1995-05-12: Why, This Watch Is Exactly Two Days Slow!


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Scene Title No Wonder You're Late. Why, This Watch Is Exactly Two Days Slow!
Synopsis Rescuings!
Location ?
Date May 12, 1995
Watch For Lupin's fears.
Logger Jax

The Order and miscellenous had gathered in Moody's Office, around the glowing Wrackspurt device. The plan was proposed that they ought to go rescue the children, moving as a force in case the Dark Mark shown earlier had more revelence than anyone first thought. One of the members figured out the incantation to the device, and, tapping their wand against it, with a murmur of 'Wrackspurtis, Revealia!', the green glowing orb inside the hoop of silver that made up the Wrackspurt detector seemed to fill an invisible orb, before, with the sound of exploding glass, energy washed over them… and then they were elsewhere. An inky black void that had substance beneath their feet - although no ground was visible - covered with a rolling green fog. Little flickers of green lightning in the distance sometimes took the shape of vague people, or places, but something else was noticed - the rescuers had been split up by the spell. And around them, colour other than black and green began to flow into the landscape…

It comes as a surprise to Lupin when the energy washes over the group and he appears in a strange…well, he isn't quite sure where he is or what it is. He has never quite experienced anything like it before. And as such, he doesn't know quite what to expect. He pears around at the green fog and slowly withdraws his wand. He can't be too careful, really, in this new and strange place. He doesn't know what's lurking around the next…piece of mist. "Hello?" He calls out. "Anyone there?" Another strange thing, being split from the group. Did this happen to the kids? Were the students split up if and when they got here?

The neverscape holds no answers. The black void starts to fill with colour, the ground springing up into a soft rolling hill, grassy fields that Lupin does not squish underfoot, but simply slide his foot through, appearing beneath his feet. The sky likewise starts to fill with a gorgeous blue colour, the yellow sun appearing - but giving no heat. It was simply the cold feeling of the void, even now. Silence, sheer silence sets itself upon Lupin's senses - the crackling energy that once filled the void draining away. Figures appear, beneath the tree - figures that Lupin would find terribly familiar. Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and James Potter. With a sudden rush of sound, like someone turning on a switch, the sound of the lake, of birds, of the Marauders as they chat amiably with one another, can be heard. James looks up from the group, and waves Lupin over, a smile on his face.

They were much, much younger versions, perhaps schoolaged.

Lupin lets his eyes scope out the place with well trained quickness, it swiftly registers that he is on Hogwarts grounds. What he doesn't understand is why he's seeing the grounds outside. He was just in a green mist…and before that he was in Moody's office at the school. What in the blue blazes of Wizarding white rabbits is going on? And then he sees them…the younger, school aged versions of his best friends. Most particularly from their first year or two of Hogwarts. The gears start kicking in. Could this perhaps be something to do Remembrall? As James waves him over to them, he slowly, cautiously starts to move toward them.

"Hey, Lupin!" calls out Sirius, "Come over here. Me and the lads found something out about you - you haven't been hiding anything from us now, have you?" says Sirius, casting a little laughing grin towards Peter, who returns it. James seemed a little 'off' from what he may have, normally, watching Lupin with a smile on his face, however… there was a coldness in his eyes. And while not immeadiately apparent, a coldness in the eyes of the others, as well.

This is the day…but no, it can't be…Lupin tries to shrug it off, but he can't ignore his gut feeling about this. This is very similar to the day they told him they had found out he was a werewolf…but it can't be, can it? Although, with a remembrall in the works, he can't be certain. He doesn't know the effects of the spells and how the interacted with the remembrall. It's an unusual device after all. "I can't imagine what you're talking about." Lupin says slowly, looking at all three of the younger friends. They all seem strange. They may be smiling, but his plain observation tells him that they're not completely friendly. Their eyes…there's something about their eyes. "What's happening here?" Perhaps there's something intelligent working here?

"Oh, you can't, can you?" says James, perhaps with a touch more bitterness in his tone than Lupin had ever heard. Sirius was smiling widely at that - at least, until the gruff face of the man twists down into a stare right at Lupin. James continues, Peter doing his best to add to the menacing look of the others, "Did you ever plan on telling us you were a bloody werewolf, Remus?" James bites out.

"I remember having this conversation…" Murmurs Lupin. "But you were much less angry about it." Lupin raises an eyebrow, and attempts to go along with it. Try to recall how the exact conversation went. "I don't know what you're talking about. I can see how you may think that…my going a month and all. But I told you, it's to visit my ailing mother."

