1995-04-01: What Is Your Duty?


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Scene Title What Is Your Duty?
Synopsis Moody confronts Gifford at work over the Bar fight
Location Ministry of Magic, Department of Magical Law enforcement
Date April 01, 1995
Watch For threats, wands being gripped.
Logger Mad Eye

//MoM - Dept of MLE

This department has the daunting task of enforcing the laws of the magical world. No society can properly function without some form of law, even in the wizarding world. The most heavily employed arms of this department are the Aurors, heavily trained to bring down Dark Wizards by use of approved means. The second branch is the Magical Law Enforcement Squad. These hit wizards act much like muggle police officers in that they are usually the first to arrive to the scene of a crime. They are trained and experienced in the handling of dangerous criminals.

This office is cavernous and two stories high. A wrought iron staircase leads up to a open aired second level above. Desks line the available floor space and are occupied by Hit Wizards and Aurors. Heavy and ornate candelbras are suspended from the ceiling in order to provide light, along with sconces on the walls. Fireplaces stand ready for those needing to travel by floo, but for the most part, these wizards must apparate in order to make it to a scene on time. Amidst the chaotic furor of this large chamber, there is a structured order with the way matters are handled. Owls continuously swoop in from high windows bearing urgent missives, sometimes the recipients regarding these letters with a fair degree of suspicion. Every so often someone will shout duck and scramble for cover beneath their desk. Don't let the paranoia get to you.//

It's just before noon in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement - and that means aurors, hit wizards, and even the low-level assistants are off for the hour for the taking of the ever-wonderful Lunch Break. It's even better that it's a Saturday because most of the Department has the day off, and those who have come in are really not all that active. Take Edwin, for instance: his feet up on his desk and an enormous sandwich in his hands, paperwork tossed to the side of the desk in anticipation of being done just as soon as that sandwich is finished, honest. This is the kind of job a wizard could really learn to love.

Michael steps in from the direction of the Atrium, as he's been out and getting himself some kind of food for this lunch break. Shaking his head a little bit as he moves over in the direction of his desk, humming a little bit to himself.

It feels as if it has been eons since a shadow had darkened this place, and generally for a fine saturday the place is quiet. Just so-it seems whatever peace has been here is about to be disturbed. For as soon as that lurching figure and tell tale stump seems to foretell a Whirlwind in the thorn trees. Because it does not take time for Moody to stand in the walkway before he's letting that wild blue eye of his whip around as if searching for some potential target, or targets. Yet there is no wand in his hand. Just his gnarled walking stick.

"GIFFORD!" comes like a roar as the ex auror continues on his slow tear into the offices. Eyes flashing over desks of those who are still around. "Someone find me Edwin Gifford."

Edwin gives Michael a genial nod as the other Hit Wizard arrives back in the department, ready and willing to at least attempt making nice with the muggleborn - but hey, there's someone hollering! Since it'd be really hard for anyone to even think about pretending not to notice the screeching Scotsman, the man in question slides his feet off of his desk and sets down his sandwich on the paper it came wrapped in. "What-ho, Moody?" Didn't the Department toss you out? Tsk. Alerted but unconcerned, Gifford snags a tomato slice off of his sandwich to pop into his mouth before getting to his feet and strolling out from behind his desk into the open.

Michael offers a nod in return to Edwin, before he turns as he hears Moody's roaring, and looks over at the man for a few moments. About to gesture in Edwin's direction when the man speaks up, and so he just remains quiet for now.

"Don' what ho me y' dirty sonuvabitch." The growling there is easily felt as it is heard. Just grating on the vocal chords. The heavy steps heard as he hobbles his way towards the Hit Wizard who shows himself. A twitch there at the corner of his lips. Despite his own infirmities, Moody still moves quite quick. Taking time to sneer, and yes look down his nose with his good eye, all the while the blue eye remains on surveillance.

"You mind tellin' me what exactly your job is here?" Of course, Moody does know, but for the sake of argument let us see if he does follow through with the line of questioning. "An keep your hands where I can see em." Though Moody's got a decent view on where exactly those hands are-just because he is blasted t' patchwork and has a flase leg-do not take it that he is any less fast than he used to be.

