1995-02-17: Will Miracles Never Cease


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Scene Title Will Miracles Never Cease?
Synopsis Part 2 - Harry and Perpetua's bodies are returned to the castle where, a sudden surprise takes them all by surprise.
Location Great Hall - Hogwarts
Date Feb 17, 1995
Logger Harry

As the evening of a Hogsmeade weekend, the Great Hall is often less crowded than most other times, with more student electing to take on some of the other food fare from the village instead of being here for mealtimes. Such is the case tonight. While there tables are still lined with plates and food galore, it's not nearly as packed as it is on school nights. Still a fair amount though.

Without any fanfare or much to-do, the doors to the Great Hall bursts open, revealing a shakey, white-faced Sirius Black carrying the body of Harry Potter. Somehow, he's still got a hand on his wand, not daring to put it away yet. It's dinner-time, he doesn't want to freak anyone out further, but he's pretty well shattered himself at the moment. He didn't even think to send his patronus ahead to Dumbledore, or go straight to the hospital wing where there's less of a chance of creating a panic. Most likely behind him are some of the students who were straggling down in Hogsmeade. Delaying the inevitable return to the castle.

Once the doors have been burst open, Sirius's stride resumes as he takes the center aisle. As if Harry weighed nothing, he moves swiftly towards the high table, not trusting himself to speak.

Luna had avoided Hogsmeade weekend this week, and it seems that it was very lucky of her to do so. There were rumours, of course, of trouble happening outside the school, but it didn't seem enough to concern Miss Lovegood. Looking up from a meal towards Sirius as he bursts into the hall, Luna pauses, a roll in her hand. "Who is that?" she asks no one in particular, glancing down to the boy that Sirius was carrying.

Ginny has been walking so close to Sirius that occasionally she'd step on the heel of his shoe and stumble slightly. She hasn't lost pace with him for a moment, despite the man's longer legs. Her eyes are wild, her face white, her robes a tangle. There's a smear of dirt on one cheek, and she clutches her wand in one hand. Apparently it hasn't occured to her that it's safe to put it away.

As a first-year, Jax can't go get food from Hogsmeade. So, he is sitting at the sparsely-populated Hufflepuff table, nibbling on some potatoes when Sirius bursts in with Harry's body. His eyes widen huge, and instinctively he lifts his right hand to make the sign of the cross. "Is that — he's just asleep, right?" he whispers worriedly to another student from his house, but he doesn't sound too hopeful as he looks at Ginny's and Sirius's faces.

In line with the rest of the somber parade, there is a face unknown to Hogwarts in general - at least, unknown to all of Hogwarts that is currently present. Pale features set into grim lines, a dark-haired woman whose beauty can be described only as eerie follows Sirius Black into the Great Hall. Clutched in her arms is the body of young Perpetua Torrington. The child looks as if she may only be sleeping, head resting aginst Tiana's neck while her body is supported like a babe's by the woman's arms. There is a firm set to her jaw, but every now and again she looks down almost tenderly at the girl's face. When she turns to face the Headmaster and his table, her pale blue eyes are filled with pain.

David has finished his duties in Hogsmeade, and making sure those who need it are being tended to. He moves in shortly behind the group. He is looking worried and perhaps a bit nervous being here, but the Auror felt he had to with having fought and done his best to protect the children. He doesn't speak but looks to the others who have moved in the grim line on the way back. He moves forward now as well

Amber had been simply enjoying the day in, instead of going to Hogsmeade with her peers. She's got a lot going on lately, between studying for her classes and keeping up on the latest Quidditch moves and gossip. General teenage things. That's when the door breaks open, and Sirius Black arrives with someone in his arms. Her first reaction? Holy CRAP, he's here to kill them all! After all, he's been in the news since she started going to Hogwarts, and he's always been a Bad Guy.

She scoots down the table until she's near Jax. "Tha's Sirius Black, she says, despite the fact that the question is not directed to the convicted - and now pardoned - murderer. She's about to say more, when her eyes turn toward Tiana, and she sees…

"Oh god. Oh…" Standing from her seat, nearly tripping on her own feet, she runs for the pale woman. "Perpetua!!"

Angelina is toward the back of the pack of returning students, ushering the ones remaining toward the castle. In one hand, she clutches her wand, still having not put it away yet, holding it so tight her knuckles have long since gone white. On the other, a younger student from her house who is terrified and a ghostly pale. She doesn't speak, but rather stands there in the center aisle with the kids, waiting on instructions, just inside the door.

