1995-05-07: Welcome to the Order


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On Loan: Mundungus and Kreacher

Scene Title Welcome to the Order
Synopsis There's a meeting of the Order, three new recruits to bring into the fold, and business to discuss.
Location #12 Grimmauld Place
Date May 7, 1995
Watch For Elves, sneak thieves..
Logger Gromit

It's Sunday, early May, the sun has already set, the only illumination in the dingy square are the grimy streetlamps. For Jack and Holly out in the square, the familiar door of #12 seems to be missing, which is rather odd to say the least. The square seems quite abandoned, even at this early hour. The only signs of any activity come from the muggle homes, lights shining in the windows, casting silhouettes for passersby to see. To anyone else, it's just a peculiar oversight in planning the building of the homes that #12 was overlooked.

There's no sign of Sirius, despite having given the date and time to those he asked to meet him here.

Jack steps up to the familiar area, unable to see where the house is now that it's been placed under the charm. He frowns, and glances around. It's meant to be here somewhere. He scratches his chin, and waits patiently.

Despite the fact that it's getting warmer, Holly's dressed in a hooded sweatshirt - but it's a nice one, with the crest of her House on the back. Any Muggle onlookers would think that Holly just really likes bears, which is entirely possible. Her hand is in the pocket of said sweatshirt, and in there is also her wand. Certain happenings have made her hesitant about traveling in the open lately, and certain disappearing houses have her suspicious. The weird thing is, she's not even entirely sure if she's got the right street. It seems familiar, but— Maybe she made that wrong turn back at Albuquerque. Or whatever the wizarding world's Bugs Bunny equivalent is. She starts to turn around so she can check the street when she sees Jack. "Hey. Something missing, or did we both get turned around?"

Lupin having arrived earlier in the day to grab himself a free meal. Presently he's been up in a room, taking a nap. Sleepy time for Lupin is always a good time. That and he'd been up the night before, mind reeling about a whole lot of stuff recently. Slowly he stretches and wakes up and looks around. Taking a look at his watch. Time for the meeting? Yes, perhaps. He takes a big, deep breath in and starts to make his way down to the kitchen and looks about…nobody here yet! Hmmm…

"Loose something Jack?" A familiar voice says. "You are on time, though are mutual acquaintance has not arrived as of yet." Christian steps into the light from an alley way. He is dressed quite different from usual. He is wearing a long-sleeved black shirt with a tactical vest over it. His black cargo pants are tucked into a pair of tall black steel-toe boots. Over it all is a long black duster. Quite imposing. "Ms. Maplewood," He says to Holly with a polite nod. "It is good to see you." His hands are shoved deep into his pockets. "Please excuse the outfit. It has a purpose I assure you."

Molly's been there a while as well. Not as long as Lupin, of course, but long enough to be down in the kitchens, putting snacks together and furiously casting cleaning charms around the darkened room, trying to get the place in some semblance of order for the meeting. She mutters to herself about daft elves and crazy old witches while she finishes up making a few batches of fresh biscuits. She continues to putter around the room to wait for the incoming mass.

Tonks is here, and for once, is on time! And even better yet, she's early! She's already sitting in the kitchen, feet propped up on the table. Is that a new table? No, just she and Sirius have been using some serious elbow grease in Grimmauld lately, and it's finally begin to show. Those familiar to the place would already notice that the front hallway (save for the elf heads and Aunt Wally's portrait) has been stripped and re-wallpapered. But yes, Tonks is ruining her own hard work by putting her dirty boots on the recently re-sanded and re-primed or tinted or whatever it's called. The table's pretty…save for what Tonks is putting on its' surface by tossing her feet on it. So rude. She's reading otherwise.

Of course things never run on time for a certain harried headmaster. In fact, while he prides himself on his promptness, Dumbledore is indeed tardy! Write this date down in the calendar for it shall never happen again. He Apparates into the sphere of the enchantments on the old house and then lets himself into the front door. Stepping silently past the previous owner of the house's portrait, he makes his way to the kitchen where the meeting is to be held, and immediately says, "Please excuse my tardiness," in a rather contrite voice. "We have something of a situation at Hogwarts right now, and our searches took a little longer than expected."

Kreacher peeks out from the boiler closet, glaring with the utmost loathing at Molly. "The other blood traitor.. she's in Mistress's kitchen, touching her things.. the shame of it all," he croaks to himself. "Smells like a drain," he utters, then a choked whimper is heard as Tonks puts her boots up on mistress's table. The nerve of the freak!!

A tattered heap of ragged clothing that is Mundungus Fletcher, sits at the table. One of the silver goblets stamped with the Black family crest is in his hands. His hangdog eyes inspecting it, as if gauging how much coin it might fetch.

Sirius steps seemingly out of nowhere as his disillusionment charm is lifted. "Lovely night, isn't it?" he says softly, approaching the trio. "It's good to see you again Miss Maplewood," he says to the woman as he procures a piece of parchment from his pocket. He first hands it to Jack, "When you're finished having a good look at this, pass it to Miss Maplewood, then on to Mr. Faulkner." Christian's given a nod, "Just one thing to get out of the way before we move inside." On the piece of parchment is of course the address to #12.

"Ahh. Charm." Jack nods. "Makes sense." He turns to Holly after reading over the paper and handing it to her. "They've ah — hidden it in plain sight." He watches the familiar house emerge from its hiding place, at least for him, and he nods at Sirius. "Thanks, mate. Good idea." He grins, and reaches a hand out for the man to shake. "You been alright?" Faulkner's words get a shrug. Clothes aren't really that important to him, as much as he might let others think. "Faulkner."

Remembering people from her kidnapping is difficult. Christian's face looks familiar, but matching a name to it is near impossible. She's not supposed to feel guilty about that, and she pushes the creeping feelings off to the side, instead holding out her hand and saying, "You know, I'm usually good with names, but I'm sorry…" Prompting for him to refresh her memory. Hopefully he doesn't take offense.

In any case, now that he's drawn attention to the outfit, she has to ask - almost playfully - Oh? What's it for?" Jack might recognise the tone. It's how she used to sound before she went away. And she's about to press Christian on that point when— "Fr—ak" she manages, which is some sort of odd, distorted swear word as she turns to look at Sirius. Deep brown eyes look at him as if he's just given her a heart attack. The weird thing is, he managed to sneak up on her, despite the fact that she can hear everything lately. Taking the paper, she reads it, and then passes it onto Christian.

As he enters the kitchen, he nods to each of the people there, "Molly, Dora, Mundungus. How're you all doing?" Lupin asks quietly, taking a seat beside Tonks. He looks up as Dumbledore enters the room. "Professor. Don't worry. Besides us, you're the first to arrive. I think we're still waiting for a few people." Who are outside, unbeknown to him.

Christian takes the paper from Holly and reads it carefully. "Christian Faulkner," He says to Holly, as he hands the paper back to Sirius. "The uniform is classified information actually. You'll get an earful enough in a second when we are not all in the open." He grins back at Sirius. "I am alone, like you said, and I have come in my capacity as leader of my group, as you requested."

"Nymphadora, get your feet off the table." Molly scolds as she sets the biscuits out, still warm, the scents wafting through the air. "Professor Dumbledore, do you have any news…?" She begins, but then realizes that he'll probably get to that. She's got to ask, though. Dung gets a dirty look. "I still don't see why he has to …" She mutters to herself as she goes to fetch some tea and butterbeer. That's about as strong as the drinks'll get tonight. Well, at least the ones she'll serve. "Hello, Remus. We're alright. Worried about dear Freddie, though." She replies. "Where is that Sirius?" He may have been cleared and found innocent, but he's still a little troublemaker in the mother's eyes.

