1995-05-12: Well After This I Should Think


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Scene Title Well After This I Should Think
Synopsis Ginny off to save the day!
Location Wrackspurt Detecter
Date May 12, 1995
Watch For Giving Mom the Bird
Logger Loony Luna

The Order and miscellenous had gathered in Moody's Office, around the glowing Wrackspurt device. The plan was proposed that they ought to go rescue the children, moving as a force in case the Dark Mark shown earlier had more revelence than anyone first thought. One of the members figured out the incantation to the device, and, tapping their wand against it, with a murmur of 'Wrackspurtis, Revealia!', the green glowing orb inside the hoop of silver that made up the Wrackspurt detector seemed to fill an invisible orb, before, with the sound of exploding glass, energy washed over them… and then they were elsewhere. An inky black void that had substance beneath their feet - although no ground was visible - covered with a rolling green fog. Little flickers of green lightning in the distance sometimes took the shape of vague people, or places, but something else was noticed - the rescuers had been split up by the spell. And around them, colour other than black and green began to flow into the landscape…

It's a palace. Or near enough to one. The walls are decorated with beautiful murals, and the floors swirl with marble. The rooms are expansive and pristine. However, the feel of it is sharp and cold, like an ancient fairytale. A tall, proud woman with dark red tresses steps out from one of the rooms, seeming to search for someone. "Ginevra. Where are you, Ginevra? It's time for your lessons." The woman is slender and well dressed, carrying herself with deportment and poise, and her expression is tight, controlled. She appears to look like Molly Weasley, but it's no Molly Weasley that Ginny would know.

Ginny has been working rather hard lately. It's beginning to show: her nerves are a bit frazzled, her hair and uniform somewhat unkempt. However, she hasn't been able to keep still ever since her friends - and brother - went missing. This restlessness has brought her to Moody's classroom, with the intention to work on her "stupefy".

One thing had lead to another, and Ginny had found herself arguing with members of the Order to let her stay, to let her help. Perhaps she wouldn't've won if it hadn't been so clear how much she needed this. Who finally caved wasn't important to Ginny, it was that she was now able to help.

Or so she thought. When Ginny finally realized she was somewhere without any adult, she quavered a bit. What was she to do without help? She was only a 13-year-old girl. Doubts left her mind when she saw what was almost her mother's voice, almost her mother's face. It was close enough that Ginny rose to her feet and trotted towards what she thought was her mother. "Mum! Where am I? How'd you get here? Where are the others?"

"I have told you time and again, Ginevra, not to call me by such banal titles. I am your mother. Not some backlot-grown witch who cannot …" This Molly pauses in what seems to be a familiar tirade. "The others? What others? Your father is at work." There are no Weasley boys here. "Your tutor is waiting for you, Ginevra. The schedule will be entirely messed up unless you come. Along. Immediately." It's the same woman, at least in this respect. She's gearing up for a tounge-lashing.

Ginny boggles a bit at this.. oddness! "But, you're my mum." This is put momentarily aside, however, to answer Molly's questions. "Mr. Black," she hadn't gotten used to calling him Sirius, yet, "And Professor Moody and Professor Dumbledore and Professor Lupin and the others! How can you possibly be here, Mum? You weren't in the room with us! Did you get kidnapped, too? Is something wrong?" A prickling sensation along her arms and the back of her neck begins to answer that last question. Yes, something is wrong.

Molly is about to begin another harrangue, but her daughter's words stop her short. "Hmm." A calculating look crosses her face. She finally takes in Ginny's appearance, and the look turns to a moue of distaste. "Have you been at a costume party, dear?" She doesn't recognize the uniform. She raises her wand to cast a spell: merely a diagnostic charm, but it stings slightly as it starts at the top and moves down Ginny's form in a wave. "Hmm. No visible curses or potions in affect. Whatever would make you say such things, dear?" It's a hint of the normal, but the tone is nowhere near the loving tone her real mother would use. It's more of a parody thereof. A patronizing question.

Ginny's hands go to her hips, her spine straightens, and her brow furrows. This is Ginny's Problem Solving Posture, yes it is. She leans in, closer to this maybe-not-a-mother, examining the face. There is definitely something off, here. "I'm wearing my uniform, Mum. My Hogwarts uniform. Remember, you wore one just like this - I've seen it!" The sting makes Ginny take a step backwards, and she yelps. "Mum, that hurt! You never use the ones that hurt. Of course I'm not cursed! You're the one acting mad."

