1995-09-30: Where's Wolly?


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Also Starring: Hamish MacGregor (Played by Fidelius)

Scene Title Where's Wolly?
Synopsis The students have a class about intent in magic. And Old Mac gets hauled back to Mungo's.
Location DADA Classroom
Date Sep 30, 1995
Watch For Fire! Water! Waldo??? (and a Tasmanian Devil in a pear tree. Or something)
Logger Fiddy-boo.

The Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom is a bit of a mess these days. Stacks of parchment cover every surface. Old Professor MacGregor is standing in front of the classroom, writing something on the board. As students file in, he barks the dreaded words, "Wands away," and returns to his scribbling. The notes on the board, for those who care to examine them, do not seem to make much sense to anyone else. There is a diagram, and some scribbles, and then some random words. However, one word stands out. Intent.

Antigone is used to not doing too badly in Defense Against the Dark Arts, which is one of the reasons she chose to keep on with it. However, upon walking into the classroom and taking a look at the nonsensical notes upon the board - when coupled with that dreaded phrase - Tig can't help but give a rather helpless little groan. So much for doing well this year, now that she doesn't have to take Potions. With a little sigh, she drops into a seat towards the back, hoping she can at least stay off the radar.

Egbert scratches his head as he settles in at his desk, glancing over the formulas or incantations or pictures or— well, he's not sure what category applies to those symbols in the lower left corner. Are those runes? Turning his parchment sideways, he starts copying what he sees, largest features first… he doesn't understand hardly any of it yet, but the professor should be explaining it any minute now. Should.

They're secret code. Yes, that's it. They're a secret code. Professor MacGregor turns around, and addresses the class. "Well, I told you I'd be talking to you about this, though I don't know why I put it first. I should've put the basics first. But." He stops and points to the board. "That's me plan, so I'm stickin' with it. So. When you cast a spell, you have to know why you're castin' it. Eggilson!" He looks straight at Egbert, mixing up his given name, surname, and something entirely different. "Why is that, do you know?" He waits for a reply, tapping his wand in his hand ominously.

Antigone tries to follow the explanation, but she's not finding it particularly helpful in comprehending the incomprehensible scribbles on the board. She begins pulling out some parchment and a quill, though she's honestly not sure what to write down. But when the professor turns upon the class, she goes rather still, slouching down further in her chair, and finding herself relieved when it's someone else who's called on. Even if she has no idea who Eggil- Oh. Egbert! The housemate gets a sympathetic smile.

Remembering how much confusion there was over students' names last time, Egbert catches on pretty quickly that he's being addressed - only jumping a little in his seat as MacGregor meets his gaze. "I— I don't, sorry. I've never tried casting a spell when I didn't know why." Unless the professor has something more specific in mind? Usually the 'why' has been 'to learn how to do it', which seems obvious enough.

"Because some spells, especially darker ones, require you to have a certain emotion. If you can't have that emotion, or dredge up that feeling, you won't ever be able to cast it. Do any of you know a helpful spell that requires that?" MacGregor stands in front of a classroom, tapping his wand on his hand. Behind him on the blackboard is a mess of scribbles with only one really clear word. Intent. "Surely, Tigerton, you know this one?" She's a sixth year. It's got to be in that brain somewhere. Right? He steps back behind the desk, and turns to gaze at the scribbles, and then moves to erase a couple, and replace them with some equally indecipherable marks.

Antigone isn't quite so quick to catch on the misnaming, and again, she finds herself puzzling over who this Tigerton person could be… Only to realize with a fluster that it's her. She sits up straighter in her chair, seeming to sprout a few inches in the blink of an eye. "Oh, er. A… A Cheering Charm?" she hazards a guess, saying the first one to pop into her head, with her mind gone rather blank.