There's a frown and Tonks' feet slide off the table, and she stands up. Reaching over, she moves to pluck the goblet from Mundungus' grubby hands, "I just cleaned those, stop getting your greasy prints all over it." The grumbling like a creature from beyond is something she's used to by now, and when she drops back in her chair, assuming she managed to snag said goblet, it's given to the decrepit little servant, "Make yourself useful, will you?" Her feet now off the table, she beams a smile at the Weasley matriarch, "They are." Sirius' location is answered with a shrug. Remus is given a mile in greeting before quieting, especially if Dumbledore has an update on Things (tm).

Kreacher's eyes fasten on the sneak thief Fletcher, silently daring him to be lightly fingered with one of his mistress's things! He sidles out of his little closet, shuffling past Molly, firing her a look of distinct disgust. "Filth, scum, half-bloods and blood traitors, fouling the halls.. oh how my mistress weeps," he croaks audibly to himself, in the manner of expecting to be heard.

Mundungus gives a grunt of greeting to Lupin, and seems to straighten up some when Dumbledore enters. The goblet however, is still surveyed as he just might be pondering how to slip it under his coat. As is usual, the man seems to smell of tobacco and stale liquor. "Cor.. I was only looking!," he says as Tonks swipes the goblet from his grasp.

"We're still looking, Molly," Dumbledore replies gently to Mrs. Weasley, and there is sorrow in his old voice about the fact it's taken so long without any good news. "We have a few leads, but nothing I'd consider firm just yet, but there is still definite hope." Thus, the bouncy headmaster is not quiet so bouncy right now, and there's an obvious air of distraction about him, his gaze going distant as he continues to mull the problem at hand.

Kreacher catches the goblet as it's thrust his way by Tonks. "It's speaking to Kreacher. The freak that was disowned.." He shuffles away, glaring at Tonks as he hugs the goblet to his thin chest.

"I'll explain more once inside. We should hurry," Sirius doesn't quite like standing out here in a gathering that could be spotted easily. He shakes Jack's hand quickly, "Just fine. A bit on the busy side." Holly's reaction garners a chuckle from the animagus as he takes the paper back. Wand in his other hand, he sets the parchment ablaze, letting it burn up to ash. "Hmm.. Classified. I see. Well. Come on, everyone's waiting inside," he says before he leads the way to the door of #12.

Christian gestures for Jack and Holly to follow, as he turns the street. He sweeps left and right, then follows them in.

Jack steps over to attempt to be there to calm Holly, if she needs it, but as she gets herself easily under control, he nods, giving her a cheeky smile and a wink. "C'mon, then, luv." He steps across the threshold. "Where's the meeting anyway, Padfoot?" His voice is somewhat subdued to accommodate the portrait on the wall. He's been here before.

"Oh," is really all Holly can say to the 'classified' uniform. There's an eyebrow raise, but her attention is really on Sirius, and the address she just looked over. She's got a good memory, given her profession. She shouldn't forget it. Taking Jack's arm, she follows Sirius toward the house. Or, that's what she'll assume until she sees it.

Lupin looks up at Dumbledore. "I'd like to have a talk with you about everything that's going on at the school. I might have an idea or two about the problem." He sighs softly. He look down at Kreacher and shakes his head. "Where's Sirius?" He asks the house elf.

Molly's face falls with Dumbledore's pronouncement. "Well." She purses her lips, and turns away, gazing at an unoccupied portion of the room. "Poor ickle Freddie. I hope he's alright…" She sighs, steeling herself and returns to straightening things on the table. When Lupin asks Kreacher where Sirius is, Molly stops to listen.

Kreacher mostly ignores Lupin as he passes through, clutching the goblet to his chest. "The werewolf is speaking to Kreacher, but Kreacher must not answer, oh no. Such a beast is not fit to be within these walls, yet here it is."

Tonks just eyes Dung, "Look, Mad-Eye isn't here, so someone's got to keep an eye on you. We're not done going through the house. When that's done, /then/ you can look through things then /ask/ if it's okay to take it." She shakes her head, as if the man was as pathetically annoying as the house elf. "Kreacher…," she rolls her eyes, "Why don't you go do something with that goblet, okay?" She makes a shooing motion. Hopefully he'll go away before Sirius shows up and forces the issue! she gives Molly a look though, "I'm sure he's okay! He comes from tough stock, after all."

Mundungus grunts at Tonks and seems to curl up in his seat under the dirty ragged cloak of his. He better not be falling asleep already!

Once inside #12 Grimmauld, Jack and Holly should see that the entrance hall looks much better than the last time they saw it. It's clean. The walls have been re-wallpapered, and it's much more inviting. Walburga Black's portrait is still on the wall, currently quiet behind her curtains. The elf heads, the troll's leg, it's still there, not having been tossed yet. "Down in the kitchen," he says, keeping his voice low so as to not wake up the cow. He says nothing else until he's lead the three newcomers downstairs into the basement kitchen. "Sorry for the delay, I had to bring in the new recruits," he says before gesturing behind him. "This is Holly Maplewood, Jack Noble and Christian Faulkner," he introduces before settling into the seat next to Remus.

As he enters, Chris takes a step to the left side of the door. He stands at a parade rest, as he politely nods to everyone present. When he sees Lupin, his gaze pauses for a moment, then he quirks a smile. "I should have known," He whispers with a quiet chuckle.

Dumbledore nods to Lupin. "I was going to speak to you, after I got your owl. I'm sorry I haven't had time to owl you back, it's been /that/ crazy at Hogwarts. However, I want to assure all of you that we're doing everything in our power to track down the missing students." His words are mostly for the parent-of-a-missing-student more than anyone else. And Dung's behavior isn't missed, but Dumbledore says nothing for now, other than a brief intent look at the man. "Hello, Miss Maplewood, Mr. Noble, Mr. Faulkner." Doesn't matter that he often uses first names, this time, it's formal. "Welcome to the Order of the Phoenix."

And with that introduction, Jack steps down into the kitchen, nodding to those he knows, and even winking at Tonks. "Hello, Headmaster, ladies and gentlemen." Always the aristocrat, though not the stuffy kind. "Thank you sir. I do appreciate it." He smiles and finds a place to sit, patting the seat next to Holly, giving her a look for invitation.

Lupin nods a little bit to Christian. "Yes, well…I would have told you, but I wasn't sure if I should or not, you understand." He says quietly. To Dumbledore, he says, "Well, there's something in that regard I'd like to talk to you about. But I'll wait until after the meeting." He turns to the rest of the room, glancing at Sirius.

A Crack outside in the street is all it takes before the thumping, hobbled step can be heard once the door has been thrown open and shut. However with the portrait covered there is no sounds of cursing or vitriol laced dialogue coming from the main room, just the stump work steps which seem to become louder and louder. And then in like the moments in those scary muggle movies A blue eye peers into the room landing squarely on one member and remaining there before the rest of the Auror is lurched into place. "Bout damned time.." Moody mutters, to himself before he is going to find a place pointedly by Mundungus. "Sorry for runnin' late Albus-all. Had a detention that needed to wrap itself up." Teaching is not for him-some times.

Huh. Maybe it's the fact that the house just kind of appeared in front of her, but she's sure there's something different about the place. And Holly spent a little time here while she was on the run from the Ministry. "Wow, nice work," she says, unable to really think of anything else to say. She's familiar with charms that can hide things, but she's never actually been privy to the knowledge of the whereabouts of a hidden house before.

