1995-02-09: Whirlwind


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Scene Title Whirlwind
Synopsis Tiana and Snape run into each other at the Ministry. Verbal warfare ensues and poor Thalia is left in the fallout.
Location Ministry Atrium
Date February 09, 1995
Watch For Insults to make you bleed
Logger Miss Moldavia

Curse the Ministry! Snape frowns, glowering as he steps out of a fireplace with a burst of emerald flame - not staggering and barely appearing to break stride. His face is wrought in harsh lines of displeasure, prompting him to stalk past a younger, rotund and diminutive wizard who sees him and almost has a heart attack. Curse every last parchment-pushing sack of dragon dung!

Whatever draws Snape here, he does not hint at it as he approaches the security desk and levels a vicious stare at the wizard behind it.

Tiana is coming from the opposite direction. Stepping from the lifts out into the Atrium, she is…well, to be frank, she is gorgeous. Glamours firmly in place - if a bit toned down from those she uses around the Muggles (can't be detected after all) - and dressed well in a set of form-fitting robes that open around her hips for easy movement, her heels make a 'click click' sound on the marble floor. "Mister Walters, I have need of security clearance for use of the far dueling room. My class was due to begin a quarter of an hour ago." the voice is softer, higher, sweeter; but it's most definitely Tiana. She doesn't notice Severus. Yet.

An elephant never forgets, and Severus Snape could have a prosperous career as an elephant reminder. The voice is known to him and he lifts an eyebrow, turning his head slightly as the security wizard indicates that Snape was there first. The Potions Master immediately turns his attention fully back upon the guard, arms folded beneath his cloak and dark eyes staring over the top of his head at the bank of gold elevators.

"Unless Professor Snape is attending my class, he can wait." The sudden addition of ice to her tone is the only reaction Tiana shows to the presence of Hogwarts' Potions Professor. "It has taken an unholy amount of effort to coordinate the schedules of those I am to teach this morning. Delays are unacceptable." Obviously Umbridge's arrest hasn't put a damper on Tiana's political maneuverings.

Snape simply quirks an eyebrow, for to goad him is often an exercise in futility unless you happen to look like a long-haired magic-hippie or a messy-haired jock with glasses. He does do a little goading himself, however, taking a step back and waving his hand with a slight flourish to let Tiana in front of him. There is no mirth in him, however, and everything about the action describes making room for an inflated ego on legs rather than for a lady.

If Tiana notices the sarcasm inherent in Snape's action, she does not show it. Instead, she takes the offered place as if it was her right all along. While her wand is being checked and given the appropriate charms for the needed clearance, she turns just barely enough to say she she is speaking over her shoulder. "Have you come to learn the ritual, Severus?" and she purrs his name ever so slightly, her voice dropping just enough to do a little goading of her own.

"Hardly," Snape drawls in reply, with all the seeming of silk being drawn over a straight razor, "If you are quite done?" And why is he being so rude to her? Who knows. Perhaps not even he.

"Really?" Tiana cannot keep the dry disbelief from her voice. Or perhaps it's that she does not try to. "How odd. I would have thought you would be one of the first to seek out a failproof method of locating werewolves to be put down." She blinks slowly, soft lashes just touching her cheeks before revealing ice-blue eyes that for some reason seem as though they're the wrong shade. "After all, your dislike for them is quite painfullly obvious."

Permits, permits, permits. Peeeermits. Purrmits? Thalia ponders this word, rolling around in her head thoughtfully. There's a slight skip in her step as she walks, and the multicoloured skirt she wears swishes merrily. Her bell earrings jingle with every step, and she is hardly stealthy as she makes her way to the security desk. A grin is tossed to the fountain's statue.

Hmph, is all Snape manages in a reply, turning his back on Tiana so that he can be (under great sufferance) be scanned for illegal items and charms.

Tiana, however, is not satisfied with a 'hmph'. Not after four months of waiting. When her wand is restored to her, she accepts it with a well-concealed grimace - though Snape might pick up on her tic, if he remembers anything at all - and steps to one side. Arms folded over her chest, Tia watches the cantankerous man in silence, Icy eyes blinking lazily in the manner of a predator who is without a doubt that she will catch her prey. Thalia's approach is, so far, unnoticed.

Thalia waggles her fingers in a cheerful hello to the glowering pair. "Hi!" She chirps happily, shifting from foot to foot as she waits for her turn in line. Blue eyes go from Tiana to Snape and back again, and a single eyebrow quirks upwards.

Oh, good. Cheerfulness.

Snape offers Thalia a look that seems to scream bother somebody else although he is not quite willing to storm away just yet. Tiana's proximity and goading have driven him to stay and torture her right back in his way. He simply lurks, receiving his own wand which he looks to be pointing at Tiana for a swift moment before it once more hides within the folds of his dark clothing.

Reflexes that have been honed and boosted and kept sharp over the course of Tiana's lifetime prompt her to shift into a more motion-ready stance as soon as Snape's wand starts to move. Only when it disappears again does she relax, and even then, it's only marginally. "Hello," she manages to greet Thalia pleasantly enough, though her smile is a bit tight. "May we be of service?" 'We' of course because she knows just how much he…enjoys people.

Thalia tilts her head quizzically to the side. "You? Um! No, I don't think so. Just came here to get some permits." Purrrrmits, she mutters mentally. "So unless you're the Mistress of the Permits," Purrrrmits! "I think it's all good." Tally flashes a smile at Tiana and moves forward in line.

"I imagine Miss Moldavia knows all about giving permission to most anyone," Snape ventures, turning with a swirl of robes to address the security wizard loudly, "The Department of Mysteries. What useless forms do I need to sign in triplicate before I am permitted to enter?"

Tiana's grin flashes then, wicked and defiant. If there is a flash of pain at his words, it is gone before it can be remarked upon. "Why imagine, Severus, when you know firsthand just how freely I give my permissions?" To Thalia, then, she nods. "The office for that is on my way, I can point you in the right…direction…" Snape is headed for the Department of Mysteries. How…inconveniant.

Whoooa. "Um." Thalia's eyes dart from the wizard to the witch, and she coughs nervously. And then? Then she begins to babble. "That would be great! I'm actually getting permits for doing tattoos. You know, Magical ones? They move and stuff. I've been studying that for a while, and I'm about to open up my own parlor. Over in Hogsmeade. There's so much paperwork to get done before I can do all the fun stuff, though, it's such a bother.."

Everything about Snape's reaction seems to suggest he has no idea what she is talking about and, as a result, he simply looks mildly displeased at the lies and begins to stalk off. He knows all about magical, moving tattoos.

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