Egbert nods, glancing down again— after a second, he draws a straight line off to the side and adds a few brief notes. 'Intent. Emotion. Mostly dark.' Frowning as the squiggly bits are edited in situ, he sets his quill down and waits for MacGregor to go on with the lecture. So much for trying to get a head start…

"Cheering charm. That affects it somewhat." Mac frowns, and gazes around the room. "The patronus." He's not too pleased. "If you don't have a happy enough memory, it looks like…" He turns back to the board, drawing another squiggle off to the side. "Well, nevermind what it looks like." He steps back among the class, gazing at the students in turn. "But if you can summon a happy enough memory, then, hey. You get …" He flicks his wand, incants "Expecto Patronum," and a strange badger-like creature that Daine is most likely to recognize appears. "You get that. An animal. To protect you from dementors, lethifolds, and a damn good way to frighten people if they're not paying attention." The poor firstie in the front row is proof of that.

"Oh. Right," Antigone replies, slinking back down in her seat, her cheeks gone red again. Somewhat half-heartedly, she makes an attempt to copy down a few of the squiggles and scribbles, but her own only somehow end up worse than those on the board. But the demonstration pulls her attention away from the note-taking, and she forgets her own self-doubt in watching the creature appear, sitting up straighter again now, and jotting down a few legible notes of her own.

Sitting quietly in her chair towards the back of the classroom, Daine leans to one side at a rather precarious angle, trying to catch every word the professor says and translate it in her head so she can take notes. It's a hazardous process that ends up with a lot of half-finished sentences and scribbles in a way that no one else would probably be able to decipher. When that ghostly devil appears out of nowhere, Daine visibly jumps. Her blue-grey eyes narrow in concentration and she stares at the little beast for a moment before her hand shoots up into the air and is held there - almost painfully straight - as she leans forward to try and get their awkward professor's attention.

Doing his best to write down the squiggles the teach is putting up on the board, Ron finally gives up and puts his quill down. It's a Patronus, he's sure anything he needs to know he can find out from Harry. Even then, it doesn't stop him from jumping slightly when the badger bursts out of the end of the wand, despite the fact he's near the back of the classroom. Only when Daine's hand shoots up into the air does he take his eyes off the badger and flicks his gaze over to her.

Patronus? They don't normally cover that till one of the later years, right? But Egbert writes down the incantation anyway - even if he can't cast it, he can at least look it up later for some more context. Or he starts to write it down, but then there it is - and it's the young Gryffindor's turn in the hot seat, now. He's barely seen her around, and watches curiously to see what tack she has to offer on the day's lesson.

"Salamander? Do you have a question?" Professor MacGregor looks over at Daine, and tilts his head. The Tasmanian Devil, for that's what it really is, starts sniffing at the poor firstie in the corner. "Tommy. Stop it." The silvery apparition doesn't pay much attention to his words. "See. Y'gotta mean it." What? He keeps his wand out, and looks over to Weasley . "Weatherby. Weatherby. Don't you have a brother at the Ministry somewhere?" He snorts. "Or somewhere. I can't remember." He shakes his head, and 'Tommy' fades just a bit for a moment. "Weatherby. Do you know another spell — or set of 'em — that you gotta really want to do for it to work?"

Antigone forgets about taking notes after scrawling a couple of things, intrigued instead with watching the not-badger as he sniffs at the first year. She glances over at Daine when the girl sticks her hand up into the air, and then tries to divide her attention between Daine and Ron, once she's managed to figure out who Weatherby is.

"I do," Daine answers. The usual respectful title of 'Professor' is left off for fear of mangling it in her hurry to speak. Pointing at 'Tommy', she looks to their aged teacher. "What's wrong with him?" As to other spells that need intent, she seems confused. "I believed you must have lots of want to work any spell, Prossefor." Of course, to a culture without wands, intent would be paramount.

While his name isn't exactly Weatherby, Ron can tell the professor means him, and he doesn't dare correct him on what his real name is. Maybe he'll just find out on his own. "Yes, sir," Ron says, nodding his head slightly. He gulps, and it's clear he's racking his brain for other spells that you really have to want to work. His eyes fall to his desk, glancing back and forth as he tries to figure it out… and then speaking up slightly after Daine's comment, he offers an answer. "The… Un… forgivable Curses, sir?"
Ron has partially disconnected.

Egbert's lips twist together in a sour curve. Mostly dark, indeed; the wizarding world doesn't use names like 'Unforgivable' lightly. Mostly his attention is still on Daine, or rather what she was just talking about - what was MacGregor's patronus doing that seemed wrong? He wasn't close enough to get a good look.

