1995-03-04: Twistin The Day Away


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Scene Title Twistin' the Day Away
Synopsis Game time in the Great Hall on the (cancelled)Hogsmeade Weekend.
Location Hogwarts - Great Hall
Date Mar 04, 1995
Logger Jax

[HGW] - Great Hall

Full of aureate light and gilded gleam, the Great Hall of Hogwarts is both strange and splendid. Thousands and thousands of white taper candles float in midair, their inextinguishable flames casting dancing light down over four long tables, laid with glittering golden plates and goblets. Were one to stand at the door looking in, members of Slytherin house would be seated at the far left, followed by Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and then Ravenclaw along the right wall. At the top of the hall is another long table for the teachers, perpendicular to the House tables. Set along the wall beside the head table, an unobtrusive doorway leads to a much smaller room. The appearance of the ceiling above varies with the weather and time of day, as it has been bewitched to look like the sky outside. Most would agree that the effect is startlingly realistic, making the Great Hall seem to simple open on to the heavens.

It is the weekend at Hogwarts once more. It should be Hogsmeade Weekend, grump most of the older students. Hogsmeade has been cancelled, however. Instead, the older students will have to just invade the Great Hall, which is all set up for the entertainment of the young ones on such occassions. There are games sitting out and ready to use. Wizarding puzzles that change image if you don't get them together fast enough, so you have to start all over — wizarding chess sets — an area for the exchange of chocolate frog cards — card games — You name it, the game is sitting down here. There is even a Twister game in the corner, brought by a Muggle student years ago, and left behind for all to enjoy.

Aston has long since been released from the hospital wing and joined back in all his classes and everything that comes with it. The first year wouldn't be able to go to Hogsmeade anyways and so couldn't resist coming to check out the excitement in the great hall. "Oh wow." he cant seem to stop himself from saying as he looks on everything.

A tiny grey and white stripey kitten dashes in from the entrance hall, closely followed by a pair of Hufflepuff first-years chasing after her. Jax is one of them — apparently the boy left the common room in a hurry; he is barefoot, still, in jeans and a pink t-shirt with a large butterfly spread across it. He clutches a bottle of Muggle bubble-solution in one hand, and pounces on the kitten right before /she/ has a chance to pounce on one of the Twister-players. "GOTCHA. Finally!"

Some of the older students are down here as well. Angelina has taken up a seat near the twister game. It always seems to be the source of fun, and fights. So a prefect always keeps an eye on it. Until they start playing, however, she is reading from her herbology book, taking study notes. For some people, the studying never stops!

"Candyfloss, you bad kitty!" The scolding would probably be a liiiittle more convincing if it wasn't said through giggles, Chloe just a step behind Jackson herself. Dressed in jeans that are covered in patches of every color and size, her shirt seems to have had the same slapped together sewed up treatment, consisting of quite a few different blouses that look like they've been ripped apart and sewed back together to make a blouse of many pastel colors. Even her shoes follow the treatment, with one pink, and one turquoise sneaker, the same color ribbons braided through her hair. "Twister is for people only!"

Aston turns back at the commotion toward the door. He chuckles at the kitten dashing in before looking oddly at the game near Angelina though being half-blood he doesn't think he's seen it before. "What's this?" he asks her as he approaches

Jax hands the kitten to Chloe and rocks back on his heels, gaze flicking from the game to Aston. "You've never played Twister?" he asks, eyes widening in surprise. "Nevereverever?"

Angelina glances up as the younger students come closer, sticking her notes in the book before closing it to keep her place. "Its.." And then there is Jackson. "Remember, Holland, it's a muggle game. Not all of us have seen it before we come to Hogwarts. You guys gonna play?"

Holding the small kitten in her arms, it's only a moment before the feline has managed to wiggle it's way up onto Chloe's shoulder, where it carefully perches. "Oh, you have to play with us!" The brunette exclaims at Aston, resisting the urge to excitedly jump up and down. "It's so much fun! And twisty! Unless you fall wrong and get hurt, or land on someone and hurt them, but that doesn't happen. Much!"

