1994-11-18: War Of Words


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Scene Title War Of Words
Synopsis Guard and prisoner antagonize each other
Location Undisclosed Safehouse
Date Nov 18, 1994
Watch For N/A
Logger Birdman of Azkaban

Knowing full well he can't outright avoid certain persons on guard duty, Sirius is at least making an effort to stay out of the way. Not when things are feeling closer and closer to a victory. His new dress robes are hung with care for the next trial date, leaving him in just his suit. Which is fine by him. It's clean, it's not his tattered Azkaban robes, which were burned the first chance he got to torch them. Trying to work off pent up energy, he's back in his room, pacing, thinking back to the last trial date and what sort of questions are to come.. and just /why/ hasn't there been a cross examination as of yet.

There will hopefully be no cross examination because Sirius shouldn't even be on trial. He is in custody, and that means he should be in Azkaban. It's just as well that the younger man has settled himself (somewhat) in his room, because that might give him an extra boost of confidence when faced with the sudden vanishing of the door and the subsequent appearance of Edwin in the doorless frame. "I could've sworn I got rid of that last week." It really could be worse. It could be Voldemort! It could be Umbridge! But Edwin is quite possibly the worst guard to have to deal with when aggravated. The Hit Wizard gazes into the room with a lazy, bored expression, finally turning his eyes onto Sirius. "Packing for prison yet?"

Sirius stops mid-pace as he hears Edwin make an appearance. Bugger all. "The door came back," he says cheekily, then shrugs out of his suit jacket and starts loosening his tie. "Come now Gifford, you know nothing is packed for Azkaban. I'm just getting settled in here." Aaand.. not content to leave things be.. "Haven't you got better things to do than this lowly guard position? You didn't upset someone with your little stunt during the hearing did you? I would think someone of your /importance/ might be, ah, better suited to more challenging work."

"The door will continue to go away again as many times as it reappears, Black. And why would I pass up the opportunity to serve my government and the state, mm? I wouldn't trust anyone else to do what is necessary if you happen to make a wrong move." It's not so thinly-veiled a threat. The first excuse Edwin gets will probably end up letting Sirius find himself on the business end of the hornbeam wand currently being held delicately between the Death Eater's fingertips. "Of course I have better things to do. More entertaining things - perhaps not."

"More like you're temporarily demoted in status and job duties," Sirius says, unperturbed for now as he tosses the tie aside before rolling up his sleeves. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say spoken like a true patriot." But Sirius does know better. "Good thing that I've not made a wrong move then. I do love to disappoint the likes of you."

Edwin looks almost amused at that. "Demoted? No. I volunteered for this. You entertain me, in the peculiar little way retarded children are entertaining." He leans up against the door frame casually and then smiles, tilting his head forward slightly until he can peer more effectively into the man's new living space. All he can say is: "Disgusting."

"Well that's a bit rude and demeaning of you to say. I think that might also qualify as baiting and harassing. I'll need to check with my lawyer and Ministry liaison." All the while of course Sirius is thinking of what a scummy, low life death eater there is watching his movement. "Disgusting? No, this is quite posh compared to the quarters at Azkaban. But you wouldn't know about that, seeing as you managed to wriggle your way out."

"Cleared of all charges." Edwin is rather proud of that fact. "Because I, unlike you, am innocent of what I was accused of." He really does find the little place less than to his liking, mostly because it's been contaminated by Sirius' presence and is therefore something less than clean. "I do suggest you stop wasting everyone's time, though. No one finds it entertaining. Head on back to Azkaban where you belong, because your cell is getting lonely without you."

"You are a sad, strange little wizard," Sirius remarks as he shakes his head. "Chumming it up still with the old crowd, pretending you've done nothing while taunting the innocent?" He clasps his hands behind his back as he eyes Edwin, "Or are you upset that you weren't in with the best, the brightest and HIS inner circle so you were left out of the plans?"

