1994-10-07: Twenty Questions


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Scene Title Twenty Questions
Synopsis Ginny, Mei and Zarina have lunch and start a game of twenty questions to find out who has a crush on Zarina.
Location Great Hall
Date October 7, 1994
Watch For Fish head joke!
Logger Zarina

Hogwarts, Great Hall

Full of aureate light and gilded gleam, the Great Hall of Hogwarts is both strange and splendid. Thousands and thousands of white taper candles float in midair, their inextinguishable flames casting dancing light down over four long tables, laid with glittering golden plates and goblets. Were one to stand at the door looking in, members of Slytherin house would be seated at the far left, followed by Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and then Ravenclaw along the right wall. At the top of the hall is another long table for the teachers, perpendicular to the House tables. Set along the wall beside the head table, an unobtrusive doorway leads to a much smaller room. The appearance of the ceiling above varies with the weather and time of day, as it has been bewitched to look like the sky outside. Most would agree that the effect is startlingly realistic, making the Great Hall seem to simple open on to the heavens.

Wandering back into the Great Hall, Mei pauses at the table long enough to pick up something for dinner. Wanting only a slight snack she gets lucky and picks up a few fried dumplings and spring rolls. The elves even provide chopsticks. Giggling she takes a small bowl of tea and sips it before playing with the dumplings.

The click of heeled mary janes echo softly against the murmur of students that are gathered in the great hall, eating, talking, and laughing with each other. With the hem of her robes barely brushing against the polished floor, Zarina releases a light sigh as she turns slightly to approach her table, setting down the book in her hand onto the table. Lowering herself on to the bench, she lifts a hand to brush back her long, snow white hair over her shoulder, leaning across the table and past a younger Slytherin as her slender fingers wrap around an apple.

Munching on her fried dumplings, the girl sighs. "Anyone see the…" Looking back to the Slytherin table she ahs. Standing the girl leans past two young Slytherins to pick up some "Fish sauce" Winking she nods at one she seems to know before turning to pour some of that brown sauce out on her sticks. "Hello Zarina…" she adds once the girl turns to put the sauce back.

Taking a bite out of her apple, Zarina chews steadily as she glances down at her book and opens the cover, her slender fingers flipping the pages of the textbook as she swallows her food. Her bright sapphire eyes glance up to Mei as the other girl picks up one of the saucers, greeting her. A brow arches, the corner of her full lips tugging some as she raises her hand to return the greeting, "Hello to you too, Mei. How are you doing?"

Mei giggles some and shrugs. "Better now. Sorry I ran off on you yesterday. I wasn't feeling well. Homesick I think." looking to her dumplings she ohs and then holds out the plate. "Want one? They're pretty good."

Zarina offers her a light smile before shrugging a shoulder, "Or one of many reasons. Don't worry about it. I'm just happy it isn't springtime. Emotions always seem to get weird then…" the smile grows slightly, a brow lifting at the offer of a dumpling. She just shakes her head, a hand lifting to tuck a lock of silver white hair behind her ear, "No thank you. Right now I'm just snacking. The closer it gets to Halloween the more anxious my stomach becomes."

Smirking, Mei shrugs. "More fish heads for me then.." of course this draws some stares from her housemates, but knowing Mei she's probably kidding. Deftly picking up one of the fried bits of sausage and pasty with her chopsticks, she pops it in her mouth.

Ginny arrives from the hall, looking slightly ruffled from her run down the stairs. Alas, even with her rushing, it seemed that lunch was in full swing: there was food on the tables and the air was filled with chatter. Giving a wave and a few hellos to her fellow Gryffindors, Ginny doesn't sit at her table right away. Instead, she spots a familiar face, and heads over to the Slytherin table. "Zarina! Hi," she greets her friend.

The comfortable smirk grows on Zarina's full lips as Mei pops what she assumes to be a fish head into her mouth. The smirk just grows slightly as she shakes her head, "I guess so then. Enjoy." The colors of red and gold surprise her a bit as Ginny approaches the Slytherin table, earning a few glances, sneers, and whispers from the younger Slytherins near her. Scowling lightly, she lifts her free hand and then, shoves, the shoulder of the closest third year to her, creating a domino effect as others are shoved into one another. And with the sweetest smile, Zarina smiles to Ginny, "Hello Ginny. You seem like you were in a hurry."

