1995-04-03: Twin Tempers


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Scene Title Twin Tempers
Synopsis Fred and Angelina continue their argument outside.
Location Courtyard
Date Apr 03, 1995
Watch For Apologies. Awwwwww.
Logger Angelina

Fred really expected her not to get that angry and it's obvious as he watches her leave for a second before quickly joggin after her, "What!?" He says a little to loudly and waves a hand to Luna and gives Neville a thumbs up, "Oh come on Angie, I'm sorry, really!" Not what was expected, not at all.

Angelina keeps on walking as if she doesn't hear him. She is not going to have this fight here in the corridor for everyone to see. She is NOT. She heads for the stairs down and out to the courtyard, moving just as quickly as her feet can go without breaking into a run.

It isn't until she gets outside and away from the school a bit, and prying eyes, that she turns to Fred. "You're sorry? You're sorry? For what, Fred? Belittling me in front of everyone? Disrespecting me as both a teacher's assistant and prefect, and FRIEND, which I thought I was. Did you think I'd be happy you were saying those things to me?"

Fred runs into her as she turns on him so quickly and then takes a step back from the creature he has never known before, "Belittling you? I was only trying to make you smile Angie, can't figure out why you were so mad at me in the first place to be honest. I have an antidote." He points to his bag for effect and tries to give her a winning smile, "But I am sorry and we are bloody well friends, I thought. You think I was any happier having my /friend/ basically send me to detention?"

"Detention? I didn't send you to detention. I didn't even take points from you, though I likely should. All I said was that you had to come with us and tell them what spell you used. You get plenty of detentions on your own! You don't need my help!" Angie looks up at him. "You can't figure out why I'm mad? You made Neville run around the school with a beak for a nose. He has a hard enough time as it is without you making it so he can't even defend himself when someone tries to hex him."

Raising his eyebrow Fred reaches up a hand to ruffle his own hair, but mostly to stall as he tries to think of a quick witted response, "Neville would be fine, the boys brave enough. Just got to stop babying the lad." Alright not the right responce probolly and he relizes this quickly saying, "Look Angie, I didn't think about that, I'm sorry. I thought he would head straight for the common room and I had to bloody antidote right there for him. And yeah I would have got rudding detention for that from someone if I had to explain the bloody magic to the nurse. though it is brilliant." Closing his eyes Fred doesn't look very Fredlike as he lets out a sigh.

Angelina hasn't been very Angielike herself of late. She's been more Hermionelike. She's constantly studying, staying up late, getting up early. She's only been on her broom once in the last few weeks. Once! And it's spring! "Well, I didn't mean to send you to detention, if that is what you're getting at. I'm just getting bloody well sick of everyone picking on Neville. He's really nice, and he's helping me with Herbology. He wouldn't have to. And he's giving up his Sundays so I won't completely flub the final. I'm not babying him. I'm just…tired of it."

Fred reaches out to pat a hand on Angelina's shoulder if he doesn't skirt away from him, "I know Angie, he's a great kid. Didn't mean to make you freak out like that. I just thought he could handle a simple run to the common rooms. I shouldn't stopped and taken him myself instead of running ahead, real sorry." He does have to add in true twin fashion, "But wasn't his beak perfect? I mean I never expected that side effect, that was a real stunner." He almost looks around for George but after a quick glance to his right stops himself.

She doesn't pull away, but she won't let his arm go all the way about her shoulders. "You'll have to tell George about it, I'm afraid. This is one of the ones I didn't think was very funny. I'm sorry." Angie is quiet for a moment, then, she hits the raw nerve. "I never meant to make the two of you fight, you know."

Fred pulls his arm back from Angelina quickly, "George and I fight? Whatever do you mean?" then he dropps the facade and shrugs his shoulder with a little look of giving up, "Not your fault…" He mumbles and ruffles his hair again lazily not knowing what to do with his arm now, "We'll get over it, not anyones fault you like him Angie. not much I can do about it really. Well there is alot, but I don't think even Gorge would approve."

"But you two are my best friends. And you're brothers. I know I can't have my cake and eat it too, but I didn't know dating him meant I couldn't be your friend any more, and I would have to feel horrid for coming between you." Angie shrugs then, looking longingly at the pitch. "I don't want to fight with you any more. I want you to like me again."

Fred gives Angie a look like she has all of the sudden turned into a owl, "You're bloody nutters Angie, of course I like you girl. Can't help that can I." He gives her a wink and reaches out to ruffle her hair is a jesting manner, "Don't worry once we get out of that pitch again it'll be fine and dandy, lollipops and bluebirds."