Holly doesn't sit at the table. She does briefly think about hopping up onto the counter, but decides against it. Even if she's become accustomed to making herself at home here, the aire of this meeting is a bit of a formal one. Still, she can't stop herself from asking, "The what?" Because she's not entirely sure why she's here.

From the back of the house, there's a thud and the creaking of old wood, an 'oops' here and there, mixed in with various muttered phrases that are too hard to hear. Eventually, the half-giant is able to make his way into the basement kitchen - and all without waking the portrait! It's lucky. Very lucky. "Sorry. Sorry. 'ad to pick up a little something fer class." Hagrid pats his coat, but doesn't reveal the contents of it. Probably for the best. "Welcome, welcome. Anythin' to drink, Sirius? I been away from 'ogwarts fer awhile. Could use somethin'. Strong, if ya got it."

"Its alright Lupin," Christian says with a nod. "Like ideals make for strange allies, and the FRU can use all the help it can get right now." He turns to Dumbledore, and bows lightly. "Thank you Sir. I am glad to be here." He nods a greeting to Moody and Hagrid.

Tonks beams a smile at Jack, just a wee bit proud of herself on this one, but she's otherwise calm. Moody's appearance is greeted with fond grin, then that grin turns almost predatory as she shifts it to Mundungus. Then she's turning her attention back to all the people. Even Hagrid gets a wave.

"Oh, how nice." Molly fairly gushes at the new members. "Come in and have a seat, dears. There are nibbles as well, Albus, everyone." Though they might want to wait until the meeting is over. "Well, anything to do with that lot, I want to be in on the discussion." Her child is involved. She bloody well will be.

Behind Hagrid another's footsteps can be heard. A bit late, but more the merrier right? An adjustment of his coat, before he's looking up to the back of the rather tall half giant. "Nothin' like hearing that statement.." As for an excuse Charlie Weasley doesn't have one, but he did come when the call was given. There's a rub of his chin before he's running a hand through his hair. Might as well blend into the wall now, so as not to give the impression that he is late.

In his seat, Mundungus's face is mostly hidden. The man has actually fallen asleep, dozing quietly. That is until Moody's booming voice is heard. The heap of robes and cloak shuffles as he jerks awake and upright, looking a bit like a deer in the headlights. A bit of an accusatory glance is made at Tonks. YOU summoned him, didn't you!?

Sirius turns to Remus, a questioning expression before he grins as Hagrid enters. "Hagrid, of course. Come in, have a seat. Firewhiskey okay?" The animagus doesn't get up from his seat, instead using his wand to send a bottle zooming to the groundskeeper. Not completely forgetting his manners as host, bottles of butterbeer, pumpkin juice and jugs of water float over to settle onto the table, joined by goblets.

Lupin gives Sirius a look as if to say 'I'll tell you later' and the looks back to the rest of the room. With a snap of his fingers, one of the flying bottles of butterbeer comes him and he catches it. He smiles at Hagrid. "Hagrid, it is good to see you." He nods to Molly. "Of course, you shall be in on that conversation, as it has to do with Fred."

Yes, because Tonks has a ball in her pocket specifically for the purpose of summoning Moody (Moodychu, I choose you!). Still, she's smug about the timing. And it keeps her quiet for all of two seconds until she recognizes one of the newer voices…."Charlie?" No blending into the wall with Tonks around! Nobody told her he was back! Either that or she was too busy and skipped the memo… Fortunately, the crowd in the kitchen keeps Tonks seated.

Moody just stares right at Mundungus with his blue eye, however he doesn't address the thief just yet. Just a hand moving to land on the man's shoulder and squeeze as he eases himself down. "Ahh Fletcher, always a pleasure." However it seems that Alastor doesn't exactly mean it. A sniff there before he is looking back on over towards Lupin. There's a shake of his head- no drinking from the goblet, instead Moody is pulling out his own flask and taking a swig.

Dark eyes light up at the prospect of fire whiskey, which indicates that that's just a-OK with Hagrid. It seems he's just fine with holding onto the bottle, too. At least he isn't driving anywhere after, right? Though drinking and apparating isn't always the prettiest picture, either. "Nice ter see ya all," he says, locating what seems to be a sturdy chair and sitting himself down near the table. "Charlie Weasley," he says, though his attention is still on the bottle in his hand. He gets it open, taking a long pull, reminiscing for just awhile on his lost dragon. "Takin' care o' Norbert, aye?"

Charlie on the other hand looks up from his place along the wall, with a slight nod back towards Tonks. And yes, there is a grin for his old school friend "Tonks." he offers out before he is seeing to get a bottle of butterbeer. "Fred?" Now it is Charlie asking questions as eyes are trained on Lupin for a second. It seems someone did not give the Dragon Handler the memo.

Christian steps forward, and shoves his hands into his pockets. "There are many people here whom I haven't seen in a long time," He says, indicating Albus. "And some I have never met. I think it might be best if we introduce everyone, and at least for those of us who are slow…" he raises his hand. "…define why we are here."

Mundungus shifts in his seat, away from Moody, in a feeble attempt to escape the ex-Auror's hand. "Mad-eye," he grumps in greeting, then looks a bit confused at the newcomers. How the heck did he miss Hagrid coming in!? And the new faces!

Sirius turns to look at Christian, "Right. Quick introductions for our newcomers, then we need to get down to business. We have a couple of important items on the agenda tonight.. KREACHER. That is not where that goblet goes, put it in the sink." The elf glowers at Sirius, almost having made it to his little nest with the goblet, then shuffles to the sink. "Sorry about that, as to why we are here. We have a common problem by the name of Voldemort, and his followers."

"Hear hear." Jack's found himself a seat and a bottle of butterbeer. He's cracking it open and taking a swig, and listening to Sirius. He gives Holy a smile. "Didn't think I'd be back here soon." He shrugs, and turns to pay attention to the meeting.

"Charlie, dear!" Molly moves to give her second-born a hug, and a small kiss on the cheek. "Come sit down, dear, and have something to drink." She smiles. When he mentions the missing twin, she sighs. "He's gotten himself into some mess or another, and gone missing. They're trying to find him." And she's going to be involved in the process, if she possibly can. "Shh, now. Listen to Sirius." Though why he's leading the meeting instead of Albus is a question in her mind.

Holly can't help looking at some of the people here, and while she doesn't go to an outright stare, there's something odd about Hagrid and Moody. The former is the tallest man she's ever seen, and the latter — well, what adjective can anyone use to describe Moody? Holly eyes Kreacher, even smiles at the elf who became a small source of entertainment for her before he attacked Mo. She almost finds herself missing the old, crazy thing.

And then Sirius mentions Voldemort. Holly herself won't say the name, even if she's American. His influence reaches all over the world. There's a pause, before she decides that she is going to hop up on the counter after all. It's one of those conversations that she thinks she might have to sit down to listen to.

"Fine, I'll start this off then." Moody's voice croaks after another swig of whatever concoction has to be in that flask he carries. Because there is no flame or smoke to indicate fire whisky. Must be a splendid blend of all sorts of things. All the same There's the clearing of his throat as the blue eye remains focused on the man to his left. Poor Mundungus fletcher- "I am Alastor Moody…You all probably know my more colourful moniker-an who I am. If you don't, well-you will soon enough." A grump and he's seating himself down again. There, that one is out of the way.

"Rubeus Hagrid, Hogwarts Professor." There's a certain beaming pride when he says that, with a look to Dumbledore. It's as if his position means the world, and it really does, to the half-giant. And maybe it's not the most prestigious job ever, but it's been trusted to him, bestowed by a great man, and Hagrid couldn't be happier. After another swig of Firewhiskey, he waves a hand at Moody. "Come off it, Mad-Eye. Brighten up a bit. Y'ought to like the people that're gonna have yer back, and they oughtta like you." That's about as wise as Hagrid gets. Still, it's much easier to want to protect someone if you actually like them - that's what he thinks, anyway. Lucky for everyone here, Hagrid likes just about everyone.