Mei points with her chopsticks grinning impishly as she even asks Ginny. "Want one? I promise they're not bad once you get past the crunch." Winking somewhat conspiritously at Zarina, Mei waits to see if Ginny dares.

"I got lost in a book," Ginny says sheepishly. "I didn't really notice all my housemates leaving until just a minute ago.. luckily I didn't miss lunch altogether. I'm starved!" Ginny looks over at Mei, and grins. "Sure, I'll try one." Ginny eyes the chopsticks warily, "I don't know how to use those things, though. Do they taste as good when you just use a fork?"

Zarina smirks at Ginny's reasoning, a brow arching slightly as she glances curiously between the two girls, skeptical and curious as she lifts the apple to her full lips and sinks her teeth into the fruit's skin. Chewing on the juicy piece, she rests her other elbow onto the table and puts the side of her head into her palm, certainly amused, though she remains silent.

Mei ahs and then puts the "fish head" down on a plate. Sure it's not really one but no harm in letting Ginny know what's she's being faked into doing. "I suppose. I've never used a…fork though." Mei admits shyly.

Ginny tilts her head, feeling rather astonished, though she tactfully does her best not to let that filter through into her expression. "Really? Never? Well, I can show you how to use a fork sometime, if you show me how to use those," Ginny nods her head at the chopsticks. Without further ado, she picks up a fork from an abandoned place setting, and spears the dumpling with the tines. Bringing it to her mouth, she pops it in, chewing thoughtfully. Her face brightens, "You're right, it's good!"

Zarina couldn't help but arch a brow at Ginny, the smirk growing as she chuckles lightly, lifting the apple to her lips as she takes another bite of it. "Learning new things is always interesting. More entertaining that Quidditch sometimes." she snickers, shaking her head. "Oh well. At least the Halloween Feast is coming up quickly."

Mei turns and points at Zarina. "She wouldn't even give them a taste." Giggling she hmms and picks one up. "Tell you what…" Settling back Mei grins and then looks to Ginny. "If you eat one Zarina, I'll… I'll tell you who has a crush on you."

Ginny giggles rather girlishly. This should be interesting! Ginny perches next to Zarina, urging the other girl, "Do it, do it! They're good." She accompanies this with vigorous nodding. "You won't regret it." Ginny uses her fork to direct another dumpling to her mouth, chewing appreciatively as she waits for Zarina's reaction.

Zarina couldn't help but give Mei a skeptical glance, "'Crush'?" her sapphire eyes shift to Ginny, giving her a odd look as the Gryffindor giggles and practically bounces in her seat next to her. Releasing a sigh, she sets down her apple before picking up a clean fork between her slender fingers. She doesn't hesitate to reach across to the other table and stab the piece of food that Mei offers her. "Honestly if this guy does have a crush on me, he would tell me himself." she just shakes her snow white head, lifting the fork as she takes the whole piece in her mouth and chews it, despite the rational reasoning she gave Mei earlier.

Mei giggles softly and then turns to Ginny. "I told her they were fish heads" she says with a grin. "Sorry to wrap you up in my little prank."

Ginny grins at Mei, shaking her head at the girl. "Don't worry about it. My brothers have given me a healthy appreciation for pranks of all kinds." Ginny raises an eyebrow at Mei, "Are you going to say who it was? With the crush?" Ginny is rather curious about the whole Boy Topic. As Zarina eyes her oddly, Ginny simply grins.

Zarina rolls her eyes at Mei as she continues to chew, smirking slightly at the antics between the three girls, despite being from three different Houses. Her eyes glance over the table, spotting a free mug of hot chocolate as she reaches for it, dipping a finger into the melted marshmallow as she leans back comfortably, her back against the table as she remains facing Mei. "I think she's more interested in who this guy is more than I am. Again, he should just tell me himself."

