1994-07-01: Where's The Potion?


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Scene Title Where's the Potion?
Synopsis Lupin goes to St. Mungo's to get a supply of potion for the full moon. They don't have any available, but he does have a nice little chat with a Mediwitch named Reverie.
Date July 1st, 1994
Logger Lupin


St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

It's a regular day in the St. Mungo's waiting room. There's a man with trumpets instead of ears; a woman whose nose is ten times too big. There's a man covered in thick fur and whiskers; and there's even someone with wings coming out of the side of their head and who keeps on screeching a high pitched squeal. It's nothing that they can't handle here at the hospital. One man, however, doesn't appear to have anything readily wrong with him. Remus Lupin is his name. Though he doesn't seem to have the appearance of someone who needs help from the dear mediwizards of St. Mungo's, he does have a particular potion that he needs to pick up a supply of, and this is the best place to get it.

Admist the usual chaos in the St. Mungo's waiting room, it seems that a tired looking and seemingly overwhelmed young intern is chatting away with a few of the secretaries. "Give me an easy one, I could use a break.." Reverie replies softly. Fate would have it that she's not going to get one, as the secretary points towards Lupin, thinking he's just a hypochondriac or something like that. Reverie's brows arch and she smiles, grinning wryly, "Thanks.." she says before grabbing the clipboard and walking on over.
"Hello good sir! I'm Reverie St. Croix. How may I help you this evening?" she asks curiously.

Lupin lifts his eyes to look directly at Reverie. He gives her a soft smile. "Ah, hello. I'm Remus Lupin." He introduces himself. "I um…I'm here for a special potion, you see. To stock up. But, it's not a potion just any potion shop would have. It is one that is only used once a month…on the full moon." He says, hoping she catches his drift. He doesn't want to scare those around him by outright saying that he is, in fact, a werewolf.

"Hello Mr. Lupin.." she says starting to jot down notes though her brows start to raise a little at the description of the potion. She hrmms for a few moments,chewing on her bottom lip as she motions for him to follow her to oneof the examination rooms. "I see, I see..well, what you're asking for is quite difficult to make, and I'm not exactly sure if we have any right now in stock. But..if it's any consolation, you've come to the right person, I know how to make it!" she chirps brightly.

Lupin bows his head in a nod for a moment. Standing, he follows her to the exam room and takes another seat there. "I do understand that it is, as well, not one of the most common potions to be found. Having used my last of it during the previous full moon, however, I thought it prudent to come for restocking. Though the next full moon is not until the twenty-second." He tilts his head. "Well, I'm certainly glad that you turned out to be my mediwizard. It is certainly a difficult potion to make, even for the best of us."

Once in the exam room, she closes the door behind her as to not to cause a fuss. "I'll have to gather the ingredients and double check our supplies, but I think it can be done. I hope I'm in time for the next full moon, but I will definitely do my best…" she then pauses for a few moments and chews on her bottom lip. "Have you contacted the potions master at Hogwarts? I think I'll contact him as well in case I cant find any of the ingredients necessary for it.."

Lupin offers her an encouraging smile. "I'm sure you'll do just fine. You would not be hired here unless you could do your job quickly and efficiently." He says in a kind tone. "The Hogwarts potions master? Severus Snape? He made if for me this previous year, but I he currently…" How to make it sound like he's not actually an unfriendly type, "He's currently unable to help me in my situation." Not completely true. He won't help. But he doesn't need to say that. "I wouldn't want to bother him."

"Ahhh, well I guess he is a very busy man.." Reverie replies, nodding a little as she scratches out Snape's name on her list of people to contact. "Well, I'll do what I can and try to get it as quickly as possible. It's not exactly a motion that can be mass produced, so several batches will be needed, and that takes time. But fortunately, I always enjoyed potions, so I will do what I can.." she says reassuringly before hrmming for a few moments.
"Now, if I cant make the twenty-second deadline, I'd like you to please come here..or at least to the local MLE office..for um..well..you know…restraints.."

Lupin nods firmly. "Oh yes, very busy. I do believe the last I saw him he was off buying supplies for the new school year." He takes a deep breath in. "I do appreciate you doing this. It's not an easy task for anyone to take on." He furrows his brow. "Are you new here, by chance? I just…I don't recall seeing you here before. Though there are a lot of staff who work here." He says pleasantly. "Well, for the twenty-second…I do have a location I frequent if I can, when the full moon arrives, that is suitable. It's a place that nobody goes near and as such I would be at no risk of hurting anyone."

