1994-10-07: Warm Plants And Cool Heads


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Scene Title Warm Plants and Cool Heads
Synopsis Jack runs into Holly in the Apothecary. Discussion ensues.
Location Apothecary on Diagon Alley
Date Oct 07, 1994
Watch For Jack being sneaky. Holly being mature.
Logger Jack

Even if she's fairly well-acquainted with the smell of the apothecary, Holly can't help making a face as her nose is assaulted with a whole range of smells from overly-sweet to near-rotting. Hanging from a rope from her hand is what appears to be a bundle of weeds, but these aren't exactly ordinary. They wiggle and struggle against their binds. Mandragora? No. Some sort of close relative, though, most likely. At least these don't scream, but once in awhile, a peep can be heard coming from them. She sets the bundle on the counter, makes a trade with the shop's proprietor (who will most likely be squeezing the juice out of the poor little things), and then heads away from the counter to browse. There's a lot here to see; pausing near the unicorn horns, she reaches out to run her hand over one of them. Do they have to kill unicorns to get the horns?

"Hey, Gwynne, I was wondering if you got that — " Jack stops short as he walks through the door of the apothecary. He looks at Holly, and chuckles to himself. "Hello, Miss Maplewood." He glances around, then purses his lips. "I thought sure I saw Gwynne come through here. I need to ask him about that — " Once again, he doesn't name the particular thing he needs from his friend. "You didn't see a tall bloke come through here? Dark hair, dark skin? 'Bout a head taller than me, and skinny as a rail post?" He gestures as he describes his friend.

She's brought out of her musing when a voice interrupts the normal quiet of the store. Turning, one hand still in mid-air as if poised to return to the unicorn horns, Holly sees who it is and smiles. "Holly's fine," she says. 'Miss Maplewood' is for the courtroom, or when she's in trouble. And she really hasn't been in trouble since she was in school, which was quite a while ago. Peering around some old wooden pillars, each of which has a bin hanging from them full of things like centipede legs and cat whiskers, she shakes her head. "No, sorry. Haven't seen him. I'll keep an eye out, though. Sounds hard to miss." Finally leaving the unicorn horns, she steps to the significantly less expensive bicorn horns and picks one up that looks like it's already been sanded. She only needs some of the powder.

"Holly then." Jack smiles brightly, then moves over toward where she's standing. "You can call me Jack, if you like." He looks at the bicorn horn. "Looks like they've shaped up somewhat. We came in here before Rosie started school, and there were several things that had…" Gone bad. "Looked like they needed to be replaced with fresher stock." This is Jack being polite. "I should probably get some supplies while I'm here. I need to make — " Once again, his voice trails off, and he gazes at the shelves again, starting to collect a few things here and there. If someone watched the inventory, it's for a basic protection potion. "Are things settling down, now?" He hopes the Wizengamot meeting's result would have a positive effect for her.

Curious, Holly pays Jack a little attention as he picks up the things he'll need for whatever he's making. Holly's isn't quite so exciting as a protection potion, and involves shavings from a bicorn horn, some fire salamander eyes - which come pre-packaged in little tiny heat-proof jars - and other things that add up to a potion that will enable her to keep the dirt under her flowers from freezing through the winter. Difficult potion. Fairly espensive potion. But if one takes into consideration the fact that Holly's family were all good herbologists, it might be slightly clearer why she's going through the trouble.

"Getting back to normal. Only a couple people a day threatening to turn me into a toad now. Used to be a dozen! So I guess you could say that's an improvement." Chuckling, she tucks the horn under her arm so she can pick up some dried Rosewort stems. "Still trying to clean up the house. Smells like— This store, actually," she says, the last part in a lowered voice so the creepy guy at the counter can't hear her.

"Good. I'm glad things have calmed down a bit." Jack isn't that wonderful at herbology. "Keeping something warm?" He asks, watching her collection. At the comment about the store, he nods, mischief in his eyes. "I know. It's like someone let off a — " He chortles. "I dunno what you Yanks call it. We had a hex that would turn the air in the room green and make it smell like the sewers had backed up. My friends…" His idols, more like "set that off in the potions classroom one time. Drove the teacher mad trying to find where the smell was coming from." Yes, a hex. That's what he was talking about. "We called it the Blue Loo hex. Even though the smoke was green." He rolls his eyes. "Can't explain everything, I guess."

"Ah, yeah. I like having flowers blooming year-round. My mom figured this one out. Kinda needs a little Muggle touch to it, though, to make it work. I'm going to bury the potion underground in a length of hose with holes cut in it. It seeps into the dirt over the winter and keeps it from freezing." It's one thing to charm the atmosphere warm, but this'll keep the roots all toasty, too! Bam. Instant flower garden in the middle of January.

