1994-07-02: Whatta Man


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Scene Title Whatta Man
Synopsis Cho and Cullen's first kiss, karaoke and rapping.
Date 02 July 1994
Watch For Cullen singing a Who song, Cho rapping to Salt N Pepa, and their first kiss
Chronology Cullen and Cho karaoke
Logger Cho


// Various places in London//

After a bit of a chat with Dania in the ice cream shop, Cho finally steps out with her own ice cream finished as she scans the area. Cullen just said he had to step out for a bit, but she doesnt see him, at least not yet. Did she just get ditched? Oh noes!

Cullen is late, but not vanished. Not very ashamed either, just offering whimsical grin across the crowd when he spots Cho from the distance between, hand raising to wag green paper bag before he trots toward her. He doesn't make a complete stop when he gets there, just nudges with elbow as he passes. "Don't be slow," The boy chides.

There's a slight harumph that escapes from her lips as she wrinkles her nose and just follows along, deciding to run a little to catch up. She shakes her head and lets out a soft oye before hooking her arm with his for two reasons: one, to not get lost, and two, to gauge his reaction when she does so. "What's in the bag?" she asks curiously, her brows furrowed now.

The reaction is a subdued one, head tilting down at the girl with small arch of eyebrows. It's a humorous expression, and one that seems fairly pleased with the weight there. There's a reciprocal tightening, tug to help pull her along as he begins to move past storefronts and displays. "A light," He replies, "For my brother. We've got an exchange going."

"Ahhh, I see. I'm an only child.." Cho explains as she smiles warmly at the tightening on her arm as she continues to walk along side him. It's no fair really, he's taller and has a longer stride, so she does her best to keep up. "So what's on the agenda for the rest of the tour?" she asks curiously, continuing to look around London, enjoying herself and her company, of course.

He doesn't drag her, not too much. Mostly it's a pleasant pace, eyes flitting back and forth, lingering long enough in some places to allow the girl glimpse of shops around. "Well," The boy mentions, "Back to the main streets, eventually. That's what you haven't seen, isn't it?" Mention of family just brings dim smile to Cullen's face, "I don't know what'd be like, not having a sibling. Must be lonely."

"Oh, before I forget. In a couple of days, we're having a party, it's my birthday and all.." she admits ruefully, her cheeks flushing a bright tinge of red. "You dont have to bring anything, but do bring yourself, if you're not busy. I mean our house is accessible by floo and all.." Cho continues before hrmming for a few moments, as she becomes thoughtful at being an only child.

"It's not that lonely. I had lots of friends growing up, even before I started at Hogwarts. We went back to Hong Kong a lot, and I saw relatives there and I have a bunch of cousins, so they're practically like siblings, right?" she says with a cheery smile. She continues looking around and spies a shop with some Chinese writing on it. A coy grin curls onto her lips as she tugs in that direction, "You sing?" she asks.

"My extended family doesn't speak to me much," He makes pause at the tug, giving in to that small weight on his arm, pivoting and wobbling along in the direction his companion chooses. "Badly," He mentions, "Usually when I'm a little off the trolley." Eyes flick toward sign, sketch quick outline of shape before he turns helpless glance at Cho. "What's this?"

"It's an Asian Muggle thing. You've heard of karaoke?" Cho quips, her brows raised as she eventually drags him into the little shop with an elderly Chinese man. She starts speaking to him in Mandarin, bowing and motioning towards Cullen before letting out a quick squeal. "Ooooh! There's free karaoke today, and we even get a room for it! And part of the fun of karaoke is that you dont have to sing well to havea good time. So you wanna try it?" she asks.

Cullen makes lopsided sort of smile toward the girl, one tug at her elbow before reply of, "I've heard." Pause, mention of, "A room?" There's another stilted silence, minor consideration before smile blossoms again. "Why not? I'll show you my surprise later. This'll be fun, yeah?"

"Oooh, there's a surprise?" Cho asks excitedly, as now she seems torn between the surprise and karaoke. However, karaoke wins for now since Cullen seems amicable towards the idea, and she speaks a bit more Mandarin before she is lead towards a small room with a large leather couch, a decent sized TV, and binders full of numbers and songs. Then of course, there's the ginormous karaoke system itself.

She lets go of Cullen's arm at this point and flops down onto the couch and a bit more Mandarin is spoken. "Chie chie.." she says in the end as the elderly gentlemen heads off and closes the door as she smiles brightly. "Oh, and you never answered bout the birthday party, you willing to come?" she asks while grabbing one of the song books.

Cullen's eyes follow after the older fellow, head tilted in an almost avian cant before the door is shut behind. Just a rueful sort of smile follows, hands reaching up to tuck behind his neck, feet sending him shuffling toward Cho afterward. "Kind of spoiled it, didn't I? There is a surprise, though. But, you've got time."

