1994-07-13: Unforgiveables


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Scene Title The Unforgiveables
Synopsis A lesson in the unforgiveable curses
Date July 13 1994
Watch For Defenses for the unforgiveables
Chronology Immediately after the All Star Cup
Logger Cho

Chang Residence

With the excitement at the All Star Cup, Cho finally arrives at home after getting apparated back by her folks. She's a little shaken considering unforgiveables were thrown about once more, but her father offers a reassuring pat on the back.

"At least you and Cullen werent hurt. Now go practice. I have to go back to the ministry to make sure the Americans dont sue.." and with that Li-Hao pops out as well, leaving the wooshing sound of air to fill the space he once occupied.

She takes a deep breath and looks at the time as she runs her fingers through her hair. "Well, might as well practice a bit..it's that hour afterall.." she says as she meanders towards the backyard setting up a few targets, stringing together a few cans before placing them over the branch of a tree.

It has been not too long since the events at the Quidditch All Star Cup. Lupin heard of it shortly before going to the Chang residence to teach Cho and, despite wanting to go talk to his friend, Sirius, it would seem suspicious now more than ever if he did not attend to Cho's lessons. So with a deep breath in, he apparates to the Chang residence and makes his way up to the front door, giving a good knock on the door, awaiting the response.

There's the knock, and Cho rushes towards the door. "Professor Lupin!" she cries out sounding relieved and excited the entire time. "I..the Cup. Black. Unforgiveables.." With the adrenaline still running through her system it seems forming coherent sentences is quite difficult at the moment.

Lupin raises a hand as Cho starts to run off with a jumble of words regarding what happened at the Cup. "I've heard about the Cup and how someone was killed by Sirius Black." He nods, with a soft gaze looking towards the girl. "Might I come in? Perhaps we can talk about what happened before the lesson?" Talking can help a person through a situation.

Cho nods as she motions for him to come in and she takes a deep and cleansing breath. "Yeah, he was scary..Black that is. He handled multiple aurors all trying to go after him and then he fled on a broom.." she says, though he probably knows all this already. Her cheeks flush from embarassment as she heads into the kitchen, "Oh, my manners..would you care for something to drink? Eat?"

Lupin nods ever so slightly, listening, as he follows Cho in. "Well, they say he is a powerful wizard, Black." Comes his response, quietly. He tries not to show that he's more worried than Cho knows. "I bet he was scary. Especially after so many years in Azkaban." He smiles and shakes his head at the offer of food or drink. "No, I am fine, thank you."

And Cho pauses as she looks back towards him and nods softly. "At least we were in the stands and he was just in the fields. And it was fortunate that he was alone.." she says softly, shuddering at the thought of other Death Eaters being there as well.

Lupin nods and starts to speak again, voice soft, "What do you know of the Unforgivable curses, Cho?" He asks of her. "I know they are frightening things, but they are favourites of users of the Dark Arts."

"There are the three: the imperius, the cruciatus and the killing curse. And what they do..I remember in history of magic that many people during the first wizarding war said they were under the influence of the imperius to serve You-Know-Who. Then the others..are just awful horrible things.." Cho says matter of factly, as she leans back against the counter.

Lupin nods in affirmation. "That is correct. The Imperius curse gave us all a hard time back during the War. The Cruciatus curse, if performed correctly and with enough intent, can cause pain so unimaginable, that it is unbearable to even watch, let alone he under the curse. Prolonged exposure to the curse that cause the mind to deteriorate and cause permanent brain damage." He pauses for a moment. "And then…" Comes the slow, last reprise, "there is Avada Kedavra. The Killing Curse. The only curse known to the wizarding world that cannot be defended against. Only one has been known to survive, and I am sure you know who that is." He sighs softly. "The first two, however, can be defended against."

At the mention of the killing curse and the one who survived, Cho nods slowly and mutters softly, "Potter.." running her fingers through her hair in the end. "The Cruciatus and the Imperius..how do you defend against them? Is that the Protego Horribilis spell is for?" she asks curiously, most definitely interested now.

Lupin smiles and nods. "That's right. Harry Potter. And though Protego Horribilis can defend well against the Cruciatus curse, and to an extent the Imperius curse, there's another way, much better, to avoid the Imperius curse being effective upon yourself."

"I think of the two I'd fear the Imperius more. Making you do things and being controlled by someone else..it..it doesnt sound pleasant at all.." she says matter of factly while chewing on her bottom lip a bit. "And what would be the best way to defend against it?" she asks curiously.

Lupin can't help but think of the days of the War. So long ago they seem now. He turns once more to face Cho. "Those who are strong willed and strong minded have an excellent defence against the curse. If you can resist the will of the curse and the one whom cast it on you, then it will not be effective on you."

"That..sounds easier said than done.." Cho says matter of factly as she takes a deep breath and starts nervously chewing on her bottom lip once more.

Lupin smiles softly. "It isn't easy, but it can be done. There's no way for me to actually test the spell on you, since it has been made illegal, but I can teach you some mental exercises."