Mei shakes her head. "Who said it was a guy?" Ducking her head Mei giggles. "I kid. I kid. There is no guy that I know of. I said it just to see if you'd actually eat one."

Ginny points out, "Some boys are shy about that sort of thing, Zarina. You're a little intimidating," she teases the girl. She looks a little disappointed as Mei admits there's no boy. Plucking a group of grapes from one of the bowls on the table, she pops one in her mouth.

At that comment from Ginny, Zarina lightly elbows her in her side, smirking some, "I suppose Slytherins are somewhat intimidating. But still." the smirk only grows on her full lips, taking another bite of her apple before arching a skeptical brow at Mei. "Hm. I think you're lying." she says evenly enough. "You've mentioned it a couple of times before. I think you know something, just not telling."

Mei ahs and shrugs. "Maybe I do…maybe it's just a red herring I'm dragging before you to make it easier on someone to approach you…" giggling she shrugs. "But I'm a Hufflepuff… we're never devious are we?"

"There's an exception for every rule, though," Ginny tells Mei. "Maybe you just use the Hufflepuff thing as a cover to hide all that devious activity," she says, laughter in her voice. She winks at Zarina, before popping another grape into her mouth.

Zarina arches a brow at Mei. "Ah, so there /is/ someone. You're just not saying who." she watches the Hufflepuff girl thoughtfully for a moment or so before the smirk grows on her full lips, "You do know that I can spell it out of you, right?" The smirk only grows. "Unless… well, I guess we can turn it into a game like twenty questions."

Mei smirks. "you could try, but both wouldn't work." Grinning she turns to Ginny, offering the platter of dumplings. "You want the rest? I think I'm about to be hexed."

Ginny obligingly takes the platter, "Sure. But I'm personally voting for twenty questions. More fun that way," she grins, placing the platter next to her plate of grapes. "I used to play that all the time with my brothers. I am a twenty questions Master!" Ginny pumps a hand in the air on 'master'.

Giving Mei a skeptical glance, she just releases a breath and shakes her head, "I don't have to hex you. I can always turn a plate or something into a troll head. But it's so juvenile." Her eyes look back to Ginny, instantly smiling at the younger girl's energy. "But you heard her, Ginny. She doesn't /feel like it/. Maybe she was lying like she said."

Mei pffts. "I have a distinct feeling…" she notes idly "That I'm being roped into this. That or outvoted." Giggling she sighs. "ok, ok, you have exactly twenty to guess. No cheating."

Ginny actually claps her hands. Yes, Ginny might have had sugary things to snack on from Honeyduke's. She grins at Zarina, finishing chewing a dumpling before she says, "You can go first, Zarina. We can take turns."

Zarina lifts a brow as she glances to Ginny, smirking, "Do you want to ask the questions or should I? You are apparently the master of twenty questions," she arches a brow deliberately at Mei, her question then being answered as Ginny claps her hands happily. She smirks as she shakes her head, lifting a hand to brush her slender fingers through her snow white hair. "Okay. Is he a Hufflepuff?"

Mei hmms at that question and then laughs softly. "No." she opts to keep the answers short.

Ginny purses her lips thoughtfully, then starts out with her question. "Is he in Zarina's year?" She asks, while mentally formulating what her next questions will be. The key to twenty questions is planning.

Mei hmms and then shakes her head. "No. Sorry, had to think for a bit on that one."

Looking to Ginny, Zarina watches the other girl a moment, watching how thoughtful the Weasley girl is at the game the three girls started. She just shakes her snow white head, smiling as she looks back to Mei. "Is he a Ravenclaw?"

Giggling playfully Mei looks up at the ceiling, taking her time before shaking her head. "Nope."

"Is he younger than Zarina?" Ginny asks, staying on the same theme. That was another thing about twenty questions: pursue the idea until you get the answer. Zarina seemed to have gotten that.

Mei ahs some and then nods. "yes."

Pursing her full lips slightly, Zarina arches a brow at Mei for a moment. "Is he a Gryffindor?" she asks, her voice a bit flatter than intended.

Grinning some Mei shakes her head. "no."

