1996-08-15B: Visions and Glitter


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Scene Title Visions and Glitter
Synopsis Jake and Harvey come back from lunch in time to get invited to Siobhan's MA officers meeting. Some unexpected complications arise.
Location Hogwarts - Bullpen
Date August 15, 1996
Watch For So many layers.
Logger Bright One

Fortunately, there were no strippers involved at this restaurant Jake's taken a fancy to. Though there were plenty of jokes made about 'shedding strippers (he doesn't ever want to know how Harvey discovered that). But, you know, eventually duty calls. Or they were kicked out of the restaurant for being rowdy. Oops. They may even still be laughing when they start the walk back up towards the school. "You remember when Trev got so wasted he thought he was riding a Nimbus and he was actually just stuck up in a tree yelling 'THE SNITCH, THE SNITCH, I FOUND THE SNITCH…and then when he reached for 'it', he fell off? How'd he even get UP there. That's what I always wondered."

Somewhere there is a book full of these stories.

"Listen, strippers shed glitter and there's not a spell in the world that can completely get rid of glitter. You'll find it years later. It's maddening." But lunch was enjoyable and Harvey let Jake poke and prod and tease all he liked, content to play wingman and offer up details often forgotten in each story. "I'm amazed we all survived through school." He pauses halfway up the steps to the main doors and tilts his head to one side. "Well, frankly, I'm amazed Salem survived." It did not do so unscathed.

Who knows, maybe having Harvey around will give him a bit of extra time. Jake certainly looks happier (and thus healthier) after lunch out with his old friend. "So do you know this because you've been a stripper, or you've seen so many?" Yes, he flashes his pearly whites when he asks that, innocence itself when they pass the threshold into the school. "We did manage to make a hole in that wall beside the potions classroom. You're not supposed to be able to make a hole in a wall with that many wards. I figure that was our good deed for the year. It obviously exposed an inherent flaw in ward integrity." That's his story and he's sticking to it.

That wisecrack makes Harvey's whole face light up, flashing Jake the same tilted-head, crooked smile that's landed him girl after girl (and guy after guy) every time they went anywhere when they were young. "Wouldn't you like to know?" he rumbles back, laughing and reaching out to pull open and hold the door. "You know, that's the exact argument I used with O'Connor to keep us from expulsion. We were little philanthropists, honest."

"Bet I could find out." A few well placed phone calls… "But there's no way either part of your real name could be your stripper name. There's seriously nothing that rhymes with Harvey or Specter that sounds sexy. Really. What rhymes with Harvey except stuff like 'smarmy' or made up words like 'Marvy. Marvy Harvey?" Okay, now maybe Jake looks a little disturbed at himself, somehow leading the way back to the bullpen without having to keep track of where he's going. "That was genius. Absolutely genius. He had that pulsing vein in his forehead and everything when he called us all in."

That makes Harvey's grin go just a little bit wicked. "Stippers don't need a second name, you know. It'd be The Specter, not 'Marvy Harvy'." Because of course if Harvey was going to be a stripper he'd have to be the stripper. The best of the best of the best. But before he can comment on their former Headmaster, he rounds the corner into the bullpen and almost runs over the tiny blonde lying in wait. "Christ, Siobhan," he hisses. "Oughta put a bell around your wife's neck, Morgan."

Siobhan does not look amused.

"I am definitely not calling you The Specter. But I will, absolutely, start calling you Marvy Harvey." Jake can't even keep a straight face at that, a bark of laughter preceeding him into the bullpen (of doom). He does also notably elbow Harvey lightly for the bell comment. "Better watch yourself, Harv. You'll have bells comin' out the bottom of your pants for weeks if you're not careful. I -did- tell you about the travel brochure incident." And of course for Siobhan he tries his most charming smile. "Everything alright? We just… lunch. Tesla. Catching up." Gesturing between himself and the not-stripper lawyer, his hands are then summarily stuffed into his pocket while awaiting their mutual fate.

Harvey snorts at that. "That's like calling Superman Mark Clark. It's sacrilege, Morgan. Absolute heresy." He side-steps the blonde and moves to lean back against an empty desk nearby, just far enough out of the way that he's not invading 'couple space'. "I paid my dues with the Nine Hour Gardener Lecture. I draw the line at bells."