Holly rolls her eyes, offering a snort of laughter. "Trust me, I've seen about everything." Lawyer, remember? She's had to defend a few people for really, really weird stuff, and in the United States, where everyone will litigate everyone else, well… Blue Loo hexes are just the tip of the iceburg. "Anyway, this is about the only potion I'm absolutely certain I can make without screwing it up. I do it every year."

Jack lifts his eyebrows. "That's an awesome one. I wonder if you could give me the ingredients and method. I bet my Mam would love it. Or at least someone in our gardens would." He smiles, moving to set his collection on the counter to pay for it. "If you want to go ahead first, don't mind me. I'm just running low on this stuff. Protection potion. Basic for when you're walking into a situation not knowing the hexes or curses involved." He shrugs. "Yeah, most of the other potions I either buy ready-made, or pay someone to make for me."

With a smile, Holly says "Sure. Shouldn't be too difficult." She lies. It's not the easiest potion to brew by far. Still, she'll show him how it's done, and she'll appreciate the company while she's at it! It's a win/sort-of-win situation.

There's a coule more ingredients she picks up on her way to the counter, as she looks over her shoulder to Jack. "By the way, thanks for helping me clean up the place the other day. I know I was a little snippy about everything, but, you know. People throwing egg at your house'll do that. … Just half an ounce," she finishes, turning to the man at the counter, who's picked up the bicorn horn. Using what appears to be a cheese grater of some kind, he shaves powder off of it. Perfect for potion use.

Jack shrugs. "It was no problem, really." He admits. "I mean, you needed help, I offered it." Simple as that. When someone's in trouble, Jack has tendencies to rival Harry Potter. Whether he can do anything about it or not, he does try. "I think I would've been throwing hexes left and right, if someone had done that to me." He chuckles softly. "You had more self-control than I would have, I think."

One corner of her mouth curls up in a smile. "Well, let's just say that it took a lot of self-control. See, I like throwing hexes. But I don't want to give the Ministry an excuse to toss me out of this country." The look she gives him might betray the fact that, in her youth, she wasn't exactly lawyer material. Now, though? "When you get into law, you kind of have to be able to take anything. I've had some of my clients hex me before. Look, just think of it like this… No matter what's happening to you at any given moment, there's always something better or worse that could happen. Keeps things neutral." When the creepy man behind the counter has finished preparing her bicorn horn shavings, he wraps them up in a small leaf, and ties that off with a length of twine.

"That's a very mature philosophy." Jack considers her words and nods, watching the man wrap up her purchase. "Sounds like it'd keep you sane, as well. I know I get so frustrated with — " He pauses, rubbing his chin, choosing to let the frustration slide instead of build. See? He's a quick learner. "Anyway. Yeah. I know my father gets after me from time to time for exactly that." He leans forward, glancing at the different things behind the counter. "Oh, they have fresh newt's eyes. I need about three ounces of that, too. Nearly forgot." He gestures to the right bin, not really pushing until Holly's gotten her order taken care of.

"Trial and error," she states, eyes crinkling a little with her smile. "People tend to get angry when their lawyer loses her temper. And really, if it had escalated to spell-throwing? It would have turned out a whole lot worse than it did. Still, I'm only human." When the Rosewort is wrapped carefully and the fire salamander eyes are savely tucked away in one of her pockets, she pays the man with a couple galleons and a few sickles. "I'm not saying I don't lose my temper. There's just a time and a place."

Jack nods, and lets the man get his newts eyes. "Yeah. Sounds like one of my teachers. Very sensible lady." He grins. "Not sure I ever quite understood her so well, though." He nods again, as the man holds out the amount of eyeballs for him, sacking them in a small paper sack. "Well, it was pleasant to see you again. Are you making that potion right away?" He looks down, pulling his own coinage out to pay the man.

She can definitely relate to the whole thing where people don't understand her. After all, she's defending someone who everyone's absolutely sure murdered a bunch of people — and she hasn't even met him yet. Actually, she's not sure if she ever will at this rate, but at least she has one person who'll speak to his character.

Holly shakes her head. "Not quite yet. I'll be waiting until the first frost before I do. The plants should be fine until then." Unless Britain's climate is radically different than the US's. "I can send you an owl when I do, though, if you want to learn."

Jack grins. "I really would." Even if it wasn't an excuse to spend time with a pretty lady, Jack would enjoy learning the new potion. "Give me something to surprise Mam with." He collects his things. "Need any help with that stuff?" He gestures toward her stack of ingredients. Nevermind that a simple shrinking spell would suffice.

Holly, for her part, seems completely oblivious of the fact that Jack may just have motives other than wanting to learn how to create a potion. "I think I got it," she says, and, while it takes a little maneuvering, she manages to get everything under her arm in such a manner that keeps her hands free. "I'm apparating right home after this, anyway. Thanks, though… I'll see you around?"

"I'm sure you will." Jack gives her his most dapper smile, and holds the door open for her. "I'll look forward to it. Have a wonderful day, Holly." He shrinks his own set of stuff, pocketing it, and waits until she steps out the door.

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