"Well, I've just finished my internship, it's my first time as an independent mediwizard now.." she admits ruefully, her cheeks flushing a bright tinge of red. Perhaps it's her naivete and her youth that makes her willing to take such a challenge as brewing some werewolf potion. "But I do specialize in supernatural maladies, and yours is one that I've been interested in on a while. I did a whole study on werewolves back in my day at Hogwarts!" she says, somewhat proud of that.

"Is that so?" Comes Lupin's response. "Well, this is a good learning experience for you then, isn't it? Have you had many like me in here that you've helped, or am I the first one?" He asks, voice full of curiosity. "Interesting, I somewhat specialize in the supernatural myself. I know just a little too much about the dark arts and defending against it than I care to admit, in complete honesty." He says wryly. "What did you learn about werewolves in that study of yours?"

"Well, I do recall reading a homorphous charm can force a werewolf back into their normal shape, but I'm pretty sure that's just a load of tripe from Lockhart's books.." she says with more than a healthy bit of skepticism in her tone. "I did come upon some literature that suggested that continual use of the wolfsbane potion can suppress a werewolf transformation completely, but I think direct contact with moonlight would even negate that.."

Lupin chuckles lightly. "That Lockhart…I would prefer not to read any of his books, in all honesty to you. I do not believe that any of them have any real value in their pages." An eyebrow is raised. "I am not so sure about the wolfsbane potion completely suppressing a transformation. As horrible as it is to change, I think the best course of action is to just take this potion before transformation so that the human frame of mind can be kept." He nods. "I hope you never read that all werewolves are bad. We aren't all that horrible. Just some."

"I really think werewolves are like anyone else. There's your bad ones, nthen there's those who were just unfortunate victims of circumstance.." Reverie replies with a soft sigh as she runs her fingers through her hair. "I will keep this conversation and it's nature secret though, I think you lucked out on this. I personally have no prejudices.."

Lupin smiles softly at Reverie. "Well, I'm glad. I could tell that you were a nice and goodly person when you came up to me." He says kindly. "I've met a few mediwizards and witches who have high prejudice against werewolves. Most people have the prejudice, mind you. I've gotten used to it, by now, though. I don't mind it so much."

"I feel it's an unfortunate circumstance really. The passing of the anti-werewolf legislation certainly didnt help.." she says with a soft sigh of disappointment in the ministry at that. "It's that awful Umbridge woman, she's a bigot if I ever met one.."

Lupin shakes his head. "Delores Umbridge is a purist. She believes that half-breeds and those creatures that are not purely wizard or are not human are underneath the wizarding community and should, thus, be slaves of the wizards. I do not agree with it either, but she's Undersecretary to the minister. There's not much that can be done about that now."

"As long as she doesnt gain more power within the ministry things should be okay.." Reverie says matter of factly as she smiles once more. Her bedside manner was one of the things that earned her top marks in her evaluations afterall. "But like I said, I'll work on the potion. Come back within a week and I'll see if I have my first batch ready!"

Lupin chuckles and nods. "Well, us who don't like her can always hope and dream, can't we?" He says with a little smile. "Well, I'm glad that I ran into you here, then. You are very helpful. I hope I can look forward to receiving your medical expertise on a more regular basis?"

"Assuming I dont completely fumble on something and get fired in the meantime.." she says with a hearty laugh while grnining wryly the entire time.

"Well, let's hope that doesn't happen." Lupin says kindly. "Though if that did happen, I'm sure you'd find other work. There is always work for mediwizards and witches all over."

"That's one of the reasons why I went into it, though I really want to pursue more medical research later on. Considering the amount of charms and potions we have, you'd think we'd catch up to muggle medicine, but in some ways, we've surpassed them, and in some ways, we havent." Reverie replies with a shrug of her shoulders while running her fingers through her hair.

Lupin tilts his head slightly, interested. "Though muggle medicine, from my understanding, is quite excellent, surely there is plenty it cannot do? What if someone, say, takes a swig of a polyjuice potion and accidentally places, say, hair from rat in the potion instead of from a human, how would you fix that with muggle medicine? It takes a fair bit of work already with magical medicine."

"I remember reading something called plastic surgery, dont exactly know how it works, but it can make old people look young! That's a pretty good nonmagical attempt I think.." Reverie quips, snickering softly the entire time as she wrinkles her nose at themention of the rat in polyjuice. she then raises her brows, "You havent been looking through our records, have you? That actually just happened two weeks ago, just dont tell anyone.." she says with a soft chuckle.