The tall former(?) Death Eater stands serenely at the front of his desk, gaze flitting around to take stock of who's about and who's not, his attention lingering on Michael for several moments - moments that may or may not hold some subtle threat in them regarding interference in this little encounter. But then Moody's approach makes him impossible to ignore and Edwin gives the ex-auror his full attention, a smile twitching up around his lips as he raises his hands with exaggerated care. Because, obviously, this is a joke. "My job, Mad-Eye? Don't tell me you don't already know. I expected more from you."

Michael steps back in the direction of his desk now, but still making sure to keep enough of his attention on the two others now.

"You call me…MISTER Moody. We're not mates, we're not chums, an if I worked here? I'd call th' scum an filth on my boots my colleague an friend before I ever gave you that distinct pleasure." The words com in that heightened bit of snarling that strains so very close to yelling, but is anywhere close to blustery. No, it is the tone one adopts when serious and often times deadly serious about something. "And if you want more, Sonny Jim, just you wait, because its bloody coming. Now tell me what is the job you perform in this-" and a rather loud expletive slips past "-office? Or should I guess that everyone just keeps you around here for laughs?" As if to indicate there is something of a bit of a joke with Edwin in the DMLE. The blue eye finds Michael and stares at him for a moment even as the ex Auror continues. "Or do you just forget your job when it suits your purposes? Like starting bloody fights in the middle of bars?"

So perhaps it isn't a joke. Edwin's expression moves swiftly from entertained to annoyed throughout Moody's rant, a sneer edging its way into being halfway through as he drops his hands to fold his arms over his chest, taking a rather aggressive stance as he stonily waits for the ex-Auror to finish. Oh, Michael's going to get a fine bit of entertainment today, yessir. "I'm a Hit Wizard as I'm sure you've already bloody well been told, you nutter. And as for that fight - well. I can't help it if precious Nymphadora has a set of uninspired politics and likes to run her mouth in public. Surely your time would be better spent tracking down Sirius Black, don't you think, considering that he took it upon himself to bite me over a petty disagreement on Ministry legislation?" It didn't quite happen that way, but it was close. And, well. Odds are that Moody didn't get the full story from anyone, right? There's something downright vicious lingering in Edwin's eyes as he takes in the sight of the crippled man in front of him, unimpressed and not a little disgusted with the Scot.

Michael leans back in his seat now, shaking his head a little as he starts opening his food. Seems to be some kind of Chinese today. Watching the happening, a bit thoughtfully.

"Oh you're a Hit Wizard then? THE BLOODY ACT LIKE ONE." Comes the next shout, and even as Edwin seems to find himself disgusted with the Scot, the Scot finds him more or less disgusted with the hit wizard. However since politics are being brought into the fight-it has been no matter of speculation, but Moody has never cared for politics. Perhaps some of the reason as to why he is no longer an Auror, but is a teacher. "Because last time I checked it was the business of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to go on goading others into fights. And since you're asking me to bring in Black-perhaps I should drag your ass along to prison with him, since you struck an Officer of magical law." And Moody is moving, as if he was stalking or circling a bit of prey. "But, then if you're lookin' t' sucker punch because you don't agree with someone's words. Then you might start ballin your fist up at me boyo. See if I don't like a punch." but then that would be an excuse for Moody to go off-now wouldn't it? "It bloody makes sense now all those failed tests hmm? Couldn't hack it? More like couldn't cut it, because at least my department doesn't have bloody little shits like you runnin around, giving wizards a bad name. You know why?" Oh Lord, what is Moody hinting at "Because we don't trust traitors.." And yes though Edwin was "cleared" Moody still doesn't trust the bugger as far as he can curse him. "Want me to continue, with your unimpressive career. Your blatant lack of carrying forth the law?"

The moment Moody starts shouting is the moment that Edwin Gifford's temper begins to fray at the edges. His sneer is more like a full-blown snarl now, and the hit wizard takes a stiff pace forward, dropping one hand down to the front pocket of his waistcoat. That pocket, incidentally, plays host to the Death Eater's wand, though it isn't drawn. Not yet. There are still more words to be exchanged before things go quite that far, and Edwin turns along with Moody to keep himself facing the ex-auror, though out of either simple aggression or actual wariness is anyone's guess. "Check your facts, you miserable old goat. I was the one goaded by your fantastically moronic protege, and I don't appreciate all these accusations you and she like to bandy about." The constant jabs towards the title of traitor are really starting to get to poor Eddie, who'd like nothing better but to prove it - unfortunately, he can't. It's not quite time to be out in the open again. "My record with the Ministry is impeccable, save for the tiff I had where I prettied up Tonks' face for her. You must've retired for a reason, Alastor. Was it because the upper brass found you too paranoid to cope with? Because to me, it looks like you need to toddle on up to Saint Mungo's to have your head examined." The man's getting a serious case of twitchy fingers for that wand, and one hand slides into his waistcoat pocket to take hold of its carved handle.

