1994-07-06: Whiskey And Flirting


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Scene Title Whiskey and Flirting
Synopsis Jack runs into Reverie at the Three Broomsticks. There's a little firewhiskey, and a little innuendo. Not a lot, though.
Date Jul 06, 1994
Watch For Jack gets dissed. At least once. And there is one stupid quidditch metaphor.
Chronology None
Logger Jack

The Three Broomsticks

The interior of Three Broomsticks Inn is usually very crowded, noisy, warm, and smoky. Flagons and tankards of mulled mead, butterbeer, red currant rum, and other sorts of drinks are poured and served from the polished wooden bar opposite the door by the curvaceous hostess, Madam Rosmerta. A long mirror covers the wall behind the bar, reflecting even the images of patrons tucked into the most shadowy corners. In one corner next to the bar is a large stone fireplace, with a cozy fire burning in it almost all the time. Stools line the bar, and also surround the many tables in the pub in groups of two or four.

It's early evening, and Jack finds himself sitting at a table in the Three Broomsticks, drinking something, and chatting with Rosmerta herself. "Oh, now, Roz, you know that's not true." He grins at her, and she chuckles, muttering something like 'impertinent youngster' before she wanders off to serve another customer. Jack leans back, tucks his hands behind his head, and sighs. Life is good, right?

Life is good! One of the most difficult potions to ever make has been made, by Reverie! Huzzah! Of course, there was the help of the potions master himself, but considering she swore not to tell anyone he helped, she can be smug in 'making it'. She heads into the Three Broomsticks looking around for a certain werewolf, and sighs when she doesnt see him. She runs her fingers through her hair and beelines towards the bar as she motions for one of the the bartenders to come on over.

On his scan of the room, Jack sees a familiar form and hears a familiar voice. "Hello." He speaks too softly to be heard beyond his table yet. Picking up his drink, he moves over toward the woman, and lowers himself gracefully down into the seat next to her. "Howdy, gorgeous. What brings you this way?" He grins over at her as she waits for her drink.

Oh dear. It's Jack. If he wasn't so cute, she'd probably take his sister's reaction from before and walk away, but she's in a good mood, so she just turns and grins wryly. "Hello handsome.." Reverie quips with a wry waggle of her brows. Her rum is served in a large shot glass and she takes a sip while crossing her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable.

"Got off work early. Finished what I had to do several hours ahead, so here I am, deciding to relax before heading on home.." she says with a sage nod. "And yourself? What brings you out here?"

"Roz serves the best firewhiskey, so I figured I'd come get myself a shot or two. Had a bit of a mishap on a case I just picked up." He shudders a little. "A poor little demiguise got stunned by a cursed jewel, and I had to go turn him in." Jack doesn't mention that he spent more time there than necessary chatting up the file clerk witch. "Getting off early's always great. Anything interesting goin' on at work?" Maybe not like a demiguise, but who knows. He picks up his cup and takes a long slow sip, letting the burn work its way down.

"Awwww, that's a shame.." she says, pouting her lips as she hears about the demiguise and wrinkles her nose a little. "But nothing that interesting happened at work. I just had to check in on those who were hurt at the Diagon Alley attacks, and then had to make a few potions…you know, the usual. I'm afraid the life of a healer in training is much less exciting than a cursebreaker.." she says sadly, before taking a long sip of her liquor.

"Naw, c'mon. I bet it has its days." He turns toward her. "I'm sure there are times when it gets too excitin'." And once in a great while, Jack Noble sounds like his sister. Not too often, but it has been known to happen. "And then again," he considers, taking another sip, and looking at her over his glass, "there are times when boring is just about right." He sets the cup down, and leans back in his seat. "So, are you excited about the match?"

"Well, we do have those days where all of a sudden you're wondering why body parts are misattached. That usually sends us into a tizzy.." Reverie admits ruefully, snickering softly the entire time. "I do prefer boring myself, it means that people, for the most part arent being idiots.." she says with a firm and resolutely nod before bringing her glass to his before she takes another sip. "But as for the match, definitely excited. I even rented one of those fancy designer tents. Lots of room.."