"Right you are, Wendelery." MacGregor nods once to Ron, and moves along. "The Unforgiveables. We talked about curses and such last time… wait… didn't we?" The old man is frowning, and as he attempts to concentrate, Tommy starts to fade. "What?" Daine's question throws him off more. "Tommy?" He looks so confused. Uh-oh. this doesn't bode well. "He's … He's alright, I think, for a Patronus. Doesn't look any more different than usual. Why?" Tommy fades completely away, and he moves back toward the front, eyeing the mess on the board. "Who in Merlin's name put this up here?" He grabs an eraser and erases the whole thing. "Wolly and I did this thing once, and that looked sort of like it, but you look definitely too young for that story." He frowns, and gazes toward the younger portion of the class. "Well, most of yuhs, anyway." He shifts around, and pulls out the chair. "Did I give you … Yes. I did. Send your homework up to the front."

"He doesn't … he doesn't feel right." Daine's voice gets quieter and she slinks back to shrink down into her chair. "He's … he's empty." And then when he fades completely away, her face goes incredibly pale beneath her tan. So much for the concept taking hold. As other children nearby start handing up their assignments, Daine digs hers out of the stack of parchment and adds it to the pile, scratch-scrawled half-English mess that it is.

Antigone's gaze flickers down towards her desk at the talk of Unforgivables, though the weirdness going on with the professor's Patronus draws her attention back towards the front, and that moment of silent respect fades so that she can just look at the professor - and at Daine - a little concerned and a great deal more confused. She glances around at her classmates to see if any of them are following better than her. "Who's Wolly? Did we cover him last class?" she asks in an undertone that can likely be heard by anyone sitting near the back of the class. She begins shuffling through her notes, digging out her homework while she's at it.

Daine, having overheard - and misheard (as usual) - from her seat towards the back, digs out an antiquated copy of 'Where's Waldo?' and holds it up while shaking it back and forth; trying to get Tig's attention - subtly. "Pssss," she hisses in a … rather snake-like fashion. "He lives in this floppy paper book."

"I don't know," Ron whispers back to Antigone with a shrug — and he really doesn't, not with this professor. "I think maybe he's confused…" Even as he says the words, he's digging through the parchment in his bag, pulling out a rumpled piece of parchment that apparently contains his homework. Smoothing it out on the side of the desk, he passes it along towards the front with all the others. "Crazy old codger."

Meanwhile, Egbert is as badly lost as ever, to the point of adding his notes from today's lecture to the homework pile instead of the other piece of parchment still sitting by his elbow. "What d'you mean he's hollow?" he asks, as Daine glances back in more or less his direction. "Is it not supposed to be translucent?" The idea that she mistook it for a normal animal hasn't occurred to him.

Down the hall hushed voices can be heard, before a polite knock given to one door. "I'm Sorry, Professor, Moo…" however whatever else is about to leave the gaunt man's mouth dies in a rasp. Dark eyes, peering from dark locks, catch the elderly fellow that seems to be leading this current lesson. "You're not Professor Moody…" Which goes to show, that the fellow in the dark green robes has such old information.
Artemis Took, really isn't much to look out should th children wonder at the new intruder. Pale nigh greenish skin, and of course the dark green robes of his profession. A Healer, in DaDa. "In fact… I know exactly who you are…What are you doing here, Mr. MacGregor?" Well, where is this going, because the young healer is reaching in his robes.

MacGregor doesn't appear to be paying attention to anything going on, at least until the healer comes in. Then, some old instinct kicks in, and Mac vanishes the papers off the desk … sorry, kids about that homework … and lifts it up in the air, lowering it on its side like a barricade. He hurries behind it, and peeks over it. "Protect yourselves! It's the enemy!" Well, not quite. "I was teaching a class." He does answer the question, though.

Antigone has no idea what's going on as Artemis comes into the classroom and everything falls into further chaos. She's still trying to figure out this Wolly fellow, reaching for Daine's book and pausing mid-way as she's distracted by this new disturbance, her hand wavering in mid air as she simply finds herself staring. And then perhaps some proof that five years of DADA lessons haven't been entirely wasted, she at least rallies enough to pull out her wand, even if she has no idea who to level it at right now.