"Is he actually a he?" Ginny asks, remembering a comment Mei had made earlier. Yet another rule of twenty questions: the obvious should never be ignored.

Mei nods solemnly, a smile on her face. "yes."

Zarina couldn't help but smirk, "That has left to be confirmed." she chuckles, shaking her head. She thinks thoughtfully for a moment or so, pursing her lips slightly before lifting a brow. "Slytherin, huh…" she shrugs a shoulder. "Okay. I have to ask this. Is he a Prefect?"

Mei shakes her head. "No." Grinning some she sits back and then ohs. She had TEA! Turning, Mei picks up the bowl and takes a sip before smiling. "Not a prefect."

"Does he get into trouble?" Ginny asks. This was not strictly adhering to her Rules of Twenty Questions, but after all her time with Harry, Ron, and Hermione - not to mention Fred and George - trouble-making was often on her mind.

Mei hmms and nods. "Yes."

Zarina releases a breath, glancing to Ginny with an odd look before smirking slightly at the answer. "That's a vague question. Most of us have the tendency of getting into trouble." After a moment, she arches a brow. "Is he a fourth or fifth year?"

Mei shakes her head. "no."

Ginny grins at Zarina. "That's true. Though you can tell something from those that get in trouble. They're usually.. spunkier." She purses her lips, pondering a question. "Is a first or second year?" She asks, deciding to help Zarina with this line of questioning.

Mei hmms and then purses her lips. She thinks for a very long time and then suddenly shakes her head. While it's a sure no, she doesn't actually say it.

Zarina gives Mei a skeptical glance for a long moment at Mei's unusual answer, her eyes narrowing on her. "If its a no, say it out loud. And you have to tell the truth."

Mei giggles and then sighs. "It's the first."

Zarina lifts a hand to shake a finger at Mei, very motherly. Though her expression shifts into her usual comfortable smirk. "Okay. So he's a first year Slytherin." After a moment of thought, she frowns slightly. "First year?" she honestly looks confused for a moment as she lifts a hand to brush her slender fingers along her chin in thought. "Hm. Has he told you himself he has this crush?"

Mei slowly shakes her head. "Not exactly." Pursing her lips she thinks. "Part yes, mostly no."

Ginny brings to mind all of the first year Slytherins that she can think of. She's had classes with a few, so she's not entirely unfamiliar with them. "Is his name Derek?" She asks, down to the more specific questions.

Laughing Mei nods and grins at Ginny. "Yep."

Zarina arches a brow, turning her head enough to glance to Ginny as she guesses the boy's name. She ponders for a moment before glancing back to Mei. "Did a topic come up somehow involving me and he blush?"

Mei laughs and smiles. "Something like that, I was in the Library and happened to overhear a few firsties talking. That's all. Personally I think it's cute."

"Derek Rimmer," Ginny says. "He's in some of my classes. Once, he fed a firework to one of Hagrid's salamanders, and it EXPLODED. Literally. Salamander bits everywhere." Ginny wrinkles her nose at the memory.

Mei ahs and then looks at Ginny. "I think I remember seeing you after that happened."

Zarina makes a face as well, releasing a sigh. "Yes, and then he opened his mouth in Professor McGonagall's class. We lost points and after that I was… very irritated…" She sighs again, shaking her head, "Hm. Interesting."

Ginny tilts her head. "What did he say?" She asks, curiously. The questioning over, she picks up the platter of dumplings and offers them to Mei. "It looks like you weren't getting hexed after all," she says teasingly.

Laughing, Mei just shrugs. "So now I have no more information to offer. Shame too. You know what you should do Zarina." Grinning Mei looks at Ginny possibly seeking support. "Not say a word to him but walk over when you see him and give the boy a big hug!" Mei laughs some and then shakes her head. "You have them. I'm fully."

Zarina ponders a moment or so before shrugging a shoulder. "Hm. I'll think about what to do. Though most likely I will leave it the way it is for now. He hasn't said anything to me and you were the one eavesdropping." she smiles likely, though she frowns. "That Prefect St. Claire acts odd around me too…"

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