1995-09-14: Well Adjusted


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Scene Title Well Adjusted
Synopsis Remus is back in town, much teasing ensues, along with a tantrum or two.
Location #12 Grimmauld Place
Date September 14, 1995
Watch For Troll Legs / Entrances / Tonks and Lupin being adoable / I am watching you Moony
Logger Bad Dog

The first thing anyone crashing here or checking in will notice, is the cacophony of noise. Walburga's portrait is screeching enough to wake the long dead. Mrs. Black is screaming her insane head off about the flesh of her blood being a disgrace to the ancestors and so on. You know, the usual rants, but with more passion. Scuffling and shouting from upstairs adds to the din. Between the rare lulls, Kreacher and Sirius can be heard arguing from overhead.

"Let go of it Kreacher!"

"But it belongs to Master Regulus, it does!"

"Then it /belongs/ in the rubbish heap!"

Strangled, croaking sobs follow suit and was that a growl? Or a snarl? Knowing Sirius, it was most likely both. Judging from the volume and heated nature, this has been going on for some time. (and it has.) Boredom and aggravation kicked in, so Sirius decided to tackle more cleaning around the place. Namely, purging his brother's room. As anyone can see, this has been going very well.

Off and on, Lupin has spent some time around the place. He knows all about its..eccentric side. So it is that as he arrives and hears the shouting, he knows exactly where to go to find the man of the house. Up the stairs he trudges, ignoring whatever disparaging remarks any paintings may have for him along the way. A few moments later he can be seen in the doorway of the room with the most commotion, a question forthcoming. "One of those days then, is it?"

The silver and green decor of the late Regulus Black is coated in a decade plus of grime, dirt and neglect. A cloud of dust has been kicked up around Sirius's feet as he tugs at the corner of a pennant bearing the Slytherin crest. At the other end is Kreacher, hanging on for dear life, tears streaming from his rheumy eyes. (And a river of fluid from his beak-like nose.) Upon hearing his old friend's voice, Sirius promptly lets go of his end, thusly sending Kreacher tumbling backwards without so much as a glance at the aged elf. "Remus!," Sirius calls out, a smile lighting up his face as he turns to greet the werewolf with more affection than he ever showed his own immediate family. "You could say that, but it's been like that non-stop since returning!"

Lupin has a brief embrace should the other man want it, one that's expected between longtime friends. "Good to see you still with us, Sirius," he says in a mildly joking manner, given the nature of things around the wizarding world of late. Some of it is not yet known by him. "Have you been..taking care of some business as well?" he asks, without going into detail. He looks on the weary side; just the other day the moon was full.

Sirius does in fact give his old friend a bear-like hug, complete with a clap to the back in fraternal fashion. "Come on, you must be hungry," Sirius states as he attempts to steer Lupin away from the room. "And you my friend as well, the lot of you won't be rid of me so easily." A wave of his hand is given, "Of course. I've been popping in and out of Hogsmeade, playing the obnoxious ex-criminal type. Eyes and ears everywhere you know. If the villagers knew I was really looking out for their backsides, they'd take greater offense. I've also wandered the Hogwarts grounds a bit. Got to be careful about that however, don't want to offend the sensibilities of parents."

Lupin peers in the direction of the elf that went tumbling, shaking his head slightly. This time around, he doesn't say anything to Kreacher. Instead his attention remains on Sirius. "Starving," he confirms, his stomach going along with it by rumbling. "Like I said," he adds, moving away from the room Sirius seems to not want him to see too much of. "I dropped in on Aberforth but there wasn't much to talk about. I've been undercover a bit, myself." As they make their way back toward the stairs and Sirius speaks of parents, he shakes his head again. "Ahh, I know a thing or two about what the parents would say if they knew people like us were around." After all, it's the main reason he's struggled to get by ever since teaching the one year.

Sirius shuts, nay, slams the door behind them as he herds Lupin down to the basement kitchen. "I figured as much, about the undercover bit. How is Aberforth anyway? As cranky as ever? I haven't harassed him in awhile. Surprisingly enough, with the time I've been putting in for Hogsmeade." He doesn't look back on his sibling's room, not when he's catching up with a man who's been more of a brother to him. "I know, and it's rubbish that you couldn't continue to teach. We could show those students a thing or two about defense and offense, otherwise." There's a gleam in his eye as he reminisces briefly on the way to the kitchen. "I envy you a bit, getting to go undercover. Me, I'm just too damn handsome and famous for my own good," he quips, grinning cheekily as he does so.

Lupin doesn't even flinch at the slammed door. Around this place, that can be tame. "He is as you'd expect. I was thirsty for something and decided to go there instead of the Three Broomsticks. Evidently one of his goats has become adept at sneaking out at night." Hands tuck into worn pockets of his overcoat, which has not yet been hung up, and he adds, "Rubbish perhaps, but you know I didn't want to give Dumbledore any more headaches by sticking around, not after what nearly happened. It was best for everyone else that it went that way. You're right about what we could teach the students, however. Maybe something can still come of that, just in a less formal way." As they head down the stairs and into the kitchen he begins to slip out of that coat, the rest of his clothes looking as shabby as ever. "Undercover or not, there are still dangers. And you always were good at drawing attention."

"I'm not even going to touch that with a ten foot broomstick," Sirius states in response to Aberforth and his goats. That's something even Black couldn't comprehend. WELL, to each his own, right? "Alert the village, we've got a ruddy goat on the loose!," he barks with a laugh. Once in the kitchen, he breaks out the tea, and leftovers from the previous meal that has been turned into sandwiches. "I know. None of us want to cause Dumbledore more trouble than absolutely necessary." He rolls his eyes at Lupin, "It was a near miss and something we all had under control." But not really, however it's just like Sirius to wave it all off. "And that my friend, is a fact I am most proud of. I'll leave the subtle act to you."

"It did strike me as odd that with the complaining he was doing, it sounded almost like he was married," Lupin remarks, taking up a seat as a joint or two creaks much like what happened back in the Hog's Head. Sore body, older than it ought to be. "I just need to get caught up on everything that's going on lately. I've heard some rumors but I prefer the truth whenever I can get it." As Sirius claims everything was under control he grunts and says nothing to it, his way of disagreeing. All the same, it's in the past. "I'm content to stay under the radar," he confirms.