"Visit your ailing mother?" Sirius says in a lofty and mocking tone. A tone that would normally come out of his cousin, Bellatrix. "You're a filthy animal," the younger Sirius spits out at Lupin. "Full of lies, my mother was right about your kind. Lies, deceit, unable, unfit to be around wizards. You've got no business being at Hogwarts, let alone running free." His grey eyes are cold, narrowed and piercing.

James lifts his chin, hands lifting to take off his glasses, chin squared somewhat. It was obvious he was just as angry as Sirius was. As for Pettigrew? He just had a sly smile on his lips, looking up from between the others towards Lupin.

Lupin takes a deep breath in. This is not how he remembered the conversation going. Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. "I…" He tilts his head ever so slightly. "I don't know what you're getting at…this can't be real. Can it? My friends…they supported me. They…you…didn't care that I was…am what I am." This is confusing! Somehow he keeps in calm demeanour, though he's starting to feel that deep pang of sorrow. He had always been able to count on his friends, that was something he knew he could do. But having this memory distorted…well, he's only human after all. He's heard the hate filled voices before. Oh yes, on plenty on occasion. But it was in part his friends during his Hogwarts years that had given him strength.

The twelve year old Sirius advances on Lupin, circling him like a predator, a sneer on his haughty features. "I think we ought to show him his proper place," he announces, pulling out his wand. "On all fours, collared and caged like the filthy beast he is. You're lower than a dog, you half-breed scum… how /dare/ you call us your friends!" Wand brandished, but doing nothing else with it, Sirius flashes a deepest look of loathing upon Lupin. "I think we ought to finish the job that was started on you. You should have been killed rather than allowed to live!"

With a little 'chh' of assent, James slips his glasses back on, in a clumsy manner that the real James tended to do, and pulled out a wand himself, pointing it over Sirius' shoulder towards Lupin. Peter had the other side of Sirius, but it was James that added to Sirius' words. "You lied to us, Remus! You lied to your friends, and we /trusted/ you!"

Lupin shakes his head. "I'd never wanted to. But I was afraid you react…well, like this." He kneels down before his memory-friends. "I beg that you forgive me. I've lived in fear my whole life. We're friends. Please…give me a second chance." He's calm. He doesn't show of any of the real concern that he's feeling. He has to stay calm, he has to remember why he's here. To save the children, the students. He holds his wands tight, despite not believing this to be completely real.

"Filthy beast.. I bet the werewolf who bit you couldn't stomach much more, that's why you're still walking about," Sirius says, sneering, drawing further strength from James. "Little liar.. that's the only way you're ever going to get friends. Well.. we'll make sure that won't happen. They'll find you dangling upside down next to Snivellus in the entrance hall. You and Snivelly, the most hated students in the school." There's a triumphant look of hatred that contorts the young and handsome face of the boy. "Would you look at this James, Peter? That's it, grovel you dirty animal, beg, plead, it won't do you any good. You may as well chuck yourself into the lake and be done with it."

Peter's snickering was cruel and impish, the boy blurting out, "Beg, animal! Beg!" in mimicry of Sirius, stabbing his wand in the direction of Lupin. James, however, just shakes his head sadly, and disapprovingly, "You'd deserve it. You deserve that and worse, Lupin! We should hang him in front of the school! Maybe during a full moon, so everyone can see the filthy animal he is!"

Lupin closes his eyes for a moment, listening to the jeering. "I'm sorry." He murmurs, slowly opening his eyes once more. "You have no power over me, whoever or whatever you are." This can't be real. He can't see how. Even if history were repeating itself, they'd notice that he looked a whole bunch older, and comment on that, and they most likely support him. If this were the real memory, that is. He quickly flourishes his wand and points it to Sirius, murmuring what is most likely 'Expelliarmus', to disarm him, and hopefully make it strong enough to knock him back before quickly doing the same to James. In his mind, aside from himself Sirius and James were always more talented than Peter. Peter…well, he mostly just followed along. Peter was never the strongest or quickest at spell casting, nor was he by any means the bravest of the bunch despite being in Gryffindor.

Sirius laughs in a cold, harsh manner. It's a mirthless laugh that belongs to the darker members of his family. Not Sirius Black, the only Gryffindor of the lot. The only actual living member of the family bearing the name of Black. "I'm starting to think my parents may have the right idea of it all. Mudbloods and /dogs/ like Lupin here aren't fit to lick our boots." He says nothing to Peter about his sycophantic nature, seeming to revel in it. "I think as soon as I become of age, I'm joining the Dark Lord to help exterminate vermin like Lupin here… sorry? You ought to be sorry, you wretch. Apologize all you like, it changes nothing." At the attempt to disarm, Sirius throws back his head and laughs mirthlessly, "See, you're useless. Even magic is rejecting you. You've no place among wizardkind, or mudbloods." The wand in his hand, it goes nowhere. "Best watch yourself, I might exterminate you first chance I get." With that parting taunt, he fades away into nothingness.