"Remus Lupin." States Lupin, obviously his name. "For those of you who don't know me." Though as he looks around, he's pretty sure that just about everyone in this room knows him. He keeps it simple, not feeling the need to say anything more at the moment.

Dumbledore musters a polite smile for Hagrid, nodding to the half-giant, but leaving at that for now. He understands what the job means to the poor guy. "I'll be happy if everyone at least worked together, although being friends would certainly help that process along," he remarks almost idly on the heels of Hagrid's commentary. "We're coming to the point of our watch for the second rise of Voldemort where we will have to start being more proactive… hence your invitations to join our little conspiracy," he says with a nod to Jack, Christian, and Holly. "We need people we can trust to not only fight against evil, but also to be willing to do what it takes… without becoming evil ourselves… to protect the rest of the world, both wizarding and Muggle."

"Just Tonks," she says by way of introduction, though she's pretty sure everyone in the room knows who she is. While Dumbledore speaks, outlining what the Order is about to the three, she's withdrawing a couple of small bars of Honeyduke's chocolate from her pockets (she would've gone for the frogs, but it probably wouldn't be all that professional to go trying to catch jumping candy during a meeting). She offers one to Lupin before she works one open for herself.

Mundungus stays put in his seat, not bothering to introduce himself. He's possibly dozed off again. Despite being under Alastor and Albus's watchful eyes.

When Holly looks at Kreacher, the glare he gives her deepens. As if he knows what sort of distasteful animal she is, like the Lupin fellow. He quickly sets the goblet within the sink as ordered before shuffling to his little nest in the boiler closet.

Sirius helps himself to some of the snacks Molly has whipped up. It's a far cry from Kreacher's half-assed attempts at cooking, or even some of Black's own attempts. He hefts his own goblet in a bit of a salute to Hagrid for his achievement. He doesn't bother announcing who he is, if there's someone here who doesn't know, they can be filled in later. A drink is taken before he clears his throat and speaks up, "We've got two situations.. missing students from the school. We've got people already assigned to that. As disturbing and worrying as that is, there's also the fact that the village of Batherton Hills has been leveled to the ground."

"Well, as you've heard, I'm Icarus Noble, though folks call me Jack, and I'm a cursebreaker." Jack smiles, nodding again. "And I'm glad to be able to do something. I've been feeling kind of at loose ends to figure out what to do to get involved in this fight. This seemed like a step in the right direction." He's not one of the normal members, but he wants everyone to know how he feels about this. Jack turns to Sirius. "Burned to the ground?" And the situation with the kids, he does have to ask. "Rosie's not missing, is she?" That is a necessary question.

There aren't a lot of new names for her to take in. She knows at least half the people here, and Holly's sure she'll learn the rest fairly quickly. "I'm Holly Maplewood," she says, though it's mostly an afterthought. Anyone who knows Sirius at least knows her name, most likely, though maybe they haven't put a name to a face just yet. Well, now they have!

As for protecting the rest of the world, well, Holly's pretty good at defense, at least from a legal standpoint. And she's not about to do what people did to her, that's for damn certain. "Anything I can do," she says. Mostly, she's just listening for now.

A faint smile is passed to Hagrid "Oi Norbert's doing fine mate in fact-"It seems Charlie is about to go on and on about dragons with the groundskeeper and professor. However, given the situation there's a slight nod back as his mom speaks up. Oh right- of course Fred's missing, but again not the time to throw questions just yet. "Err. Charlie Weasley.." A faint nod there for his introductions. Another sip of beer, and Charlie's brows are furrowing back towards the new, news. A town razed to the ground, and his brother missing.

"Molly Weasley. I'm the mum to the ginger lot…" She gives a fond look to Charlie, and then turns her attention to the discussion at hand. "I heard about that. We were ever so upset at the news." She looks around. "Does anyone know why?" Sometimes, that's the important question. "Norbert, dear?" This is something Molly's not heard.

"And I'm Christian Faulkner," The man in black says, shoving his hands into his pockets. "Hit Wizard, and a few other things." He leans forward on the table. "We responded to the Batherton Hills event as quick as possible. Agents secured the area, while ministry officials performed the investigation. In the wreckage we found evidence of a magic user in the form of a foe glass and a broken wand. Whether the witch or wizard was defending the town or the one responsible for the destruction, we do not know. As of right now, the investigation is still on going."

Lupin takes the offer of chocolate from Tonks and listens. "With Lord Voldemort's imminent return," starts off Lupin, "We need to be prepared now more than ever. With the events, the recent massacre, we should assume that this was orchestrated by Lord Voldemort or his followers. Especially seeing as so many people have turned up missing. Soon enough, he shall return to power and we must be prepared."

Tonks shifts a bit, "don't forget about the folks that decided to relocate from Azkaban." Might as well keep that in the periphery. She certainly has to at work. But she's quiet when the massacre gets mentioned. She asks of Christian, "Have they finished the trace on the wand yet?" Obviously, she hasn't been assigned to the case yet.

"Horrid business, I concur," Mundungus grumbles from his seat, jolted back to semi-awareness.

Sirius shakes his head at Jack to indicate Siobhan's not among the missing. He waits for the introductions to wrap up before continuing. From his seat next to Lupin, he speaks up clearly, "The information we have is minimal on Batherton…" He nods to Christian, "That's about what we have as well. There's evidence that all three Unforgivable curses were used. About 150 muggles are unaccounted for, after the remainder of residents have been confirmed as dead. Faulkner, our sources say that the footprints found under the debris appear to be troll. Is this similar to what the Ministry has in their reports?" He flashes a quick look to Tonks. Don't remind him about Bellatrix and her lot!

Oh. Wait. "Just a… friend," he says, seeming to realise just now that other people are here. That's not particularly easy, considering he's known they were there all along. "A good friend. Knew 'em fer awhile. Charlie knows 'im, too, don't you?" See, no harm done. And another pull is taken from the Firewhiskey.

Maybe he's decided that he's had just about enough of that for now, though, as the bottle's set down on the table. "Cannae believe anyone would think tha' murderin' innocent people would do anything for 'em," Hagrid says, gruffly, shaking his head and looking down. Looking at the newcomers, he says, "It isn't a pleasant world 'e wants, You-Know-Who. An' after 'e gets what 'e wants, I s'pose them lot…" He nods toward Tonks' statement of the escaped Azkaban prisoners, "think they're just going ta have a free-for-all. Delusional." He quiets for a moment, leaning back in the chair, which creaks under the weight. Sad. All those people.

At first, Holly just listens. It hasn't quite sunk in yet that she's just joined the front line against Voldemort, but she'll face it with determined resolve, when it gets to that point. There's a certain wrinkling of her nose when the Ministry is mentioned. It's not likely she'll actually trust them for awhile - if ever. "I think we should consider the possibility that the Ministry could know more or less than they're letting on." A cautionary statement. She fights - and succeeds - to keep the bitter edge from her voice.

A look of profound relief crosses Jack's face for a moment. Then, he considers the situation at hand. "Wait. The whole dammed village is gone?" Jack's eyes widen and he nods at Holly's statement. "That is always a strong possibility." He knew well enough about the ministry to be going on with before the trial and its consequences, but now, he's even more uncertain of things. Even if some of the corruption's been weeded out. "Or at least some of its employees." He shrugs.

