1995-02-08: Trust Issues


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Scene Title Trust Issues
Synopsis It takes a little while for Sio and Ron to realize they're on the same side. In the process, they learn a few things.
Location Empty Corridor
Date February 08, 1995
Watch For A Very Big Seekrit and a clumsy attempt at telepathy
Logger The BAD WOLF herself

It's been a horrid past two days for Ronald Weasley. Ever since the disappearance of his best mate down in the dungeons, he's been roaming the halls of the castle, resisting the temptation of skiving off classes only because he knows his mum will kill him if he does. With some free time on his hands, he's taken back to wandering the halls aimlessly, hoping against hope that Harry will somehow magically appear from out of a classroom, saying it was all a joke on he and Hermione. It doesn't look like it's going to be that way, however.

He's taking a break for now, leaning against the wall in the empty corridor just outside of Dumbledore's office. He's debating whether to try and get back up to the Headmaster's office or not to see if he has any more information on Harry, or if he can help in some sort of fashion. All he wants is for his friend to be back and safe.

Siobhan's been on her own search around the castle. As soon as Transfiguration let out, she scrambled away from the younger students and started to scour Hogwarts for one Ronald Weasley. Hermione would lecture her as soon as help her, and Harry's the one missing - or so she'd gathered from Mister Black's rather explosive entrance. Having worked her way down from the upper floors, she's once more on the Transfigurations level when a corridor she…hadn't ever noticed before seems to pop up out of nowhere. This would concern her, but seven years at this school have taugh Sio that nothing here is ever as it appears to be. Turning down into the empty hall, she spies just the redhead she wanted to find and blesses whatever spirit this castle has. "Ron!" she calls, jogging toward him. "Hold up, mate!" It's only when she gets close enough to lower her voice does she venture her question. "Where the hell is he?"

Looking around when he hears his name called, Ron spots Siobhan jogging towards him, and he holds for a moment before he dashes off to look around more for Harry, despite the fact it's looking more and more like a lost cause. "I don't know," he says, defeat in his voice as he responds to the older Slytherin. "He just.. disappeared. Whoever took him… I don't know if they're still in the castle, or if they got out… how they could have even…." There's a resigned shrug of the shoulders, and Ron slumps against the wall, shaking his head. "I don't know where he is."

"No one just…disappears." Of this, Siobhan is quite certain. "Something has to have happened. Where's the last place you saw him?" Seeming only then to notice her younger friend's distress, Siobhan turns to dig through her bag and pulls out a small vial similar to the one she'd given him the last time she'd seen him so drawn. "Here, drink this." Standard Pepper-Up, once again. Brown eyes narrow. "Just how long has he been missing?"

"This is Hogwarts, can you really say someone wouldn't just disappear?" Ron says, defiance and defense in his voice. "We were in the dungeons. Some room we found… they stored stuff down there. It didn't look like it had been used in ages, and that's where it happened. Someone TOOK him. We don't have to guess who, do we?" Voldemort. Even though he won't say the name outloud, it doesn't take much to arrive to that conclusion. Taking the vial from Siobhan, Ron doesn't drink it yet. "I don't think this is going to help," he says, looking at it, turning his eyes back up to her. "About two days."

"Just drink the damn thing," Sio snaps a little testily. "You're no good to anyone if you're dead on your feet." And does she sound a little like their Potions Professor? Maybe. "Voldemort." Time with Alistaire has all but removed Siobhan's compulsory fear of that name. "Wait. What in Circe's name were you doin' in the dungeons? Do you have any idea the stuff that lives down there?" It's a fact that the Slytherin students have all but grown up with; she forgets the rest of the Houses might not have such warnings.

Wincing at the name of the Dark Lord, Ron reluctantly lifts the vial to his lips, hardly believing he's taking orders from a Slytherin. But then, Siobhan seems like the type who could turn very scary, very quick, so it's probably for the best that he drinks up. As the potion begins to work, he shakes his head. "Harry wanted to… show us something," he says, reluctant to give out the real reason they were down there, "so we went to see what it was.. it's not like we wanted this to happen, you know. As most, I thought we would have to deal with spiders, or something. Not this."