Siobhan rolls her eyes at Harvey's protest, by now inured to his characteristic arrogance. "It wasn't nine hours, you great girl's blouse. It was two. At the most." She tilts her head to one side and looks at him oddly as he moves a little too carefully out of the way, cinnamon eyes narrowing in his direction before she's distracted by her own husband. Well. The public husband. "Everything's fine, I just came to see if you wanted to come up for the MA meeting." She's called a couple of the seventh years in for an early session separate from the others. "Bring your shark if you want."

As if on cue, Cianan comes strolling in to the bullpen like he belongs there. Which, depending on who you ask, maybe he does. Sometimes. "MA meeting?" That face is so innoent up until the moment he looks over at Harvey and his stare is unnervingly distant. You know, like he recognizes the guy somehow. "Oh hey, you're here now." Creepy, right? But then it's like nothing at all happened and he blinks owlishly at Siobhan waiting for his answer.

Jake's used to the creepy now. He just watches the kid for a minute, as if trying to figure something out, before giving his lovely fake bride a brief nod. "Sure. This should be instructive. Come on up and see what we deal with." That's to the shark.

Cianan takes a little bit for Harvey to process, going through his mental roster of names and faces and finally coming up with "Keenan?" He blinks twice, not sure that sounds exactly right and then shrugs it off as he steps forward and shakes the kid's hand. "From the wedding."

Siobhan turns at the sound of a familiar voice and narrows her eyes with a reproachful look that has been honed over the last year of teaching and command. "You were supposed to stay in Hogsmeade with Jack, Kee. You're not even close to seventeen." When Harvey goes to shake her cousin's hand, Sio steps forward and lifts a hand… but she's too late. Welp. The hand that had been lifted to stop the touching is moved in a circle opposite her other one and white-gold magic braces her cousin along arms and back and shoulders - keep him from falling if this one ends up being a bad one.

The first flash is Salem, two tow-headed boys climbing up the gargoyle to place a charmed set of reindeer antlers on its head. The second is one of those boys just a little bit older sprawled out in an alley with bruises and a broken nose, blood streaking lips and chin as he struggles to get up and then rushes at his unseen attacker. The final one is Harvey not so very much different than he is now, seated in a cheap chair and sprawled uncomfortably forward against a hospital bed. The occupant remains unseen, but there are track marks up and down one arm and it looks like Harvey fell asleep while keeping watch, one hand curled tightly around the patient's hand, holding on even in fitful slumber.

Several inches taller-and a bit lankier-than he had been the year before, Mike slipped into the bull pen with blue eyes flickering interestedly around him, taking in faces he knew and spending an extra second on those he didn't. He isn't as confident and comfortable as Cianan seems to be; in fact, he doesn't seem to be quite as confident as he usually is, but…it had been a rough summer. His eyes widen as one of the faces he doesn't know reaches for Cianan's hand, brows lifting, a slightly amused quirk teasing at the corner of his mouth. This should definitely be interesting.

"But Maura showed up, and you know how the two of them -look- at each other. And it's just not polite to hurl in public. So I came back…" Kee points out, making the barf face. And then looks imploringly at Siobhan. He doesn't even register that Harvey's about to grasp his hand to shake until it's too late. His eyes go all wide in a big ol 'oh shit' moment and he freezes, caught in the grip of a vision. Several visions. Fortunately he's gotten better at keeping control of himself during and after these things and he doesn't fall. Though he does sag a little against the magic that's comfortable bracing him. "That'll teach me to forget my gloves." he mutters, hoarsely. "I didn't realize the two of you went way back like that. I mean.. I mean, you've known each other since school." Oh yeah, he KNOWS SHIT NOW HARVEY. But he's not tattling. Yet.

For his part, Jake just winces when he sees the inevitable happening. "Someone get Cianan some gloves?" He points at the lackey he wants to have go running for them and gestures him out the door. "He's the Seer, Harvey." So no touchy. And then his eyes settle on Mike and he lifts a brow back at the boy.

There's a moment where Harvey just looks entirely out of his depth - but it's just a flash before the bravado kicks in and carries him through long enough to find his feet again. "Yeah, same year at Salem. Jake's the better storyteller though, so you'd best ask him for the details." He shoves both hands back in his pockets and rocks back on his heels. "You got lucky that's all you saw, kid." He's joking, but there's a subtle nervous tension around his eyes even so. "There's lots worse you coulda been exposed to." Pause and not even a glance in Jake's direction. "Like glitter." Deadpan delivery at its finest. Mike's approach is noted in a sort of peripheral way - the same up and down appraisal that everyone over a certain age gets - but he's learned his lesson for the day about making his own introductions, so he just jerks his chin at the kid in greeting and moves on.