Sirius snorts in amusement as he pours out the tea and serves up the sandwiches. He too then settles into a seat at the table. "It's been quiet, too damn quiet as I was telling Mad-Eye a few nights ago. They've been laying low since the attack on Beauxbatons over the summer. We've had a few skirmishes, but that was before. Back in July I think it was, Bellatrix had a few of her friends out for a night on the town in Cardiff." From the darkening expression on Sirius's face, the 'skirmish' was and is, a sore point. For a number of reasons. "I think I would prefer to get into a good fight." You'd think after Azkaban, he'd like a bit of the quiet life. "As opposed to all this bloody sneaky, laying low business. Makes me want to bash a few heads together."

Lupin wastes no time in having a few bites of the sandwich after murmuring a thanks, working in some tea to go with it. "Normally I'd be just fine with things being quiet, but you're right. Like this, it just feels like they're biding their time, looking for a weakness to exploit or an opportunity to really do some damage." A finger is used to rub at the bridge of his nose before he adds, "I can do without too many fights, but it's the only real way to stay on your toes. I think, for me, I need to try to start over with some of the werewolves out there and learn what I can. That's dangerous in its own way."

"Or just planning the next big attack. Who knows when and where it will come? I never expected them to hit over in France. Before, they kept to right here." Sirius obviously is not thinking much on the expansion of terror, and who would? He tears into his own sandwich, greatly resembling a dog ripping into a steak or sommat. He grunts and waits to talk until his mouthful has been swallowed, "Perhaps. I get the feeling it will be rather difficult to get back in. But we all do what we have to do these days." To survive, to gather intel..

Lupin does notice the way Sirius eats. "Still got a bit of the dog in you?" he questions, a look of amusement flashing for just a moment. "I don't think any of us expected them to hit Beauxbatons, which is why it was so effective. Now that they've done it, we know they could do it again but they know we're thinking about it." After a moment he wonders, "Have you seen Tonks lately? Any of the others?"

Sirius bares his teeth in a fierce, but good natured grin at Lupin, "Can't separate the two, you know." Having wolfed down his sandwich, hey, fighting with Kreacher works up an appetite, he starts in on his tea. Leaning back in his seat with casual grace, he shrugs a bit carelessly, "And maybe they don't care if they hit another big target and we're on to them. Bigger targets take more manpower.. unless they do some of the old tactics of small attacks scattered across country at the same time to split the lot of us up." At the question, an eyebrow raises over his teacup, "They pop in and out. A bit anxious to see someone, are we?" The attempt at teasing could not be resisted. Especially since Tonks was the name that was singled out.

"At least you're not lapping up your tea," Lupin comments dryly, knowing they can banter back and forth like this. There's a certain comfort level about it. "I do all I can to separate mine, you know." He nods silently to the idea of the possible tactics by Voldemort and the Death Eaters, but it seems there isn't much else to add for now. He shifts in place at Black's badgering. "After what happened with Holly, Tonks was one of the people who wouldn't let me wallow in my self-loathing and guilt. No longer than what was reasonable, that is."

Sirius smirks, "I have done so. Just to make a mess and to create a fuss." Kreacher's sobbing was amusing for all of five minutes. Then it got tiresome. There is a level of comfort about the banter. It briefly lifts the cloud of darkness that has been hanging overhead. Another smirk is made as he notices Lupin shifting, then his expression clouds over. "I haven't heard from Holly in months, and Tonks was right right to kick you in the pants."

Lupin shakes his head. "Of course you'd do that," he remarks, knowing Sirius more than well enough to picture it easily. For a spell he keeps quiet to focus on the sandwich he's in the middle of, frowning at something. "She was, and you were, but what happened was my worst nightmare made real. I still have sleepless nights sometimes."

"And you shouldn't kick yourself about it. That was something that was beyond your control. It was a setup plain and simple," Sirius says, his tone taking a turn towards the heated. "I know," he says with a snarl in his tone before he pauses, takes a breath and calms himself down, "I know it is.. and it never should have happened. It never would have under ordinary circumstances."

It starts with a simple misstep. What follows is a cacophony that's sure to bedazzle. Or cause migraines. One of the two.
There's the initial trip, followed by a 'thudthud' of someone trying desperately to regain thier footing after opening the door. The 'Eek' is a strangely quiet precedence to the telltale sound of someone suddenly crashing messily into that stupid umbrella stand by the door (why is that damn thing still there anyway?!). Walburga's likely woken up by this point, which just adds to the sudden *WHUMP* of about a hundred and fifty pounds of Auror hitting the stairs face first after wrestling with said umbrella stand. Then it's strangely quiet save for the shrieking of a portrait.
And then, simply, from the stairwell, "Well, that oddly wasn't missed." And should anyone peek, or even just try to shut that wailing up, they'd see the pink-haired Auror sprawled out amongst the steps, various sundries from that stand tangled around her feet, and her chin propped in her palm and her just looking temporarily sullen at the entire scene. Sorry for interrupting tea, boys.

Oddly, of the two Sirius is the one expressing more open annoyance and anger over that event than Lupin. Guess which is normally the calm and collected one. "I tell myself that every day, but I'd take it all back if there was a way to. I just hope she's got it under control." The lack of information is a little troubling. The commotion from the front area has the effect of causing Lupin to spring forth from his chair with the fluid motions of someone younger than he looks, wand already out and in his right hand just in case. When he turns up in the doorway and sees what's actually happened, he lowers the wand and just rests a hand against the frame. "Funny, I was just thinking about you and here you make a grand entrance. Can I offer a hand or two?" He looks happy to see her.

"There goes the Tonks alarm," Sirius says in mild tones at the crash from upstairs. Who else runs into that damn thing anyway? (That's also why the stand is still there, by the way.) While Lupin is up and on his feet, Sirius takes his time in getting up and following after. As for his mother screaming, he's kinda tuned that out for the day after the earlier ruckus. Who knows, he may tell Mother where to stuff it, just because it's satisfying to do so. Appearing behind Remus, the animagus grins down at Tonks, arms folded over his chest. "Hello to you too Tonks, and as always, you know how to make an entrance — SHUT IT YOU OLD BAT!" And there goes the shouting, followed by a harsh whip of his wand to shut Mrs. Black's curtains.