"If you persist in this foolishness, I shall have Mr. Riddle devise a suitable correction for you. Now, come along. You've kept him waiting for far too long." Molly's eyes begin to blaze. "And the longer you delay, the harsher the correction may be." She shudders. "Hogwarts? I haven't set foot in there since your grandmother took me out in my first year. No daughter of mine would …" She pauses. "Come along."

It's as if someone's smacked Ginny in the face with a bludger bat. Several bludger bats, even, and then several bludgers. Her face goes deeply pale, and then deeply red, and then pale again, and she staggers a few steps back. "Mr.. Riddle?" There's no way that Ginny could ever forget that name, no matter how hard she tried. However, a logical part of her tells her that maybe this is all just a mistake. "You don't mean.. Tom Riddle, do you, Mum?"

"Who else would I mean? Your tutor. He's been tutoring you for years now." Molly moves forward, placing a cool hand on Ginny's brow. "No fever. Hmm. Perhaps Healer Malfoy should come see you. Perhaps there's something she can detect that I can't." She steps back again. "Now, are you going to come along with me?" It seems that everything hinges on the answer to this question.

Ginny has begun to shake, and the prickling of her arms and neck gets more pronounced. Something in Ginny shouts Danger, danger, and she's not so hasty to ignore it. Taking another step back, and another, she begins to shake her head. "Healer Malfoy? Narcissa Malfoy? No. No, I'm not going anywhere with you!"

And that seems to clinch it. The room and its strange occupant fade away, and it's dark. The light comes up slowly as that of a dawning day. The setting is more familiar, as is the noise level. "Ginny, dear, time to come down." As the light continues to increase — somewhat more quickly than a natural dawn, small differences can be noticed. There are more beds. Less space for individual things. And… "Eugenia! Muriel!" And the replies come from nearby. "Mu-um! It's summertime. Why would we have to get up so bloody early in summertime?" And another voice, more quiet beside her. "Shhhh. Geen. Stop swearing!"

"Whu-what?" Ginny's too befuddled to keep her thoughts internalized. No, she is frazzled, and she's not holding back. "What the bloody hell is going on?" She turns this way and that, trying to get a proper look at everything. However she tries, though, she can't seem to get her bearings. It's then that Ginny reaches into her robe pocket, where her wand is kept, though she doesn't draw it. She'll wait for an answer, first.

The littlest one, Muriel, it can be gathered, stands up from her bed. "Shhh. Don't swear. You know how Mum gets when you swear…" Molly calls out again, naming the brothers Ginny would know, as well as three or four more. Family names that, in her world, exist only as second names for her brothers. The sound of her mother's sure tread on the stairs grows closer. "I told you girls to get up." It's not the same woman. It looks like her, but the anger in her eyes is foreign. Well, mostly foreign. Ginny may have seen it once before.

"I'll bloody swear if the bloody situation bloody warrants it!" Ginny is thisclose to losing the famed Weasley temper, and bright spots have developed on her cheeks. "Who are you, what are you doing in my.. is this even my house? Where am I?" Her breath is coming quickly, and it's hard for her to stay still, so hard that she begins to pace. "I want some answers and I want them now!"

"Don't you speak to me like that young lady! You need to be a good example for your sister!" Wherever they are, Ginny isn't the youngest. And, if she looks, Muriel's hair isn't ginger at all. "Now, come down. It's breakfast time. Come along." Muriel and Eugenia traipse down the stairs, and Molly stands beside the door, one hand on her hips, one in her pocket seeming to reach for an everpresent wand.

"Oh no, oh no no no no no!" That's it, Ginny is gone. "I will not go ANYWHERE with YOU, you.. you.. freak of nature! You aren't my mother, and these aren't my sisters! I'm not supposed to be here, and if you don't get me back," With this word, Ginny takes a step closer, her face dark, "There will be bloody hell to pay." The swear words are carefully emphasized and enunciated, and Ginny's eyes never leave her not-mother's face.

It's as though there's one more attempt at gaining compliance. "Ginevra Molly Weasley. You will come with me now." The tone is so much like her mother that it just might provoke an instant reaction if not otherwise controlled. Molly glares at her daughter.

That tone does invoke an instictual reaction, and Ginny takes a step forward, her features momentarily softening. Then she remembers - remembers her purpose, her friends, her mission. "No! I will not go anywhere with you. I will never go anywhere with you." Ginny's voice blazes with her temper, which has returned.

This sound, assured refusal leads to another scene shift. Things are as they ought to be, and her mother is standing in front of her, smiling. It's just as it should be. They're downstairs at the Burrow, and Molly heads to the door to open it for someone knocking. Ginny finds herself in the kitchen, near the table. "Oh, it's good to see you, dear. Are you eating enough?" The words that come back are muffled, but they come from a deep voice. "Oh, I'm sure she'll be delighted, dear. Just give me a moment."