Aston shakes his head "Nah, i've not." he says sounding interested but a bit nervous of the game as Angelina speaks he looks back to her a moment. "Maybe I could watch this round get the idea?" he doesn't want to look completely out of it or slow the game down or anything. He looks back to the other excited students and seems more so to want to watch a bit before jumping right in.

"I dunno, I've had some pretty impressive Twister-related bruises," Jackson says with a laugh. "Anyway, it's pretty easy to figure out. You just spin the little — spinny… thing —" Jackson points. "And then everyone has to put whatever body part it says on whatever color it says! And try not to fall over." His fingers fidget with the cap of his bubbles restlessly. "You could always spin the thing, if you don't want to play."

Angelina reaches down beside her chair, bringing up the aptly named Spinny Thing. "Go ahead and play if you want, Aston. I'll spin for you. It's really easy. You just take up a position there along the edge, and when I call out a body part and a color, you put your body part on that color. But you can't lift up any other body parts to do it."

"Or, if you really just want to watch first, you could make sure my cat doesn't run off and get into any trouble while I play, and I would definitely owe you for it if you did, because she is ALWAYS running off, and it's a real pain to find her cause she can squeeze into spaces that I could ever never ever ever fit into." Pointing to the aforementioned kitten as she babbles - Something that Chloe is obviously apt at. - said kitten doesn't look super pleased at being pawned off.

"I will play why not, but what about the kitten?" the first year says with a chuckle. The young lion Aston still is unsure about game no doubt about it, but why be meek especially when he can try to play qudditch this has to be less scary than flying on a broom and having cannon balls pelted at you right?

"Yay!" Jackson bounces slightly on his toes. He sets his bottle of bubbles down on the floor. "The kitten can entertain herself. She'll come back /eventually/, won't she? We can lure her out with bubbles. They're fun to pounce at." His nose wrinkles sheepishly as he walks over to one side of the Twister mat. "At least, /I'm/ easily distracted by them!"

Extending a hand, Angelina motions for the kitten. "Give her to me. I'll keep her here in my lap. She'll curl up and sleep in a moment." Once said kitten is settled, she spins the Spinny Thingy. "Alright. Left foot Red. And take your shoes off, if you have them on. Or they tear the mat."

Handing the Scottish Fold kitten over, it takes Chloe barely a second to step out of her shoes - Showing socks that are just as colorful at the rest of her wardrobe. - before she steps onto the mat, placing her left foot on the correct circle, giggling. "I think everybody but mean old Professor Snape is distracted by bubbles. They're just /awesome/ like that."

It is the weekend at Hogwarts once more. It should be Hogsmeade Weekend, grump most of the older students. Hogsmeade has been cancelled, however. Instead, the older students will have to just invade the Great Hall, which is all set up for the entertainment of the young ones on such occassions. There are games sitting out and ready to use. Wizarding puzzles that change image if you don't get them together fast enough, so you have to start all over — wizarding chess sets — an area for the exchange of chocolate frog cards — card games — You name it, the game is sitting down here. There is even a Twister game in the corner, brought by a Muggle student years ago, and left behind for all to enjoy. It appears that a group of students have gathered at the Twister map, and are just starting to play.

"Gotcha." the first year says sitting down on a bench and removing his shoes placing them somewhere he'll be able to grab them easily when done. Aston moves back to the mat still looking oddly at it but places his left foot on a nearby red dot.

Jax is already barefoot. He steps onto a red circle with his left foot, too. "/My/ bubbles are extra distracting," he says cheerfully. "But probably not distracting enough for Snape. I'll have to work on them some more."

Angelina is sitting in the chair nearby, being the supervising prefect. For some reason, this game sometimes seems to degrade into fights. She holds a kitten in her lap and has the spinny board in hand. "Alright. Right hand green."

