Delores Jane Umbridge
Portrayed By Imelda Staunton
House Slytherin
Year 1973
Position Acting Minister for Magic
Sex Female
Race Pureblood
Age 38
Place of Birth London, UK
Date of Birth Jan 9, 1956
Patronus Fluffy Persian Cat
First Appearance On Notice
Last Appearance

Character History:

Born January 9th in 1956, the Umbridge’s had little way of knowing that their precious little girl was to rise to be a hated figure. Yet from an early age, young Delores had drawn the short end of the straw. Her mother expounded the virtues of being pure-blooded and her racist vitriol against half-breeds and vile muggles poisoned the girl’s mind. Power, the sacredness of blood and keeping pure, those ideals were embraced by Delores from the start. Her father on the other hand, kept quiet, and didn’t deter his wife from sharing these beliefs with Delores. One could say, he may have been in silent agreement on the matter.

As an only child, Delores was spoiled and pampered by her father. Showered with rainbows, sparkles and unicorns (figuratively), she had an inflated sense of self-importance even before her sorting into Slytherin when she started Hogwarts. Delores embraced being a Slytherin and all it means, she was proud of her house and heritage. Despite the fact that her family is as pure-blooded as they can without intermarrying, she echoed her mother’s claims that they are related to the Selwyn family. (Whether or not this is true, it remains to be seen.)

Delores as a student was average, despite her ambitious nature. Charms was a weaker subject for her, feeling it was a rather ‘fluffy’ course, yet necessary. Transfiguration was so-so, albeit a bit better. The delicacy of potions seemed to escape her much of the time, since it requires specific instruction and nuances that she was incapable of understanding. The slightest misstep in the directions, and all control is lost. Defense Against the Dark Arts was a class she tended to excel in, because of the force required to perform many of the related tasks. Despite her loathing of muggles, she took Muggle Studies, which only served to reinforce her disgust of their culture. Other classes were a necessary means to an end. Courses that were required in order to become a fully qualified witch.

When she graduated, it was with the regret that she never made Prefect or Head Girl status. It was a disappointment that her grades were not up to par, and even if they were, she clearly was not an example to hold above other students. This disappointment only added to her dominating personality. Delores wasted no time in joining the Ministry, stabbing colleagues in the back as necessary, climbing her way to the top. Those on her level were seen as opponents, people to use, and if they were weak enough to let that happen, that was their fault.

Tenacious, cruel and domineering, Delores has worked her way up to being Senior-Undersecretary to the Minister. Along the way she has written increasingly restrictive legislation on creatures such as house-elves, goblins, centaurs, werewolves, among others. Her ambitious nature knows no bounds, and time will tell how far she goes.



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  • "Hem, hem."

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