Ginny feels a sense of satisfaction when the scene shifts, but she's quite wary still. This isn't right, even if it feels less wrong than the two times before. With a wary glance around, Ginny sits - her legs are exhausted, it feels like she's been standing for days. Her guard is still up, however. "Who's at the door, Mum?"

"Oh, it's your young man, dear." Molly sets about working in the kitchen, readying a tray of sweets and snacks, setting it on the table. It appears fine, though somewhat insubstantial if touched. "Come on in, dear." A tousled black head pokes around the corner, and a voice calls, "Hey, Gin. You in here?" It's a familiar voice, but it damn sure isn't Harry's.

"My.. my young man? Harry's here? Harry can't be here. Where is here? Where am I?" Ginny feels too tired to stand, but she heaves herself up all the same, leaning on the table for support. "I.. I'm in here, yes," Ginny can't place the voice, and that bothers her. She swallows hard, bracing herself for whoever this might be.

"Tom, dear. Come in. Have a seat." Molly welcomes a young Tom Riddle in, and he graciously sits down near Ginny, never touching, but giving off an air as though they are familiar. "Here, dear, have a snack. You must be starving." She pushes the plate toward the young man, who immediately grabs a few things from it. "Thank you, Mrs. Weasley. You're looking absolutely lovely today." He smiles winningly at the woman, and Molly flutters. "Oh, well, aren't you a flatterer."

Ginny's eyes nearly bulge out of her head. The peaceful atmosphere this place had a few moments before is irrevocably shattered. With a few quick steps, Ginny is across the kitchen from the young Tom Riddle - who looks altogether too familiar. "That is it!" This time, she doesn't speak to Molly, not even Tom. No, she tilts her head back and speaks to the ceiling. "Whoever's in charge here, listen up! I will have no more of this nonsense! You take me to my friends and you take me now." There is steel in Ginny's tone, steel that she's learned from hearing her mother speak.

The world fades away again, Tom's eyes fading last of all. There's a quiet whisper in the air, not quite coherent. It's a soft chuckle interspersed with quiet words. Possibly a spell. Possibly the password to a portal. Whichever it may be, no more strange phantoms appear. The room returns to its dark and green, flashes of silver appearing now and again like lightning. And, in one of those flashes, Ginny can see a familiar face. It's Fred.

In a flash of light (like an angel, yeah right) appears Fred Weasley of all people. Taking stock of where he is now he turns around not seeing the people here and shakes his fist at the air, "I will not be transported wherever you want, you…you…you…blimey prat!" Alright bad insult. He whips himself around quickly and looks at the form of Ginny, "You just a picture too? Cause this is getting a tad annoying you know." He looks around and doesn't see any of the other students he was with, a furrow starting in his brow.

Ginny falls right on her butt as the scene shifts. She's exhausted, and can only lift her hand to shade her eyes and squint. "Fred? Is that really you? I'm real, if you are. Well, I'm real either way, but." Ginny seems to be having some trouble with words. "Where's everyone else?"

Rushing over to touch his sister on the shoulder, he find her real and tries to hug her a tad to tightly, "Merlin's Beard! How did you get in this nightmare Ginny?" He asks quickly and looks around, "I don't know…where did Angie go…and Nevler, Jax…Luna?" He says their names loudly like they might respond.

Ginny returns Fred's embrace, also a bit too tightly. "I came here to rescue you! There were such awful things, Fred, what is this place? How did you get here? Are the others okay? Are you?" Ginny pulls back, peering up at Fred's face and body for any visible signs of damage.

In the corner, another flash of the strange lightning illuminates the woman who started the first scene. She strides forward as though brought forth by Ginny's own memories of the strange event. She says nothing, merely stands, watching the children with her arms crossed.

Other then a nasty bump and bruise on Fred's forehead the young man is physically alright. He let's his sister pull back and sighs at her answer, "You came in /here/ to save us? Ginny you're daft, but gotta love you for it." He grins to her widely and then remembers Angelina's missing, "Bloody hell, we gotta find Angie and the others." Yep Angie first with this boy. Then Molly appears and Fred looks towards the crossed arms lady, "You a picture or my real mom? If you're me mom, sorry for asking and this mess wasn't my fault, honest."

If this is the real Molly, then something is completely awry in the world. She stands tall, more slender than their own mother, and dressed in finery, her long auburn hair styled around her elegantly. "Frederick. Surely you would like to come with me?"