Brian was the last through the doors, still supporting Siobhan. He looked about as grim as Sirius did, as well as seriously pissed. He still had a deathgrip on his wand, too.

Melissa just came down from a nap up in the dorms, and still looks a bit tired and frizzy-haired as she comes in after the Hogsmeade visitors. It takes her quite a while to realize what exactly is going on. She'd seen some flashes out the window but just thought they were some student pranks… "What… what happened out there?" she asks one of the older students. "Is that…" She looks at the lead man with increased shock. "Is that Sirius Black and… and Harry?" She pushes up her glasses as if not believing what she's seeing.

As soon as Sirius bursts into the Great Hall, Dumbledore is on ihs feet, hurrying around the staff table to meet the animagus halfway, his face paling as he recognizes Harry's body in Sirius' arms. The other children with the man are noted one by one, but his primary concern is Harry. "What happened?" For the moment, he's not too worried about what others will overhear. And then he spies Tiana and… Dumbledore pauses, his blue eyes watering as he looks at Perpetua sorrowfully. Everyone knows he's old, but for once, he actually /looks/ it.

If he's causing a stir just by his presence alone, Sirius could care less. He's oblivious to pretty much everything save for the teen in his arms and Dumbledore. "Ambushed, in Hogsmeade," he finally says for the Headmaster's ears, but he can probably be heard by those closest. He sounds grief-stricken, and about to go further 'round the twist. "Bellatrix and Greyback, they had a few others with them, but they weren't identifiable.. they had Harry and that poor student there.." He indicates Perpetua in Tiana's arms. "No Dark Mark, it was.. as if they were making a delivery and a message more than anything."

Luna blinks again, glancing about as if taking stock of the murmurings. "Stubby Boardman wouldn't hurt a fly, really." she also tells no one in particular, bringing the roll to her lips and taking a bite from it, glancing amongst the members of the procession. Luna blinks, and moves to stand up as she takes note of Ginny, mouth still half-full of roll. They were going straight to Dumbledore, though, and if he couldn't help her, who could? So Luna hesitantly sets herself back down, and sets her roll to one side in thought, the faraway look in her eyes growing a bit more distinct.

"Well, I know who /Sirius/ is but is that —" Jax's words cut off when Amber stands. His eyes widen further as he sees the Hufflepuff girl in Tiana's arms. He pales, and drops his fork; it clatters to his plate noisily. "Oh," he says in a small voice. His gaze skitters to Dumbledore, worried.

It takes Ginny a few moments to realize they're in the Great Hall, and then a few moments more to spot Dumbledore. When her brain finally processes his presence, she speaks. "Professor - he's.. alright? Harry is? Harry's just fine?" Each sentence comes out as a question, her voice raising at the end. Brown eyes focus on Dumbledore's face as she comes to stand at Sirius's side.

David glances around at the many looks the line of people is getting it's no wonder why it's happening. His robes are ripped and torn in many placed and he is cut and bruised but not worrying about that as much as what is going to happen next. The headmasters flight to meet them brings a halt to his movement as he gives him room, nodding to Sirius's words. "They got away, couldn't stop them. Had to watch the students." he gulps out knowing it doesn't make a real difference.

Tiana at first says nothing, listening to Sirius' summation before adding her own. "One Death Eater is dead, as well as one of the townspeople." She neglects to mention that both occured by her wand. "The werewolf and the crazy woman got away, as did the others." Oh but Fenrir won't be free forever. Tiana has a Hunt to commence.

Siobhan, carried in by one of her classmates, curls tighter into his chest at the sudden influx of voices. This is not where she wants to be right now, not at all, but in her current condition she has no choice. Several sobs wrack her chest before she settles, the jerking motions just too painful in her current state. There is blood staining the skin around her mouth and traces of vomit on her robes.

No, no no no. Perpetua was one of the people she actually knew and liked. Well, Amber knows and likes a lot of people, that's just how she rolls, but with a little time, they might have even been really close friends. She's in the same House, after all, and…

She doesn't even really notice Tiana. Her mind processes the fact that there's a person there, holding the body, but who is completely lost on Amber, as she reaches for her Housemate's arm… and draws her fingers back as if they're burned. "Sh— she's cold," the Hufflepuff says intelligently, unable to process that just yet. There are no tears, just confusion. "But how— how'd she…?" And somewhere in all that, Amber manages to get out, "Is she okay?"