He takes seat beside the girl, choosing to perch himself at the arm of the couch, looming over his accomplice and taking quick glance of menu. "Can't say I've done this before. They have Electric Avenue? The Who?" He's familiar, obviously, with Muggle things. Mention of birthday causes pause, question of, "What about the party? I must have missed it."

Cho just stares at him for a little before she snickers and sticks her tongue out towards him. "You're invited. It's in a few days. My house. Floo network. No need for presents, just you.." she says, poking him playfully in the chest as she starts looking through the songbook and finds a section in English handing it to him.

"It's sorted by song, so there's the 'E's, I'm looking for something more modern..I'm kind of feeling in an En Vogue kinda mood.." she says, showing a bit of her unusual taste in music, particularly muggle music.

"Oh, right." Missing things like that is apparently a faux pa, meaning just a second of awkward silence before it's covered by the boy's usual, wide smile. He does seem to show off his teeth a lot. "Of course!" Quick nod of head afterward, enthusiastic gesture, "I can get something, if you want. Are there a lot of people?"

Mention of songs just draws his head down again, another peek snuck at the book before hand reaches to pluck it from her fingers. "Really?" It's not quite incredulous, just half-amused. "I guess that's alright. You'll have to go first anyway."

"I've sent out invites, but I didnt ask for RSVPs so I dont know how many people are going. Hopefully it wont turn out to be a miserable mess.." Cho replies with a soft and slightly nervous chuckle before she bumps her shoulder against his own. "And you can get anything, surprise me.." she says with a wink before starting to input the numbers for her song. What did she put in?

A few seconds pass and soon there's the twanging electronic version of a guitar. Oh yes, she's going for Aretha Franklin's "Respect" and she grabs the microphone and starts dancing around.

Palm presses the girl's back when she rises, giving one little push between shoulder blades to propel her off the couch and to her designated place. When she starts there's just an awkward smile on Cullen's face, the boy choking back anything more that might be threatening to spill out. His face manages to school into something humored but pleasant, hands coming together to give minute applause when Cho takes up microphone and begins her performance.

Cho needs no real push to get up on stage. She's enjoying herself and she's dancing and twirling, even reaching out to try to grab his hand to pull him up on stage with her. She even goes to try to twirl him as she gets into the song, shaking her head to the beat and rhythm of the music as she does her best Aretha impression. She's not a bad singer, but she wont win any Pop Idol contest anytime soon.

Minutes pass and she finishes the song with a hearty giggle, giving him a hug in the end for being a good sport. She lets out a phew before handing him the microphone, "Kay Langley, show me whatcha got.." she says teasingly.

He plays his part as the audience member, even taking himself to stage when she makes request. Hand hooks, spins, moves along in complementary motion with the girl before she comes to her stop. The hug is returned easily enough, hands encircling her waist, holding against before allowing escape. Then when his turn comes he pauses, considers a moment before taking microphone.

"Any touch can fight- few can play," And so he goes launching into passable version of It's Hard. He's not a member of The Who, certainly, and he's a bit off key, but it isn't painful. It's made up for by enthusiasm, fingers striking the air along with the appropriate cords, head moving with music. All the way through, then a stop, sweeping bow and extension of hands made out at the girl afterward.

She's having a really good time and it shows. She's smiling from ear to ear and her cheeks burn a bright tinge of red as the hug lingers for a bit, noticing their closeness for the first time before she furtively glances towards the ground. However, once he starts singing, she starts waving her arms in the air back and forth in a slow motion along with the beat of the music. "Oh what I wouldnt give for a lighter right now.." she says teasingly before she bursts into enthusiastic applause as he finishes.

She reaches out and lets her fingers entwine with his own, giving his hand a gentle squeeze before she moves in to hug him oncemore. "Bravo, bravo! I'm sure they would be proud of your performance.." Cho quips with a wink.

"I like some of the old stuff," Fingers thread into hers, one hand awkward around microphone, but it's something that's ignored. When she coils around him again he just returns the gesture, arms enfolding the Ravenclaw girl. That height difference is readily apparently, though it's not enough to prevent awkward closeness. "You didn't do so bad, maybe I'll let you try again later." He doesn't release this time, just lets eyes meet hers, head bowing a touch closer.

"The oldies are still goodies.." she admits ruefully, stepping closer as she shivers a bit from the closeness. She looks up towards him and leans in to nuzzle her nose against his own. Her eyes sparkle brightly as she lets out an impish, and a nervous sounding giggle as she gives him a fond and affectionate squeeze. "I…" and she hesitates for a few moments, still goofily smiling. "I..like you, Cullen.." There, she's said it! Whew!

"I kind of noticed," He's better at these conversations, slightly less awkward in the art of juvenile love confession. It doesn't mean there's an immediate response though. Just kind of a pleasant smile with thoughts are sorted through, his hands moving to touch at the girl's shoulders after, fingers coiling and holding there. "I like you too." Simple words, but he seems to decide they'll do the trick.