"No trace as of yet," Chris says to Tonks. "Then again, I'm not the top of the Hit Wizard totem pole. The results have not as of yet crossed my desk." He then turns to Sirius. "Have you been reading my reports again?" He says with a grin. "Yes we have evidence of the three big ones being used as well as troll-like footprints. MLE wizards are working with the DMC on tracking them down. As of yet, I have not been notified of any leads." He turns to Holly, and looks as if he is about to say something, then stops himself.

"Do we know anyone who was living in Batherton?" Moody asks, though clearly he knows as much as anyone else does with that exact attack. A broken wand and a foe glass would seem to dictate either some wizard or witch accustomed to the dark arts was hidden there. There's no words for Hagrid's own rebuke, but Moody's trying to go through his own memory to see if he can recall in friends in that area. "Well-" a pause for a second and the ex Auror is taking a swig of his flask "I highly doubt Death Eaters would leave behind a foe glass or a wand…They'd want their sign to be bigger." And he leaves that there.

A turn of his blue eye respectively to Holly, and Moody grumbling slightly "Scrimgeour's no fool. Man was a good Auror when I knew him, and I would suspect if he has more information he won't leak it to the press till there is an arrest to go with it..We'll need to get whatever the DMLE has. Find out who is on that case." And he is hoping its not that Edwin fellow.

There's a slight frown from Tonks about possible ministry stuff. "Scrimgeour's decent, at least, I had no problems with him when he was running the Auror office. Kept Umbridge off of my back for the most part." Fingers drum for a moment, "But he can't have weeded out all of the supporters that Umbridge might've put into place, or who were already there to begin with, and as that woman showed us, just because you're Minister, doesn't mean someone's there pulling strings behind your back…" This is said slowly, thoughtfully. She's not wanting to contradict Moody, but…"I mean, there's people like Uncle Loo hanging around after all…" Oh and Edwin, but she doesn't say that.

"Oh, my." Missing sons aside for a moment. Molly can unfortunately picture this, with some of the things You-Know-Who did in the 'first war.' "Those poor families." Molly turns around, shifting things on the table, cleaning up crumbs by hand. It's something for her to be doing while she processes. Old habits. "Hmmm." That's all she'll say about some of the comments thus far.

"Rufus still /is/ decent," Dumbledore remarks blandly, not choosing to touch on the notion of Scrimgeour's idea of making the Ministry look better. "But he's dealing with a difficult situation. But he's not the enemy. We might work against him if he stands in the way of our ultimate goal, the permanent downfall of Lord Voldemort. That's important for many of you to remember. We will do things that could cost you your jobs at the Ministry, should your work for the Order come at cross purposes for what Rufus tries to do. However, none of you are here by force. You may resign from the Order at any time, except due to simple security reasons, we would need to ensure you could not unintentionally mention the Order or its doings to those who do not need to know."

"It's like it was about twenty years ago, Hagrid. The senselessness of it all," Sirius says, an edge to his voice that's not entirely made up of anger. There's a note of mourning to it. "The Ministry /always/ knows more than what they want to own up to. Or they wear blinders to the truth — yes Jack, the entire village is gone. People are missing." He flashes a grin at Christian, "Possibly. We have members positioned in rather unlikely spots." His expression sobers quickly however. "From the evidence of the foe glass and broken wand.. either someone was helping the village, or it could have belonged to a Death Eater. We've just got little else to go on those two items." He then nods to Moody, then chokes a bit at Tonks and shakes his head to get back on track. "It's disturbing to think of what could have happened to the 150 people who are missing and unaccounted for. I'm afraid we may have a trail of bodies before we have real answers." It's morbid, fatalistic, but painful reality.." A tight smile is made to Dumbledore and a nod.

"I don't mean everyone in the Ministry is bad somehow," Holly says, thinking about going on, and then taking a different tactic. "It's more like - yeah. What Tonks said." That some people in the Ministry could be having a bad influence on the good ones. "I mean, I'm not about to go all paranoid on everyone here. A source is a source, but take it with a grain of salt, just in case." Because sometimes, blind trust that everything will turn out okay will turn out badly for you. Besides, it's always wise to look down every road before you choose one to follow.

In any case, she does have her own unique skill to offer the Order. Not only does she want to put a stop to the evil that's starting to creep up again, but she believes a legal eye could help, in the long run. Hopefully that isn't just a thought of vanity. "Might be that the best thing we can do is make sure it doesn't happen again," she adds, agreeing with Sirius.

Jack nods at Holly's words. "And there are things we can do, even within the ministry, I mean, those of you who work there. Just listening, and stuff. Which I'm sure you do anyway, right? You know, gossip around the fountain, and catching stray memos when they hit you in the face?" He's been around long enough to know that the stuff happens. "So, just don't let down your guard." He gives Moody a cheeky grin as he says this. "I've had this feeling, even before the All-Star Cup that something was happening. I didn't know it was gonna be this big, though." He shakes his head.

Lupin nods a little bit. "I got myself into a little group of werewolves who are supporters of Voldemort, back around the World Cup, and they seemed to be under the impression that there was something big about to happen. Fenrir Greyback was leading all the groups to boot. I should go about finding this group again."

"The ministry does have a talent for blinding itself, I will give you that," Christian says, standing up straight again. "There are certain individuals, however, that are more prepared than others." His gaze falls to Lupin for a second, then turns away. "We are seeking to turn the ministry into a more proactive source. Specifically the DMLE. I've got my ears and eyes open, and I have a direct line to the minister. I'll be your leak, and Scrimgeour can't get rid of me. Not easily at any rate."

"We have trusted members within the Ministry who have seen the village with their own eyes. For certain reasons, they couldn't join us this evening." Sirius glances to Jack to Lupin, "That's one area Voldemort and his supporters excel in.. planning.." He gives a bit of a dry sort of snort as he addresses Christian, "Good luck with that, the attempts at a proactive sort. Let us know how that works out, but in the meantime, an additional leak would not go amiss." Kingsley can only be in so many places at any given time! "At any rate.. this is the information we have on Batherton." He turns to look at Dumbledore, silently asking the elder wizard for any preference on direction.

"Oh, Remus. Are you sure that's a good idea?" Molly frowns, and gazes at the man. "Oh, do be careful." She clears her throat. "Can we talk about the other situation, please?" Missing child. Angry momma.

"Good Man" Moody intones as he looks back towards Christian "You're doing a great service." there all of that is now taken care of. And Tonks will have her role in the Auror department. So there is enough intelligence to go around. A sniff though when Sirius brings the situation to Albus, to see what else can be shed, and the old Auror shuts his trap, but there is a nudge given to Mundungus. "Keep awake, Fletcher.." growled out.

A worried look is tossed towards Lupin's way from Tonks when he mentions that. A frown lingers as she comments, "I'll see what I can get, too… but the Aurors are pretty much running around like someone managed to organized headless chickens." Massacres, escaped Inner Circle Death Eaters… yeah, they're slightly on that side of busy right now.

Mundungus snorts awake with a start at the nudge from Moody, "I agree with Sirius!" Whatever was just being said, and he scoots his chair an inch or two away from Moody.

Recapping the bottle, Hagrid stands up just a little so he can hand it back to Sirius. "'Ere. Gotta teach class t'morrow mornin'. Best lay off o' the good stuff." The bottle's half-gone, sure, but what's half a bottle to this particular wizard, really?

"Y'know, I'm almost sure the giants're mostly on You-Know-Who's side. You can win 'em over, though. I'm positive. Just gotta take 'em some nice things. There's trolls - bit o' a stupid bunch, though, won't get much out of them. Vampires." He's sort of lost his train of thought, but slowly hauls his way back onto the track.