Despite being sprawled out as she is, with various sticking off of her limbs, she can't help but grin stupidly at the reception. While she yanks off an umbrella or three off of her legs, she responds cheekily to Remus, "Well, you know what they say, Speak of the devil and all that…" Or would that rather be thinking in this case. As for hands, if one gets offered, it gets stuffed with an umbrella. And then she's pushing herself to her feet. "Sorry about that, haven't done that in ages. Owww…" She's rubbing her hip here, probably took the brunt of the one of the falls.
Walburga gets shut up easier than she expected and now Tonks has the mind to look ashamed, "Not interrupting anything am I?" Who knows, they might've been talking/doing something serious!

Lupin's wand is actually put to use as a few umbrellas float back to where they belong as he approaches, looking for any obvious signs of damage - to her, not the house. The shouting by both Mrs. Black and the bastard son (which would be tame if the rest of the Black family was giving opinions) goes ignored, wand tucked back away again once he's finished with it. "I'd call it more speaking of a good friend I've missed seeing, but 'devil' works just the same," he quips. Before long a hand is held out if she wants it to get back to her feet. "Sirius and I were just catching up on some current events. He's been soaking up the attention while I've been undercover."

"Remus was just telling me how much he missed you," Sirius says with a deadpan expression upon his face as he pockets his wand. "Or that," he says, but leaves it up to Tonks as to which of these two she's going to believe. The troll's leg is set back right. "We were also having a spot of lunch, there should be plenty left if you want some. Oi, Remus, you said yourself you like to lay low. I'm merely doing my part for the cause. It's the little things I sacrifice, taking the attention."

"That's because he's an attention hog," she quips easily enough about Sirius and attention. The hand is taken only briefly to steady herself, and fortunately for Remus, she gets distracted by the mention of food before she could react to the whole 'missed you' thing. She's off like a shot, down into the cavernous kitchen to raid whatever leftovers might still be on the table. By the time the boys (ha hah) catch up with her, she's likely made a sandwich worthy of Shaggy Rogers. Remus gets a smile though. "It's good to see you back and about, though. You were missed." Because, really, her day wasn't complete without making faces about how much Remus looked like he was going to fall over dead. "No more undercover stuff?" she asks the veteran Order members. It's too much to ask, and she knows it, but she's still young and relatively naive compared to the rest of them, so she excuses herself with that.

Lupin shoots Sirius a look and shakes his head in the wake of Tonks' bolting for the kitchen. Once he's made his way back to return to his mostly-finished sandwich, he moves to make a second one. Must really be hungry. "I was just thinking back to how supportive you were when I needed it," he explains to her, trying to keep a neutral tone and not really succeeding. "I don't remember if I ever told you, but I appreciated it and still do. And to complete the thoughts, yes, he can't get enough attention," a thumb jerked toward Sirius, "and yes, there will still be some undercover stuff."

Sirius's eyebrows lift and quirk in amusement as thar she goes. He gestures for Remus to head downstairs first before following suit. "I think she's got our combined appetite from fifth year." Once back in the kitchen, he plops back into his seat, and puts his feet up on the table like the savage he is. He clasps his hands behind his head, getting comfortable with defiling the family table with his boots. "For this layabout there will be. I don't get trusted with undercover work. Not unless Remus wants to play the blind muggle and I'm his seeing eye dog."

More like she inherited her father's appetite. Man likes to eat. Good thing Andromeda likes to cook. Remus' thanks causes her to pause for a moment in her demolishing of her sandwich. It's an uncharacteristic quiet that befalls her, and no that isn't color tinging her cheeks, /really/. She shrugs it off, easily. "Hey, s'what friends are for right? I couldn't let you mope yourself into a stupor. Nothing gets done that way." She means it, really! She somehow gets the order mixed up between taking a big bite of her sandwich and giving Remus a smile, so he gets this oddly combined thing complete with hamster cheeks. Sirius' feet get a look, "Mum'll kill you if you nick the surface." She's just quiet on the concept of undercover work, eating her sandwich in silence. It's obvious she doesn't like it, just by expression and posture alone. Oh sure, she's fine with /her/ doing undercover work, but it's different when it's other people, after all.

"I reckon you're close on that one," Lupin comments to Black's remark about the woman's appetite. Past that, he's left to smile back at her slightly, moving to sit down again at the opposite end of the table from Sirius. "I'm used to trying to talk others through rough patches, that's all. It's been a while since the roles were reversed." He manages not to laugh at the way Tonks looks, grinning with a mouth full of food. Going back to the idea Sirius has, whether it's a joke or not, he retorts, "I've always wanted to wander around in dark, oversized eyewear."

"Like your mother cares about this table," Sirius says as he twiddles his wand, summoning a third cup so Tonks can help herself to the tea. Although, Andromeda may be a bit more nostalgic about family heirlooms and such than he. Possibly. But perhaps not by much. "Stop fussing Nymphadora, Remus is a big boy. He can cast his own spells and everything." The sugar bowl is nudged towards Tonks, knowing she likes her tea sweeter than rainbow dropping unicorn foals. Black flashes a grin and a thumb's up towards Lupin, "You're on mate. Next stroll through London."

Watch her glower menacingly, Sirius! Or at least attempt to with her pink hair, and a mouthful of food. She just hmphs a bit, and tries to finish her sandwich before speaking anymore. Y'know, just to be polite. A nod of thanks is given about the cup and she sets about fixing herself some. and it's not THAT sweet—she only puts four lumps of sugar into it! Really. You'd think she was dumping the entire sugar pot into it.

Lupin adds, "And I can tie my own shoes," shaking his head in some amusement as he goes into munching on the second sandwich he's made, getting a refill of tea as well. "We'll see," is what he tells Sirius to the guide dog idea, his way of tabling that discussion for the moment. He'll probably forget about it by tomorrow. "Chew before you swallow," he reminds Tonks with a gentle smile.