Melissa nods after Ginny. "Yeah… I mean, he has to be… He's… well, he's Harry…" she says, before she closes her eyes and rushes to her house table, not wanting to be any closer.

Danny stares wide-eyed and open mouthed, twisting about in his seat to one side and then quickly around to the other so his eyes can follow the grim procession. He would be joining in the hushed whispers and the immediate begetting of the rumour mill if he weren't so shocked. When he turns to look at Dumbledore, hoping for some sort of confidence or a plan, all he sees is an old man with tears in his eyes. His own face pales and bites his bottom lip, craning his neck to look at the dead and wounded but not willing to climb out of his seat. Especially since that's … is that Sirius Black?

It doesn't take long at all before the House Ghosts are flitting in and about, whispering as madly as students. The Fat Friar lets out a gasp then a sob while Sir Headless Nick attempts to bow his head in a somber manner. "D.. dead! One of my house!" The Fat Friar is considerably choked and none too quiet about his observation while Nick maintains a dignified stance.

Brian's attention gets drawn from the adults back to Sio. "Easy, easy." He muttered. Then, a bit more loudly. "We need to get to the hospital wing. We got injured." Like Siobhan. Like, please god LET him be injured and not dead, Harry. Not that he had been much help with Sio's condition. He'd been so focused on getting to the castle and watching their butts he'd actually dropped her before he'd thought to do a featherlight charm so he could carry her.

Angelina motions some of those with her to sit on the end of the benches nearest. She doesn't release them to all run back to their friends, just yet, as she knows they will likely all be making a visit to the Hospital Wing, and the will all have to be talked to. She herself remains still and waits.

"Teachers, please get the students to their common rooms for now," Dumbledore orders curtly. "Prefects, you will assist the teachers in this. Sirius, let's get them to the hospital wing. Everyone, please give us some space," he adds, still kindly despite the goggling, but there needs to be order. "Everyone who is injured or pretending not to be injured, now is not the time for bravery. Report to the hospital wing if you're ambulatory, and if you need assistance to get there, ask. There is no shame in asking." And he begins ushering the mass of wounded out of the great hall.

As the order is given to evacuate the Great Hall, there is a little hesitation from the teachers, and even the prefects. There's two potentially dead students, it's only natural that people are going to rubberneck and stall. And that's just what happens. People don't tend to start moving right away, instead, they start chattering amongst themselves about the order to clear out. It must be bad.

Sirius was about to clear off a patch of the Gryffindor table to lay Harry upon it, but at Dumbledore's instruction? There's no questioning of the elder wizard. The animagus is quick to follow after Dumbledore, still mindless of Harry's weight. Now it seems to occur to him in some dim recess that he should have gone straight to Pomfrey.. despite as cold as Harry is to touch, and the other student as well. He's trying to not think too much on that, torn between grief and a rather nasty rage that's simmering within.

Luna, for her part, didn't quite look bothered, even as the rumors of dead students reach her. Pursing her lips some, she sets the roll aside, and collects but a single scoop of chocolate pudding in a convenient saucer, slipping out of her bench seat - only to be caught in the traffic of students either not moving, or trying to move out of there. Dipping her index finger into the saucer of pudding, she brings then then to her lips, glancing idly about the crowd of students for someone she knows. And with her being a bit short, and most everyone standing up, that's become a bit difficult.

Almost as suddenly as his godfather turns to follow the Headmaster's orders, Harry's body lurches so much it starts to slide off Sirius' shoulder. *cough* *hack* *wheeze* Is the boy actually alive? Or just involuntary after death reactions. "S…Si…Sirius." is the only word that is barely whispered and easily heard as close as he is to the man.

Jax is one of the many students who doesn't quite clear out at the order. He half-stands, but his gaze is fixed on the bodies of the two students. "If they're making everyone leave it must be — something really — I mean — who would've hurt two students?" Hurt. Not dead. They can't /really/ be dead, can they? And then Harry is stirring, and Jax stretches up onto his toes, trying to see better. He looks at Perpetua hopefully. "See?" he whispers to another first-year. "He's moving. That means they're okay, right? They're gonna be okay?"

Siobhan has been dropped. This was, in fact, a novel experience for the young blonde, and one she is not so eager to repeat. Therefore, the order to clear out to the Hospital Wing is met with sheer relief. Finally, an end to this cycle of pain and nausea and heartache.