Daine doesn't even stop to think. As soon as the professor throws up his parchment-and-wooden shields, she's sliding out of her desk and doing a somersault on the floor to stand further up the aisle. She doesn't bother with her wand. It doesn't even occur to her to reach for the thing. Instead, she claps both hands together over her head once and states firmly a word no one here would understand. The clap of hands seems to ring louder than it should and suddenly a line of fire that doesn't consume anything appears, blocking Artemis' inroads. School may still be weird and new and unsure, but they are more her clan than this strange man is. If the old crazy one declares him to be an enemy, than enemy he shall be. Her hand clenches around empty air, reaching for a bow that isn't there and she watches the healer warily as the flames that smell like fire and give off heat flicker at about waist-level, still not hurting anything. If it scares off rabid predators - or rabbits - and the occasional two-legged invader, it should scare this overlarge mantis away, right?

Weatherb— Weasley has absolutely no idea what's going on, especially with the arrival of the Healer. His eyes drift back and forth between the professor and the healer, head tilted slightly to the side as he watches the going-ons. He exchanges a glance and shrug with the other two members of the trio, turning back to the front to watch what happens. His eyes wander to Antigone's wand for a few moments, wondering whether he should take his out, too — for now, he just checks its location inside his robes, before putting both hands back on the desk — and right at that moment, Daine springs into action. Before Ron can even react, the other students on his bench leap to their feet, and Ron… well, Ron manages to fall backwards off of the bench somehow into a pile of robes on the floor, but just as soon as he hits the ground he's up on his feet, wand out and at the ready. Even if he is a little late. "What the bloody hell is going on?!"

Oh, boy. This isn't the first time a class has been interrupted by an 'enemy' - and the last time it happened, it wasn't really, and he got his wrist slapped for casting a spell. Even if it was just Rictusempra. But MacGregor actually told them to protect themselves, this time. But what to use, when the so-called enemy hasn't actually attacked yet? "Lumos!" he declares, after a second's thought: if there's to be an attack, at least it'll be a little harder to aim…

"Children, wands down!" Comes Artemis' voice a squeaked our reply as his own wand comes out and is pointed towards the 'professor'. "Hamish, I need you to calm down so none of these children get hurt by accident. And I need you to lower your wand and come with me." At least till he can find an auror, so he can shoot a Patronus to Mungo's. Still that is the future-this right now is well patient care?
" Children if you can file out behind me- Mr. MacGregor, is a bit…unstable." Artemis adds, before muttering "Blast it jack, I should have drug you with me.." A lick of his lips as he levels his wand on Hamish…or the desk. "Come now, sir…" However due, to the sudden wall of fire, there's a step back and a flick of his wand. "Aguamenti!" shouted as from the end of his wand- a hose like spray of water is shot.. Hopefully to put out the fire-though if this fire be illusion, watch out whomever is behind there. And Lumos, really. "Bloody bats and boils! Stop it you infernal brats..He's escaped from Mun-Gah!" light in the eyes and more water everywhere.

Still peering over the desk, Hamish MacGregor assesses the situation. Luckily for everyone in the room, his sanity returns for the most part. "Oh. It's just a Healer. Salmon. Calm down." He casts a quick drying spell on her, and expands it to the floor. Don't want the little kiddies slipping. "Well, I'm teaching children, Healer. Professor Dumbledore hired me." He gives a wide smile, like he knows he's been caught with his hands in the chocolate frog box. "We'll have to visit him before we go. I definitely kept you on the run for quite a while this time."

Doused with water and now dripping on what's left of her illusionary fire - which is sputtering and dying more like a fuzzy image on the telly than a real blaze - Daine just … stares.

Much like Daine, Ron can't do anything but keep his eyes focused on MacGregor and the healer, his wand wavering a little bit and slowly dropping down to rest against his thigh. He opens his mouth to speak, but no sound comes out due to his massive confusion, and he does nothing more than just watch the proceedings at hand, wondering if he's going to get a zero on that homework or not.