"Doubt it would be dragons.. Can't really hide them, plus there would be streak marks from the fire. A whole line along the-" And Charlie quiets back up as he nods in agreeance with Hagrid. Seems the two CMC nerds are along the same train of thought, but at the mention of talking about missing children, Charlie is clearly quieting up. Ready, to move onto that subject. His brother is the one missing after all.

Lupin smiles at Molly. "I'm not sure it's a good idea, but it needs to be done. The werewolves…well, we also need to recruit as many as we can. I know where to find them. I'm the best person here for the job. I wouldn't dare think of putting any of you in that kind of danger. Not a single one of you." He states, a quick look in the way of Holly if given there as well. "And don't worry, Molly. We'll get to the other matter at hand. Trust me, we'll find him."

Sirius grins a bit as he takes the bottle from Hagrid, "Sure you don't want to take it with you for afterwards? Oh, got some rats for you to take to Beaky. Give him a pat for me, won't you?" Lupin's talk of werewolves doesn't outwardly cause him concern. Of /course/ he worries for his best friend, but he knows Remus can take care of himself. Mundungus's snorting and shout is mostly ignored. This is pretty usual for Dung at a meeting. The animagus looks to Charlie and says, "The level of damage in the village from what I've been told.. it could easily be accomplished with dark magic and very pyro inclined witches and wizards.." He casts a quick knowing glance at Tonks. "Some like playing with fire more than others.. a massacre of muggles means nothing to them. I'm just not sure why they would take so many, /if/ they did." A sharp look is thrown at Remus, "Being gallant are we? Mate, we're all here in the Order, we know what risks we're taking here."

She caught that glance! And Tonks groans. It's the kind of groan that would let Sirius know that the possibility's already been entertained, hence her previous comment about organized headless chickens. Right now,s he'd rather not think about her aunt being in the middle of that mess, as likely as it is. But she doesn't comment, mainly because she's trying to let the shift of subjects happen, for Molly looks immensely worried.

"Just let me know when you are taking these sojourns," Chris says to Lupin. "I need to know when you are gone, and when you are reachable. If you are in the middle of an unfriendly pack, it might be bad for you to suddenly get a page." Chris chuckles a bit.

Jack falls silent, just considering all that he's heard. He's extremely grateful to be included in this group, both for the information, and also for the obvious support these people are giving each other. He purses his lips, and just leans back in his seat some, to let the conversation flow around him.

"I'll want a few of you to come to Hogwarts under various pretexts," Dumbledore muses. "A fresh set of eyes, or three of them, will help immensely. Molly, I know I couldn't keep you away, so you're more than welcome to join that team. And Remus, I want you to have backup, whether you like it or not." The words are spoken kindly, in that headmasterly way he does so well. "None of us need be alone at times like this. Christian, you and Nymphadora are best suited to keep working on the Batherton situation, find out what you can. Sirius… we need a pair of eyes in Hogsmeade. And /try/ not to stay in the post office so much, please. You'll spook the owls."

"Well, that's quite enough. I want to know what we're going to do about finding those children." Molly's voice is rising a little. "We can still deal with the other issue, but I will not have this ignored." Those who know the Weasley matron would notice the signs. "And thank you Remus," her smile is almost patronizing, "but I will be a part of any decisions and actions to rescue him." Or barring that, Arthur or one of her older sons. When Dumbledore starts speaking, she nods. "Certainly, Albus." She smiles. Now, that's how to deal with it. Action. "Charlie, if you want to come as well, if that's alright with Albus, I could use the help." It's a request made softly enough to actually be a request instead of a veiled command.

Honestly, Holly wouldn't even consider going into a den of Voldemort-loving werewolves. There are the American ones, but they're fairly removed from the things going on here in Britain, and the culture is different there besides. No, she'll leave that to Lupin. She's not exactly a front-lines fighter. She passes over the conversation, noting Lupin's look and offering a brief nod - she isn't going to argue. She does, however, look to Dumbledore. "Professor, maybe I could help at the school, if you'd like me to."

"Nah, got some o' me own at the cottage," Hagrid says, though it's fairly lackluster in the face of what they're talking about. He brightens, though, when Sirius offers the rats for Buckbeak. "'course I will! An' he'll be glad ter 'ear they're from you." It almost seems impossible, but he leans even further back in the chair, despite the creaking protests it gives.

Tonks gives Dumbledore a salute when she's mentioned. Kingsley being in charge of the Aurors now would make getting her transferred over /really/ easy. And don't mind Tonks shrinking in her chair a bit as Molly gets into full blown mother mode. "She reminds me of mum," is grumbled under her her breath, though, thankfully Molly lacks the whole Black Crazy Eye Stare.

Sirius barks out a laugh at Dumbledore, "No clue what you're on about, Professor." The laugh is gone as fast as it came however, remembering Edwin and his partner just two days before. "Thank you, I'd much prefer to keep my eyes on Hogsmeade as it is. I think one of our Death Eater friends is up to no good. I don't like the looks he was making… Molly.. We'll find them, I promise." Sirius then turns to trying to placate his distant relative. "No one's ignoring the students that are missing. I don't think any of us are going to forget what happened the last time students went missing." The bottle is uncapped, and he takes a swig from what Hagrid's left in it. He's survived Azkaban, he's not worried about sharing bottles. "I think that's a good spot for Holly, Dumbledore. She already lives down in the village."

"I'll do whatever you need me to." Charlie offers in the direction of Dumbledore. After all there is only so much that a dragon handler can do without being overtly questioned. Luckily with the setting up of the sanctuary in Scotland-he'll be close by if help is ever needed. Still it is out there, and he looks back towards his Mum. A smile passed over to her.

Jack pipes up. "I'm living there most of the time as well, Sirius. I could help you out when I can. Workload's been picking up, so I can't be there constantly, but you're welcome to crash in my flat as well, if you like." The cursebreaker shrugs. "Turn about's fair play." He gives the slightly older man a cheeky grin. "And yeah, you'll scare the birds, Padfoot." He laughs at his own stupid joke.

"I hear they bite back," Tonks chirps from her slouched position in her chair. Anyway, back to business!

Lupin looks up at Dumbledore in mention of what's going on at Hogwarts. "Dumbledore, there's something I know that might help with finding Mister Weasley, Miss Johnson, Miss Lovegood, Mister Longbottom and the first year." Quite the list there. "As I say, it might help. It might not. I know Miss Johnson and Miss Lovegood were working on a device that, as I understand it, Miss Lovegood was calling a 'Wrackspurt Detector'. It involved a metal hoop, I believe, and a broken remembrall. And I believe the specifications were that the remembrall had to be cracked and magically suspended in the hoop. I'd suggested some spells to Miss Johnson to help keep the magic still contained within the remembrall and to suspend it in the hoop. And to make sure that none of the magic for the whole device started floating about randomly." He says, stating a the advanced spells as he does so. (IE The player maybe made up one or two during RP but can't remember them right now.) "I doubt that has anything to do with it, but if it does…I felt the information should be out there. And I'd like to help in the search, regardless."

Holly can only roll her eyes at Jack. She's torn between heading over to elbow him in the ribs or letting him have his fun. Or even adding to it, when Tonks mentions that some of the girls bite back. But no, she'll draw the line there. In the end, she hops off the counter to go stand near her hilarious joker, leaning on the back of the chair he's sitting in.

"I had Johnson and Lovegood working on that bloody thing for detention." Moody intones from his place at the table "It was my understanding, given what I know of them from th' Quibbler, an what Miss Lovegood has said about em..they are just bloody pieces of rubbish." Merlin knows what they all managed to do now with the broken doodads at their disposal. "I have th' thing in my office-we could have Master Noble come and take a look at it, to see if there were any curses I missed- or perhaps a charm that broke or was not put on properly.." Its a start, but Moody's been busy in the search- to the best of his own ability.