Peter and James just have a stoic, fiercely angry look, Peter turning away first, to walk away into nothingness and fade away. The little scene, such as it was, begins to lose colour as well, fading to a black and white as James gives his head a disapproving shake towards Lupin, before turning, and fading away with a few long strides. All around, the scene starts to fade, like grains of sand blown away by a strong wind, as the blackness of the void, and the green fog starts to accumulate once again.

Just as the scene begins to fade away, there is a flash of white light. That flash of white light contains Miss Angelina Johnson, carrying her school bag. Once the scene is gone, she looks around, and at Lupin. But oddly, she doesn't run at him. In fact, she hangs back. "Professor Lupin?" Her questioning is quiet, reluctant. Expecting another trick.

A second flash of light joins the first, this one with a very small Hufflepuff boy. He has his schoolbag, too, and an extremely frazzled look. He seems more exuberant than Angie, despite being a stranger to the former Professor. "You came! People came for us!" Jax smiles, bright-bright-bright as the light that surrounds him.

That is one fear Lupin had hoped he would never have to actually face, the rejection by his friends. Perhaps that is what scared him the most, that that might happen. Slowly he stands up as the image begins to fade. "I'll have to remember never to help with 'Wrackspurt Detecters' again." He blinks and takes a few steps back in surprise at the flash of white. As his eyes focus once more and he sees Angelina, takes a step forward, but then stops, wondering if this is something similar to what he just saw. "Miss Johnson?" He replies to her. And then the second flash of light, his attention is quickly brought to the boy. "Yes…" He says slowly. That must be the first year that he'd heard about. "Yes, I've come to help, to get you out of here."

When Jackson appears at her side, Angelina reaches out protectively and puts an arm in front of him, trying to step between he and Lupin. "Jackson, wait. It might be another trick. It could still be…I mean..if he .. knew the things he knew, he would have picked Lupin to come after me." Angie is still wary, watching Lupin. But at least she hasn't pulled her wand.

"Lupin?" Jax echoes, putting a name to the face. He fidgets, but stays by Angelina, looking at Lupin uncertainly. "Well, how do we tell? The others didn't want to get us out. They jus' wanted to be mean."

Lupin notices that he still has his own wand out, and is quick to put it away. "'He', Miss Johnson?" He shakes his head, there's time to hear about that later. "I am not trick. I am flesh and blood, and quite worried about you. Both of you, and the others. Are you all okay? Are any of you hurt?" He really does show concern. "There were others that you saw? That were mean to you? I've just had an experience like that myself. There were people, and they were being mean." He says, as if to confirm that he's having the same experience. "Miss Johnson, I taught you last year, Defence Against the Dark Arts. I am currently tutoring you, along with Mister Longbottom, in the arts of Herbology and Charms so that you may pass the exams and take the NEWT level courses in them. Does that assure you that I am who I say I am?"

"You Know Who…" Angie swallows, and her voice trails off. She watches him a moment, then finally reaches into her school bag. She pulls out a book and literally throws it at him. It will either bounce off, or go right through him. That will prove it to her. Until then, she doesn't answer the questions yet. Nope.

"He sent people here at us," Jax finishes instead. "They weren't nice at /all/ an' also He's ugly." He takes a half-step forward from Angelina to peer at Lupin as the book is thrown, his own wand clutched in his left hand.

Lupin shakes his head. "You needn't worry. I am not Lord Voldemort. Neither am I sent here by him." He says calmly, in his usual demeanour. The book that is thrown at him it's him on target, and he catches it before it falls down. "Really, Miss Johnson, you don't need to result to throwing things to know that I'm real. But I think I can understand the sentiment." He nods to Jackson. "His followers aren't nice people, are they?" He doesn't comment on the way Voldemort looked.

When the book hits solid body, and is then caught, Angie gives a look down to Jackson and a single nod, letting the kid go if he wants to tackle the professor. She herself steps forward, containing her excitement at having a real person. "No offense meant, Professor. We've just seen some things in here and had a few adventures. And there are younger ones to keep safe. We are all fine, though I don't know where Fred and Luna and Neville are. I think Fred got a concussion. I hit my head, but I don't think it was as bad as when he did. We're all hungry and tired and paranoid…but none the worse for wear."