For her part, Tiana turns to Amber as she touches Perpetua's arm, jerking back and…baring her teeth a little. Seems someone has grown protective. Just a little. Despite this, she seems prepared to wait until the room has cleared and she can receive her instructions. Odd that Perpetua's weight doesn't seem to bother her at all. Did anyone see her cast a Featherlight? And then… And then Harry suddenly starts coughing and hacking and wheezing. Startled, Tiana takes several steps back and stares wide-eyed at the miracle boy. "Sweet Circe, the boy is zombie…" she breathes, the words colored by her heavy Slavic accent in a manner that would be highly entertaining were the situation a different one. This is what happens when you live for so long with only Muggle entertainment.

Television rots your brains, children.

Sirius damn near drops Harry as the teen lurches in his arms, but miraculously, he does not. "Harry!" he says hoarsely, staring down in a stunned and quite bewildered manner. The way the animagus is looking at Harry, it was more than a simple scrape or being knocked unconscious. He doesn't move to set Harry on his feet, oh no. "No he's not!," Sirius barks over at Tiana, but there's a manic sort of relief now to his voice. "You're alive," he breathes, only loud enough for those closest to hear. His grip becomes a little tighter around Harry, and he's still white in the face. The fright hasn't passed.

Ginny is close enough to hear Sirius's exhalation - he's alive? He's alive! Ginny rushes closer - this is not the time to worry about impeding on someone's personal space - and tries to get a proper look at Harry. Is his chest rising and falling? Are his eyes moving under his eyelids? "Sirius!" Ginny hisses, her hand reaching out to encircle the man's arm like a vice.

But she doesn't want to go. There's still no crying from Amber, just that look of confusion, like she can't believe that Perpetua is really dead.

Distracted by the sudden re-awakening of Harry, Amber look in that direction, hope in her features. Okay, okay, so now…

She gives Perpetua's arm a shake. If Harry's going to wake up, then her Housemate will, too, right? For a moment, she feels bad, thinking more about this girl than the Boy who Lived, but she never really did talk to Harry. "C'mon, Pet, wake up now, aye? Joke's over…" She won't be herded from the hall until she's sure everything's okay.

The Auror gives the headmaster a nod looking around the hall for any who might need help. "Come along to the hospital wing." David says motioning a few forward. "Head on up." he says calmly knowing that his worry wont help anything at the moment. He begins to move along as well towards the door. The odd motions from Sirius and those closes gain his attention.

Angelina looks over the group of young ones with her. She motions for a few of them to go with the other prefects — Scared, but not hurt — and then motions those that remain to follow the train upward toward the Hospital Wing.

Ok, so some of the teachers and prefects have finally regained their senses. Professors Sprout and Flitwick began making motions towards their respective students, while Prefects from Gryffindor (in the absence of Professor McGonagall) and Slytherin (in the absence of Professor Snape) do the same for their housemates. Probably won't be easy getting them out, but it's a start.

"Miss Matthews, she's gone," Dumbledore says gently as he tries to play traffic cop as well as headmaster at the same time. It's a hard thing for him, even as Siobhan is dropped, and he steps forward to scoop the Slytherin up, his blue eyes questing and then a split second of gladness when Harry hacks up half a lung. Still… Miss Torrington. "Let's get the children to Madame Pomfrey quickly," he suggests to the Aurors. He notes the absence of certain teachers but remains silent on that matter.

Hospital wing. Sounds like a plan to Brian. But then Harry's twitching and gasping and Brian lets out a quiet 'oh, thank god' that probably only Siobhan can hear. He shifts his grip on Sio a bit, turning towards the door. Hospital wing. Hospital wing is good. And Brian has a one-track-mind at the moment.

Danny is doing his job, although he seems to be a little more interested in finding Hermione and making sure everything is alright (her best friend is a zombie, after all) than herding people out of the Great Hall. He does make an effort, though, waving his arms and calling out distractedly, "C'mon. C'mon. Back to the Tower."

Melissa is one of the first to get up from her table. She's about to head straight for the common room even ahead of Professor Flitwick before she sees Harry get up. "Ah… he's alive! That's great news…" she says, before lining up behind the other Ravenclaws. "Now I guess we'll find out where he's been this whole time…"

Sirius is oblivious to Ginny squeezing at his arm. He's actually stopped in his progression behind the headmaster to take in the fact that Harry is /not/ dead. "Right.. Of course Dumbledore.." There's an absentmindedness to his tone as he answers the headmaster. "Hang in there Harry, we'll have you resting in Madam Pomfrey's care momentarily," he says down to Harry, still fine with Ginny hanging on, if she's still clinging. "Miss Weasley, right? Come on then," he says, addressing her.