And everyone can probably guess where Jack's mind goes with that thought. However, it only might be visible in his eyes. "Yeah, I've got a little one that's pretty decent. It's got some nice amenities." He shrugs. "I didn't get to go last time. I was on assignment with the firm. Part of the reason I left 'em…" He takes another sip, going through the contents of his glass fairly quickly, but it appears he can handle it well.

"Well, it's not very often one gets to go to an event like this, so I figured, why not splurge a bit?" Besides, mediwitches salaries are pretty good for the most part so she could afford it afterall. She polishes off her rum before setting the glass down and orders a double shot of a firewhiskey. "So you went from a private firm to the ministry, huh. I thought the ministry is the one with the high attrition rate?"

Jack shakes his head. "No, I started at the firm and went independent. I'll do contract work for the ministry or Gringott's if the price is right and the conditions aren't too bad. " He's particular about such things, especially if he has to let others dictate it. "It just works more easily for everyone." He's happy with it. "And yeah, only comes around once every four years, so why not have a little fun?" He grins widely, and drains his glass. "Roz!" He calls, cheerily. "Set me up again, love!" This isn't a rare occurrence, apparently. "And yeah, the ministry has such a high turnover rate these days it's scary."

Considering who we have as our minister of magic and of course, our dear madam undersecretary, I'm not that surprised." She doesn't seem to hold either of them in high regard, but she shrugs her shoulders and waits for Jack to get another shot before raising her glass in cheers before taking another sip.
Rosmerta hustles over, and fusses over Jack for a moment before refilling his glass. "That's two, Icarus." Jack grins. "Yes, ma'am. I can still count at this point." He grins, and turns back to Reverie. "Yeah. And some of the ideas…" He sighs. "Sorry. Won't go there." He remembers their last conversation and how she didn't react as well to the discussion of the current changing climate. "Not worth bringing up, really." He lifts his own glass to her, nods, and takes a sip.

"No…I've come to a realization what might be going on. I..I was just a tad bit oversensitive…my apologies for that.." Reverie admits ruefully, wrinkling her nose the entire time as she sets down her drink and just looks down at it for a few moments. "Someone I was very close to ended up serving He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named..he's now serving a life sentence in Azkaban.."

There's a long sigh, and Jack sets his glass down, hunching a little to place his face at the same height as Reverie's. "I'm sorry to hear that. It's extremely rough to find someone's gone off and made some poor decisions, and there isn't much you can do about it." Jack sounds like he's speaking from experience. "Hell. I've got four younger siblings, and I worry one or more of them is going to get themselves into a situation they can't handle." Nevermind that it's probably going to be Jack that does something like that.

"It's all right. I dont angst much, and I don't angst any time soon. I just had to put all that behind me…and deal with it.." Reverie admits ruefully, as it seems like she's really ready to move forward. Hey, she's going to the All Star Cup with him after all, right? "But I think I met one of your siblings..one of them isn't Siobhan, is it?"

"Ah!" Jack perks up. "You met my Rosie, huh?" He cuts off the possible confusion. "S'her middle name. She hates it, but I get away with it since I've been callin' her that since she was…" He holds out his hands to demonstrate the size of a newborn. "That big." So it stuck. "Got a horrible habit of givin' people nicknames." He shrugs. "Or at least people who don't seem t' want them. "But Rosie's a good girl. Little impetuous at times, but I'm one to talk, so…" He grins, and lifts his glass, taking another sip. For just a moment, he slips back to the previous topic, wanting to be sure he makes the offer that's been on his mind. "Well, if you do need a shoulder to 'angst' on, I've got two fairly broad ones." And the sense of the offer is genuine, not just to get her into his arms.

"Yes, we met. She was talking with a close friend of mine..well, actually my best friend since Hogwarts.." she admits ruefully, smiling brightly as she crosses her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable. She looks towards his broad shoulders and politely refuses for now, "I think I'm done crying. But perhaps if you're lucky I'll be doing something else on those shoulders.." she says with a soft chuckle in the end.

"Perfectly amenable to that too." Jack says, wiggling his eyebrows again, grabbing the most salient point — to him, at least — of the conversation. He does comment on the other, as well, though. "Well, that's good. She's good at making friends and connections." Part of the reason the Hat put her in with the Snakes instead of the Lions like most of the rest of the family. "She introduced me to that Auror. The one who blew up the confection shop the other day chasing down a hag." He's gotten the whole story now.