Jackson doesn't bother containing his excitement and /does/ tackle the professor, or near enough, the small boy barrelling towards Lupin to throw his arms around the man in a fierce hug. Who cares if he doesn't know the man? Clearly, Jax doesn't. "Everything's been /scary/ and /green/ and Vold— You-Kn— the fake-me says I'm /evil/ but I don't feel evil jus' hungry an' headachey an' do you have food cuz all I had for my birthday was an awesome hat but you can't eat those," he says, words spilling out in a relieved, grateful rush. They've been in here a while.

Lupin nearly stumbles back at the force with which Jackson tackles into him and gives him the hug. Lupin gives the boy a few slightly awkward taps on the back. "It's okay, young man. Of course you're not evil. That was just…well, it doesn't matter now. What matters is that you're safe." He shakes his head as he looks at Angelina. "Not to worry. I can understand that you'd be a bit unsure. If I'd been here as long as you have, I would be too. I'm afraid that all I have for food at present is some chocolate. You may have that, if you wish." Or they can wait until he gets them out of there and he'll take them straight to the kitchen.

Angelina steps closer as well. And while she doesn't tackle Lupin in a hug, he just gained a new shadow. Her book is taken back and tucked away. She grows quiet..until he mentions chocolate. Immediately, her face looks like she might be ill. "Don't..just..no. No chocolate. Never chocolate."

Jax's eyes widen when Lupin mentions chocolate and he takes a couple hasty steps back, swallowing hard. His head shakes emphatically. "Nothankyousir," he squeaks.

Lupin shakes his head. "No…no chocolate then. But I'm sure the House Elves down in the kitchen can prepare you whatever you wish." He states. "Now…to get us out of here. I've got an idea or two."

Angelina reaches out a hand to Jackson, offering it, should he wish to take it. "We would appreciate that professor. Are there others coming? We promised each other we wouldn't leave anyone behind, but we got separated. I..I don't want to leave anyone behind. Please."

Jax takes Angie's hand, perhaps a little clingy after the long ordeal. "Neville an' Luna an' Fred —" he says quietly, looking around with worried eyes.

Lupin smiles kindly and says, "Yes, there are others somewhere around here to help get you all out of here." He pulls out his wand and concentrates for a moment before waving his wand, and in a great pink flash, they are out of the green world and back in the castle, in Moody's office. "Well, there we are." He says softly, looking around. "We're back."

Angelina holds on tightly to Jackson's hand, even as they are transported back. Once they are out and on the other side….really on the other side, confirmed by slamming her free hand into the desk to determine that it is, indeed, solid, Angie turns to the little one and offers a hug. "We're out, Jackson. It's okay now. We're out."

Jax looks around the office, eyes wide, and squeezes Angie tightly in return. His eyes are glistening when he pulls back, tears — relieved tears, happy tears, definitely rather /stressed/ tears — springing to them. "Thank you," he whispers to Angie, and then to Lupin also, warmly, "Thank you, sir."

Fred blinks as he looks up having come out of his own flash into Moody's office. Seeing Angie appear after the young man paced for a while he looks to her like she might disappear again, "You really here?" He asks Angelina /and/ Jax. Lupin get a nod from the Weasley twin.

Ginny looks up from her spot on the floor. Apparently traveling into and back out of Whatever-That-Was Land is hard on Ginny's bum, because she keeps ending up on it. "Angie? Jackson? Professor Lupin?" To Fred, she says, "Be careful. They might not be real. Maybe they escaped from.. That Place. Try poking them. Or pinching them. Or something."

Lupin smiles softly. "You're welcome." He replies to Jackson. He seems almost surprised to see Fred and Ginny. "I assure you, Miss Weasley, we're real. You can try…" He glances at Angelina. "Well, just about anything, I suppose, if you'd like to test on me. But once you are quite sure, I'll be taking all four of you to the care of Madame Pomfrey so that she may make sure you're fine. Have you seen Luna? Has anyone brought her out yet?"

Angelina lifts her robe sleeve and wipes at Jackson's face before letting him go into the care of Professor Lupin. Hearing that voice, she turns. "Fred! You're out safe too?!" She runs at him, to hug him, holding him close. "Professor, you need to know, when Neville comes out, Pomfrey should likely be waiting. He's…not taking things well. At all."

"Oh, Fred, thank goodness." Jax smiles, a bright and cheerful smile for all it's still a bit teary. "Please don't pinch me," he asks Ginny politely. "M'glad you're here. I hope Luna an' Neville make it. They gotta make it. I don't want them to get stuck with their evil twins."