"That would..yeah, that would be good.." Cho says softly, letting out a little squeak at the mention of having the spell tested on her. She lets out a sigh of relief at the mention of mental exercises. "I think I can handle that..mum and baba always did tai-chi and stuff."

Lupin smiles softly at Cho. "Tai-chi…don't know much of it. I know of meditations, however. Guided or otherwise. Help you keep focused." He nods firmly. "It's not easy to keep your mind protected, but with the right techniques you might just be able to."

"It's an Asian muggle form of meditation with martial arts.." Cho explains, "That's all I know,but I see baba and mom doing that outside when they're stressed. But any exercises would be good.."

Lupin gives a little nod of the head. "Ask your mother and father about it. Anything can help. And if you can grow your mind to be strong and clear and decisive, you'd have a chance to fight the Imperious curse."

"I'll definitely ask them.." Cho says firmly and resolutely, tucking it to the side before she hops down from the counter. "So..shall we begin? I'd like to show you what I learned. I think I'm getting the hand of stupefy!" she chirps brightly.

Lupin smiles softly, nodding. "I'd love to see what you've learned." He says kindly, not appearing happy or displeased about continuing on another topic, though one that is just as equally as important.

"If you dont mind..I'd like to hear stories about the first wizarding war as well..with your experience and all. I mean..from what I remember in history of magic, history tends to repeat itself..anything from the past could prove to be useful should you know.." and she lets him fill in the rest as she heads out towards the back yard where there's a series of tin cans hanging from a branch of a nearby tree.

Lupin nods ever so slightly as they head to the back. "It was dark times, Cho. Dark times indeed. Sometimes you didn't even know who to trust. Your best friend from school days could be a spy and your enemy." As he knows all too well about. "The polyjuice potion was used often. Dark creatures were lured into action by Voldemort. He had trolls and giants and Dementors and other creatures working for him." He shakes his head.

There's another slight squeak at the mention of his actual name as she listens taking it all in. "What sorts of dark creatures?" she asks, raising her brows as she brings up her wand and points towards the various cans,all four in a row. "Stupefy!" she shouts, repeating it three more times, hitting two out of the four. Hey..it's not bad. At least she can cast it reliably now.

Lupin thinks for a moment. "Creatures of the foulest kinds. Those that they don't even wish to teach about at Hogwarts at times. Frightful creatures. Acromantia, possibly, basilisks, and lethifold. Lethifold are the worst. They sneak up in a person's sleep."

"Lethifold?" Cho asks as she pauses and peers towards him, raising her brows as she cants her head to the side. "What are those?" she asks, never having been a fan of care of magical creatures.

Lupin raises an eyebrow. "Lethifold are cloaked creatures. Dark creatures similar to dementors. Only way to defend against them is the Patronus. But the trick is…most people never know that they're being attacked until it's too late."

Cho hrmms for a few moments as she chews on her bottom lip once more as she idly runs her fingers through her hair. "I guess I should practice the patronus charm more than.." she mutters softly. "And Acromantia?"

Lupin shakes his head. "Did I say Acromantia? I meant Acromantula. Funny how small wording can mean so much." He smiles, taking his wand out and flicking it twice, hitting the other two cans without much effort. Though he does have much more practice than Cho. "Acromantula are giant spiders. Very intelligent and capable of human speech. Fearsome creatures, though."

"Ooooooh, okay. Even regular sized spiders are fearsome enough for me.." Cho says with a soft chuckle under her breath as she wrinkles her nose and looks over towards the cans. "But how were they recruited? I dont think these creatures would be naturally predisposed to darkness..are they?"

Lupin nods slightly. "All these creatures are dictated as highly dangerous by the Ministry. As well, they are promise more than they have by Voldemort. He can be very persuasive." He nods.

"The Ministry is a bit biased arent they. With their regulations on half-breeds, werewolves and other creatures it's no wonder he has so many supporters.." Cho says with a disapproving shake of her head as she looks over towards the cans once more before yelling out another four stupefy spells. This time, three out of the four hit. Gotta love danging cans on strings."

Lupin chuckles softly. "Well, in the case of these creatures, Miss Chang, I must concede that they are most correct." He says with a smile. "Well, you certainly are getting better, aren't you, Cho?"

"Well, they have regulations on werewolves and you're certainly an exception to most prejudices.." she points out with raised brows before she beams brightly and bows her head towards him. "Been practicing everyday at the appointed hour given by the ministry." Cho quips, definitely more of the practice makes perfect type instead of the Deus Ex Mary Sue genius type.

Lupin smiles and nods. "Well, I'm also just a human. I was a human first. But do me a favour, do not try to find the exception with these creatures. You could end up getting yourself killed." He sighs softly. An owl swoops down and plops a in his outstretched hands. Smart animals, those owls. "Hmm…I hate to say, but I'll have to leave. But we shall continue this soon?"

"Of course, Professor.." she says with a smile and another bow. "I'll keep on practicing until my hour is up, but do take care. And I wont look for trouble, dont worry.." smiling brightly in the end.

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