Looking down at the board, Chloe's brow furrows. "Well, this got stretchy fast." Doing her best to keep her left foot on red as she bends over across the mat, she balances on her hand as she places it on one of the green dots on the opposite side of the game. And her balance is very shaky at that. "Uh-oh…"

Whatever happened to Hogsmeade weekend, it didn't quite seem to bother Luna very much. It was by sheer chance that she wanders into the Great Hall today, in the midst of one of her exploring of the grounds. The noise as she passed the hall caught her attention, and so, the Ravenclaw steps into the Great Hall, glances about, her blue eyes widening with interest. Stepping into the hall proper, then, she begins a lazy sort of step towards the group around the twister game, her expression somewhat vague and faraway.

Aston looks about a moment trying to think which circle wouldn't require him to place a stretching jinx on himself in the near future he still is wondering how this will turn out. He leans forward a bit placing his right hand on a green square from this place he calls "Hey Luna." he smiles

Jax is a dancer! He has good balance. And stretchiness. He leans over to put his hand on a circle, lifting his other to wave at Luna. "Hi! Have /you/ ever played Twister?"

Melissa follows closely behind Luna. "Oh, they're playing Twister," she says, stepping forward to watch them for a while. "We could join the next game, or we could do something else," she says to Luna.

Angelina glances up as Luna and Melissa come in as well. "Hey Luna. Why don't you guys jump in too? We just started. Only two circles in. Take off your shoes, then left foot red, right hand green." She spins again, but doesn't announce the next color yet, waiting for everyone to get settled.

"I hope the next one isn't something to make this even more stretchy. Though I don't know what can get more stretchy than this." And it's kinda starting to hurt, but Chloe isn't going to say that part. No one else is complaining, after all. "Unless we made the mat bigger. But that might be cheating. And hi new people!"

"What sort of game is Twister?" asks Luna, her voice following in step with her faraway expression, sounding terribly dreamy. Canting her head to one side, she looks over the players already. "Hello, Aston." she says, belatedly, about ten seconds after the boy had greeted her, a vague sort of smile given him then. "And hello, Angelina, and Chloe." she says. "I think I'd like to watch - it looks like a highly funny game!"

Aston chuckles as he listens to the talk looking odd of course upside down at everyone. "It's a lot of fun, you just place the part of your body the spinny thing tells you on the colored dot it also tells you without moving the other parts, or something like that it's my first time playing."

"It's totally funny, especially once people get all tangled up and start falling over," Jax tells Luna brightly. "And it's a Muggle sort of game." His lips purse thoughtfully. "I wonder what the best way to magically improve it would be."

Melissa grins, looking down at the board a bit. "Well, hmm… That's a good question. Maybe have the dots move around?"

When the girls announce they will wait to play, Angie announces the next one. "Left hand yellow." She smiles at Luna. "Pretty much what they said. It's a fairly straight-forward game." One hand strokes the kitten, keeping it calm.

The kitten really doesn't know the meaning of calm, batting at the spinner every chance she gets. "Have the dots move around, or just add more dots. And more colors. Or more dots and more colors that move. But then we'd have to change the spinny thing, too, so." Gladly plonking her left hand on the nearest yellow dot, Chloe breathes a sigh of relief as her balance steadies a bit more, braid hanging down beside her face.

Nodding along to all the explanations, Luna turns her head towards Melissa. "It looks fairly full…" says Luna, although her vague smile brightens again. "Do you think we should join the next turn?" she asks, with an undertone of excitement nudging into her otherwise sedate voice.

The hardest part is simply staying put for the moment. Aston looks back up to Angelina before back down to the board he eyes the nearest dot. He moves his hand and is now stretched towards the other players but all in all is enjoying the game. "You can have my spot next round we can trade off." he offers grinning best he can.

Jax snakes his left hand over to a yellow circle. "If they moved around this game would be ridiculous. — Ridiculously fun! We should try it sometime."