Sirius wouldn't have been surprised had Tonks of dumped the whole pot of sugar in. The glower is met with a grin, "How is your mum anyway? I need to pop in and harass her a bit, and catch up with Ted." Hey, he likes being able to visit with the folks he is proud to be blood related to. "It only took you until I got out of Azkaban too, Remus," he says quickly without missing a beat after Lupin speaks.

HMPH. To both of you! "Mum's fine. She's been making waves about swatting you for some reason or another though." Probably because he doesn't visit as much as she thinks he should. Or that he needs to make up that whole Azkaban SEntence thing up to her, or maybe she's still cross because nobody told her about the mess and she had to read about it in the Prophet. Or it could be Andromeda remembered she's originally a Slytherin and wanted to get her practice in. "I chew'n swallow just fine, thanks," Tonks mumbles before she finishes off the sandwich. Dusting off her fingers, she sets the plate aside and begins digging in her pockets.

"Mmmhmmm," Lupin answers Sirius absently, focusing a little more on Tonks for the moment. "How long have you been going with the pink?" he wonders, gesturing to his own hair before he sips from his cup of tea, having added a spot of cream to it already. Then, to Sirius again, "Swatting you? I can't imagine why anyone would want to do such a thing."

Sirius barks a laugh, "Can't deny her that then, can I?" Could be he sent a few things her way, just to needle her. Or the fact that he's not a frequent visitor. Or any number of reasons, not that Andromeda needs any. "I didn't wipe my paws on the doormat the last time I was there. She came at me with a rolled up newspaper before I disapparated," he says cheekily to Remus. Could be a load of bollocks, may not be. What is true, is the fact that Sirius is clearly enjoying having his old friend about.

The fact that it's /easily/ imaginable that both cousins would do their respective part in that scenario is what makes it scary. "She's protective about her floors," warns Tonks. The hair question gets her to blink and she rolls her eyes inwards and upwards as if trying to see her hair through the top of her skull. "Um. Couple of days. I was in a yellow mood earlier, but that lasted for like, half a day." It's actually taken her a bit to get back to wearing the pink as almost-default thanks to a certain toad-faced someone but she doesn't mention that. She then eyes the pair, almost as if she's suspecting them of something, but she doesn't say anything in favor of drinking her tea.

Lupin doesn't appear to be following the Andromeda portion of the conversation all that closely, blinking away some of his distraction as he swirls around the remainder of his teacup after another sip, nibbling on his sandwich. "I reckon you get hit with more newspapers than you read, old friend," he tells Sirius, sending Tonks a generally cheerful smile as she tells him about the hair color. "It /is/ easy for you to change whenever you like."

"It's taken her ages to get back into the pink," Sirius states, as if reading his cousin's mind. Scary. A laugh is barked at Remus, "Perhaps." But he clearly isn't minding it. He picks up his neglected teacup and takes a few drinks, watching Remus and Tonks banter for the moment. Give him time, the uncharacteristic quiet won't last long.

"No kidding…" She lifts a hand up to run her fingers through her hair. It's left a bit longer than usual, covering her ears instead of all spikey and stuff. Watching the hair for a moment, she hrms. "I should probably do something different for tomorrow. I'll see if I can make it match whatever I'm wearing." Not that it matters; she tends to dress as if she fell into a painter's cache. Ah well. "So, seriously, what are you two up to?" She doesn't mean to sound as accusatory as that probably ends up sounding, but still.

"Has it?" Lupin asks of Tonks and pink. This is what happens when he's off doing secret things and misses people he's used to being around. As she considers what she might wear he might be caught glancing down at his own below-average clothes for just a moment before he answers with a smile, "Right now, enjoying the taste of this sandwich and conversation among friends I've missed seeing lately."

"We were pondering on toilet papering the Astronomy Tower after the students go to bed tonight. Want to join in? It'll be good for a laugh." Now honestly Tonks, why would you ask Sirius a question like that when he's in this sort of a mood? You won't get a serious answer. Smirking, Black refills his teacup, "We were just catching up. Remus hasn't been back too long from his little mission. And what he said."

There's a moment where she's just looking back and forth between the two men. There's a note of suspicion, mainly because of Sirius being there, but he had a point, so she gives up in trying to figure it out if there was a secret agenda being concocted between the two. Having given up, she refills all of their cups if there's enough in the pot to allow it. "Has everything gone alright?" she asks of Remus ignoring Sirius and his comments about papering and what not. Just like she's choosing not to elaborate on how pink was nearly RUINED FOREVAR

Pink? Almost ruined forever? The horror! Lupin gratefully accepts the refill with a 'thanks' and gets to sipping again, raising a brow at the toilet paper idea. "Funny. I don't remember anything like that even when we were students." Back to her, he explains, "What I've been up to lately has been pretty quiet and safe, but I think I may need to try starting over with another group of werewolves and see if I can gain their trust. I'm afraid You-Know-Who is still going to try to use them."

Sirius just starts laughing at being ignored. Hey, it's funny to him. "I think James and I pondered doing so, but it was after you got your Prefect's badge. So out of respect for that, we shelved the idea. Now? That's another story. I'm sure we could find a tartan to hang, just so the students can talk about McGonagall." Yeah, she's really going to appreciate that favor. Great, there goes Moony with the serious talk. Way to go, mate.

She loves you cousin! "Hng. I don't like it," is her thought on the matter of rubbing elbows with the other werewolves. Not that she's really got something against them—okay, she does. Outside of the one sitting across from her, and one other, most of them aren't exactly the most likable people about. She takes a drink of her tea before she continues to voice her opinion on the matter (because that'll change everything REALLY; maybe she is Andromeda's kid after all), but suddenly the words 'McGonagall's Tartan' enters her brain and mingles with the aforementioned 'toilet papering' and whatever image that just conjured was enough to make Tonks simultaneously spew her tea and choke (well not really but you know…). At least she was polite enough to turn her head before tea got sprayed everywhere.

