(David Edward) "Shadow" Whitmore
Portrayed By Ed Wasser
House Ravenclaw
Year Graduated (1963)
Position Unspeakable
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 49
Place of Birth Brigend, Wales
Date of Birth Mar 31, 1945
Mother Josephine Marie Chevalier
Father Edward Rhys Whitmore
Siblings None
Marital Status Divorced
Children Hwellwyn, 21
First Appearance The Leaky is Full
Last Appearance

Character History:

Daniel Edward Whitmore has had an extremely challenging life. His response has been to take those challenges and throw them into others' faces, adding his own blend of cruelty and cold detachment to them.

In March of 1945, World War Two was winding down, though many had no idea at the time. A young witch by the name of Josephine Marie Chevalier, of the purest of wizarding lines, gave birth to a scrawny boy. The baby's father was a prominent member of wizarding Britain who had taken a trip to France nine months earlier. When Jo showed up on Edward Whitmore's doorstep, he hid her in his familiy's sprawling manor and kept her away from his wife who was barren. AfterJo was able to travel, Edward sent her on her merry way and raised his son in the privacy of his home claiming him to be a distant relation.

When the time came for his schooling, Whit recieved two letters: one from his father's beloved Hogwarts, and the other from his mother's alma mater, which was Beauxbatons. Following his father's wishes, he went to Hogwarts, where he was sorted into Ravenclaw and excelled at nearly every class, except for Defense against the Dark Arts. The reason for this was fairly clear to those who knew him. His magic naturally tended to the dark. He'd read almost everything in his father's library up to that point, and the old library had a lot of dark books. However, the general population of the school tended to ignore him, or label him as a 'bookworm' outright, so his dark tendencies remained otherwise unnoticed.

In his fifth year, he met Drusilla Lorina, who was a Slytherin in his form. They began spending time together, and when they graduated, they married.

Whit worked his way around the Ministry of Magic, starting as a clerk in Games and Sports and spending time in each department before realizing that it wasn't a match for him. Finally, when he was approached by an Unspeakable, he felt he had found his niche. Now, he is well-respected and adds a certain professional detachment to some of their more unsavory experiments.

About two years after he got settled into his niche at the Department of Mysteries, Drusilla announced to her husband that she was pregnant. The pregancy was a difficult one, and Whit found himself spending more time down in the bowels of the Ministry of Magic than he did at home. His wife assumed that he'd found a mistress, and left him shortly after Hweyllwyn was born. He has only seen his daughter and heir in passing; giving a cruel, ironic twist that he was now in the same situation as his mother. When Drusilla left him, he began spending more time in the pub near the ministry, and was recruited by a low-ranking Death Eater. It didn't take much for Whitmore to decide to join the ranks and begin working his way up them. Lord Voldemort has decided to keep him as a source of information in both the Ministry at large, and in the Department of Mysteries specifically, though the latter is restricted by oaths and secrecy spells galore. Whit finds a kind of a perverse pleasure at thumbing his nose at the wizarding world while appearing to be a mild-mannered man simply furthering the knowledge of magic and life.



Externally, Whitmore is the very picture of propriety and pureblood perfection. He sips his tea quietly, and might even stick his pinky finger out if it were proper.

He does appear interested in the world, questioning people about their various goals and dreams. Sometimes, he offers to help make them come true, but that is so rare these days.


Internally, he's bitter, angry, mad at the world and willing to prove it to everyone. He stays sane by participating in Death Eater raids and feeding his Master information that will help destroy the fabric of wizarding society. Oddly enough, though, he has a strong pureblood predjudice. He just believes the taint of Muggle and 'Mudblood' goes too deep for it to be cleansed by simple means. He believes wholeheartedly in the destruction en masse of the culture and reformation as a completely pureblood society.


Other Information

Whitmore is a Death Eater, but he is so far deep undercover that Voldemort doesn't even call him by name in the Death Eater meetings. He often appears completely different in manner of height, weight, voice, hair and eyecolor. His master usually calls him "Shadow", or "David". The Dark Lord is only one of two people to be allowed this privilege, the other being his ex-wife.

Memorable Quotes:

"What do you want?" — Jason Morden, Babylon 5 (the inspiration for this character)

Trivia and Notes:

Let me know via page or @mail if you want to have had the discussion with Whit already and be deeply in his debt. He will collect, and it will cost. But, it might be fun RP.


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