Sirius rolls his eyes at Jack, and he aims a playful kick at Tonks under the table. Enough you two! About to say something to Molly, he derails and looks at Lupin, eyes narrowing in puzzlement. "Do I even /want/ to know what a 'Wrackspurt Detector'… oh.. wait.. Lovegood? As in the Quibbler?" If so, that explains /everything/. Oh good, Moody confirms it.

"Wrackspurt detector?" Tonks echoes, "I thought she already had one. It summoned a pigeon when she used it on me months ago. Was she making another one?"

Lupin nods to Tonks. "Yes, her original one broke. And yes, Sirius. Luna Lovegood is the daughter of Xenophilius Lovegood, who is the editor of the Quibbler." He explains.

Christian gets a very confused look on his face. "Call me crazy," He says, then quickly sticks a finger out at Sirius to silence him. "But what is a wrackspurt?"

Moody nods "Some git broke it, so she an Jackson Holland apparently were trying to build a new one. I assigned Johnson to the case, when she walked out of Moldavia's classroom." Moody is at least creative with his punishment. "If anything it should have continued to bloody shoot pigeons out-not managed to disappear several students." Which means something has been horribly wrong. As Christian asks, there's a laugh from Moody. "Never seen one?" Its ok, neither has Moody.

"Don't you read the Quibbler, Faulkner?" Jack grins. Deep subjects or not, there is a small bit of room for levity. He leans back into Holly and looks up giving her a grin. "Wrackspurts are magical creatures which disturb the flow of magic to the brain, stopping the higher thought functions. Or so it's believed."

Snapping his fingers and looking as if he's about to smack himself on the head, Sirius groans. "That day, I'm remembering now. In Hogsmeade on a weekend. I had no clue what she was going on about." Wizards, such an eccentric bunch. "Faulkner, you /are/ crazy, and no making that gesture at me under my own roof," he says with a quick smirk.

"But what was Freddie doing with that bunch?" Well, Angelina was involved, so … "I thought she was Georgie's girl." Color Molly confused. "Whichever… It summoned pigeons? Could they have been transported somewhere?" Molly's thinking about the nature of things. "A rememberall?" She looks confused. "What is that?" She's heard of it, but can't … quite remember.

Tonks waves her hand around her head, "Makes your head go fuzzy. I apparently am infested, according to Luna." Shut up Sirius. Molly tries to sort things out, especially about who's girl Angelina is,a nd all Tonks can do is look at her with a look of sympathy and…silently hope she never has identical twins.

"Aren't no wrackspurts," Hagrid comments. "Yet, anyway. M' sure tha' someone'll eventually create 'em, despite the ban on experimentation." His hand casually - he hopes - checks one of his pockets. Nothing illegal there, really. It's for class. He's innocent. Anyway, back to the kids, though. He was expelled long before his magical education was complete. As such, he's not sure he's going to be a huge help with any suggestions for getting them back. "Er, if there's anything ya need…"

Charlie grins at Molly, slightly before he's shaking his head "Mum, I wouldn't ask as far as Fred is concerned. Could have been a prank or something they were trying, that got right mixed up with the Wrackspurt thing.." As for a rememberall, the other Weasley takes another swig of his beer. "Helps you remember things mum."

Lupin takes a deep breath in and stands up. "Well, as far as remembering things…I should be going. There are some things that need doing. But if any of you need me, you know how to contact me. I'll be around Hogwarts soon to help with the search."

Sirius doesn't point out to Molly things she should know after raising six boys and the stupid things they tend to do around girls. (Which would be rich coming from him.) "Take care Remus, the door's always open to you," he says, offering up crash space for whenever it's needed.

Jack replies easily, since this is his department. "Rememberall. Small glass ball with smoke inside. It's a simple enough charm. You have to attune it to the user once, and then if there's something they've forgotten, it glows red. They're not very common, but they …" He frowns. "You have the broken one, Moody?" Didn't he say that?

Tonks blinks when Remus stands up. "G'night, Remus," she says quietly, "I'll see you around." She gets a bit distracted about further talk in regards to the detector and such.

Moody shakes his head towards Jack "No, they already had one when I caught them, along with a old sneakscope that appeared t' be broken as well. A damned big collection of glass bottles and bottle caps." There, that is all he knows they had "Least, I think they already had the ball. I gave them nothing in this little endeavor."

"Take it easy Lupin," Christian says with a wave. "Keep in touch." He turns back to they conversation. "Sounds like one of the most convoluted Rube-Goldburg machines I've ever hear of."

"Those foolish little…" Molly rolls her eyes. "When I get my hands on them…" She starts to fuss again, and then Christian's comment catches her off guard. "A what?" She turns toward him. "A Ruby-Gobbledegook?" She's been married to Arthur for far too long.

Mundungus wakes up long enough to help himself to some alcohol. Best to stay slightly alert with Moody so close. "Sounds like a disease," he utters.

Sirius has /no/ clue what Christian is referring to. Muggles and their crazy, but awesome, ideas. "They'll be alright Molly, if this wrackspurt thing is behind their disappearance.. they should be just fine." As opposed to them being missing under /other/ circumstances.

Tonks is half-blood and she even wrinkles her nose at christian. she's never heard her dad spout off something like that!

Dumbledore listens to all of the others, his expression distant as he mulls what's been said, and he nods and murmurs a farewell to Remus upon the werewolf's departure. "While it's not entirely impossible that I could be wrong," he begins, not pausing for anyone to jump on the denial river barge, "I think that's the most plausible theory. And I'll examine the device myself to ascertain its connection."

"Rube-Goldburg was a cartoonist from a while ago," Christian explains. "He used to draw strange and fanciful machines with ridiculous components. Just something that occurred to me with the description of this Wrackspurt detector thing."

Moody is completely clueless as far as this all goes. And so with nothing more to add on that he looks back towards Mundungus who gets a nice hard slap to his back. Enough to wake the man up- hopefully. And not cause uber pain or what have you. "Thanks for the contributions Fletcher.."

"Well, if that's all, then, eat up." She didn't spend the day slaving over a hot stove to make fresh biscuits so they could sit there. "I need to return home soon and get ready to go to Hogwarts." Molly is set on this course of action. One of her children in trouble? Watch out.

"Ah," Sirius says, as if Christian's explanation of ridiculous contraptions clears it all up for him. He helps himself to some more of Molly's cooking and a dark look is flashed to Kreacher as he slinks out from his nest again. The elf glares at everyone, muttering as he shuffles through the kitchen, "Halfbloods and blood traitors, still fouling the hall." Sirius growls under his breath, "Kreacher, shut your gob, they're my guests." The elf bows low, nose touching the floor, "Kreacher does as master wishes, even if his choice in guest makes his mother cry.." Ignoring the elf, Sirius nods to Molly, "I'll make myself available in the village for emergencies as I keep my nose to the ground. I think we're about at an end for this meeting."

At the slap to the back, Mundungus sits full at alert, "Oi Mad-eye! That's not necessary, that is!" However, that's as much protest as he's going to put up. Moody is /scary/.

Jack nods, and stands to give his greetings around before leaving. "Sir," he says as he approaches the Headmaster. "I'll stop by the school soon to take a look at that. And whatever else I can do, like helping in Hogsmeade or looking at this thing." Christian's mention of a Rube-Goldberg gets a grin. This pureblood knows a little about muggle society. "Just let me know." He wants to do whatever he can. He offers his hand to the Headmaster. "Thank you for letting us join." He indicates himself, Holly and Faulkner as well.