Slapping her face with one hand, Siobhan drags it down her cheek and heaves a heavy sigh. "Did it not occur to you lot that maybe you should find a Slytherin before you went traipsing about on our turf?" Her shoulders slump. "I know you didn't mean for it to, but there's some nasty shite goin' on down there." She bites her lower lip and then straghtens, offering him a hand up. "C'mon, I want you to show me this 'room' you were in."

"I'm not going to stand here and be lectured by you!" Ron says, the Pepper Up potion working… but making it so he can be that much more defiant to Siobhan with extra energy. "My best mate is missing, and he could be dead for all I know, so standing here listening to this isn't exactly helping!" Ron does not look happy. "It was somewhere on the third floor of the dungeons, if you need to find it, you can go bloody find it yourself, but I have more important things to do!"

Nerves strung out already, Siobhan has a sharp retort on the tip of her tongue, but bites it back and takes a deep breath. "You're right, Ron. I'm sorry." Her voice is much quieter. "I'm worried too, alright?" Third floor, third floor… Running through the floorplan of what she knows of that area in her head, the blonde seventh-year winces. No Good Thing comes from the third floor. "Look, I don't know which room you lot went into. I could be looking for hours. If you'll show me the one, it'll be quick and I can see if he might've got caught in any of the more obvious nasties."

"It wasn't something in the castle, it was people! Someone. Took. Him." Normally, Ron wouldn't really be like this to someone, even if Siobhan is a Slytherin, but he's in no right state of mind to be nice about it. "So unless whatever things you've got down there can talk like people, we don't need to be looking at the dungeons. I'm sure Dumbledore and everyone else has gone through them already." Ron isn't exactly being very helpful, nor going along with what Siobhan wants to do. Chalk it up to grief and panic.

This…was unexpected. "People?" Siobhan's jaw just drops. "Like…" She lowers her voice and steps closer. "Like Death Eaters?" She has to snort as his assurances, however. "If Professor Snape went through them, I'd say you're right, but there are many things I don't trust that old coot with. Finding every little nasty in our dungeons is one of them." It's a reverse prejudice! They don't trust Snape and she doesn't trust Dumbledore. How…entertaining. "You didn't recognize any of the voices, did you?" she ventures quietly, not wanting to further agitate this ruffled Lion.

"Yes. People. You know, walk around on two legs, have arms, a head, funny sounds come out of their mouth to form language." This Lion is definitely ruffled. "And I trust Dumbledore a lot more than I trust Snape, which… I don't trust Snape at all. Sorry, but any teacher who clearly favors his own house over others doesn't sit well in my book." He thinks for a moment, taking a bit to try and see if he recognized any of the voices. "… no, I didn't."

"Yeah, Ron, but it sorta evens out in the end." Siobhan's voice is quiet. "I was late to class today and lost twenty House points. Can you honestly tell me that would have happened if I was in any House but Slytherin?" Her voice stays quiet, sad; almost resigned to her fate. "Look," she says, shifting topic. "I wanna see if I recognize any of the voices you heard." She swallows hard then. "I've had more…exposure to the pureblooded wackjobs." Whether because of her family or because of her House, she does not say. "D'you mind if I try?"

"She'll take points from anyone— I know for a fact." Fifty points in first year would be a good example, but he isn't going to go into it. He casts a wary eye to Siobhan, looking her up and down. "How… exactly are you going to recognize any of the voices? You didn't hear them."

Heaving a heavy sigh, Siobhan nods. "I know, but you did." She shifts her weight a little nervously and takes a deep breath. "I've been learning this special type of magic as sorta…an extra-curricular thing." Her lower lip is pulled between her teeth and worried. "I wanted to learn how to protect my head from people bein' in it. Moody…sorta freaked me out." It's not a whole lot of information, but for a Slytherin - who learned early on to keep her fears and weaknesses to herself - it's a big concession of trust. "If you pull that memory up to the front of your head and think about it, I should be able to hear what you heard." Maybe.