"I'm glad.." her words are simple and sweet, but her smile should convey whatshe's feeling. She giggles impishly, her cheeks now only a light tinge of pink as she bumps her forehead againsthis own in a dopey fashion, not breaking eye contact the entire time. "Of course, I was hoping to be a bit more subtle about the whole thing.." she whispers, chuckling softly before she wrapsher arms around his shoulders and gives another squeeze. "So..what..now?"

"You did a really bad job if that was the plan." The words are playful jabs, no real criticism about them. Question just causes another break from speaking, fingers squeezing once to the girl's shoulder. Then, he decides. He tips, tilts head at slight angle to moves forward. A kiss, if she'll accept. Not very long, just a graze, but the boy takes this as the next logical place to go.

Her eyes widen as he starts to angle forward. She decides to lean in ,eventually pressing her lips against his in a soft and sweet motion. Almost immediately after, she giggles with glee, her cheeks turning beet red. "You know, this is one thing I'm not sure if I'm good at.." Cho admits ruefully.

His neck cranes back once the gesture is finished, though the hands don't go, just remain as bridge between him and her. "I could be better," The boy assures, fingers squeezing again, digging into shoulders in affectionate grasp before feet shuffle slowly backward. "So." A moment is passed before he expounds, "This'd make us," He leaves her to pick up, impish smile turned down on the girl.

"Boyfriend and girlfriend?" she asks, not sounding sure of her answer, which is a rare occasion indeed. She raises her brows and peers towards him, still smiling goofily the entire time as she bumps her forehead againsthis own gently before stealing a quick kiss on the lips. It seems she likes that afterall.

"That works." Nod follows, minor bump of forehead before smile arcs across his lips again. It's pressed against hers, another fleeting motion before hands trace her shoulders, releasing once they come to elbows. They just tuck away, hiding in pockets, taking shelter. He doesn't move away while she's content with the nearness, just arcs head toward the door. "We could both do worse, right?"

"I dunno if I'd put things in that light so soon.." she says teasingly, snickering in the end as she sticks her tongue out towards him as she stands up tall and proud now. There's still that goofy grin on her lips as she lets out a soft and amused chuckle. "I think I'd prefer to say we got someone just right.." Cho quips as she keeps her arms wrapped around his shoulders. "So…should we continue singing or do you wanna show your surprise?"

Cullen's head tips back and forth like a scale weighing either option, eyes squinting upward, down again after. "We can stay here for awhile," He decides, "If it gets late, there's still plenty of time for it later." A nod, mention of, "I'll take you to where the real musicians go. Or, at least, the ones who want to be real musicians."

Cho nods as she starts to head back towards the couch, though as she unwraps her arms from his shoulders, her hand slides down his arm until her fingers entwine with his own, giving it a gentle squeeze and a tug. "Okay, a few more songs then, I mean, we did get the room for free.." she smiles as she flops back down onto the couch and starts looking for a song, having that dopey grin the entire time.

Cullen follows, trailing along like errant shadow, this time choosing a place closer to Cho to settle. Right beside, hand still in hers, apparently intending to make flipping pages at least moderately difficult for the girl. "You travel a lot, don't you?" It's not exactly related to the topic at hand, but there's an air of curiosity to the question, Cullen's head lolling against the cushions of the couch.

"Hong Kong mostly, though we have gone to Beijing and whatnot. Daddy's part of the Department of International Magical Cooperation, so he takes me along on occasion.." she explains, giving his hand another gentle squeeze as she doesnt seem to mind the fact that finding a song is now a tad bit more difficult. "But it's fun, and I get to learn new things, so it works out in the end. Why do you like traveling?" Cho asks as she looks over towards him with a wry grin.

"I can't say I have. The farthest I've been is when I spend time with my grandfather. The old bug lives someone in them middle of nowhere, like a wizard should." Hand arcs upward after, making sweep meant to encompass the whole room and things beyond. "I'm from here. Got used to it, too. My family was never much for the countryside, I don't think."

"My parents grew up in Hong Kong, which is pretty busy and all hustle bustle and whatnot. That's why they moved to Tutshill I think, so I'm the opposite, growing up mostly on the countryside. Personally, I prefer the city though, it's so much more exciting, so many more things to do.." she replies, her eyes sparkling brightly with excitement as she talks about the city, as if even muggle cities were as magical as the most mysterious places in Hogwarts. After a few moments she finally finds a song and puts in the number, waiting for it to queue on up, "Okay, choose a song while this loads.." she says, placing the heavy book on his lap now.