Lupin shakes his head. "Plastic surgery…what will they think of next?" He chuckles softly. "No, no digging through records. But that is sort of my…thing. I'm an expert on dark magic and everything of that kind. Including polyjuice potion. Must say, I've had to thing of all the possibilities of what might happen. Not the most pleasant of past times, I assure you." He chuckles.

"It sounds morbid actually, probably one of the reasons I didnt really like the pathology section of clinicals. The things we learned there..oh goodness.." she says with a soft sigh under her breath, recalling a few of the stories that made her queasy. "So you're an expert on dark magic? An auror then?"

Lupin nods silently in understanding. "Very morbid. There's so much out there that is quite unpleasant. Some of what you would have learned is only part of it. Let us hope you never have to have experience with any of it." He chuckles and shakes his head. "No. I do not believe the Ministry would hire me, as I am a werewolf. But…I'm an expert in the field."

"Well, I was sort of implying former.." she admits softly, her cheeks flushing a bright tinge of red before letting out a soft chuckle under her breath. "What I've seen for the most part is..tame. The worst I've seen are two who were driven mad. When I was doing my psychiatry clinicals, I had to go up in that ward, and it's.." and she pauses, shuddering a bit.

Lupin smiles softly. "Yes…I figured as much." Though he doesn't sound accusatory, rather just confirming. "I hope you never have to see any more than the tame." He says softly. "Two that were driven mad, you say? A couple, perhaps? Probably done by the Cruciatus. That's the most common dark curse for doing that."

"Patient-mediwizard confidentiality has to be respected, I've said too much already, but yes, I'd say it was the cruciatus curse as well." she admits as she continues to blush at her newbie mistake and hrmms for a few moments. "I think we get more than our fair share of victims of dark magic, and perhaps…" and she looks around, her eyes glancing furtively around as she leans in and whispers. "There have been more and more victims as of late, almost as many as the time of the first wizarding war.."

Lupin smiles and nods. "Of course. Only reason I ask is because I know a couple up in the psychiatric ward who were driven mad by that curse. Frank and Alice Longbottom. I knew them before it happened to them." He tilts his head. "There are dark ramblings going on. There are those, you know, who say that Voldemort never died." Yes, he said, out loud, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named name. "There are some who fear his return is immanent." He shrugs. "But I have said too much already."

"Then you should visit them, I think they might appreciate some visitors.." she says, not admitting that is who is upstairs directly anyway. She gasps though at the mention of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, like all good witches and wizards must do as she nods and chews on her bottom lip once more. "I had figured. He ordered someone close to me to kill my father as a show of loyalty..we were all affected by the first wizarding war. I refuse to believe that he never died though…he has to be gone..he has to be.."

Lupin sighs as he thinks about it. "I don't know if they'd recognize me. I don't think they even recognize their own son when he visits." He says sadly. "He and his supporters did much back then." He furrows his brow. "What makes you so sure he is completely gone?"

"That Potter boy..right?" Reverie says matter of factly, not really keeping up to date with Hogwarts events as she runs her fingers through her hair. "And I think it's just easier to sleep at night if you think He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named will never come back.

"Easier to sleep? For some, yes." Lupin shakes his head and smiles. "But, I believe that's enough of that unpleasant topic, eh? Besides. He may not ever come back even if it were possible."

"I prefer to think that the dead stay dead, especially when they've done horrible things.." she says matter of factly as she hrmms forafew moments while wrinkling her nose."But about the new dark magics going around..isnt Sirius Black still on the loose?"

Lupin smiles and nods. "Yes. Of course." Though what if certain somebody's didn't die in the first place? "Well…yes, Sirius Black is on the loose. Though do you really think he could be causing ALL this trouble?"

"I doubt it, but he could be a rallying cry for the other deatheaters still active. Many denied it afterall and even sold out others to remain out of Azkaban..who knowsif they were really telling the truth?" Reverie says with a sigh, shaking her head a little at the thought.

Lupin shrugs. "But would they really want to become active once more, is the question. They would risk getting caught this time around. And if that's so, why would they rally together in the first place without their leader who has been gone for thirteen years?"

"The escape could be a rallying cry, a portent for things to come. I dont really know, it's all just musing at this point, but I expect that we'll be busier and busier in the future if current trends continue.." Reverie replies, shaking her head.

Lupin smiles softly and nods. "Perhaps yes and perhaps no. I suppose only time shall tell." He stands and holds out his hand to shake Reverie's. "Thank you for all your assistance today. I look forward to seeing you again for that potion. I'm afraid to say that I must be off now."

"Oh, do take care.." she says with a warm smile and a firm handshake. "And be careful out there.." she says with a bow of her head before opening the door and letting him step out first.

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