"You want to get inside of my head?" A certain bushy-haired Gryffindor's voice pops into the back of his head, and it's saying pretty much one thing. Don't Do It. Siobhan may be a student of Hogwarts, but she's a Slytherin, and Ron isn't exactly high on the thought of anyone being able to hear, see, or do whatever it is Siobhan is about to do, considering it's his head and mind that she's cracking into. "I— I don't know.. can't… isn't there another way? I mean…"

"Not unless you have a spare pensieve lyin' around." Jack might have one somewhere and if push comes to shove, then maybe, but… "I won't look at anythin' else, I promise." And she does sound sincere. She could have just done it, asked him to recall another detail and dived right in, but… Considering her own phobia, doing something like that would disgust Sio to no end. Even the thought has her shuddering in revulsion. "I know it's not…safe or what have you, but…" She sighs and turns to look at the Gryffindor earnestly. "Have I ever given you reason not to trust me? Look, I'll even share a secret of mine with you. Even the playing field."

A war is raging in Ron's mind. Let Siobhan take a look inside his head, and then NOT letting Siobhan take a look inside his head. It's true, while she hasn't given him any reason to distrust her, there's still that hesitancy there. But, it might help them find Harry… he watches for a bit more, sizing her up, trying to decide what to do. "What secret?"

Blowing out a deep breath, Siobhan settles herself down on the floor, cross-legged. Her hands shake a little and she clenches fistfuls of her robe to hide this. "Your brothers might have mentioned my brothers once in a while, some of 'em were in school together. I'm the only one in my family to be sorted into Slytherin for like…somethin' on a hundred years." No, that's not the secret. "When it happened, they were all pretty nasty to me." And that's a royal understatement. "It got better after a while, when they realized I wasn't suddenly evil just 'cause I'd been sorted different. But it made me sort of…not trust them like I used to. I started hangin' out in the Muggle world more an' more often. The summer before my fifth year I met a bloke named Jimmy Stones. He was seventeen already an' he seemed like a catch. Musician an' all." She traces patterns in the dust on the floor with her thumbnail. "Anyway, he convinced me I should run off with him an' his band, go on tour with 'em like." She glances up to Ron briefly but lowers her eyes before contact can even be made, color flooding her cheeks with shame. "We didn't get no farther than Chiswick, to the slum district where one of his friends lived. They were doin' somethin' weird I didn't understand with Muggle…plants or somethin' they said. I tried it, just to…y'know, fit in, but it made me sick. They laughed and then sorta forgot I was there, but they kept gettin' weirder an' weirder an' finally Jimmy noticed me again…" She shudders and licks her lips. "I got outta there, but then I was lost an' I couldn't apparate yet. I wandered around for three whole days before Liam found me. S'why he an' I get along, even when he's a prat, cause he didn't scold an' he didn't fuss. He just…got me home and kept my secret." She swallows. "Not even Jack knows that." Good enough secret?

There isn't much Ron can say or do as Siobhan spills her long, dirty secret, but lean up against the wall and just watch her. All he can really see, even then, is the top of her head, since her eyes seem so firmly planted to the ground. Not uttering a sound until she finally finishes her story, he can't really think of anything to say. "… well," he begins, looking around, before finally looking back down at Siobhan. "I— sure?" He thought he was just going to tell her she kissed some other wizard at the school, or something. Not Chapter Fourteen of her life. "I… since.. it's for Harry…. okay." He takes a seat as well, across from her, and closes his eyes, trying to bring up the memory of what happened in the dungeons, plus the voices of those who took Harry. "— nothing else, though," he says suddenly, eyes opening for a brief moment to look at her. After that, he closes them again, sitting there. Waiting. And, to be honest, a little scared.

Completely mortified at just how much of her life she's shared, Siobhan swallows thickly. If this doesn't do the trick… But he's agreed! "Right, nothin' else." Now she just has to hope and pray that intent and experience will be enough to get what she needs. Summoning up the necessary intent - or perhaps just a little more intent than is strictly needed - she drops her tiny wand into her hand and uses it to tap him on the side of his jaw. "I need your eyes open for this, mate."

Waiting… waiting… waiting… when the bloody hell is this— what's touching his face! Eyes snapping open, Ron jerks his head to the right, figuring it was all a DEVIOUS TRAP set by Siobhan to do something evil to him! Only it's not. "… oh," he says, getting back into position, so that he can make eye contact with Siobhan. "Sorry."