"Oh? Who was it? My good friend is an auror in training still, and I know she didn't blow up anything recently.." Reverie asks curiously before she lets out a slight giggle snort to his seeming lechery. "You are incorrigible, Mr. Noble, but in a good way.." she quips, canting her head to the side as she peers towards him. "So out with it! I want the story of the auror who blew up the shop!"

"From what I understand from Rosie and Phoenix — that's the guy's name: Allistaire Phoenix. From what I understand, he was chasing a hag through Diagon, and she ran into that little confectioner's shop down the street, and somehow, he managed to blow up the place with her in it. So, got rid of the hag, but got rid of the confectioner's, too. Nobody else got hurt, which was his saving grace, I take it." He grins. "All part of the service, ma'am." Flourish. He grabs the drink, lifts it, salutes her with a saucy wink, and sips. "Mmm. Who's your friend? Maybe I've met her." He spends enough time in that Merlin-forsaken building.

"Wow..that's a rather..pretentious name isnt it. Allistaire Phoenix.." she hrmms for a few moments, running her fingers through her hair as she listens to the story. She wrinkles her nose and rolls her eyes. "Poor confectioner's..I hope that the ministry is going to compensate them for it.." she says matter of factly before she's lets out another wry grin and pats him gently on the leg. "You truly are awful!" she chirps before mentioning her BFF's name. "Tonks, Nymphadora Tonks.."

"She's fairly new, isn't she?" Jack considers, setting the glass down again. "I think I've seen her, but not met her personally yet. She sounds like another one with some interesting stories." He smiles an easy smile, keeping his eyes on her, perhaps even looking into hers if she lets him. "And, yeah. He's an interesting person. Rosie really likes him, which means there's a lot more to him than I saw in one meeting." He knows his little sister pretty well. He shrugs. "In the current climate, I wouldn't hold my breath on reparations. Could just be claimed to be part of the 'effort'." He rolls his eyes, picking up his drink and taking another sip, still keeping his focus on Reverie's face.

"Pretty new. About as new as I am with St. Mungo's.." so that makes them both the same age, thereabouts. She doesn't seem to mind having him look into her eyes. It's not like he's trying to hypnotize her, right? Right? "But if your sister likes him, then he cant be that bad I suppose, even if he does have a tendency to blow up shops of delicious sweets.." There's a little grump there. Perhaps she liked that particular confectionery.

Jack nods, just a little. "Well, it's good to find what fits. Doesn't always happen that way." He's recalling a conversation earlier today from someone who fits where she is, but might fit better elsewhere. "Yeah, Rosie's good at that. Seeing people for who they are. Or at least seeing more of who they are." Jack struggles with only seeing the surface at first. "Maybe they'll rebuild. I hope they're able to. They were a good place. Sold some really good regular chocolates, not like some of the crazy stuff they sell at Honeyduke's."

"They did have some really good fudge. Made excellent sundaes, some of the best actually.." Reverie replies sadly, though she's not going to angst, even if the offer of the shoulders is tempting. Must remain strong. "But you sure do talk about your sister a lot, I imagine you guys are close, and you're the big overprotective brother huh…I bet you threaten any boys who try to woo her, right?"

"On general principle, although, again, I've no room to talk. Usually, I let Gr — Liam do that." He stops in the middle of his nickname for his older brother. "He's much more staid than I and does the ogre brother routine much more convincingly." Jack shrugs. "So, what about you? Any older brothers to brave in order to spend time with you?" He imbues his words with a little bit of feeling, hopefully not too much as he doesn't want to drive her off.

"I see, I don't think you could be the mean older brother. You'd probably be the older brother trying to give the poor boy condoms.." she says with a hearty laugh before she blinks blankly a seems caught off guard by the latter comment. "Well, actually I'm the oldest, though I do have two younger brothers. One is about your sister's age I think, a Ravenclaw, and the other is going to be a third year.." she says matter of factly. "They're not scary at all though."