For the last little while, Holly's been listening, leaning on the back of Jack's chair. However, at the reappearance of Kreacher, Holly abandons her post, approaching the Elf as he bows low to the floor. She can totally make him disappear, she's sure of it. Mean old house elf. "Kreacher," she says, just before she wraps the smelly old thing in a hug. "I missed you so much. So glad to see you're still doing well." Following that, she'll stand, brush off the front of her hooded sweatshirt, and pat Sirius on the shoulder as she heads over toward Jack. "You should have an hour or so of peace, anyway," she says.

Tonks takes a breath, looking at Christian, "I'll see if I can get Kingsley to shift me over to work with you guys on Batherton. Should be easy, considering," She waves a hand, "But he'll probably make a show of it anyway."

Christian turns to Tonks and gives her a long look, almost sizing her up for a moment. "We can always use your help," He says. "Come by my office sometime this week or next. There is something I need to speak to you about." He turns to Dumbledore as Jack thanks him. "Indeed, Professor. Thank you for giving us this opportunity."

Hagrid has things to get back to Hogwarts. Things that are one-hundred percent legal and perfectly all right to be carrying around with him in his coat. He pats that same pocket again, ensuring that all is well within. "Well, I'd best be off, too. You'll know 'ow to reach me, if you need ta." With a smile, he starts heading back up the way he came. "Be seein' you around. Just wish it was under better circumstances." Is it so much to ask that they could just get together and have tea once in awhile? They always meet when things are completely dire.

There's a shriek, unnatural, hoarse, and the sound a wounded animal would make. Kreacher /HOWLS/ in horror as Holly hugs him. "THE FILTHY ANIMAL DARES! Oh what would Kreacher's mistress say!" This outburst is followed by another HOWL of rage!

"KREACHER. SHUT. UP." Sirius shouts at the elf, "You're the filthy animal, you toe-rag, you're not to talk about my friends, now go clean the bathrooms upstairs!" The elf isn't moving fast enough, so Sirius bolts up from his seat to bodily toss the elf from the room. Once that's done, "I'll get those rats for you Hagrid. Since I'll be around the village, I'll meet you for a pint down at the Hog's Head? Or the Broomsticks, once Rosmerta lets me back in… Which reminds me, Molly, this may not be the best time, but I wanted to offer to let your family come and stay for the summer. I've invited Harry, and since we'll all be working for the Order anyway, no reason why we shouldn't stay under one roof."

"Sirius." It's just one word, spoken by Dumbledore, a whiff of disapproval in his tone. That disapproval also reflects on Holly for her actions. "I would hope that American schools of wizardry did not teach cruelty, because it's not taught at mine."

"What about my chickens…" Molly starts, and then realizes some things are more important than her little patch. "Well, I'll discuss it with Arthur, of course, Sirius. Thank you for the offer." She starts cleaning up as people start to leave. "Are you sure there will be enough room? Charlie and Bill are both back home, and there's ever so many of us…" She frowns, pausing mid-wandswish to turn toward her host. "It bears thinking of, though."

"Oh for the love of Merlin, don't wake up Aunt Wally," Tonks covers her head as Kreacher and Sirius begin having their voices raise in decibels. For christian, "Sure. I'll be in tomorrow morning. Technically got the day off, but," Tonks pfts here, "Since when do Aurors actually have a real day off?" On Call. ALL THE TIME.

Christian gives the House Elf and Sirius a good long stare. "I'll be looking for you then," Christian says, turning back to Tonks. "Though if you want to take a break for the day, I wouldn't blame you. We've all been working more than our fair share these days."

"Molly, this house is huge, and it's mostly empty." Of people. "I would be delighted to have guests for the summer. There's more than enough room for your family if you want to visit." It'll be nice to have a /real/ family within its walls for a change. Sirius settles back into his seat, pretending to not notice the disapproval. He's heard ad nauseam about how to treat Kreacher. "I wouldn't say she was being cruel." Since he thought it was funny, until Kreacher howled. Of course, his idea of cruelty and Dumbledore's does vary.

"If anyone needs a place to stay, there's my house, its a bit north of Hogwarts, in th' Auld country..and its rather dark, but it serves. Someone can at least sleep there." A shrug from Moody, its not as if he ever uses it for more than extended periods of time. There's a sip from his flask as he is looking back amongst those talking for a second. "You can stay with me Fletcher.." That way he can keep an eye on his old friend Dung.

"W.. what? I've got myself a place to stay!" Mundungus cries in protest, as he looks at Moody in horror. "I don't need to stay at your place!"

Tonks moves to stand up. "Hey, don't worry about the room, Mrs. Weasley," She tries to put a bit of a light spin on things, "We can always use the extra help…" She leans over, "I been putting up wallpaper all normal like. Until Mum gets the okay to show up, I'll need all the extra help I can get."

Christian chuckles at Fletcher's protests. He suddenly seems to realize there is food in front of him, and reaches out for one of the biscuits.

Sirius frowns a bit after Holly. Perhaps she's not used to house-elves. He just takes it for granted that Kreacher is despicable, and Dumbledore disapproves of the relationship Sirius has with a reminder of his hated past. So he personally saw nothing wrong with Dumbledore's words, it's just something he's grown accustomed to hearing. "I'll be helping too Tonks, it's my house anyway. I'll clear Andromeda to swing by. I should check on Kreacher, make sure he's actually cleaning. He's probably crying into a pair of father's trousers."

Jack gets some biscuits himself, and then starts to head out. "Thanks, Sirius…" He munches on one. "Mmm. Good, Mrs. Weasley. Well, I have an early start tomorrow, so I'd better head out."

"Thank you, Sirius. I appreciate that." Molly gives Tonks an understanding smile. "Well, dear, if you'd like, I can help with that." Jack gets a nod. "Thank you, dear." She continues to clean up. "Albus, I'll be there as soon as I tie a few things up at home…" Like seeing if Xeno can remember to feed her chickens and water the garden. If not, getting Bill to do it.

Moody grunts from where he sits before he is patting the back of Dung's robes "Of course you do." A shake of his head, before he's moving away time to leave Dung alone. After all there is only so much terror he can put into the thief. And despite all that Albus believes in him, so he'll go easy on the man. Well, easy for Moody. There's no reach for biscuits, rather just his own whisky tucked away. "I'm off- School doesn't teach itself. Plus I have the snotties soon, an they'll be all squeals and giggles.." a grimace as he nods to the others. "Remember. Constant Vigilance." Not so much a shout or a cry. Just-Watch out. And with that Moody's actually stumping out of the room-then the house.

Mundungus breathes a sigh of relief, before he's buggering out the door. The moment he's beyond the range of the Fidelius, he's apparating OUT of here!

"I'm afraid I need to return to Hogwarts as well," Dumbledore says, his bushy brows furrowing for a few moments, and he glances at Sirius and Jack during that time. "Just remember, Alastor," he then adds, his eyes twinkling slightly, how rarely does that happen anymore? "you were a snotty at one point too." And then he waves to Molly and Sirius and the others as he trots on out after the others.

"Bye, Professor!" Tonks waves to the departing Headmaster, before she begins gathering anything that was abandoned at the table. They're all going to be busy, it seems. So much to do…

Christian munches on a biscuit for a moment watching the others go. "Very Good Mrs. Weasley," he says with a grin. "Just like my mother used to make." He sighs and rubs his eyes. "Unfortunately, I a much like the others. Overworked and underpaid. I must get some sleep for tomorrow as well. I will see you tomorrow Tonks, and you Sirius, you keep your head down." He waves and heads back out the front door.

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