Looking sheepish - he should have known it would happen again, go on, just take the points off and be done with it - Egbert sets his wand down and slumps back into his chair. And belatedly realizes that the wrong bit of parchment got Vanished earlier. On the one hand, he'll have to do the notes all over again; on the other, he still has the homework assignment, may be the only one in the room who does. But on the third hand, that may or may not matter any more.

Staring right towards Hamish, and then the other students for a second. "Hell." a mutter and he is nodding towards MacGregor. "Fine, then let us both go down to the Headmaster's together. But you must know you had people worried, and looking for you, sir." Artemis sighs for a second as he backs up for a second. "Please, Mr. MacGregor. Wands away, and let us get moving- we need to get you back down to Mungos."

"Alright, Alright. Keep yer — " The old man pauses then, remembering the age of the kids in the room. "Hold yer horses." He stands up, still twirling at his wand, and nods at the kids. "Good job, kids. Especially you, Salmonella. Fifteen points to Gryffindor for protecting us." Even though it turned out to be unnecessary. "I'll have Albus gr —" He notices that he Vanished the homework. "Oh, right. Well, redo your essays, and turn them in to Professor Dumbledore. Or whoever gets to teach you lot." He gives a happy smile. "It was great fun." He walks over to Healer Took, and gives the man his wand. "Here y'are, Healer." He's as happy as can be. For now.

There's a noise of protest from the back of the classroom, and it's not hard to tell who it comes from. "Redo the essay?!" ron says, outrage clearly etched across his features. He already did the bloody essay once! And to prove it, he makes it known. "I've already /done/ the bloody essay, now I have to do it again?" Shaking his head, he sits back down at the table and pulls his bag close to him, setting it in front of him and crossing his arms over it so he can rest his head. Is class over yet? Because he would like to be out of here, especially if he has to do the essay /again!/

And Daine has had Enough. Leaving her stuff scattered across her section of the back table, she stalks past both Healer and Crazy. Well, she stalks inasmuch as she can with her shoes squelching with each step. She is soaking wet and freezing cold and incredibly confused. It is now time to Exit Stage Left. And so she does. Goodbye, Mister Mental Man.

Well, then, at least Egbert will get to hand the parchment off to someone - though who knows what Dumbledore will make of it when he gets it. Did he really hire a patient from Mungo's as a teacher? Or is it that Artemis is really the patient, and MacGregor is humoring him or something? And if MacGregor wasn't hired to teach the class… then who was, and what happened to them? It's all he can do to stay focused long enough to rewrite his missing lecture notes, minus the diagrams this time around.

Wand taken before he's turning. The only one, or perhaps one of the only ones dry without a drying spell needed? Success! With that he's nodding to Hamish to lead the way out, before he is tailing behind him. Though halfway to the door, Artemis is turning his head back to the children for a second. "Uhm..Sorry about this…err..for more information about..Defense? Yes-Defense against the dark arts. Go to your local library…" Which would be the school's library. Alas. "Onward, Mr. MacGregor…."

Hamish follows gladly. "Alright. So, what's your name, healer? You don't look a bit like that Smethwyck fellow. He was the one who caught me last time. Wolly and me was eating ice cream and he caught us. Locked us right up in the ward. But you know? We got ice cream twice that day. It was Wednesday after all …" He continues to chatter on to the Healer as he walks along with him.

Group: Rumors and Outright Lies
Title: DADA Woes

Earlier today, a green-robed (green-skinned??) Healer was seen escorting the newly-hired Defense Against the Dark Arts professor up to the Headmaster's office. The older teacher was prattling as they went on, something about Old Wolly, ice cream, and a hen. The students who were listening were unsure if the last thing was the actual fowl, or referring to a witch. Students who were in the classroom at the time report flames, water, over turned desks, and (to the Ravenclaws' eternal anger) Vanished homework. Hamish MacGregor was escorted back to the long-term ward of St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies without much fuss.

What does this mean for the students? Who will teach their classes next? Why did Dumbledore hire a crazy man? Will they really have to redo that essay? Only time will tell.

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