Once eye contact has been established, Siobhan narrows her own focus and raises her wand to point at Ron's temple. (Not that Snape ever needed to point it anywhere, but just to be safe…) "Legilimens!" she states firmly, willing her magic to siphon through her wand and into Ron's waiting memories. It's jarring, her entrance into his mind, probably a little uncomfortable for him, but almost painful for her. It's completely dark and quiet and for a moment she panics, thinking she's done it wrong and that she's somehow STUCK IN RONALD WEASLEY'S HEAD. But then come whisps of sound. There's Hermione's voice, Harry's and a resonating one she realizes only afterwards is how Ron hears himself. She can feel her own mind tugging at her, pulling her back to Where She Belongs, but she's not quite done yet. There! A raspy female voice and a growling male one. She concentrates hard on those two voices and they become crystal clear for an instant, but then she is gone, snapped back into her own body and feeling…well, feeling a little sea-sick.

It's not exactly the best time for Ron, having someone literally go through his head to find a memory. Even though it's at the forefront of his mind, it takes a moment for what he assumes is Siobhan adjusting herself, and all he can do is sit there as she watches the memory. When she finally pulls out of his head, Ron's own head jerks back with a snap, the back of his skull snapping off of the stone wall. "Agh," he says, reaching a hand up to his head, where a nice bump is beginning to form. He, too, feels a little sea-sick, taking in deep breaths as he gets over the feeling. "That.. was…" he begins, trailing off.

"Merlin's wrinkly balls, how does he stand that?" Siobhan mutters under her breath, bracing herself against the floor and breathing deeply through her nose to try and steady her stomach. "I don't… I can't…" She tries to create some sense out of her spinning thoughts and only manages to give herself an impressive headache. "Jus'…gimme a minute, okay?"

"Sure," Ron says, watching Siobhan with a look of concern on his face. "That's… that was… bloody weird," he continues, shaking his head some more. "I don't think I like someone being in my head too much." Still with his eyes on Siobhan, he cants his head to the side a bit. "Are you okay?"

"Bloody weird doesn't even begin to cover it, mate." Siobhan seems… if not better, then at least less likely to throw up or pass out. "I - " she pauses and seems to do a mental checklist. "I think so." Slowly, slowly, she starts to sit upright, blinking against the vertigo. "What about you?" Brown eyes show concern. "I… I didn't hurt you or nothin', did I?"

"No, no, I'm fine," Ron replies, waving a dismissive hand. "Just… feeling a little lightheaded, I guess. Hopefully we'll never have to do that again."

"Yeah." And Siobhan sincerely hopes that will be the case. "I didn't…" She frowns, her nose wrinkling up in concentration. "Neither of the voices I recognized. The woman's was…" She shakes her head. "I dunno, it seemed…" She shakes her head again. "Naw, couldn't be." Turning to Ron, there's sincere apology in her eyes. "I'm sorry." Sio attempts a smile. "The only real upside to that is that if I hear those voices again…" She'll know.

"It's okay," Ron says, shoulders slumping in defeat. For one moment, he thought that maybe it would give them information on who it was that took Harry, or how to get him back, but it doesn't look like it will. "I just hope that wherever he is… he's okay. Hermione was right. We shouldn't have gone into those dungeons." He stands from the ground, dusting his robes off in the process before offering a hand to Siobhan.

Accepting that hand without a moment's hesitation, Siobhan lets Ron help her up and shoots him a wan smile. If she could see her expression, she'd realize that it mirrors almost exactly the sort of tired smile she's seen Jack give his partners after a long job. "He'll be okay, Ron." But she can't see herself. "He's gotta be." When she notices the slump to his shoulders, it seems an extra weight is added to her own. "Look, I…" she pauses, realizing just what a stink this could raise if it reached the wrong ears. "My brother Jack, he's got ways of findin' people, an' my friend an' boyfriend're Aurors. He's not my best mate, like he is yours, but he's my friend." She sets her jaw then. "An' I don't leave anyone behind. We'll find him." She reaches down to grab her bag, swinging it over one shoulder and already plotting the quickest ways to the various pieces of her 'pack'. "We'll find him."

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