Her enthusiasm paints another smile one Cullen's face, book accepted with one hand, placed in lap before he makes quick flick through pages. Thump and index finger work in quick motion, palm sliding across pages until he finds what he wants. Electric Avenue will fulfill the necessary dose of psychedelic rock for the night, finger nudging to indicate choice before book is flicked aside and to the couch. "We're going to have fun, then," He decides, "Maybe one day I'll go traveling too. After school is all done with."

A deep bass can be heard as it seems Cho has chosen something along the lines of Salt N Pepa. She eases on up and gives his hand a gentle squeeze as she starts gyrating her hips from side to side. "Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man, what a mighty good man.." she says, starting to rap it seems to the classic Salt N Pepa song. Oh yes, it's Cho rapping. This is one for the books.

Again, Cullen does his duty, following along beside the girl and up to the stage. There's just that same smile, a little broader than usual, but it seems to be one of his default expressions. He helps, too, hands moving to rest on the girl's waist, shaking along as he hips wag back and forth, mirroring the motions and, when he can, joining in to strike particular note. It's probably a good thing they've an isolated room, at lest for the Ravenclaw idol. "You-" He breathes, "Are hilarious."

~My man is smooth like Barry, and his voice got bass. A body like Arnold with a Denzel face; He's smart like a doctor with a real good rep, And when he comes home he's relaxed with Pep…~

Cho continues her rapping, bobbing her head back and forth as she lets out little giggle snorts as she does her best to imitate the hiphop culture of America as she continues to dance alongside him. She gives his hand another gentle squeeze as she leans in and steals yet another kiss when their hips bump and she waggles her brows once more.

Hands sway at the girl's hips, the motion mimicked by the boy at her side. He's at least schooled at the more haphazard, barely-dancing kinds of dancing, making step here and there, making passably synch with the music that pumps out of the wall. He provides a minor guidance for Cho in the form of occasional nudge or bump, throaty laugh escaping before he leans to cut her off, lips catching at hers again.

Fortunately the song finishes as he steals the other kiss and she wrinkles her nose and beams brightly the entire time. The room quiets down once more as she lets out a hearty laugh at her own sillyness, very glad that there wasnt a mirror in the room. "So, if I dont pass OWLS this year, I think I can become a muggle rapper.." she quips teasingly as she hands him the microphone.

Cullen slows when the music stops, arms coming a halt, resting peacefully where they'd attached to his dance partner. Snort is made at the suggestion, lips parting to let out one hearty chuckle at her suggestion, "Yeah, maybe," He's ditching his own song, hopping off the stage, fingers curling to motion the girl to follow suit, "You, though, don't have to worry about that. You've got to help me decide my career."

"I guess I can do that.." Cho quips, still giggilng happily the entire time as she flops backonto the couch, motioning forhim to ease on down next to her. "But I still think you can do anything you set your mind to.."

"If I can just pass transfiguration I can be set," The couch is subjected to his weight again, arms curling together, fingers clasping between legs as the boy leans forward. "It'd be easier if I could decide how much MacGonagall hates me." A grin, addendum of, "Think I made her sore when I asked her to teach me something fun since I was getting the hang of it."

Cho hrmms for a few moments as she rests her head on his shoulder, settling in against him on the couch. "Well…" and she glances around furtively. "Have you ever heard of an animagus?" she asks curiously while canting her head to the side.

"I have. It was a bit interesting, I wasn't too sure about it." Extra weight on the shoulder isn't minded, Cullen just making impish smile toward the girl before eyes turn toward the ceiling. "Mostly, I stick with things that aren't complicated. Tried to do the desk into a pig trick my second year, you really wouldn't believe how badly that could turn out." By the tone of his voice he's only half joking about it.

"It didnt end up horribly wrong with a pig-desk squealing around did you?" Cho asks, snickering a little as she pats him gently on the thigh, giving it a gentle squeeze. "And I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. I remember you're quite good at the class, much better than I am anyway. I still say trying to be an animagus would be a good challenge for someone with your talents.." she says with a sage nod.

"It doesn't sound-" A word is sought, found after some consideration. "Fun. I guess. I'd rather make things disappear, or change color, or turn lead to gold. The classic things." Lopsided smile follows, the boy's fingers locking around Cho's wrist, giving firm pull as he begins to rise up to his feet. "S'enough singing for now, though, isn't it?"

"Enough singing, definitely, but make a mental note cause we're going back.." Cho quips, snickering softly the entire time as she rises on up alongside Cullen. The two are still in a small muggle karaoke establishment, and as the two start to head out, she gives a little bit of muggle currency as tip as she says goodbye to the elderly gentleman who runs the place.

"So is it time for the surprise?" she asks with a bright smile and cheesy grin.

"More or less, unless you're due." Out he goes, ferrying Cho from the shop, head arcing back and forth before he begins to move down the street. "Back to civilization proper, too." Wide grin cuts across his lips, hand reaching to extend index finger off in the distance. "You'll like it." Then away, off to other things.

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