"Maybe you just make the ones not in use change? So there is no pre-planning that can be done." Angie spins once more. "Left foot green. And you don't have to change out. Three people isn't too many. Five people isn't too many. We've played this with the entire Gryffindor quidditch team. And the Weasleys play it right nasty. I wouldn't suggest playing it with them."

"Geez, I didn't know there were enough dots for that." Chloe mumbles, caaaaarefully moving her left foot from red to green, once again bent in a completely awkward and not very well balanced position. Of course, it would be at this point that Candyfloss the kitten decides that she's really had enough of this waiting around thing, and scampers off of Angelina's lap towards the game mat, and the tangle of students. Gracefully walking between limbs, it's barely a moment before she's batting at Chloe's braid. "No! Bad kitty!" But of course, it's too late, as the first year's already precarious balance is thrown off even more, and she tumbles over, somehow miraculously not knocking over anyone else. Or squashing the cat, who runs off, knowing she's in trouble. "Ohhhh… You get back here!" Grabbing her shoes, Chloe is giving chase, calling over her shoulder as she goes. "Sorry guys! And thanks! And have fun and stuff, and man, I hate this cat sometimes!" And then, she's skidding around a corner, and gone.

"No, no - no need to stop, Aston, but thank you." Pausing, Luna does glance around, leaving Melissa's side to stand near Angelina. Leaning over, she gets a birdseye view of the spinner, her blue eyes flickering over the different colors and such of the device. At least, until the cat interrupts things. A smile springs unto her lips at the antics, and Luna says, "Well, it looks like there is plenty of room, now." she says. Incidently, Luna moves to set her left foot on one of the outlying green dots, turning her attention back towards Angelina and beaming.

Aston looks about quickly for a good dot, he can see that they will soon be short on close ones and it will become even harder. He moves his left food to a green dot looking a bit like he's trying to do the splits and a push-up all at once. The first year breaths and tries to stay up even with the commotion going on with the kitten. "Exciteable pet."

"I feel like a whole Quidditch team playing Twister is just a recipe for pain no matter /who/ you have there!" Jax moves his left foot, wobbling slightly in the change. "Bye Chloe! — I'm totally gonna work on a charm to make the dots move around. I feel like we should tell Madame Pomfrey to get ready, though, before we tried it."

Melissa watches as Luna gets into the game. "Well, I suppose I'll have to go for it then," she says, taking off her shoes. "It's been a while since I've tried it…" She grins, moving in toward the board.

Angelina lets the cat run off, giving the leaving girl a wave. "Alright. Everyone is in, then!" She spins once more. "Left hand blue. And yes. Playing anything with a Quidditch team tends to be more painful than it would normally have to be."

A pause, and Luna glances towards Melissa. Giving the girl a long look, she then looks to the other players of the game. Falling down into a kneel, Luna unties her shoes, one after the other, making sure to keep her foot upon the mat even as she sets the shoes neatly aside. Her socks were a lavender color, with little pink bowties about the ankle. "Excuse me." Luna says, choosing a blue dot right by Jax's side to put her hand upon.

Aston gulps as the next color is called out though luckily this one is a bit easier on him and he moves at least his arms are closer together now but he is a first year and holding himself up in his way is taking it's toll. "Game is fun ha?" he says to all close enough

"I like your socks," Jax tells Luna with a grin. His nose wrinkles as Luna takes the closest blue dot to him. He slips his arm beneath hers, reaching for the next closest one.

Melissa gets down at one end and reaches out for the blue dot. "Yeah, they're cute," she says with a laugh. "Where do you get them?"

Angelina chuckles at the talk of socks, shaking her head. She kicks back, getting more comfortable, as she watches the game. One more, the spinner goes off. "Right hand red."

