Walter Reed
Portrayed By Christopher Masterson
House Ravenclaw
Year 6th
Position Ravenclaw Beater, Ravenclaw Champion
Sex Male
Race Half-Blood
Age 16
Place of Birth Bexhill-on-Sea, England
Date of Birth 26 Jan 1978
First Appearance
Last Appearance


Walter is the son of two very different people: an Irish witch named Ruth Burnett working as a Ministry Unspeakable and a Muggle accountant named Filbert Reed. They met by chance and had a one-night stand in a vacation resort in Rhodes - several weeks later Filbert was astonished to find Ruth waiting for him at his home when he came home from work with some very surprising news. Eight months and one shotgun wedding later Walter came into the world kicking and screaming and poised to make his parents' lives a living hell every day thereafter. The family small moved to Bexhill-on-Sea in the south of England and added two more children within the next four years. It became abundantly clear from the time Walter could talk that he was a remarkably intelligent and gifted child, evinced by displays of cunning and skulduggery the likes of which neither of his parents had witnessed from such a tiny person before. Mysterious breakages around the house and unfortunate 'incidents' at the Muggle private school he and his sister and brother attended until their eleventh birthdays were just the tip of the iceberg. He excelled academically but was pegged as a problem child by his teachers from the very beginning, and they were not sad to see him go when the time came for him to start at Hogwarts under the impression that he was to be attending a gifted school across the Channel in France.

He was sorted into Ravenclaw, and has probably contributed to grey hairs on the heads of half the school's staff. Walter is a credit to his House in terms of academic achievement, scoring consistently high marks in every subject he's taken on both practical and written exams; the only problem is that since his first year he's rarely taken the time to bother with homework unless under the eyes of a detention-giving professor, and his grades have suffered accordingly. His O.W.L.s were wildly successful due to being based upon examination performance instead of in-class conduct, and he had no examination where he achieved less than an Exceeds Expectations. All in all, he received nine O.W.L.s. Despite his successes Walter's entire academic career has been positively littered with a fantastic number of misdemeanors and disciplinary infractions, and he has spent untold hours in detention due to the uncanny ability of certain teachers to catch him at his games. He has also taken the concept of Ravenclaw pride and inter-House rivalry to a new level, and tends to take it to the Quidditch pitch when he plays - which he has done since his third year as a Beater for the Ravenclaw House team. Feelings that his professors have towards him run the gamut from frustrated affection to absolute loathing, which is just the way he likes it.


Other Information

  • [Name] Walter prefers to be known by his surname, Reed.
  • [Patronus] Walter's Patronus is a donkey. No, it's not because he's an ass. Except that it totally is. The boy's a stubborn and imaginative creature with a very special ability to be competitive.
  • [Pet] A black and white shorthair cat named Capone.
  • [School in the Summertime] Walter is very unfortunate in that he doesn't really ever catch a break from his parents regarding his education. The day the Hogwarts semester ends he's sent straight to a Muggle boarding school for gifted children, where he remains until the start of next term.
  • [Specs] Walter technically needs corrective lenses for reading, but hates wearing them. Usually he doesn't! It is a whole big argument he has with his parents as to the relative coolness of glasses.
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