1995-05-06: Wake-Up Call


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Scene Title Wake-Up Call
Synopsis The students push themselves harder as final exams loom.
Location Hogwarts - Meadows / Great Hall
Date May 6, 1995
Watch For The sorta-kiss, and Fred's reputation building
Logger Egbert

With final exams approaching, many students are trying a change of pace to help them gear up. Egbert is sitting in front of a tree, a set of textbooks piled up next to him, except for one that's leaning against his chest. The effort finally caught up with him - his head is lolled back and his eyes are closed.

Well, it seems that some of the other first-year Ravenclaw girls have found out about how much time Melissa and Egbert spend together, as one of them tipped her off that she saw him out here. She laughed and pretended she was going to ignore them, but… well, here she is. She gives him a wave as she approaches only to find that he's asleep! She sits down somewhat near to him and gives her arms and legs a good stretch.

Egbert must be genuinely out of it, he doesn't react to the wave at all. Just as Melissa is getting settled in, he leans a little to one side, then loses his balance and lands on his side. "Wh—?" he starts to say, blinking as he makes out the silhouette of a witch's robe. A familiar silhouette indeed, he realizes, scrabbling to back up and give her some room.

Melissa turns and gives Egbert a bright smile. "Good morning," she says. "Working hard? I know I have been," she adds. "But I think I know most of this stuff pretty well… Still can't stick some of the Transfiguration though. It's harder to practice that…"

Egbert reaches up to rub the sleep out of his eyes. No, not that hand, it's got mud on it; better stick with the other one. "Morning?" he says, eyes going wide. "I came out here right after dinner!" By now, he's managed to sit up again, wrapping his arms around himself against the past night's lingering chill. "Er, Transfiguration… what've you been having trouble with?"

"Fera Verto," Melissa answers, "that one where you turn an animal into a cup… I usually can't get it to lose the fur… I don't know, maybe it's just that I don't like the idea of drinking stuff out of a cup that used to be a rat or something."

Egbert makes a face. "I can imagine that'd make it harder. Well, what if you think about using it for something else instead? You don't have to drink out of a cup, you could just put things in it." Glancing down, he picks up the book he was reading (History of Magic - no wonder he fell asleep!) and sets it on top of the others.

Melissa nods. "I'll try that," she says. "That might help after all…" She grins as she looks down to the book. "So, what do you think you'll be doing for the summer?" she asks, edging herself a bit closer.

Egbert shakes his head. "I don't really know yet," he replies, turning to face Melissa as she approaches. "Go home and see mum and dad, but it'll be all weird with Pet gone… I mean, she's still here, sort of, but they don't know that— and she doesn't want them to. Gotta be hard on them."

Melissa nods, a bit sadly. "It'll probably work out someday… It'll make for interesting family reunions though."

"I guess," says Egbert. In the Chinese sense of 'interesting'. "What about you, you gonna talk to your folks about treasure-hunting like those other guys were talking about?"

Melissa thinks. "Maybe," she says. "I still don't know if that's really my kind of thing, or if there's a better thing to use the potion for…"

Egbert stretches his legs, checking to see where they've tensed up. "You've got some time yet. How early is it, anyway, is there still breakfast out? I feel like I should be starving but I'm not, quite." His eyes are still only halfway open.

Melissa nods. "It should be," she says. "Why don't we go inside and eat?" she says invitingly, standing up and looking back towards the castle.

"Mmm, good thinking." Egbert pulls himself up to his feet, leaning down to gather up the— no, wait, he leans over and steals a peck on Melissa's cheek first, then goes for the books. His face is a distinct shade of red by that point, which may or may not have to do with the weather any more.

Melissa quickly turns her head away after Egbert's kiss, completely failing to avoid a brief giggle, before rushing off towards the castle.

Egbert is a fair distance behind Melissa as the two head into the Great Hall, and red-faced to boot. Partly this is because he's lugging a pile of textbooks around under one arm. Pesky final exams!

Melissa is also a bit red, heading straight for the Ravenclaw table. No books though… not yet anyway.

Yawning widely Kelti Garvey has situated herself at one of the long tables. She has a ton of text books stacked beside her and seems to be giving them annoyed glances as she tries to down her breakfast as fast as possible. Catching sight of Melissa the older girl gives the firstie she knows a quick waves before drinking a full glass of pumpkin juice in one gulp.

Egbert sets his own pile of books somewhere nearby, waving to Kelti. "You too, huh?" He recognizes his housemate, but only somewhat vaguely due to the separation of years. "I remember the last time I did that, I about choked on it."

"Nice trick," Melissa says with a wave to Kelti. "I don't think I could even try that," she says. "Pumpkin isn't my favorite flavor…"

Kelti does manage to get the drink down and nods her head to the other Huffle, "Yeah exams and more exams…keep gettign told this year may not be owls but it still counts." He shakes her head, "Of course it counts, it's exams!" He says a little to loudly, obviously worried about said exams.

"Oh, what is?" Egbert asks, sitting down and glancing over toward Melissa again. "Took me a while to get used to it, but it really does go well with the turkey." Meanwhile, he assembles a plate consisting mostly of some sort of egg, and a bit of pepper.

Melissa thinks. "I don't really know…" she says. "I have a few, I guess. Apple? I suppose Hogwarts has to be unique…"

Kelti chuckles at this, "Pumpkin juice is the best…well to me." She shoots a glance to the books again, "You'd think we'd get a break from all this homework, what with students going missing and all."

Egbert shakes his head. "Hasn't been that long, has it? I've heard worse stories about Quidditch— anyway, I'm sure they've got somebody looking for them by now."

Kelti shrugs and nods her head, "Yeah it's only been a week. Just Jackson from our house is missing and well he wouldn't just run off anywhere." She pours herself another cup of the pumpkin juice.

"Didn't Longbottom and one of the Weasley twins go missing, too?" Egbert replies, tapping idly with his fork as he thinks. "Fred's been experimenting with potions lately, maybe he came up with an invisibility sweet but he doesn't know how to turn it off."

Kelti chuckles at this, "That would be sort of funny and so Weasley." He rolls her eyes, "I'll go with that explanation."

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