Wade Arelmore
Portrayed By James Spader
House Ravenclaw
Year Graduated
Position Unspeakable
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 41
Place of Birth Newquay, England
Date of Birth November 13th, 1952
First Appearance
Last Appearance

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be."

Character History:

Wade Arelmore is a member of the Ministry of Magic, Unspeakable, and Mortality Investigator. The man was born in Newquay to Ruger and Mora Arelmore, raised by the family and privately instructed until he was old enough to attend Hogwarts. He was sorted into Ravenclaw and would proceed to become a stereotypical member of that house during his tenure.

Mr. Arelmore was known mostly for his fascination with mysteries and mythology, particularly those things that other people had either given up on revealing or preferred to keep secret. During his last years we was fairly well known for his penchant for experimentation, even kinds that touched beyond the lines students were expected to cross.

After he graduated Hogwarts Wade went on to marry, have a child, take up a job as a member of the Department of Accidents and Catastrophes in the Ministry of Magic. He moved on from there to take up position as an Unspeakable, specializing in the experimentation and study of mortality.

During the rise of Voldemort Wade’s wife was a particularly active dissenter of the Dark Lord, ending in her eventual demise. Her activity during that period seems to dwarf his by leaps and bounds, Wade himself having little association with any kind of movement during that time.

Now that things have returned to normal he still performs his job as an Unspeakable, conducts experiments, and attempts to delve into the mysteries of the afterlife.


A bit off. Wade can be quite garrulous at times, prone to dry and morbid sort of witticisms, but he usually appears absent, as if juggling too many thoughts. He loves old stories, mysteries, and mythologies, and gladly rambles on about them if given the time to do so. Mostly he’s a sober sort, concerned first and foremost with his experimentations and studies.


The Arelmores are a small group, a pure blooded family that keeps mostly from the limelight of wizard society. They’re a group of noted collectors, most of them possessing their own set of ancient trinkets and unusual magical gadgets. Members can be found in a handful of cities across England, though the family seems to consider Newquay their traditional home.

Other Information

Wand: 9", vine wood, unicorn tail core.
Patronus: Raven.
Pet: Rust, a dog.

Logs & Events

Date Log Characters
11 Orpheus' Dream
Wade and William have a discussion about death.
Wade, William
15 Feather of Ma'at
Wade takes a walk down Knockturn Alley.
Wade, Septima

Significant People:

Name Relation Notes
Madeline Seagace Ministry Co-Worker Wade gave her a Puffskein. They might be similar in some ways.
Jack Nobel Acquaintance They run into each other now and again. He's kind of interesting.
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