Huh. "Quite mad, aren't you. I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about, Black. Perhaps you don't belong in Azkaban after all - Saint Mungo's has a very modern ward for the mentally unstable. I'm sure we could find you a bed there instead if that's what you prefer. Or I could just put you down like the dog you are and save the rest of the world the trouble of your existence." As he muses on this particular plan Edwin starts turning his wand a few centimeters at a time, the tip soon pointing at the man in the room.

"Touched a nerve I see," Sirius says as his eyes are drawn to the wand tip. "Otherwise you wouldn't be standing here, threatening an unarmed man. Very sporting of you, I must say." As for being mad? Well.. Sirius has a few issues, none of which were helped by Azkaban. "I thought you Hit Wizards were trained up a bit better and had some sense of ethics."

"We do when it comes to people. But you're not a person, Black. You're as filthy and inhuman as the animal you have so clearly demonstrated for us that you are on the inside." Edwin chuckles to himself quietly and then takes a step into the room, snapping a finger thoughtfully as he swaps his wand into his right hand alone. "You know - there's something to be said for confessions. If you'd fess up to your crimes you could probably manage to get yourself a reduced sentence."

This isn't so cute anymore, but Sirius is still trying to refrain from outright physical or verbal attacking. "You remind me of the lovely things my dear old mother used to say to me." Hear that? Why yes, it's the sound of sarcasm. Mmm. "You know, I do have a confession, well, an apology really. I'm sorry you're such a rude and detestable git."

"I'm sure your mother was a fine woman. I've heard as much from several people who knew her before she passed away, and I'm certain she would not approve of the way you enjoy cavorting around causing wanton mayhem and murdering people. She may not have shed any tears over the dead muggles, though. Nice story you pitched to the court, by the way. Peter Pettigrew?" The smirk on Edwin's face says that he knows the truth - that Sirius was never a Death Eater, and probably never killed those people. That Peter was too cunning to let himself die like that, and not brave enough to face off with Black. But he certainly isn't going to stand up in front of the Wizengamot and confirm the convict's story.

Sirius isn't letting that bother him. He knows what a nasty piece of work his mother was, same for his father and most of the family tree. "Your colors are showing, Gifford." He shrugs, still keeping a lid on. Gifford isn't worth it. Just a low lackey on the food chain. "It's of no significance to me if you believe what I have to say or not. Of course if your master thought you more worthy, you might have a little more inside knowledge."

Tut tut. Edwin gives his wand a little sideways twitch as if shaking a finger at Sirius, except that this finger substitute is a potentially deadly weapon, and takes another step in. "Again with the master nonsense. When will you learn that no one is ever going to pay attention to your raving?" As for color, the Hit Wizard plucks at the front of his vest - the only non-black shade he wears - and chuckles. "Green. How fascinating. Color tells so much. Write a book about it." Now he's being intentionally dull, but it looks like he might be gearing up to put that wand of his to work.

Sirius yawns in an exaggerated fashion before saying boredly, "You've been listening, and quite well I might add. So thank you." The wand is eyed briefly.. How fast could he transform and try to swipe the wand? Tempting, but it would be a risky move for several reasons.

A risky move not least because Edwin would think absolutely nothing of breaking a certain mongrel's bones bare-handed if it became necessary, so it would probably behoove Sirius to keep from making any sudden movements. Gifford is not one of those wizards that relies solely on magic. He is in very good shape, thank you very much, even if he is putting on a little bit of post-forty stomach. "I always listen well. And I'll be listening for the sobs when they pull you right back to your cell.

"I'll love to watch your disappointment," Sirius says coolly, "I'll look very much forward to it." He then moves past Edwin, careful to not touch the Death Eater, intent on leaving the room. "Members of my defense are arriving shortly. Wouldn't want them to see you trying to bait me."

Edwin moves back far enough to let Sirius move out of the room without too much difficulty. He may be a murderous Death Eater but that does not mean he has to be a rude murderous Death Eater - at least not within certain boundaries. And this way he can follow the younger man out, tailing him silently and annoyingly until he finally breaks off and wanders into another part of the house.

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