1995-03-15: Unintentional Bumphing


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Scene Title Unintentional Bumphing
Synopsis Two more amateurs get in some practice time.
Location Hogwarts - Quidditch Pitch
Date March 15, 1995
Watch For Watch out for that *THUD* bludger!
Logger Egbert

Last month's pickup game apparently inspired other students to do likewise, or at least plan for it. So it is, then, that Egbert trudges out onto the pitch this afternoon; in lieu of the standard equipment set, he's got a Muggle cricket ball and bat tucked under one arm, the former charmed to float around randomly. One has to start somewhere.

Caira has a book in one hand, her cat on the oppisite shoulder, and is just standing across from the broom shed, eying it. She sets her book on a bench, and opens up the shed, signing out one of the brooms available for use by students.

Egbert gets warmed up with the bat first, taking a few overhead swings at the ball as it hovers just out of reach, before mounting his own broom (a Cleansweep Six, one of the family's heirlooms of sorts) and heading up after it. He notices Caira's presence at just about the same time as the next swing, unfortunately causing it to go wide to the left.

Caira eyes the broom. She mounts up, and kicks off, her cat still on her shoulder. She stays out of the way of the wide hit, and the makeshift bludger in general. However, she does stay close enough to watch the other student.

Egbert heads further up, staying close to the broom. "Were you at that game too?" he calls out, reaching down to swing and knock the ball back toward ground level. "That first-year might finally be Slytherin's answer to Potter, or at least try…" Not that Draco's a slouch, but he's known to get caught up in taking things personally.

Caira shakes her head, in responce to the initial question, the the Slytherin firstie's skill. As to that, she simply shrugs. As she wasn't at the game, all she knows as to the kid's skill is rumor.

Egbert nods. "Real mess, though, the Weasleys near the end. Guess they—" He flies downward and takes another swing, only this time the ball whacks right into the side of one of the rings and rebounds in a crazy loop-de-loop, heading more or less right at Caira. "Heads up!" he calls out, zooming toward her in a doomed attempt to intercept.

Caira shrugs, and then, suddenly, the 'bludger' is heading right at her! She manages to pull her arm out of the way as it passes her, but as it doubles back, the school's broom can't manage it, and her leg is hit.

Egbert winces, attempting to slow down again. "Sorry about th—" That's as far as he gets before the ball thumps squarely into his chest, leaving him staggering in mid-air while it zooms off into the stands. "Well, now I know why the players brag so much! I'd brag too if I could actually keep up with all this." Never mind having three more balls flying around at the same time.

Caira nods, with a shrug. And then he's hit, and she heads towards him, concern in her exspression. Although, aparantly, he's fine, and she nods in agreement.

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