Two Psychos For The Price Of One


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Scene Title Two Psychos for the price of One
Synopsis Big brother comes clean.
Location Hogwarts - Morsec Bullpen
Date Jun 03, 1996
Watch For Underground golem fighting??
Logger <Maura

As they were actually well hidden by that alcove they left the hired mugger in - both healer and guard apparated right from there to the periphery of Hogwarts. And for her part, Maura's been dead silent the entire walk from the bridge all the way to the bullpen. Her newly bought texts are clutched to her chest protectively (as if that would really help her wth anything) and her expression a mask of politeness as they pass students and teachers alike. Until she sits down at one of the few desks that were set up. Then her forehead hits the wood and stays there. Sort of like an actual head-desk moment, but without the repeated nature. "Now would be the time to come clean."

"Ok, I can do that." Gideon says calmly as he pulls over a chair to settle into, "I'll answer every question you have as best I can. I need you to tell me exactly what Simon told you first. It could be important."

For a moment, Maura's forehead still rests on the desk. Her own little way of hiding from the world while she mentally dukes it out with Rikath. But it's still easy to hear the slow intake of breath as she steadies herself for the recital. Being calm is soooo not as easy for her as for big brother apparently. "First, he said 'little sister' was right, he could see us from afar using magic." she explains. "And then he said he used the cell phone since you - a half-blood - prefer using mundane things when possible. And then, he said he wanted to see if my guards were sharp, and was surprised to find that they got big brother to come and protect me." She doesn't yet go into the message that was just meant fr her of course.

"How much information about yourself is everyone keeping from you?" Gideon asks. His voice still calm, "Even though you can't sort through them do you know who your parents are? Their names?"

"I do not know who my parents are. Only that I have them." Maura admits, looking a little pained at that. "I remember places, and events, and… that there were people. I know I had teachers, but not their names. I don't even remember what people looked like. So nobody uses my last name, for example. And I had… I had one lead, maybe. A face that was showing up in my nightmares for awhile. I drew the face and gave the picture to Jack to look into. But he hasn't found out who it is yet. If it's not just some hallucination I had, when, you know." But she adds, just as she did for Simon. "But I would remember growing up with a sibling, if I had."

"We didn't grow up together." Gideon says, "Your father met my mother before he married. Because of the strength of his blood-line, he did not marry until years later when he meet your mother. She… didn't approve of me having much to do with the family so we never met and you had moved to London when you were so young you'd not have remembered me even if you did. But.. yes I am your Older brother."

Maura fidgets for a minute, looking down at her hands when Gideon explains how exactly he can be her brother and she had no idea. "She didn't approve." is echoed, her brow furrowing at that. "I get the impression my mother and I aren't entirely alike. So…" her mind slows, thinking back to his arrival at the school. "Obviously Jet and Siobhan knew when you arrived." and her nose scrunches up there, looking momentarily exasperated. "No wonder she acted like that; it was supposed to be payback." Snort. Yeah, just give her a minute. It's like a hamster wheel in her brain right now. "So did the Sanhedrin really send you then? And who is Simon? Why are you really here? I can't imagine why you would want anything to do with me, considering my mother's… decisions."

"I don't give a damn what your mother decided. You're my sister and your in trouble." He doesn't get into the previous 9 months he spent searching for her. "I had to come and help. As for Simon, He's bad news. Like me he works for Sanhedrin officially. They placed me with the IDF Commandos, him with Massad so he could work with more autonomy. He's a fucking pyschopath, but neither Sanhedrin nor Massad cared because he got results. He went of the grid about 3 years ago. The official word was so they could disavow knowledge of his more… 'extreme' actions for the greater good. I suspect he's been working the side his heart is truly on since then. What's going to be important is finding out if he working this job for money or if he shares your captors ideals."

Maura glances over at Gideon in mild surprise at his initial response. But she doesn't try and dispute it. If anything, she appears grateful. "He said he was acting as a messenger of sorts. His employer wanted me to know that 'The Experiments aren't over with'." She recites the words in a dull tone, and literally looks nauseous when she says it. "I can't even think about what that's supposed to mean, or I will absolutely lose my shit." Whatever parts of it she hasn't started to lose already that is, what wth the fidgeting, and the nausea, and the stuttering voice. "Two psychos for the price of one. Welcome to London big brother. I trust you're going to give Jethro some detail on this guy?"

Gideon nods to Maura and says, "Yes I intend to. Can't very well work with him to stop him if I don't share what I know." Gideon shakes his head, "He's good, but he's arrogant. We'll get him to make a mistake."

Gideon nods to Maura and says, "Yes I intend to. Can't very well work with him to stop him if I don't share what I know." Gideon shakes his head, "He's good, but he's arrogant. We'll get him to make a mistake."

"Right, sorry. I don't know much about how any of this works. I just patch you all up as you get injured." Maura murmurs, in half apology. "We should…" her voice trails off. "I should know more about you, I think. I'm not going to be much use in the hospital wing the rest of the day. Not like this. You can tell me about yourself, and I can tell you more about my life now. Until Jethro gets here." is suggested, in a tentative tone. "I need to calm down, and maybe that will help. Knowing I have family with me - it feels nice."

"Oh.. I'm afraid my life isn't very interesting." Which is of course, not at all true, "But I think I'd like that. I've been dying to get to know my little sister." He says with a crooked smile, "I do have some great stories about underground Golem fighting though. It was something of a pass-time at school. We'd get in trouble for doing though so we'd have to move locations all the time….." Gideon smiles a bit at the memory, "Well this one time I was trying to impress a girl and so I scooped out this great locale……"

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