1995-05-25: Up a Tree


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Scene Title Up a Tree
Synopsis A familiar has run off. Again.
Location Grounds, Hogwarts
Date May 25, 1995
Watch For The panic attack
Logger Egbert

"Look, there's nothing there, would you just come down already?"

Egbert's voice is strangely distant, though recognizable even so. Surely he wouldn't wander off into the Forbidden Forest? No, it turns out he's just hovering on his broomstick, one hand reaching out to grasp a tree branch. His pet cat is at the other end of the branch, and already heading further away.

Melissa looks up at them from the base of the tree. "And how did this happen?" she asks, leaning on the tree. "You shouldn't really take him so far out…"

Egbert rolls his eyes. "I didn't, he came out on his own--" Then, blinking, he glances down and spots who it is. "Oh, hi! Thought you were Pet for a minute— voices sound all funny out here, cutting through the leaves." He drifts partway back down to the ground, but close enough to keep an eye on Teal.

Melissa smiles. "I suppose you can't do anything about that," she says. "Speaking of Pet, have you seen her at all recently? I think we should spend some time together… get to know each other some more, I suppose."

Silence. Another glance upward— no, Teal continues to show no interest in budging. Fine, he can stay up there all night if he likes, then. Egbert floats the broom the rest of the distance down to the ground, turning it upright afterward and holding it like a walking stick. "She dropped in at the Great Hall the other day, talking with some firsti— first-years." Nice save there. "Seemed to be back to just bugging me like she used to…"

Melissa grins. "Makes me glad I'm the big sister in my family," she says. "Gene and Polly can bug me sometimes, but probably not in the same way."

"Now see," replies Egbert, "you ought to tell her that… probably have some things in common. Trade sob stories." Then he thinks about it a bit more, and decides he doesn't really want to think about his sister having things in common with the girl he— anyway! "Me, I still need to talk things through with Matthews, haven't seen her around lately. Most everyone's keeping busy lately."

"Of course," Melissa says. "There's only two weeks left after all… I'm getting excited for the summer!"

Egbert shakes his head, sitting down on the ground. "Not me, I'm looking forward to three months of awkward. Oh, I forgot to ask her about mum and dad! Have to remember that before I go…"

Melissa nods a bit, understanding. "Well… maybe we could meet up sometime over the break," she says. "That might give you something more to look forward to…"

"It's a long trek down to London, but we could do." Egbert glances up, reaching a hand out and offering it to Melissa's. "You know, I should've been talking to you all year long, but I never knew how to start. Sad thing is, if it hadn't been for Perpetua, I might still not have."

Melissa takes Egbert's hand with a smile. "Well, I'll have to thank her for that… or, maybe not," she says. "I don't know if she'll take it well."

Egbert makes a face. "No, she wouldn't. It's true, though… got me thinking I shouldn't wait so long. Not without a good reason, at least, I mean I'm not about to chase down her attackers."

"Smart idea," Melissa says. "We may be learning magic but that doesn't make us fantasy-book heroes who can go out for revenge at 12 years old." Then she sighs a bit. "Still… I feel really bad about what happened. I mean… he was in the school, someone should have figured it out…"

Egbert shrugs. "Well, they're working on it, I'm sure— trouble is, however many ways they have to look, don't the dark wizards have just as many ways to hide? Or attack them first, worse yet. Those Aurors've got a full-time job of it."

"It has to be tough," Melissa says. "I think I've mentioned before that I never want to have that job…"

"Yeah, y— Look out!" Spotting something coming down from out of the trees, Egbert grabs Melissa's wrist and does his best to drag her out of the way. Of course, it's just Teal giving up at last on his pursuit of the elusive northeastern grey squirrel.

"Wha!" Melissa cries as she's pulled away. "Oh, it's you," she says to the cat. "Well, that was obvious, what did you think it was?" she asks, turning to Egbert with a bit of a frown… obviously not appreciating being saved from a cat.

Egbert pouts. "I didn't! I mean—" Pushing back up to his feet, he looks Melissa over to see if he managed worse than just upsetting her. "Well, I'd forgotten about him for a bit, and then he moved so fast, I didn't realize it was him till he was down already."

Melissa sighs. "Oh, I see," she says. "I'm fine though… still, you should pay a bit more attention to your pets… they're very important."

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