Ginny nods vigorously at Sirius, her hair flying to and fro. "Right. That's me." It occurs to her that it might be proper to let go of Sirius and just walk beside him, but proper has been thrown out the window, now. She clings to his arm like a lifeline, her other hand still clutching her wand, and turns to follow him up to the Hospital Wing.

About as equally white as his godfather, Harry is indeed very much alive. A little parched, but alive. "Dumbl…..Dumbldore…" he eeks out, his voice scratchy as he start reach up to Sirius. "he…needs to know…." It's taking almost every ounce of strength that the young man has just to get the words out. But when the next string comes along, he manages to make them slightly louder, if scratchier. "Voldemort….h….he's back." And yes, that would loud enough for anyone nearby to hear.

And Dumbledore is moving! This would not be a problem, except that no one has yet told her what to do with Perpetua. Nor has there been any place marked with sign 'place body here'. Even if there was, it is doubtful that Tiana would have left her anywhere. From the fierce look she gives Amber - poor Amber, the one kid with reason to fear her now - and the secure grip she has on Perpetua's body, it would appear that Tiana is in Full Mother Grizzly Mode. Or something. But… "No…" Tiana jerks her head around to face Harry. "The Dark Lord returns…" And suddenly, this entire situation just got ten times worse. Faced with only one option for the moment, she begins side-stepping students so that she can follow the Headmaster.

Jax is finally getting up properly to be herded out with the rest of the Hufflepuffs at the table, but that sentence from Harry freezes him in place, face paling. There is a swell of whispers among the other first-years. "/Voldemort/? Were they attacked by /V— you know who?" Jax whispers, hesitating on the name the second time when a boy beside him looks at him in alarm.

David nods to the head master and begins moving those in shock or needing to forward a bit towards the door careful to do so gently. "Come to the hospital wing, get you something for shock." though he looks like he'd have said more the words of Harry reach his ear, "Back, he's back?" his eyes widen and a million things go through his head but he looks to Dumbledore for a reaction it is clear he respects him.

As the Dark Lord's name is mentioned by young Mister Potter, a majority of the students gasp, and go silently. The professors present look worriedly among themselves. It's not long though before whispers start up about what it all means.

Amber hasn't ever known Perpetua to be a practical joker. When she hears those words from the Headmaster, she bites her lip, silently taking a step backward and away from the dead girl. Her fingers remain in contaft with Perpetua's cold arm until she's too far away to reach. It's not quite acceptance, but her feet continue to shuffle incrementally backward and away from the ghastly sight. The small steps take her closer to those exiting the Hall.

It's the word - that word - that word, the name, that draws her attention away from Perpetua once again. She wasn't raised in the wizarding world, but the very stigma behind the name still makes her shudder, eyes wide. Did You-Know-Who kill her friend?

By the time she looks back, Tiana's already moving off, and Amber, clamping her teeth down on her tongue to distract her from that nagging desire to cry, begins to shuffle off toward her dormitory. There's nothing more she can do here.

There's a hiss of a rather nasty remark by Sirius as Harry speaks again. "I'll tell him. He's right here, Harry," he says reassuringly to his godson. A quick nod is made to Ginny, "Let's move quickly." That's the warning he gives that he tries to pick up the pace and move through the pressing throng of others exiting the Great Hall. "Come with us," he throws over his shoulder at Tiana as she looks lost, and well, she has the other student. It makes sense they all head up to Pomfrey together in a group. The wash of relief is brief in light of this news. In a way, he always knew this day would come, still, it seems all too soon.

Finger dipping again into the saucer of chocolate pudding, Luna comes to an abrupt stop, looking first to Harry - whom she mostly only knew through the Weasleys, up to Stubby. Her features yet remain neutral, however, although her fix was on the features of the much older wizard. Then, with a thoughtful sound, she continues on her way, otherwise ignoring the fuss going on in the Hall.

Brian goes grimfaced at the news, as it gets repeated. Cute. Great. Awesome. NOT. As if he hadn't guessed before now. Hard not to, being a Gryffindor, and getting wind of all the wierd crap that happens within a fifty kilometer radius of Harry. You-know-who's been a fixture of conversation more than once up in the Tower. He keeps heading for the door, getting aggravated with the stragglers clogging the way. "Clear the way, would you?" He snaps at whatever rubbernecking bystanders are closest. "Make a path already."