Jack is so surprised that he lets out a hearty belly laugh at Reverie's comment. "Yeah, that'd be me." He chuckles a little more, and then leans back, still keeping his eyes on her. "Yeah, dynamic's different when they're younger…" He smiles. "There are six of us. Liam's eldest, then me, then Mickey, then Pete, then Brian, then Rosie." He ticks them off on his hands. "I bet Pete or Brian were fairly close to your year. Both Gryffs, though…" He tries to remember what years his brothers graduated. However, it's not coming right now. "Bit of a spread between them, huh?" His own siblings are fairly close, although there is a little bit of a gap between a couple of them.

"Our folks had me shortly after graduation.." she admits ruefully, snickering the entire time. "So they decided to wait before the other two.." she says matter of factly, crossing her legs the other way as she shifts her position on the bar stool. "But yeah, the dynamic is different, though my youngest brother has just discovered the opposite sex. Somehow, I think he's going to end up like you..and I don't exactly know what to think of that.."

Jack winces at the thought of one of his little brothers turning out like him. 'Do as I say, not as I do' — Jack lives by that, sometimes. "Ouch. Yeah, not much you can do, except teach him some of the charms and hope he learns his mistakes without too much trouble." He takes a sip of his drink. "And exactly how does this little brother of yours remind you of me, hmmm?" This is a definite 'line', and he leans forward to deliver it.

Reverie rolls her eyes a little as he leans forward and she pats him gently on the cheek, snickering softly the entire time. "He thinks he's quite good with the ladies first off. In addition, he's pretty sure he can get away with anything if he says just the right things in the right way. And finally, he thinks he's way more charming than he actually is.." Ouch. She's just teasing though, right?

"Or maybe," Jack begins, almost completely unfazed, "he's almost as charming as he thinks he is, and has gotten away with quite a bit, realizes he doesn't catch the snitch every time, but loves to fly anyway…" Quidditch analogies. Old, but they work. "And as for 'good with the ladies,' maybe only being 'good for one lady' is all he needs to be." Jack grabs his glass again, swirling it around, looking down into it. "But you might be entirely correct. However, you can't be certain, can you?"

Oh, he does have her there. She hrmms for a few moments and stares at him for a few moments. She chews on her bottom lip as she nods in agreement. "Perhaps you're right, but I know you have rogue-ish qualities that even my brother doesn't possess. You travel a lot. I don't really. I need someone here." she says matter of factly, making herself just a little vulnerable in the end.

"I do. And that's a challenge that sometimes, can't be overcome. But I'm good at floo and I've got international portkey licenses for almost everywhere I go." It's not another attempt to press on, though it may appear so. He leans back again, and looks up at her again. "Well, I can take you to the game, at the very least." He's glad for that much.

"Well, I need someone who can be here when I need him. And it'd be easier if he was here so I could be there for him.." she says with a warm smile. It's not exactly a no, but it's not a resounding yes either. "But yes, the game would be fun anyway. Who knows? I might change my mind..or you might afterwards.."

Jack nods, and finishes his drink "We might, at that." He smiles, albeit a little sadly, and sets the empty glass down. "Two's my limit tonight. Gotta apparate home. Can I walk you somewhere first, or are you for apparition too?" He's not trying to run her off, but his 'chivalrous' nature kicks in from time to time, and this is no exception.

"Apparating would be easiest. I live all the way in London anyway. In a small muggle suburb.." she says matter of factly while easing on up and putting down a few galleons for tip as well. "It was nice seeing you again though, Jack. I'm sure we'll run into each other again in the future. Take care, yes?"

Jack reaches out to grab her hand and place a chaste kiss on it. "I will. And you take care as well." He smiles, releasing her hand, pulling the change out of his pocket and setting it down. "Roz! I'm off, love!" His call is greeted by a reply. "Goodnight, Icarus. Come back soon!" He turns his attention back to Reverie as he stands. "I'm just here nearby. Spending time with Mum and Da for a while." Rough though it might be at times. "Fare thee well." He smiles merrily, and gestures toward the door. "After you."

Her cheeks burn a bright red as she grins wryly and nods. "Bye Madam Rosmerta, I'm sure i'll be back after another long shift.." she calls out before stepping outside as she wraps her overcoat around herself. "I'll see you again soon Jack.." and with that there's a pop in the air as she disappears.

Great scene. Lots of fun.

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