1994-11-20: Owl? What Owl?


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Scene Title Owl? What Owl?
Synopsis Nattering at the Safehouse ; Jack gets an urgent owl from Siobhan ; Talk of Moody's tactics ensue.
Location Undisclosed Safehouse
Date Nov 20, 1994
Watch For Christian's Corruption
Logger Bad Dog

Bored with sitting in his room, Sirius has moved himself down to the kitchen table. He's got the chessboard setup and is playing against himself again. Despite his little war o'words recently with Edwin, he's not one to hide and avoid for long. The treats that Tonks supplied from Andromeda are long gone. He's a bit of a child in many respects and the temptation of sweets was too much. Particularly those as well made as his cousin's.

There is a knock on the front door, and the wizard guarding it turns to look out of the peep hole. After a moment, he opens the door and Christian slips in. He exchanges some words with the guard, before walking into the Kitchen where Sirius is. "Mr. Black," He says, professionally, but with a hint of friendly tone, as though speaking to a co-worker.

Jack has come to visit again, and steps into the room with little fanfare. "Wotcher, Black." Jack says, sitting down across from him, eying the chessboard. "Don't move that one. He'll get taken by the bishop." He nods toward the bishop in line to take the piece. He frowns. "Don't know how much more we're gonna be able to come see you, because I think Da drew a little more attention to himself than was strictly safe at the trial." He rolls his eyes. When Christian comes in, he grins. "Faulkner. Good to see you."

Sirius glances up from his pondering over the board. Something can be said for playing against yourself.. especially when you've got a slightly maddened mind. "Ah, Mr. Faulkner," he greets politely in return as Christian has been very professional and courteous towards him. Jack though, being more familiar and on friendlier terms, gets a warmer smile of greeting. "This must be my lucky day, or perhaps not." The chess advice is pondered, but the board is neglected for now, there's company. "Your dad's solid and a good chap. If the rules get tightened, then they get tightened. As I was telling Tonks, we'll have to do what we can and how we can to fight back during this period. Although, Umbridge can .. well.. I was going to say something incredibly rude. As long as your dad stands firm, there's nothing to be said against it. How are you two faring anyway?"

Christian stands at the edge of the doorway in a relaxed, but still professional stance. His hands are glasped behind his back, and his feet are spaced shoulder width apart. "I am well Mr. Black," Christian says with a nod. "I assume my colleagues have been treating you with respect?" As Jack enters, the hitwizard nods a greeting. "Good Day, Mr. Noble."

Jack shrugs, leaning back in the chair. "Thanks, mate." It means a lot, that Sirius thinks along similar lines. "Kind of my thought too, but …" He shrugs. "Could always do what we did last time." He waggles his eyebrows and grins. "It'll do." He awaits the reply to Christian's question, as it's a question he has as well. "Good day, Faulkner." He repeats a greeting, expanding somewhat. "Good to see they've got a few …" A wide grin, "sane folks guarding Padfoot, here."

"One seems bent on my destruction, some seem happy to follow the first move, but for the most part, I can't complain," Sirius says, answering Christian in a cordial manner. He grins a bit at Jack, not wishing to elaborate on what was done last time. "I heard something about a forced delay in the progression of matters. Can't say I'm surprised about that. What astonishes me is that it's taken that old bat this long to try and hold up the trial."

Yet more knocking! Sirius is popular! Of course, if it was Edwin, it likely wouldn't be knocking. Tonks is recognized, double checked on the list, then let in. Then /searched/. She tries not to look so sarcastic here, but the ordeal's done and over with quick. And while her first destination is to head for Sirius' room, she does notice people in the kitchen. Ah Hah! "Wow, Sirius, Popular bloke today, we are." says her voice behind Jack and Christian.

"I would not say that anyone who willingly volunteers to stand up for what's just and right is completely sane Mr. Noble," Christian chuckles. "But thank you for the complement…I think." He turns to the door, and watches as Tonks enters. "Speaking of Justice and Sanity…" He says turning back to Sirius.

