1994-09-11: Wanted


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Scene Title Wanted
Synopsis Harry reports for an unusual and particularly nasty detention chore.
Date September 11, 1994
Watch For Magical Posters
Chronology Snape punishes Harry by making him print out wanted posters for Sirius Black.
Logger Snape

Snape's Office, Hogwarts

Dark and gloomy, Snape's office is one place most students don't want to find themselves. The stone walls are covered in shelves that are filled with multicolored jars filled with myriad necessities for potion making. In between the shelves are some cabinets, a few are locked to keep students from pilfering the contents. A heavy wooden desk sits in the middle of the open floor, a candelbra is set upon it, along with the professor's work. While candles do provide illumination, it just doesn't seem enough to cut through the darkness.

Snape's Office appears much as it has the many different times that Harry has visited it. Shelves laden with glass jars full of all manner of disgusting things and a sickly, green glow that only serves to make it seem depressing. Snape stands in the middle of the room by a large, clunky machine with reams of parchment piled up next to it. It takes up most of the space in the office, but the Potions Master does not seem bothered at all by its presence.

Indeed the office looks the same. Seems some things never change. Much like that git of a potions professor. Or maybe Harry's the only one who thinks that way. Knocking on the door, he slowly pushes it open and works his way into the room. Might as well get this over with. "What's this?" he asks, as his eyes land on the strange contraption in the middle of the room.

"A printing press," Snape says flatly, his lip curling into what could be construed as the faintest hint of a smile, "Your punishment will be to print out a number of … decorations to be used in Hogsmeade and some of the surrounding villages. Posters. Five thousand posters, to be precise."

"Posters?" Harry asks, plainly, eyes darting to the reams of parchment. "Of what, exactly? I wasn't aware that we were having a party." Right, because that's what all muggle posters are of, right? Unless, it's a poster of a buffed-up shirtless Snap…errr…let's derail that train of thought right there before it gets ugly. "And that's going to take forever on that old thing!"

"Precisely the idea," comes Snape's reply as he moves over the machine, operating the controls with the air of someone who has obviously had some practice with the machine. It clunks and thunks, the strong odour of ink rising up to fill the air before a single poster emerges from it and lands in a tray by Harry. The bewitched machine has produced a poster that reads: 'WANTED: SIRIUS BLACK' followed with an enchanted, moving image of that particular wizard holding his Azkaban prison number.

Immediately, Harry's eyes catch the image moving on the paper. Slowly his eyes narrow, and both his fists and jaw visibly clench as the eyes move to lock onto Snape's face. "And if I refuse?" he asks, harshly through gritted teeth.

"One hundred points from Gryffindor," Snape says in reply, his own eyes narrowing in response as he stares right back at the Boy Who Lived. He hasn't taken the points just yet but he does not speak as though it is an idle threat he will not carry out.

Oh he wouldn't. Then again, Harry can somehow tell that Snape would do just that if the young man gives him the opportunity. "Fine then." he says, shirking off his backpack and depositing it on the floor. He starts to reach for his wand, but then stops. Muggle-style printing press. "Let me guess, no magic."

Snape's lip curls into a half sneer as he steps away from the printing press and back towards his desk, settling down behind it and producing some homework to grade harshly - "At least you've learned something, Potter."

'Yeah, but not from you.' Harry mutters, under his breath, hoping it was low enough not to be heard. At least he tried to make it that way. With the punishment given, he steps towards the press and begins the arduous task of printing the posters. One. By. One.

Snape lifts his eyes to glare at Harry, as though he did hear him but for the moment he says nothing. He simply goes back to his marking, letting the Boy Who Lived print out posters of the Man Who Killed to be plastered all over Hogsmeade.

The first of many.

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