"Well, yes! I couldn't exactly save you from Hogwarts. Others came with me, too - from Hogwarts. Professor Dumbledore and Professor Moody and Professor Lupin, for one. They're all here somewhere, but I don't know where." When the not-mother appears, Ginny pales visibly. "Fred, don't. That's not Mum, don't go anywhere with her!" To the phantam, she cries, "Get away from us, you.. you.. wench!" That's a swear word from her romance novels.

Raising an eyebrow at Molly Fred finally gets a good look at her, he puts himself in front of his sister and between the two females, "Yeah sure, next you'll be calling me George and expecting me to spin on me head." He shakes his head at Ginny, "Yeah just one of the V mans little tricks according to the fake me I talked to before." He says and seems to ignore Molly as he continues talking to Ginny, "Did you know it told me I'm mean." He points to his chest, "Me? Really? I always thought I was the nicest boy around." He's grinning still and nods to Ginny, "So you guys got separated like us then?" Molly is given a rather rude finger as the boy turns his back to the 'picture' of his mother.

The phantom-Molly's form shifts slightly, almost like something is interfering with it. However, it remains. It doesn't try to speak again; the last effort, though feeble, seems to have been it. Instead, it merely watches, eyes full of disapproval and frustration. Perhaps mirrors of those watching the whole scene elsewhere.

"You-Know-Who is doing this? Why am I not surprised? Do you think if we ask it questions, it'll tell us something?" Without waiting for an answer, Ginny leans around Fred, looking at the phantom. "You. Oogly boogly woman. Tell us - who do you serve? Why are you here? What purpose does this serve?"

Fred chuckles and slaps his sister lightly on the back, "see that's the spirit small fry." He grins still, "Apparently just tell the damn things off works wonders for your mind." He looks towards the Molly figure and sticks his tongue out at it, "Just don't tell mom on me." He winks.
You paged Molly with 'It's his dream, right now. He's only able to manipulate it by bringing up images, events and characters.'

"Who says I serve anyone?" Molly's voice rises, sounding too familar for comfort. "Perhaps I'm being dragged along like you…" The form shifts again, becoming more like their mother, but only in small ways. Her hair shortens, lightens, and she seems to gain some weight. "Perhaps, there is nothing I can do…" It seems to be too much information. She quiets immediately.

Ginny cocks her head to the side quizzically. Apparently, the thought that these phantoms might not be minions hadn't occured to her. "So you're trapped here? Who trapped you? Who created you? Do you remember anything, know anything? Can you get a message back to who did this to you?" There's barely a breath between questions.

Raising his eyebrow again Fred look to Ginny, "You think?" He asks the youngest of his siblings and then gets that concerned look on his face again, "Ginny, we have to find Angie…and the others." He looks to his sister a tad more seriously then he probably has before, "If we got separated…" But he waits for the phantom of mom to answer.

She's shifting again, Molly is, and the lightning flashes a little more quickly. "I'm…I'm…" She frowns, as though she's forgotten something. And, as she does, she starts to fade. It's a gradual process, like a swelling of a wave back and forth, some in, and some out, but before long, the whisp of a phantom is mumbling, and has disappeared entirely. It's completely gone.

Ginny frowns and straightens as the not-quite-a-woman fades. "Well, there goes that plan. Still, maybe she's right - maybe these phantoms didn't have a choice." Turning to Fred, her face is serious. "If I got separated from the adults, and you from our friends, then who's to say it won't happen again? We should go back to Hogwarts, see what to do next. If I found you, then the other adults may have found Neville, Angie, Luna, and Jackson. Unless you have a plan, we can't risk staying here any longer. There's no telling what'll happen next."

Fred looks to his sister like she nutter, "Wait you can get us out of here?" He asks quickly then frowns slightly, "But then the others are still stuck…" He mutters to himself and just nods his head to Ginny, "Yeah, you're right…I never, ever, ever want to see the colour green again. You hear me, if there is green anywhere is a room just shield my eyes." He smiles and then spontaneously hugs his sister again, "don't tell anyone I said this, but you're my favorite Weasley sis."

Ginny nods. "The professors figured out the spell. They told me how to get out, if.. if we were separated. We just have to hope that everyone gets out of here okay. Maybe we can come back, I don't know. First, we need to get somewhere safe, then plan from there." With that, Ginny extracts her wand from her robe pocket. "Hold on to me, Fred." Just then, he hugs her, and she grins. "That works. Wrackspurtis, Revealia!"

Fred stays holding onto his sister and nods his head, "Yes ma'am." He grins his normal spirited grin, very tons better then he has for the last few days, "though Angelina better be out soon, or I'm going in to get her." He says with conviction.

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