There's more commotion behind Tonks, and an owl hoots angrily. The Aurors and Hitwizards try to catch the bird, but he's having none of that. With a long hoot, he swoops around and Jack frowns, recognizing the animal as his sister's. "Damn." He stands up and moves toward the door. "It's for me. It must be urgent if… If you'll let me, I'll read it out there, and incendio it, or leave it out here until I leave. It shouldn't be something too…" He runs a hand through his hair, and tries to reach up to grab Henrik who has perched himself on Jack's head. "Gimme a mo…" He sighs. "S'from my Rosie."

"Quite so Tonks! Come in and join the party! They won't allow me alcohol or crackers, so we're making do," Sirius says with a smile for his cousin. "I hope you meant that as a compliment Faulkner, or I might be tempted to bite you in order to avenge my cousin's good name." He's teasing, really. The entrance and disruption of the owl makes for a nice change and he watches with amusement. "Oh? Hopefully all's well with her. She's not bad for Slytherin. Good sense of humor."

EEk! Owl. "Oh, Wotcher, Jack." Tonks ducks under various men's appendages and tries to get to her spot on the counter. Christian she doesn't have a formal introduction of, that she can remember, so he gets a wave. "Waht're we talking about that has to do with me?" she blinks cluelessly

"Mr. Noble," Christian says with a sigh. "You do realize the place you're putting me in here right? I'm the guard on duty here. So I shall need to read as well as check it for any spells before you burn it." He crosses his arms over his chest. "That is, unless you can give me a good reason why I should put my job on the line."

With a long, drawn out sigh, Jack nods. "Well, if you've got some discretion, then maybe…" He's risking a lot, not knowing what it's about. "I think I can guarantee it's nothing to do with …" Well, he can't actually. "Can I read it, and then, if it's not too personal, I'll let you read it, and if it is too personal, I'll tell you what I can?" He crosses his arms, nervous. Rosie doesn't usually get Henrik this riled up. "It's from my little sister. She's at school. It has to be something big if she's sending it to me." He reaches up to move one of Henrik's feet. "Ouch. Stop digging in, or I'll cook ya." Sister's owl or no.

Sirius grins cheekily at Tonks, "Oh just giving him a heads up before he makes a few more teasing comments about you." He rolls his eys faintly at Christian. "Got a broomstick shoved .." He then coughs politely to cover what he was going to say. "Lighten up. I'm sure if it's from his sister, a Hogwarts student, it's harmless. Of course i'm the mass murdering nutter here, so my word counts for little." He chuckles a little at the owl and shakes his head.

Tonks is looking in cabinets. "I can vouch for Jack, mate. But… as you're on guard duty, and I'm just a visitor, s'your call ultimately." There's a frown, "Mum would have a conniption. There's dust in the back of these cupboards." She then glances to Sirius while Christian and Jack deal with the subject of Sio's rather neurotic owl over there. "You've not seen Remus 'bout lately have you? I was kind of hoping I"d run into him here. Not see him at work." A pause, "Not that I"ve been makin' a great effort to abandoning my /oh so important/ paperwork to lounge in that department."

Christian looks at Jack for a long moment. He seems to be weighing something heavily. "Alright," he says with a sigh. "Mr. Noble, I am going to be really stupid and let this happen, if only because it is most likely going to mean headaches for our fearless Pink Leader." He sighs and rubs his eyes. "I just never saw an owl, alright?"

Jack lets out a relieved sigh, and reaches up. "C'mon Henrik." He snorts. "C'mon. Gimme the letter." He seems to have dealt with this bird before, and takes it all in stride. Henrik just sticks out his leg and Jack takes the letter off. "Alright, sweets, let's see what's gotcha riled." He gazes at the letter, and then scans it. He whistles. "Whoo. Good thing I didn't let you open it." She's sealed it six ways to Sunday. He waves a wand, unsealing it easily, and scans it. Worry creases his face, and he nods sharply. When he gets to the end of the letter, he gazes up at Tonks for a long moment, and then reaches into his pocket, finding a biro and pulling it out. "Useful things, these." He sets the parchment down, and scribbles something on the paper, then rolls it back up, seals it again with his wand, and sends it on its merry way.

