Vampires in the world of Harry Potter don't get a lot of mention. There are several historical people mentioned as being one and several more listed as having defeated one (or several) but who they are as a race is left largely to the reader's imagination. Because, however, the sides in a wizarding war are going to be stretching out their hands to try and grasp at allies wherever they can, we wanted to be able to include some of those peoples in our gameplay here at ITF. From this point down, content is a curious blend of mythologies and our own imagination. Please note that while these 'facts' and 'rules' do not come from JKR herself, they will be what is followed on the game. If you want your character to be able to do something that isn't covered by this overview, ask staff first.

Vampires are - on the whole - a very secretive race. Being that Britain, France and Romania are all three hotspots of wizarding activity, the vampires who live there tend to do so in small groups, covens or singly. And while all vampires are - for the most part - autonomous, there is a vampiric hierarchy which is in place specifically to deal with The Bigger Issues. This council - with one representative from each of the major clans - is presided over by King Veles and his consort Queen Hel. Their stronghold is in the far northern wastes of Norway and it has been said that no mortal ever sets eyes upon it without death following swiftly after.

There are two kinds of vampires in the world, those who were turned from witches and wizards and those who were turned from Muggles. We will outline the differences for you below.

Immortality graces all of vampire-kind. All vampires are predators who must feed off the blood of their prey to survive. So it is that every vampire is equipped with heightened speed, strength and reflexes. They are nocturnal by nature, exposure to sunlight does them immense damage, and even a powerful Lumos spell can cause them great pain. The older a vampire gets, the more powerful they are and the less they have to feed, but also the more sensitive they are to bright light and sunlight. Their night-vision is excellent - all senses are heightened, but to consume human food makes them very sick.

Though formerly-Muggle vampires have no control over the magic used by wizards and the wizarding vampires, each one has a specific talent. Whatever they were best at in their former lives is honed and magnified in their death, to an almost magical degree. It aids in their survival, but doesn't give them enough of an edge over the magic-wielders.

Being creatures of the darkness, vampires who were wizards or witches in their lives have a natural affinity towards Dark Magic. No matter what their human lives were like, Dark Magic comes easy to them and casting spells for light or fire or heat can be difficult for them to cast, as it goes against their very natures - darkness and ice and cold. That is not to say they are evil creatures - each individual makes their own choices - but that they have a natural leaning towards those things to which they have evolved.

Because of their continued ability to use magic, those vampires who were witches and wizards make up almost the entirety of the vampiric elite and leadership. Prey found to be a witch or a wizard is almost always brought back for a turning, but there is a tradition to this, as well.

Each wizard or witch is given a fighting chance. They may choose one of the magic-wielding vampires and fight them in single-combat. If, by some slim margin, they win, then they are set free. If they lose, however, they are turned before they can even catch their breath. This is because vampires believe that a fledgling turned fresh from a fight is stronger than one who is willing or who does not struggle. Power born from pain is a common vampiric motto.

It is a harsh sort of life, but not one without happiness or pleasure. Vampires are known to form very strong bonds with their 'family', friends and mates. They become extremely protective of these people - whether vampire or not, though the 'not' option is extremely rare - and will without hesitation step between them and danger. The vampires - the most powerful factions coming from strong Celtic, Norse and Slavic backgrounds - believe that such strong bonds will inspire greater prowess during battle.

Some Major Points

  • VAMPIRES DO NOT SPARKLE IN SUNLIGHT. OR AT ALL. Actually, exposure to direct sunlight will kill one after only a little while.
  • The eyes are not red or yellow or rainbow or any other such nonsense. The eyes are the same color as they were in life.
  • Their skin is cold to the touch and hard, like marble. Though it is pale, it's not inhumanly so, and vampires could pass as a human, so long as no one got close.
  • All vampires have a spicy scent to them. It is subtle enough, however, that unless you are a vampire, a werewolf or trained to notice it, chances are good that you're probably not going to pick up on it. Even if you do, most of you won't know what it means.
  • Only those vampires who were witches and wizards in their former lives will have any real knowledge of the magical world. Those who were not will know that witches and wizards exist and that there are magical communities out there, but they're not taught much more than to avoid these people and settlements at all costs.

For the purposes of this game - at least right now - there will only be three magic-wielding vampire slots open for application. These three will be the chief emissaries from the Stronghold in Norway to the wizarding factions of Britain, all of whom would love to secure an alliance with these powerful immortals. The three emissaries are:


Each page has a little bit of background information on that character that you'll need to know to apply for them. Those interested in applying to play one of these characters will need to speak with someone on staff about how to go about doing so.

If you're interested in playing one of the non-magical vampires, fear not! There will be five (5) slots open to original character ideas once the three emissaries have begun negotiations. For more information on those slots, please poke someone on staff. They'll be able to answer further questions and help you get started.

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