Siobhan just sighs and shakes her head, letting Cianan get his feet back under him before a flick of her wrist severs the spell. "Fine, you can come too, but you are an observer only, Kee. Is that clear?" She turns toward Harvey as though she'll add to that, but Mike's arrival steals her attention. Damn, she hadn't meant for anyone outside their circle to see the wandless magic. "Ross. Good, I'm glad you could make it. We won't start for another twenty minutes or so, but you're welcome to sit while I get some coffee into the boys."

It's a part of his day now after he looks over his schedule, meets with a teacher or two — or on the abysmally long days, all of them — and drinks a glass of tea and looks over a stack of parchments pertaining to getting the school running, Severus Snape, new Headmaster of Hogwarts will walk the halls, making sure everything is in order and checking all the rooms. He always makes sure to look into the 'Bullpen' fairly early on, because he can usually find out what's going on from someone in there. He swirls in, gazing around, and spots the clump of people, Siobhan among them. "Good day, Siobhan," he nods, stepping to her side, looking at the others. "Morgan," he drawls, no unkindness present. He blinks at seeing Cianan. "Tyler," he drawls, "the last I had heard, you were meant to be in Hogsmeade with this one's rascal of a brother." That could cover many of them, but they know he means Icarus, or … Jack.

Jake's arched brow has Mike tempering his expression slightly, schooling it into something a bit more neutral as Cianan recovers from whatever bits of the man's life he's Seen-until he notices the other man's easy appraisal of himself. The small, amused quirk to his lips widens slightly, the tiniest hint of an impish light appearing in his eyes; it would appear he's currently more interested in that gaze than in Siobhan's wandless magic. Her greeting has him fighting back a soft, sarcastic snort, but the new Headmaster's appearance cuts off any chance (or desire, for that matter) to reply.

"Antlers on a gargoyle. That's a nice touch." Cianan says simply. And he smiles along with the joking, but just continues to stare unnervingly at Harvey for a minute, before sliding his gaze over towards Jake. Both of his eyebrows go up. "Glitter? That's the herp… I mean, that stuff gets everywhere, I hear." Cough. "Not that I.. uh, know anything about any of that. OH, Mike. Hey there." He may just be fumbling along here to cover for the laywer, since his next act is to beam a smile at cousin Sio. "Okay!" Which roughly translates to 'I am totally going to butt in with my unsolicited opinion at some point because I'm an unrepentant little shit'.

"The antlers WERE one of our better tricks. I'll tell you about it later. Because coffee." Jake needs it, obviously. There are the little lines of fatigue tightening around his eyes. "Afternoon, Professor Snape." he offers politely, and even with a smile. "I believe Kee was explaining to us that he wanted to hurl when the little healer showed up, so he made his brave escape from Hogsmeade."

The arrival of the Headmaster makes Harvey stiffen, his entire posture going tense and just a little bit forward. Jethro - or Jake, in this instance - might recognize it as a fight-ready stance, like part of him wants to take a swing. "Afternoon, Severus." In contrast, his tone of voice is friendly, casual, easy. "I think he decided us rascals were more fun than his first choice." You know, cause kissy faces get awkward when it's not you. "You can hang back with me, kid." Because he's wearing Tom Ford and you just don't duel in Tom Ford. Honestly.

"Sev!" Sio's face lights up instantaneously, her smile going from polite to something soft and bright just as fast. "I didn't think you'd be finished so early or I'd have waited." She leans into him ever so slightly when he steps up beside her, the subtle angles of her stance and posture adjusting to fit him neatly into her space. She's been trained by Jethro enough to notice the change in Harvey's posture and hers tenses too, moving to the balls of her feet and leaning just a little bit forward. But then he doesn't do anything - even offers a friendly enough hello (from a shark) - and Sio is… she's confused. She narrows her eyes and studies him for a moment. "I know you'll want tea," she begins to her (not so public) husband, voice slightly distant as she ponders over conflicting signals. "But is coffee alright for everyone else?"

"I see you're sharing the important things with the next generation, Specter," Severus snorts as he listens to the conversation. Having swirled in to the room after the vision, he assumes Harvey's told a tale of their childhood. It is possible. He turns to Morgan and nods, lips pursed in annoyance at the eldest Noble son. "I would have left as well." He can't fault the boy for that. He nods to Sio, the only evidence of his care the softening of his gaze. "I was uncertain how long it would take me to get through the tasks, or I would have asked you to." Harvey's tensing draws his attention, too. "Specter?" He doesn't care about niceties, never has. "Is something amiss?" The last word is a low hiss, not quite as sinister as his former boss', but near enough.