Angelina ducks, grumbling, trying to get away from the hair mussing. "Not the hair, Fred!" At least she laughed, a little. "Yeah. The pitch." She draws a slow breath. Wow. If that wasn't a heavy sigh after. "Please make up with your brother, Fred? For me? For yourselves? Because you never know when what happened in Hogsmeade will happen again. And maybe one of you will be there."

Fred grins impishly and stops his attempted attack upon her precious hair, "Oh come on. It doesn't have to look so perfect, perfect." He winks and then get a serious look on his face at the mention of the hogsmeade weekend, "Nothings ever going to happen to George…or you…or Ginny." He leaves the rest unsaid though his tone implies he was going to say more people but stops.

Angelina shakes her head. "Listen to me, Fred. You think other classes didn't say that? Professor Lupin told me that his class had to come out and hit the ground fighting. Professor Moody told me that TWO of his Hogwarts class and friends are left alive. TWO. Take our group of friends, and kill off everyone but two. It could be both me and George. We shouldn't fight and argue any more. It's stupid anyway."

Fred nods his head in a sollum gesture towards Angelina and then flasher her his confident, award winning smile, "Nope won't be either of you on my watch." He says in a half joking manner, "come on Ange, you've got me and George watching your back. No one you'd rather have I'm sure. And if I have to apologize to Georgie boy too, just to make you happy, I'll bloody well do it, alright?"

Angie reaches out to poke at his side. "You both have to apologize. I mean it. And not just cause I say so. Because you need to do it. Because you're brothers, and twins, and I saw you look off to the right there, like you were expecting to see him there. And what FUN is it to do what you did to Neville with no one to praise your skill?"

Fred shrugs and then nods his head reluctantly, "It's instinct man. He's suppose to say some witty remark about your behind when I comment on watching it. Or tell me how great the canaries that did turn back full human were." He grins that impish smile again before lookign to his right fully this time, "Yep just doesn't seem right without a constant barage of witty remarks, or anythign to remark upon."

"And now think what an idiot you'd feel like if something did happen to him, and you never made up to him, over a stupid girl." Angie looks up at him. "I know, we won't let anything happen to him. But still. The longer it goes.." She take a deep breath. "I just want my group of friends all together without that sticky tension any more. And if you promise you'll never do it to me again, I'll forgive you for pretending to be him."

Fred shakes his head towards Angie, "Never call yourself a stupid girl again, kay?" Her smiles at her, "And you have to promise me you introduce me to a nice /sane/ gal like yourself one day. then I'll go crawl on my knees for forgivness' sake." He mimes placing his hands together and batting his eyes in a puppy dog fashion at her, "Ah but who could blame me for pretending to be George. A kiss from your sweet lips is worth a thousand of your deathly glares."

"I promise. I'll find you a girl. There are plenty of girls in the school that would like to date you. You just have to open your eyes." And then? Angie slugs him. One of those playful ones. "Oh shut it, Fred. Really." But she's grinning, at least, which is rare enough these days.

Fred is just glad to see the lately serious Angelina grin, "See thought I could get a smile on that pretty face." He grins back at her as he rubs his arm exagerating the pain she has caused him, "Though I think I need the hospital wing now. Oh nurse, nurse!" He calls out and mack stumblys forward towards her, "I'm wounded."

Angelina laughs, backing up as if she'd let him fall in his stumbling. "Oh, I'll give you wounded. I was so mad back there, I nearly Stupefied you, just to do it. And then I considered a simple Silencio. I couldn't decide which…"

Fred catches his stumble with ease and then gives her a mock look horror, "Me?!" He exclaims and points to his own chest, "Well I never thought I would get your that angry, I guess Darling or Sweet-cheeks are better things to call you then Princess." He winks and then leans on thin air and crosses one leg over the other in a feat of balance, "Did you decide which would be better?"

Wicked grin. "For you? Definitely Silencio." Angie wrinkles her nose up in a smile. "Ugh. Those are all horrid, Fred. Just horrid. I'm not going to pick any of them, they are so bad!"

In true Fred fashion the red headed twin attempts to nudge Angelina with his shoulder before suggesting, "Maybe a trip to the Hospital wing before I have to start all this apology mumble-jumble?" He then turns not waiting for an answer and heads back into the castle expecting Angie to tag along, "We don't want Neville thinking we forgot about the poor bird…I mean boy." A wicked grin coming to his face.

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