"It needs to be done," is as far as Lupin gets, sounding like he understands the disapproval Tonks shows, then both brows go up at the mention of the tartan and her reaction. Good thing his mouth had nothing in it, for he coughs into a hand in response. Almost a minor choking incident, but he clears his throat. "Sirius.." he starts, letting out a put-upon sigh. "If anyone could get sacked from Hogwarts without ever teaching there, it'd be you."

"Aaaah, that took longer than I had hoped to happen," Sirius says rather cheerfully as his wand is back out and he's cleaning up the spewed tea. "Aw, I'm touched by that Remus, I really am. I'd also wear it as a badge of pride." As for the werewolves? He's not touching that topic. Unless it's to suggest Tonks walk with Lupin and hold his hand.

With tears coming out of the corner of her eyes, from the minor choking incident, she says to Remus, "I hear tell he actually did teach a class last year. Somehow." She didn't get all the details but, well, when she was investigating STUFF, it c ame up here and there. "The class somehow managed to survive."

Lupin deadpans, "In that case, Dumbledore must have lost his mind. This is going to make things much more difficult going forward." He's good at sounding serious when he isn't. It's all in the way his eyes betray it. He gets up to find something to wipe up the tea with.

Sirius chuckles, "That class was not my idea, yet it was very informative for those kids. Toughened them up too." When they got done wetting their pants. "Dumbledore's lost his mind a number of times, this was hardly the first!," he calls out with a hearty guffaw.

"Could be worse," offers Tonks. "I could teach a class." The thing is, she'd be very good at the subject she'd teach. The issue would be getting around whatever entrance fate would deem necessary at that time. Even if she was already sitting behind the desk, she'd probably trip over a chair leg when standing up or something. She just shakes her head and grumbles something about the two being nuts and whatever while she's digging something sweet out of her pockets.

Lupin dabs at some of the tea, tossing the towel over toward the sink afterward. "I think you'd do fine teaching, if you could put up with the students." He's too polite to joke about walking into things. Scratch that. He just can't help but grin at Tonks. "I'd be curious to see if a boggart would turn into that umbrella stand for you."

"Now, now Tonks… if Mad-eye taught successfully, you can too." It's difficult to say whether or not Sirius meant that as a compliment or not. At Lupin's funny, Sirius barks out a laugh and finally removes his feet from the table so that he can double over slightly in laughter.

She just beams this cheeky grin at the boggart comment. She'll leave that along, mainly because she keeps any hints to what her boggart really is sort of quiet. She also rolls her eyes at Sirius, "Of course Mad-Eye taught successfully. He's very good at what he does, there's no question about that. Just…he forgets that kids are kids." She downs her tea, "At least he didn't toss them head first into Azkaban and go 'Okay, figure out a patronus'." Again, she says this with a slight tone in it to suggest she's joking, but at the same time…maybe she isn't. "Very much a sort that teaches by tossing someone into the deep end of the pool and waits to see if they'd figure out how to doggy paddle in time."

"Unfortunately these days it's harder to be able to think of them as just kids when they could be forced to fight before most of them even graduate," Lupin laments after getting a satisfactory reaction out of Tonks over the boggart thing. "These days it's all about preparing them to be able to defend themselves, or at least last long enough for people like us to get there in time to help. I really don't like the signs we're seeing." Yes, there he goes being serious again. "Not to bring the conversation down, of course."

"Sometimes, that's the best way to learn," Sirius says in a sagely manner as he nods his head. He would be in agreement on this. Aaand.. buzzkill. Black swipes the teabags from the pot and flings them at Remus. That's for bringing the conversation down. Not that Sirius expected things to stay jovial for long, but he could have hoped. "Kids shouldn't have to deal with this as we did." Which he could say this all day long and not change a thing.

Sure, Sirius can say that all he wants. He didn't experience it! Shudder. She's in the process of opening up a chocolate frog when Remus decides to roll a critical hit against the conversation. Teabags go flying and suddenly there's just this frog hopping up in the middle between the three of them because Tonks is too busy giving him a look. And there it goes on the floor. "Gah." Has Kreacher actually cleaned? Right, we'll just move that frog into the rubbish bin. "I'm not much older than they are," she informs Sirius carefully. "And unfortunately, things are happening, and they /are/ having to deal with it. Maybe more so." Than the pair in front of her did. Last she checked, a school didn't get destroyed when they were at Hogwarts.

Lupin leans away, letting the teabags pass by harmlessly where they land on the floor. "They shouldn't have to, I agree. Yet they do, and it becomes our responsibility to protect and prepare them as much as we can." He eyes the chocolate frog before casting Tonks an apologetic look. For just the topic, or more? As she talks of having to deal with it he says, "And that's why we have to do things we might not want to."

Back it up there cuz. Sirius did experience it and didn't have a wand! However, he's not going to go there. Not unless anyone wants to see him in a foul mood. Which, too late, he flashes Tonks a dark look. "Don't you think I know this? The reality is different from me stating they shouldn't have to deal with this." In a perfect world, he'd have a wife and kids of his own, and there'd be mini-breaks with James, Lily, Harry and perhaps more little Potters. Who knows, there could be little Pettigrews and Lupins too in this scenario. But it's not a perfect world. "There's more chocolate in the cupboard," he snaps as the frog's landing on the floor hasn't gone amiss.

She's quiet for a moment. She has plenty more in her pockets, because Tonks walks aorund with a mini sweet shop in her cloak. A fingernail digs at the grain of the table,d espite her comment about Andromeda grumbling at any possible dents in things. "I'm not much older than they are," she says after a moment. Perhaps that's why she can sort of empathize with them a bit more than the adults? Who knows. She stands up, rubs her hand under her nose in a nervous gesture. "Yeah, I know." About not wanting to do things, but having to anyway.

"If it helps, we're all in this together, working toward the same goal," Lupin says after a pause, giving Sirius a gesture with a hand as if to say 'Easy. Settle down.' He fishes around in a pocket for a piece of chocolate of his own, for not only does it help people feel better, it also tastes good. "We all know how important Harry and his friends are. It's a lot to place on anyone's shoulders, least of all his, but so much of this hangs on us making sure he can handle what's to come." By the time he finishes he's close enough to Tonks to extend a hand toward her arm supportively, but it pauses in hesitation.