Mike may not have had the benefit of professional training like Jake or Jethro or even Siobhan, but with a mind like his it didn't always matter. He caught the changes in posture and expression and mood rippling throughout the room as Snape entered (Harvey's and Siobhan's), and while he kept up his careful silence, the smirk that had been on his face vanished in favor of something a bit more watchful and a lot more even. He doesn't answer Sio's question, preferring to stay in the background for now; with Snape in the room and tensions suddenly running higher - especially with that low, familiar, threatening drawl easing from Snape's lips - drawing attention to himself is the last thing he wants to do.

"See, everyone gets it." Gesturing with a thumb towards law man, Cianan heads over thataway to lean against a desk. One that happens to be between Harvey and Siobhan. He only looks clueless, and his posture is relaxed enough that he acts it too. "Aw, now don't get all mad at Uncle Jack, Professor. He put a tracking spell on me when he thought I wasn't looking so he'd know if I got into any trouble." At least, that's what it felt like.

Oh BOY, this is going to be fun. And Jake can make a few good guesses about Harv being all uptight on his behalf. So he mans up and steps into the fray. "Nothing's amiss. He was traveling all day, then dealt with the drooling and shedding dog on the drive in, and we just got back from lunch. Right, Harvey? Some coffee will be good all around." Now he's started to lean forward as well. Seriously people. His protective instincts are bouncing all over the place. Best friend, pretend wife, kids in the room. Make it stahp!

"You know, if I was a twelve year old girl, I might be shitting myself right about now." Harvey's voice is light enough, but he's too good at what he does not to notice Cianan and Jake taking positions. Cracking his neck to one side and then the other, he rolls one shoulder and shakes his head, stepping back to stand next to Jake and lean on that desk instead. "No, nothing a decent coffee can't fix." Because it had been a very long trip. It makes him… less subtle than usual.

Siobhan looks immediately torn between laughing at Harvey and hexing him. The struggle is real because that was funny - or well, it would have been if it hadn't been addressed to her mate and riling up her own protective instincts. "Cianan, Mike, why don't you head down to the kitchens and see if you can sweet talk the House Elves into sending up a tray. We've too many people for my poor little brewer upstairs." Which isn't - strictly speaking - entirely true, but it means that at least the kids are geting pulled out of the immediate line of fire.

"Perhaps I can show you the direction to the loo, Mister Specter," Snape jibes, but he steps back, moving toward Siobhan, rather than closer into Harvey's space. He's not intending to start something; he's got too much to get done to add another layer of complexity to his life. With a glance toward Siobhan to assess the situation, Severus sighs. "Welcome to Hogwarts, Mister Specter." To Siobhan, "where were you taking them?" The implied 'My Own' is left off in deference to people 'in the know' but less than comfortable with the realities of the situation.

For a moment, Siobhan's 'suggestion' doesn't even register. Mike's too busy staring, shock giving way to awed pleasure that he doesn't even try to conceal. This new man, this 'Mister Specter'-he'd just sassed Severus Snape in a manner that made him sure he'd remember that moment for as long as he lived. His awed smile gives way to a grin, and he nods to the door, eyes now on Cianan. "Come on, Tyler, let's let the grown-ups play," he agrees easily, preceding the younger Ravenclaw out of the room-and throwing one last grinning glance over his shoulder as he held the door open for the other boy and then left.

"Nooooooo problem. Is it just me, or are the adults here all a little nuts today." Cianan mutters to Mike, steppng up beside him and then through the held open door so they can trek through the hallways to bribe some house elves with cuteness. Or creepiness. Or something. "Maybe we should suggest they bring some bandages." He pauses, and looks back at Harvey with a little mischeivous gleam. "And maybe some Depends." he adds snarkily before they are out of earshot.

Welp, between Harvey and Cianan, Jake is this close to losing his shit in a fit of unmanly giggling. Soooooo… "I'm going to bring Harv up there now so he can get a decent seat and be able to hear everything." And so that they can all just give each other a breather. Plus, he wants the lawyer's finely honed skills paying attention to everything in that meeting. "Thanks Sio, Severus. Meet you there in a few."

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