"What's the matter? He stand you up or something, Tonks?" Sirius peers sharply at Tonks. That's the /second/ time she's asked about Remus during visits. Curious. What's the excuse today? "I'm sure Remus will be back when he's finished his work. I'll tell him you've been concerned about him." Christian's descent into the depths earns a chuckle from Sirius. "We'll have you one of us in no time Faulkner," he says in a chipper manner before turning a curious look towards Jack. "Trouble in paradise?"

Tonks, getting looked at by two of the three men at the same time, though one is teasing her about a perfectly legitimate thing, just blinks. "What?" That's tossed to Jack. What does she have to do with whatever's in that letter. As for Sirius? "I've just not seein him in a bit. Can't I be worried about someone?" She rolls her eyes here. "He's always looking like he'll drop dead one of these days, I'd like to know that hadn't actually happened." So THERE. For Christian? She has no advice. Just faces in regards to 'Pink Leader'.

Christian turns Sirius and grins slightly. "If you mean being on the other side of the law, then I believe I shall pass," He says with a shrug. "However, I always did want to fight the good fight and be popular for it. You seem to have alot of people who admire you Mr. Black, and most seem to be off no small renowned." Christian turns to Jack, and furrows his brow. "If it is bad news I am sorry to hear that."

"It's vague news." Jack says, with a frown. "It's really unlike my Rosie." He continues to gaze at Tonks, and then frowns. "Hey, does your mentor have free reign there, or does he have …" He isn't sure how to phrase this to stay discreet enough. "Oh, Hell." He looks between Sirius and Christian, and then just sighs, flopping back down into the seat at the table. "He's imperiused her. Probably to show 'em stuff, but it's got her riled. More to it, I'm sure, though, since well…" He sighs. "Rosie's not the kind to just flip out at stuff." There's got to be more.

"Tonks, darling, he's looked like that since his first year. It happens," Sirius says soothingly to his cousin. Then again to the animagus, it's not the same cause for concern that it might be for a woman. "If you think he looks bad most of the time, catch him right after a full moon. He gets positively cranky." He shakes his head at Christian, "I've only done what I've had to do. If that meant trying to take justice into my own hands.. it was something that just had to be done. I've never been on the other side of the law, I just have little regard for the process and how it works much of the time." … and sorry Jack. Sirius starts to laugh a little. It's not funny, but it is. "Sounds like Moody, shoving things at the students and making them learn along the way. Never was one for subtleties, Moody." He looks to Tonks to see how she takes the news. "Mad-Eye'd never hurt the students, he's a good man. Unorthodox, but knows his business, the kids are in good hands with him."

There's this loud *smack* and it's Tonks' hand smacking her face. "Mad-eye…" it's said in a groan. Somehow, the whole concept of Moody Imperiusing kids doesn't outright surprise her. "I don't know, He doesn't talk to me about his assignment despite my asking. Paranoid. But he's not one to completely forgo the rules so I think he might've had special permission to cast it. I mean," Tonks swallows here, trying not to set Jack off, but she /knows/ Mad-Eye, probably better than anyone, and just only on tyhe grounds she's had three years to observe him. "HOw else can you fight an Imperius if you don't know you're being put under? That's probably his logic." She takes a breath, "AT least he's not throwing them in Azkaban and giving them sink-or-swim lessons on how to cast a patronus." Of course, she aims a weak smile at Jack, trying to be charming, but she looks so horribly guilty, so horribly apologetic on Moody's behalf. "If it helps, I can always give a guest lecture for his class and tell them what all he put /me/ through as a warning?" And she'll talk wtih him. Tell him to stop scaring the kids, dammit!"Sirius is right, though. He's just not…" A name pops up, one that she's heard every Hogwarts student past the first years say, "Remus Lupin in teaching capabilities."
As for the werewolf, Tonks just adopts this really odd face, twisting her lips slightly, trying to digest it. "Just worried," is a grumble and no she MIGHT NOT BE BLUSHING OKAY? She's just concerned. "The good fight," Tonks says quietly. She glances outside. "With that bitch in charge, we'll probably be fighting it a lot sooner than I'd like to."