Sirius pushes up from his seat in clear agitation. Now he's back to the restless mood where he feels the need to abuse something. Despite Lupin's settle down gesture, Sirius growls under his breath. "We could get more accomplished if some sorts would stop burying their heads in the sand. Get past their bloody hangups and get out of our way."

You know, maybe we should just sign Sirius up for a prescription of Prozac. Might help the mood swings a bit. "Easier said than done," not to mention, completely not smart. "We're still recovering from other things; things that've hurt us far more than I think any of us realize. The Ministry is still in chaos thanks to …people. Not to mention, trust is completely not an option for most nowadays. And even despite the attack on Beauxbatons, as well as the rest of the evidence, most don't want to even consider the possibility You-Know-Who's returned. We're not even sure who's on who's side, outside of a handful." She does pause here thoughtfully. "But, y'know, that doesn't mean we're running blind. Sometimes, it can work in our favor. Because we're having to keep things mum, the enemy themselves have a hard time knowing how much /we're/ aware of, and what kind of moves we're planning to make. It's not…entirely bad, in that case."

A moment later Lupin's hand moves instead to rub at an ear and then settle at his side again, the werewolf gone quiet as he listens to the other two before taking on a distant expression for a few moments. When he speaks again it's to say, "Yes, things are in chaos right now. We have to be even more careful than before, double and triple-check who and what we know, and what we think we know. If we stop and wait for all the people who either can't see the truth or don't want to, we've already lost. I believe in Dumbledore, I believe in Harry, and I believe in us." By now he's a few feet away from Tonks again, unsure if she even noticed his brief gesture.

Nothing can help the mood swings. You're all DOOMED. Mad as a Hatter plus Azkaban never mixes well. Sirius gives another growl and kicks his chair back into place at the table. Somehow, Tonks's words are not helping the mood. He hears what she's saying, honestly. Things just tend to go in one ear and out the other when he's like this. He also knows Remus is talking sense, but his emotions get the better of him. "I'm going to go see if Kreacher's stopped crying about that ruddy locket," he mutters before sweeping out of the room to march upstairs.

Tonks had miss the gesture, so focused on Sirius as she was. And Sirius being in the mood probably misses the expression of utmost concern on her face. Man doesn't have much, and he tends to just blow up at what he does have. And it's hard to deal with. So instead of chasing after him, she lets him go, figuring it's the best way to let him cool off. It's kind of sad when her mentor seems more mentally stable than her cousin. "It's not your fault," she tells Remus as she sinks into the chair again, her hand covering her face in a way to focus herself. It's jumping the gun a bit, taking a gamble in assuming the werewolf'll end up thinking it's his to blame for the turn of the mood. It would've happened anyway, he was just the first one to toe that line. "Sirius's moods are just…mercurial at best."

"Don't abuse him any more than usual," Lupin suggests as Sirius storms off, given enough of a berth that he won't go getting knocked into as the man blows past. Once he's upstairs and Lupin is left alone with Tonks, he moves wearily to a nearby seat and takes a load off. "I'm used to it, but I don't hold it against him. I know where he was for twelve years, and all that time I thought he was the one who betrayed us. As overjoyed as I was to learn I was wrong all that time..I was still wrong all that time. We all were until we learned who really betrayed us. No, I don't blame him." Covering for Sirius a bit, perhaps?

Tugging her cloak off, she drapes the fabric behind her. "The topic was going to turn down that road anyway. And he doesn't like playing the waiting game." That impulsiveness is going to get him seriously hurt one of these days. Maybe even…no, she won't think about it. She smiles a bit. "It'll get better. He'll get better. Just a few things need to not…blow up, and it'll happen." The grain in the table is picked at again. She'll have to ask her mum how to restore the wood. "Problem is, not all of us are as… easy going as you are, I guess. I try, but…" She gives a wary smile here. "I am part of the family and do have a few of their more interesting personality quirks." Remus should count himself lucky he's never seen Tonks and Sirius butt heads. And that's almost a literal description.

Lupin shakes his head. "I'd like to sit here and joke the whole time, but I can't," he explains, a hand resting atop the table as he slumps in his seat. "There are too many things I'm concerned about to just be able to ignore it all. Don't worry, though. I know him as well as anyone and how to deal with it when he gets like this." As he thinks about what she says regarding his own mood, he considers this with a thoughtful tilt of the head. "I've learned to keep an even keel when it comes to most things. Control for someone like me is very important." How much is too much?

"There's noble restraint and then there's keeping it all in and then exploding at the slightest provocation," Tonks warns carefully. "You're like the Anti-Sirius in that regard. He lets it all out when it happens…, and you…don't. Too much control can be as bad as not enough, y'know?" She's being careful. She knows how easily the words could be twisted, could be used to add to an already self-deprecating mind. And there are wounds too recent still that such things could be unintentional salt. But to be fair, /he/ brought up the control topic. She's just responding to it.

"What do you suggest? That once in a while I just shout at the world?" Lupin asks, genuinely wondering. "When I was younger I did that a lot. I yelled at nobody specific when I knew the moon was getting full again, yelled because of how unfair things were. What good did it do? Maybe I felt a little better for a few hours but the moon still got full and I still went through..everything." There's a hint of frustration, at least. Yes, there are wounds from the things Umbridge was responsible for, too. "Everyone has different ways of handling things. I don't know what else to say."

Tonks' brows actually go up in surprise. Yes, she would suggest it and he even said /why/. And yet, it seems the point flies right over that graying head of his. "It's not so much stopping, or preventing what's going to happen. It's just…making sure it doesn't eat at you. That's all." Wondering if he feels she's judging him or something, she finds something else to stare at. "Sorry I just… worry, right? Just… don't want to see anything happen, that's all. I mean, that can be avoided. Not that I'd want to see it if it couldn't but… Damn, you know what I'm saying."