The third-year that Dumbledore is holding lets out a tiny shriek at the open mention of Voldemort's name, and the old man gets grimmer. "Tell me everything when we get out of this scrum," he says to Sirius, glancing worriedly at Harry, but it's obvious he believes Harry, delirium or no delirium. "I'm here, Harry," he says soothingly. "We'll talk about it in a few minutes." His gaze goes to Sprout and Flitwick, a long and intense expression, and he nods to them, leaving them in charge of the students who will be left behind. Then he nods to Tiana's unspoken query, jerking his chin to indicate that yes, she is indeed welcome to join them.

Danny's mind is racing. On one hand he has a duty to his fellow students here but on the other he has several people he cares about around the Castle whom he seriously wants to check on. His sister. His … girlfriend? Does she count as his girlfriend? It doesn't matter, he needs to find her. Find them both. He ushers some Firsties towards the exit under the hushed and not-so-hushed wails about the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. He looks over towards the Ravenclaw crowd, spotting a familiar face in Luna Lovegood, "Luna? Have you seen my sister … Matilda Willen?"

"Yes sir," Sirius says to Dumbledore, as if he were a student again under the headmaster's charge. Harry in his arms, Ginny clinging to one, he hastens his steps best he can, not planning on stopping until he's up in the hospital wing.

There's a momentary smile, almost serene if you will, on Harry's face as he not only hears Sirius' words but Dumbledore's as well. Having used everything he had to get the news out, the teen goes visibly slack though it's evident that he's still breathing. Poor exhausted bloke.

It's like a grand parade, isn't it? Only, not so grand. Angelina follows with the younger students that need to go to the Hospital Wing, ushering them along. She finally does put away her wand, at least. The murmurs all around her..the name. So it was true. He was right. Angie says nothing.

Ginny pales considerably, something that she wasn't sure was possible. All the blood drains from her face, and she starts to feel a little lightheaded. It's only Sirius that keeps her upright, and she keeps up with him as they walk to the Hospital Wing. She's shaking noticably.

David doesn't even move to ask but as Dumbledore seems not to be denying it for now he wishes to know more, he isn't sure what to believe right now but is not so close minded as to let fear cloud his judgement in such times. He moves along towards the doors planning unless he is stopped to continue to follow along.

Tiana catches both Sirius' invitation and Dumbledore's acknowledgment. These fuel her steps, and soon she has caught up to both men, carrying her not-so-happy burden. If this is a grand parade, it is also a macabre one.

Siobhan does her best to twist her hand into the front of Brian's robes, praying silently for them to make it to the Hospital Wing before she throws up again.

It's really not nice to vomit on your ride.

Luna turns her eyes towards Danny, immeadiately recognizing the student from her encounter at the lake. And, well, the Yule Ball, to a lesser extent. At least she thought that was him. What was his name again? Oh, of course. "Oh, Dobby, hello." she tells Danny, giving him a little smile as she maneuvers through the crowd towards him. "Oh, Matilda? Yes - she's…" Luna says, lifting a pudding-covered finger up to point over the crowd. A pause, and she peers. "Well, she isn't there anymore, but she was, with a bowl of pudding. Chocolate, I think, which is a lovely flavour, you know. One of my favorites."

Dumbledore either knows some really awesome magic stolen from the Knight Bus (or he invented it), because he slides between the crush of worried students and Aurors and teachers and former criminals to lead the way to the hospital wing. There should be something illegal about how swiftly such a dignified man can move when he's in a hurry. For the moment, his thoughts aren't on the students left behind in the great hall, he's thinking, quite swiftly, about what Harry has revealed and how this affects all his plans. Those nearest to him (Sirius and Tiana) will hear the words, 'too soon' muttered once or twice as he thinks.

"Thanks, Luna," answers Dobby - errr, answers Danny and satisfied that Matilda is alright he sets about looking for Hermione and helping the younger Gryffindors get to their tower.

Luna gives Dobby a vague little smile, and spins on her heels. Following along with the crowd, she finishes her saucer of pudding before she's able to make it to the door, leaving the empty thing upon the end of the Slytherin table. Eventually she gets out, however, and makes it to the tower, as serenely as she's ever been.

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