anyone asks, I'll tell them someone pranked me, and I am simply- taking advantage." Rene can barely contain himself, however, and stands up from his perch to try and look behind him- spinning twice in the process- before he gently takes up Sio's mirror and wills them to stretch out again so he can peer behind his shoulders. "Ohhhh- they are beautiful. What lovely feathers I have. Thank you, Siobhan."

His moment of graciousness turns into a slight fluffing of wings when he looks at Bean again. "A puck is a trickster nature spirit." In other words- not the capital-P Puck.

Julian's decision to stick with the cotton ones is a bit of a mixed blessing for Sio. Part of her kind of wants to try that again, to see if it was just a fluke or if it will bear up under repetition. Best, however, to do so on herself later, rather than on another student, all things considered. So it is, then, that she gives him a mild look of relief and tucks her legs up underneath her on the couch, leaning one elbow on the arm and giggling softly at Rene's antics. "You're very welcome," is her succinct reply. "Not a puck. The Puck." She gives Bean a fond 'big sister' kind of look and grins wider. "My faithful messenger."

Julian executes a flourish-bow. "Thou speak'st aright; I am that merry wanderer of the night." He giggles again. "Shakespeare, D'Allemange. Shakespeare. I got to read a lot this summer. I was allowed to spend whole days in the library. It was great!" He bounces again, and offers another quote. "Either I mistake your shape and making quite, Or else you are that shrewd and knavish sprite Call'd Robin Goodfellow: are not you he That frights the maidens of the villagery…" He gestures to the big white wings. "They are pretty brill, yeah." He tilts his head. "Kinda feels weird not havin' my hair tickle so much. It's nice."

"You will have to introduce me sometime." His stepmother may be muggleborn, but even she isn't going to show him every single thing to do with them. That said, he is only interested in muggle culture when it suits him. He watches his wings open again, the knit in his brow showing the moment where he seems to be making them shift. "I like these. I wish I could keep them. If I studied animagi, do you think I'd be a bird?" Rene reaches to the floor to touch his toes, the wings hovering out as if to catch an updraft.

"I'm glad I won't have to put on my robes again! That would be a task, wouldn't it?"

Siobhan giggles again, joining in the fun with a response. "Sing me now asleep; then to your offices and let me rest." It's all in fun, but for a moment she does look tired, even as she shifts again - restless. "How goes that list, Rene?" One brow lifts and she gives the young snake a Significant Look. He'll know the List she means. She casts a muttered Tempus and frowns at the time. "Those girls had better hurry up or I'll have to leave them to their own devices…"

"No, Frenchy, I bet you'd be a snidget or an Abraxan." Bean snickers loudly. He notices the restlessness, but doesn't mention it. His gaze is assessing, as though he might be able to place why she's so jumpy. He can't. Yet. Give him time. "Girls are silly at this age." He's one to talk, but it's true. "They travel around in groups like pigeons flocking to the fair when it's in town." Pigeons again. "You have to get ready yourself, don't you, Siobhan?" He screeches something softly in Mermish.

Bean's screeches can be easily translated as something along the lines of, 'Though I know it won't take you that long at all to prepare.' The literal translation is something about being ready in the time it takes to carry a shell on a wave.

"It's going- not swimmingly, but, considering-" His words drift off, and he mumbles. "I'll get back to you on that when I can form better words." Rene folds his wings against his back, before he moves to pick up his robes and sweater. "Thank you again. I owe you a spell, okay? Or a pony ride, whichever comes around first, I think." He nods at Bean, as an aside.

"He's right. I tried to ask a Ravenclaw girl about our charms work, and she would not stop tittering. Like a squirrel. Then her friends started doing it, too."

SIobhan rolls her eyes. "Girls are weird no matter what age we are, mate." She is unashamed of this fact. "One day I'll introduce you to my Mum. You'll understand, then." Somehow she manages to make that sound like both a threat and a promise. The promise of a Pony Ride has Sio going just a bit glazed 'round the eyeballs. "I'll take you up on the ride, for sure." PONIES. "Just make sure I have it by the end of next week, yeah? That way I have time to make arrangements." She looks from Rene to Bean and back again, asking without words if he'd managed to pass the information along. "Yeah, I do. And getting into that dress is going to be fun." She says it like it'll be anything but. "I don't know how Muggles manage anything without magic, I really don't. There's no way I could lace that thing up without a spell. I mean, I'm flexible and all, but not that much."

She snickers and stretches, screeching a soft Mermish reply of her own before looking up at the sound of her name. "Oh, there you are, Amy. About time," she teases her younger friend. "Get 'em all rounded up in the seventh-year dorm. It's biggest." Pushing herself to stand, she bounces on the balls of her feet and sweeps a gaze over the two boys. "Rene, I'll see you at the dance. Bean, I'll meet you out here." So they can go in together. Siobhan has discovered that she enjoys a bit of dramatics.

It's an easy translation back to 'Not usually, but I want to get the look just right, tonight'. She pauses and tacks on a softer, hissing creel. 'Just in case a certain Auror ends up on guard duty'. She might be just a little bitter about the way things ended, even acknowledging her own part in them.

"Winnie wasn't that weird. But …." But Bean was three. Nobody was 'weird' back then, not even the guy on the corner who would spout random stuff every few minutes and swig his bottle of booze the rest of the time. "I'm sure you'll look brilliant, Professor." He grins, though there is a hint of sadness in his eyes now that he's thought about his first friend. "Go, go off and get decorated." He giggles. "I'll be here." He wiggles his shoulders, making his own wings flutter a little. It's enough for the costume.

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