Now Lupin's head tilts the other way, a generally curious expression forming as he listens to her. "It doesn't eat at me," he lets her know, believing it as well. "Thank you for..caring enough to bring it up, though. It means a lot," he adds, finding himself at a momentary loss for words. He reaches to rub his chin and a cheek, glancing down at the table for a few seconds. What to make of this? After that he looks back up at her to see what he can figure out next.

It doesn't? The man's had a lid on his emotions for how long and it /doesn't/ eat at him? Tonks'll file that under 'riiight' and leave it alone. but rest assured, when it finally happens, she'll be there with a well placed I told you so! Because, y'know, Blacks love being right. Still, his comments make her look back in his direction and she crooks a half smile with a snort. "How many times do I have to tell you; we're friends. It's what friends do. Besides, I'm a Duffer, we so have the worry wart thing down to an exact art." Yes, shock and awe, she /isn't/ a Gryffindork—er, Dor.

Lupin returns the smile, a warmer one than he'd figured on. "I know it's what friends do. Doesn't mean it isn't nice to hear, though." As far as he's concerned he's got a good handle on the emotions and all that. "It's just that for years I've had to do it this way because of what I am. It's so easy for people with my condition to just blame everyone else for how we're treated and wind up justifying it by acting exactly the way we're expected to. I've done everything I can not to go down that same path and become like them, or worse, like Greyback. If I ever turn into him.." Shaking his head, he murmurs, "I'd rather one of you put me down before I ever became like him."

There's an intake of breath. "You won't, and I'll not have you talking like that. YOu're not like him. You're /nothing/ like him. I only have files and I know you're on the other side of the solar system from where he is. So, don't go talking like it's a remote possibility, because it won't happen." She digs in her pocket and pops something in her mouth. "You've got friends, people who care about you. Not to mention, who'd probably kick your arse all over the place if said remote possibility became a little more than remote. So…There." SO mature.

Lupin smiles again, at the conviction of her words. "I know. That's one of the things that drives me each and every day, ensuring I /don't/ become like him. It's why I need to find and talk to other werewolves again, to try to show them they don't have to become like him either. It's hard because people like Greyback poison the minds of others who are already vulnerable, making it easier to twist them into what he wants them to be. There will be a time when I face him." He dips back into a pocket for a piece of chocolate, which he appears to savor. "I'll never become anything like him," he assures her, grinning at her threat.

She'd do it too! Don't put it past her! Her eyebrows then twist, along with her mouthn in this sort of oddly amused, pathetic expression. How does she get mixed up in stuff like this, really? She doesn't comment on the Greyback thing. That's a strong possibility and one she doesn't want to think about. That is actual reality, especially with him being undercover. "As much as I'd like to throw a tantrum at that undercover business, I know the words won't have much weight. It's not at all much different than what my job would entail if it demanded. Sort of hard to sit there and gripe about something when it's something I do as well."

"That's true. You're an Auror and I know what that entails. By its basic nature you're in danger any time you're out there," Lupin says as he gets to his feet slowly. Seems he's still a little tired from the most recent full moon. "But I trust you because I trust the training you've had, your skills, and the others you work with. In my case, maybe I don't always have that backup, but I've been around long enough to learn a few tricks if I need them." He says this with a hint of mirth in his tone. After all, he was a Marauder and one of the better DADA instructors around lately. This time there's no question about the gesture as he moves to stand beside her and reach out to rest a hand against her shoulder for a moment. "These things come with the territory. If I didn't think I could do it, I'd tell Dumbledore."

"You would've made a good Auror, I think," she comments quietly. Funny how the what ifs like flying around. The hand to her shoulder causes her to blink, not to mention jump a bit. Mainly because she doesn't expect such things from other people. She's usually the one to initiate most things. And that's usually with a preceeding tripping over her own two feet. She's quiet though for a moment then she takes a deep breath, "Yeah, but if you get yourself killed, I'm going to hunt down your ghost and kick your arse." She looks up to the man for a moment, then reaches up to pat the hand on her shoulder. "So yeah, no dying. Besides, I'd need help keeping Sirius in line. And he somehow listens to you." There's a heartbeat, "Barely."

Lupin muses, "Perhaps, though I've never heard of them allowing werewolves to train." Can't imagine why. He stands by for the moment, raising a brow at the little twitch that comes out of her. "I solemnly swear I will do all I can not to become a ghost any time soon, though I think you'd have trouble kicking one as it is." His eyes shift toward the hand patting his and he smiles before offering a brief, light squeeze. "Sometimes the trick is threatening him with a flea dip."

Hmph. "Don't put it past me. I once defeated a Death Eater with a giant chocolate frog." So THERE. oh wait, they have no real PROOF Edwin was a Death Eater, but still. Tonks laughs. "Flea dip huh? I'll make sure to tag on Mum to make it worth while next time." Somehow Andromeda with a Flea Dip spell… Tonks makes a face at that.

Lupin makes no move to dislodge his hand as long as hers is still atop it, and before thinking he turns it over to hold hers instead. "That would have been a sight to see," he chuckles, then he looks down at his hand and seems surprised. "..or just a flea collar," he adds.

There's a laugh barked, and the hand does get removed only to go digging in her pockets again. "He barely does well with locks on his front door and you want to put a collar on him?" She beams a grin up to the older man. "You're nuttier than I thought. You have collaring duties if it comes down to it. Your idea." She then offers whatever she's been popping into her mouth. It seems to be just plain fruit flavored hard candies. Nice, safe, muggle hard candies.

"Oh, he'd have my head if I actually tried either of them," Lupin answers with a shake of the head, finally moving his hand back to his side. Seems there's a hint of coloration in his cheeks this time, then he quietly accepts the offered candy with a 'thanks.' "Besides, it might bring up bad memories of Azkaban and that's the last thing I want him thinking about. Ever since we were students together, we've had a healthy, ribbing relationship."

"Azkaban… I hate that place," she comments quietly. "Hate going there. Have to a lot of times. Try to get out of it. Mad-Eye gets on my case about it though." Lovingly of course. Or as close to 'lovingly' as Moody can get, heh. "And yet, as much as it's obviously affected Sirius… it could've been so much worse. All things considered, he's rather well adjusted." Just settle your thoughts on that statement: Sirius is well adjusted, considering. "It's good he's got friends like you. It does help, even if he does tend to storm off regularly." She frowns. "I do hope Kreacher isn't on a pike somewhere in the attic by now."