Fred looks to Ginny and then back to Angie and Jax. A slow smile starts across his face. then Angie hugs him and the taller boy picks her up slightly to kiss her cheek (there is a former professor here), "Yep out and about Butterfly. Thought I might have to go and trek after you for a bit there." He says seriously and grins down to her warmly. Jax's conversation finely gets his attention but he doesn't let Angie go, only lets the girl stand on her own two feet, "Yeah…Nevler might need some um…he'll be fine." He defends his friend with a touch of an apologetic glance to the rest of the people here.

Ginny shakes her head at Lupin. "No, Luna isn't here. I haven't seen Neville, either. Is.. is he not okay?" She looks from Fred, to Angelina, to Jackson, and back again. "What happened while you were gone, anyway?" This must be the question on everyone's mind.

Lupin nods to Angelina. "I shall make sure that Madame Pomfrey knows to expect Neville as well. But until he is brought out, you three," He points to Fred, Angelina, and Jackson, "should go to see her as well. You should stay in the hospital wing for a day or two to make sure that you are completely all right. You may say that you are mostly fine besides your hunger, but you don't know what other side effects this little world has had. If you wish to tell Miss Weasley the tale once there, or on the way, you may do so. I see no reason why you cannot accompany us up there, Miss Weasley. I am sure you wish to make sure your brother is fine."

Angelina doesn't squeal or laugh when she is picked up. All in all, she's pretty quiet. Once put down again, Angie releases Fred and pulls away. "Sorry Professor. I didn't mean to be rude." She's just tired and hungry and had a stare down with Voldemort. "It just..been a long…day. Night. What time is it, anyway?" Don't have to tell her twice. "I'll go there right now, with Jackson and Fred in tow, as long as you promise there will be food when we get there. And nothing sweet. Please?"

"I just want food. An' sleep. An' my cat." Jax rubs the tears away from his eyes and turns towards the door, but he doesn't move until the others do, seeming a bit reluctant to move away from people. "And a lot happened," he answers Ginny. "Everything was green and we saw the past and maybe the future and evil twins sent by You-Know-Who. /And/ I turned twelve." That last part is totally important.

Fred chuckles loudly as he lets go of Angie reluctantly, "Yes indeed. Our Jax is twelve whole years old." He pats the younger student on the back and smiles to his sister, "Alot of stuff, tell you about it in the morning small fry?" He smiles to Lupin and nods, "Better get my head checked out, apparently slept alot." He comments and still reaches for Angie's hand apparently reluctant to let the girl go despite the adult presence, "No…no more chocolate. I think I'm sticking to toffees and caramels from now on."

Ginny nods to Lupin, having no trouble acquiescing. She trails along beside Fred and Angelina, with a smile at Jackson. "That's awesome, Jackson. Once everything gets settled, we'll do something special for your birthday, okay? It's so pretty out, we can have a picnic." Her cheer isn't entirely genuine, but it's the only thing keeping her going at the moment.

Lupin nods a little bit. "Well, I can't promise you the food will be exactly waiting for you, but it will be there shortly. Do any of you have anything you'd like specifically?"

Seeing Jackson hang back, Angie extends a hand to him, letting him take it. The other hand is taken up by Fred. "Professor Lupin, can you make sure they don't put up dividers between our beds? And that they put us all next to each other? I.. have a feeling we're all going to keep waking up and checking to be sure we're actually here, and the others are with us." She heads for the door and out, off to the Hospital Wing like she promised. "Specifically? Neville is going to want Shepherds pie and butterbeer. I don't think the rest of us really care. But mashed potatos and gravy sound good to me. With roasted chicken. And nothing green, please."

"Mashed potatoes sounds good," Jax agrees, taking Angie's hand gratefully. "No meat for me, please. Lots'a butterbeer for Nevs." The boy falls quiet, then, tired and rather overwhelmed, just hanging by Angie's side as they depart.

Fred looks to the other two 'survivors' of there green world ordeal and smiles lightly, "Agreed." Is all he says and seems to be sleeping one his feet now. He squeezes Angie's hand and hold his other out towards Ginny, "Come on little miss. You should get checked to." He says to Ginny after a wink and follows the others out.

Lupin nods a little. "The food I can do. I'll see what I can do about the dividers." He says softly and kindly, watching the students go before making his way down to the kitchens.

Ginny takes Fred's hand and walks with the rest of them. However, she tosses a few glances over her shoulder at the detector still on the desk. Her expression is thoughtful and anxious. It's clear her thoughts are on Neville and Luna, and the other adults that have yet to be seen or heard from.

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