Michael looks from one to the other at the moment, while eating his food, a bit thoughtfully. Like some kind of weird TV show, this.

"Face me like a man, y' little bugger. If you're going t' get your lashes face them Like a man, and don't hide behind some sorry excuse." As if to hint that Moody's heard an excuse used for Edwin before. Still Moody remains doggedly on Gifford's case, and as the other seems to slink back and reach for his Wand Moody stills. And the whole atmosphere of the room can feel it. that build up of power right there. And Moody's blue eye is rigidly fixed upon Edwin's back. and there's a grunt. "I know trash when I see it an smell it, Gifford. And right now-that trash is you. Others might have believed your 'evidence' t' be faulty. I still do not. After all, kneazles don' change their spots lad."

And Moody lets that ride right there. "An if you're goin t' curl your hand around a wand an draw it on a man-you better be willing to use it. Otherwise let it go." A bit of weight in those final moments. And still Maddy's hand has yet to reach inside his robes for his own wand. One hand however does then go to hang at his side, as the other grips his walking stick.
GAME: Save complete.

If only Moody knew how much Edwin's chomping at the bit to get into a tangle with him, he might have reevaluated the wisdom of his challenge. "I'm more than willing to use it, Mad-Eye, if the situation turns out to demand it." There's a sudden about-face in Edwin's tone - from simmering anger to pure congeniality, and the next time Moody catches a look at the hit wizard's face there's an easy smile on it. The man's hand is still in his pocket, too, but not around his wand; the wizard simply stands at ease, watching the battle-battered Moody without so much as a hint of malice. Or, well. He tries, anyway. Some hatred probably leaks out at the edges, because there is a lot of it and a single smile can only mask so much ill-will. "I don't think it will today. Really, was it necessary to barge in on everyone's lunch hour to spout foundless accusations? There was no evidence because there was none to be found. Innocent, Mad-Eye, was the verdict. All charges." And how that must grind on the auror.

Michael keeps his eyes on the two there, shaking his head a little, as he continues eating his meal. Otherwise keeping silent for the moment.

That eye, that damned eye, remains focused on Edwin even as the brown one takes time to look around the office. Trying to see who might be looking or staring. And that brown eye comes right back towards Edwin, as Moody's own grin comes up, where as Gifford is playing no ill will and all hate, though some escaped is gone, Moody's turns a notch crueler. "They said I was too old, but you watch Gifford. They'll be beggin' for me back, soon enough. An the only reason you got away.." Moody holds there. "Is because I was not on your case." A clicking of his tongue as he is turning away form Gifford, as if he came in here to do exactly what he wanted to do.

"And it was. You ask your colleagues who they trust, me or you? An I am sure th' answer won't be pleasin to your ear.." A chuckle more like a knife scraping along. And Moody's back is not turned completely towards Edwin. "Let me know when you test again. I always do enjoy a good Laugh, Gifford." And yes he is starting to lurch out. Even as his own jaw tightens, right there.

"Don't trip and fall and die on your way out, Alastor." If only. It's probably in everyone's best interests that this little encounter hasn't escalated beyond threats and raised voices. When Moody turns towards the door Edwin lets his features gear themselves right back into a snarl as he moves back around to the other side of his desk, no longer in the mood to finish his sandwich nor to do any more paperwork. He'll be going home early, just you wait - and maybe then he'll have a get-together with some old friends interested in hearing that Mad-Eye's trying to get himself back on the hunt again. In the meantime, Michael is treated to a sour "Don't you have reports to file?" before Edwin starts shuffling the papers on his desk back into order.

Michael watches Moody starting for the door, and then Edwin, shrugging after a few moments. "Got some of them, yes," he replies, while finishing off the rest of his food. "Excellent stuff. They did really good today…" he offers, after another brief pause.

Moody isn't waiting it seems Even as the words filter out, the two fingers come up in a steady V shaped salute back towards Edwin, but other than that the Scotswizard seems to be entirely controlling himself for a walk back out. As for being on the hunt-do you really think Moody ever truly left it? And with that he's gone from the building.

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