Christian turns to Jack. He seems about to say something, but just stops. He absorbs what everyone has to say silently. The hit wizard sighs at Tonks' mention of the 'good fight.' "We're fighting it right now," He says quietly. "Though, I can't seem to figure out which side I am really on." He stops and looks at everyone around him with a surprised look. "Um…Did I just say that out loud?"

Jack quirks an eyebrow at Christian in disbelief before turning to Tonks. "Yeah, I get that. Thrown in the lake to learn to swim and all that. But …" He frowns. "Rosie's…" He tries to figure out how to say what he's thinking clearly and tactfully. "She's made of steel inside, my Rosie is. But she's her own person, and doing something like that makes her…" He rubs his face with his open palm, stopping at his chin. "Makes her nuts. Seriously. Her mind is her own." Their discussion about Lupin gets a nod. "Yeah, Moony's a bit sparse most of the time. I asked my mum when I was a first year what happened to orphans in the wizarding world because I thought maybe he was one." He gives a smirk. "Found out otherwise later, but for an ickle firstie, it was what I thought."

Sirius eyes Tonks a little, and no that blush did not go unnoticed. "Look, I worked with Moody in the first war. He's a fair man, rough around the edg.. he's rough all over, but they're learning from the best. The students will learn to think fast on their feet. Sure, your sister is upset now, but she might be thanking him in the future for the lessons. I was no novice when I worked with him, and he still threw some crazy things at us. James and I tried getting him back.. once.. We couldn't sit right for a month." Turning to glance at Christian, he chuckles, "Things may be a bit muddy to some these days. It was a lot clearer when Voldemort was about and his supporters fought you face to face.. although they wore masks much of the time. Bloody cowards." He chuckles just a bit at Jack's comments about Remus. "He gave that impression, didn't he?"

Right. Stick to the topics that don't get her intentionally blushing. "I can see about going up there next Hogsmeade weekend, and talking with her. Maybe it'll help if she ranted at someone who knows how Moody is." It's about all she can come up wtih, and Tonks does want to help. Her expression's eager. As for the rest, well…Tonks hops down off the counter, and goes glancing around the kitchen. Looking through openings, taking note of people, etc. Then she'll move so she's close to all three, when she says her next comment. "She's doomed the ministry. The things she's doing now, it'll make it ripe for You-Know-Who. Thing is, given her unique views, I'm not sure she'd see that as a bad thing."

"That may be the whole idea," Christian says, looking at the chess board sitting on the table. "Though, I believe the Minister may be unaware of it, the enemy should be dancing right about now." He takes a deep breath, and reaches out to take a white knight. After a couple of seconds he places it back on the table. "Check."

"She wants to talk to me at the office." Jack shrugs. "But it wouldn't hurt to have someone who understood ol' Moody better than I do." He leans back in his chair, and sighs. "Sorry, Padfoot." He doesn't feel too upset at using the nickname now that the man's been outed. "Shouldn't bring all this stuff in here to depress you with." Never mind that it's probably more interesting than anything else they'd talk to him about right now. Sirius' story makes him grin. "That's funny. Someone got the drop on you and Potter. That's priceless." He grins. However, the grin slides right off at the mention of the 'pink terror'. "Would not surprise me one bit. Wouldn't be the first time corruption took over the Ministry." He paid some attention in History of Magic.

Sirius smiles a bit at Tonks, but his expression turns grim at Christian's words. "Then you're on the right side, thinking that way." He shakes his head at Jack, "No worries mate. It's actually a bit funny, at least from where Tonks and I are standing." He waves a hand at Jack, "It was Mad-Eye, so it wasn't /that/ embarrassing."

Wow, they /are/ a depressing lot. Tonks just glances around, first at Jack, then to Christian, then to Sirius. "Uh…" She scratches her blue hair for a moment, then just randomly hugs Sirius. "Okay! Now that's done, gonna go. I'll see about sending more food your way." She straightens and begins going towards the door. Jack gets a thumbs up, about talking with Sio and what not, and Christian? Gets a clasp on the shoulder. She's quick though, and the last thing one hears is "Dammit, you searched me /going in/, what the hell would I be taking /out/?"

Fade Out

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