"Not sure I'd come out much different if I had to spend the time there that he did," Lupin confesses, turning away from her long enough to let the coloration in his cheeks fade away again, back to normal. The candy is also unwrapped and slipped into his mouth. "He's the best friend I've got left, Tonks. I can't think of much I wouldn't do for him." There's just a snort regarding Kreacher.

There are a few thumps heard from somewhere above. The croaky cry of the elf, followed by a muffled shout. Nah, not on a pike in the attic.


She studies his back for a moment. She doesn't say what's on her mind. That maybe he should actually stand up to Sirius once in a while, put his foot down. How can someone as strong as Remus be so damned /soft/ sometimes? "it's probably the same for him, too. Haven't been around each other for how long, yet you guys've eerily paralleled each other. It's kind of weird." She stifles a slight yawn, and checks the time. She's 'off' for the rest of the day, thankfully but she should check in after a while to make sure something didn't blow up. ANd there's the thumps. Her eyebrows arch upwards and Tonks let's out a sigh. "Well, at least he's alive still."

That's one of Lupin's biggest flaws, letting others get away with things he ought not to allow. "It's like riding a broom. Once you get it worked out, it never really goes away. I think we both fell back into old habits, just with about a decade's worth of experiences added in." The other Marauders, even Pettigrew, did so much to make Remus feel like a true friend back in school, and it was good for him. Glancing toward the ceiling at the racket, he shakes his head and follows her words up with, "For now. Something tells me Kreacher can handle it, though. He has up to now."

"Handling it's not the question. Thing has so much resentment towards everyone that it's just…" Tonks shakes her head here. It's been damned difficult doing the renovations they had all planned on with Kreacher getting underfoot and in their way and once or twice likely sabotaging, or attempting to, their efforts. "But you're likely right," she admits with a sigh, her gaze still focused upwards, "hes' probably fine. Or at least as fine as he'll ever be."

"Not much that can be done with a hate-hate relationship like that, is there?" Lupin smiles, no longer showing Tonks his back now that he's confident his flushed cheeks are no more. That was awkward, with the hand thing. It just happened. "Say, have you been to see Dumbledore recently? I ought to get up to the school soon and sit down with him, make sure I know the things I ought to lately."

She'd later be upset, if she found out, that she missed out on a flushing Lupin. She wouldn't know why, but it's still a sight that she'd be upset at missing. "Professor Dumbledore?" Yup, still a young'un. Then again, he might not be anything but… Still, she shakes her head. "I've not put much time at the School. You're likely better off asking Mad-Eye about it. I'm still chasing escapees and doing paperwork." She pauses, "I should put in to do some shifts at the school. Give me an excuse to see some of the other common rooms."

Lupin will likely take care to avoid blushing again, but fail at just the right moment. Ahem. Her calling him 'Professor' helps remind him of the age difference as it is. It's only been over the past couple years he stopped using the title all the time, too. "Ah, of course. Aurors being more out there and all, compared to inside Hogwarts. All the same, I've been meaning to catch up with him as it is, see about any special projects he may have." Then he snorts at her excuse. "We had a map for that."

She makes a whoopie gesture at the map comment. "The map didn't show you what the inside looked like. Besides, I know what Gryffindor's looks like. Sooo gaudy." And coming from Tonks that's saying something. "The chairs looked comfy though. Not as comfy as ours though." She's not saying how she knows what it looks like on the inside, at least not yet. "Well, it'd be a change from chasing rumors." There's something else about chasing the escapees, but she's not quite ready to admit that outloud. Not yet. Because it'd mean Fate has Sirius hanging out where they can't see him and he'd come running in and busting her chops for it.

Lupin lets her one-upsmanship go unchallenged, more amused than anything else. "Send him an owl, then. You never know what he could use you for between shifts," he recommends. It might even wind up with them working together on something. At some further commotion heard from the floor above, he comments, "That didn't sound good." Thump, shout, yell. "Must be what you meant about shouting at the world once in a while."

"Sirius does enough shouting at the world to take the load off of a dozen people," Tonks comments wryly. And it's probably a good thing Remus doesn't inquire about her escapades into areas she shouldn't have. She'd rather not get a couple of Weasleys in trouble—after the fact. She nods a bit here. "I'll see what I can do. Too much work to be done, not enough time to do it in." The last the she ended up saying that she worked herself so much she was even failing to color her hair properly. She ended up looking like a young, wasted Andromeda there for a bit.

Lupin has a bit of experience getting into places he didn't belong in. The Marauders sort of pioneered /that/ kind of thing. "So you see, I can just let him do all the shouting, keep my voice in good shape, and be just fine," he says, gesturing with a finger to more convincingly make the point. "You /do/ have an actual job to keep, I understand." No bitterness there. Not on the outer surface, at least.

She's not sure about the comment about having an actual job. She could comment on it, possibly, but that might lead to a weird road and didn't they just get out of an oppressive sort of topic cloud anyway. But regardless, "Bah, you should shout at some walls regardless." She grabs her cloak and stands up. "I need to do my check in. I'll probably be back in a few, but I should go make sure things didn't blow up since lunch, right?" Stepping away from the table,s he'll reach up and pat his shoulder. "Let Sirius know I"ll probably be back and I might bring dinner with. Try to make sure he doesn't break too much stuff?" She'll flash him a smile then step away, waving.

The job thing, or lack of it, has been difficult for Lupin, greater at some times than others. If there's one thing that might get him yelling right now, it'd be that. Very unfair. "We'll see," he tells her before nodding to her need to check in. The touch of his shoulder earns a brief smile as he tucks his hands in his pockets and shifts the candy around to the other side of his mouth. "Go on and deal with what you need to. I'll hold the fort here and tell him you'll be around again later. Just send word up so one of us can be there to catch the food if you run into the stand again." Wink. Yes, he winks. Another crash from above and he heads for the stairs. "That sounded even worse than the last." A quick wave follows in return before he takes the steps two at a time.

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