"Oh, daddy got them for me." Luna says, daydreamingly. "I think he got them from someplace in Hogsmeade? He really is a brilliant wizard, you know, with a lot of knowledge about where to find things most people don't tend to look for. He invented a wrackspurt detector, just a few months back." Luna says, using her free hand to scratch at her nose, entirely unbothered with the tangle of limbs that was starting. Blinking, Luna reaches out for a red dot that one of Aston's feet was occupying. "Let's share? I don't want to stretch for that faraway one." she says.

"Good idea." the first year says to Luna. Aston's first game of twister is going well considering he doesn't know anything about it or anything. The Gryffindor looks a bit near his hand he moves it sort of bending it so its near under the bend that is being made by the others.

"What's a wrackspurt?" Jax asks curiously. "Are they important to detect? How do you find them?" He chews on his lip as he finds a free red dot to put his hand on, reaching over Aston's leg, his limbs somewhat awkwardly threaded around Luna's and Aston's.

Melissa tries to reach even farther to the next dot over. "Can't… quite… reach it… there!" She has pretty much one finger on the red.

Once more, the spinner spins. Round and round and round. Angelina leans forward with her wand, pointing it at the game board. "Right foot purple." All the circles are purple.

"Oh, yes." Luna says to Jax, "They're terribly important. One of the greatest pests in the world that no one knows about. They fly inside your ears, and make you feel all fuzzy. Daddy's wrackspurt detector makes them visible…" she says, a bit of a frown touching her features as all the circles turn to purple. A pause, and she simply sets her right foot down upon it. "… they look a bit like muggle pigeons, actually."

Aston all the dots turning purple confuses the poor firstie who's been holding himself up for a long while now. He tries to move his foot but it slips and he falls with an "Oooof." he is at least careful to miss the others including the foot sharing a dot with Luna. He pulls himself up and moves off the mat to watch the rest. "That is a fun game he is still grinning."

"Pigeons that fit in your /ear/?" Jax's eyes widen. "How do you keep them away?" He blinks, baffled, as the board changes, but then laughs. He is starting to move his right foot onto a free dot when Aston falls; his arm is stretched over the other firstie's leg, and Aston's fall makes him wobble and then topple off-balance. His nose crinkles as he grins. "Eeeeep." His other arm is still looped beneath Luna's, and he extricates it sloooowly.

Melissa nods a bit toward Luna. "I've always wondered what caused that…" she says, before trying to bring her leg over Aston. "Er… ah… okay…"

Angelina laughs quietly as the boys fall. Her wand is returned to her side, letting all the circles return to normal. However, the other games are getting cleaned up in preparation for dinner. "Alright. Let's stop there and clean it up? The house elves will be shooing us out soon so they can get things ready for dinner."

It seems the only one still 'standing' was Luna and Melissa. Although, technically, Luna cheated. Rolling off of the mat, Luna rises to her feet, and works her feet into her shoes. "There you are… I'm glad nargles didn't make off with you while I was busy." she says. Leaving her shoes untied, however, she glances down to the mat. "…does it fold or roll?" she asks no one in particular, her chin lifted, and her eyes kinda staring at the wall on the opposite side of the hall.

"Folds," Jax says, springing back to his feet to start folding the large map up. "I like the purple. Maybe next time the colours can change more often. — Er." He looks up from his folding to frown uncertainly at Luna. "What's a nargle? They like shoes?"

Angelina rises from her seat and gathers the folded mat to put it away. "Alright everyone. Thanks for playing. Hope you had fun. Lets head out before we get shooo'd off."

Luna opens her mouth to reply to all the inquiries about nargles and wrackspurts, but Angelina's sense of haste shushes her. "I'd be happy to give you all a copy of the Quibbler, if you would like to meet me later - all the truth about the wizarding world is in there."

"I would like a copy." the first year Aston says after being quite and watching the rest of the game. He enjoyed his first time playing and is thinking about getting to play again perhaps on a bigger mat.

"Me too!" Jax chirrups. "Thanks for the game, all." He picks up his bottle of bubbles and smiels brightly at Angelina. "Thanks for being our spinnyperson."

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