1994-10-19: Tower Talk


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Scene Title Tower Talk
Synopsis Crane and Siobhan have a chat in the Observatory.
Location Observatory, Hogwarts
Date October 19, 1994
Watch For Triangulation
Logger Crane

Having left in rather a hurry, Siobhan at once found herself at a loss. With nothing further to do for the evening, she would normally return to her Common Room, but tonight… A wolf knows better than to enter the den when wounded. So, with no place left to her, she bee-lines straight for the place that gives her the most solace; the Astronomy Tower. Alone, good. She closes the door behind her and casts a light locking charm - it should dissuade the younger years, but won't stop anyone who really needs to be here. Wrapping herself in her cloak, she sets her bag and school robes down before lying on them like a pillow. The stars seem so close tonight, from up here. It's peace and it's quiet and it's solitude and after the week she's had, it's damn well close to bliss.

It's only moments after Siobhan locks the door that there's a soft 'click'. The door only opens fractionally - Crane would have left it closed and just knocked, but sitting on an extremely tall ladder without so much as a foot on solid ground is not his idea of fun. He does knock lightly on the semi-open door just to let her know he's there, however, but does not walk out as of yet. "Hey - Noble. Mind if I join you up here? I need a breath of fresh air." Though he keeps his voice carefully modulated to reflect its usual caustic sarcasm, the intuitive listener might catch just a /hint/ of friendly concern despite his efforts. Might.

As luck would have it, Siobhan is one of those people who possess a strange sense of intuition. It's people. She isn't booksmart or intellectual, but she's quick and clever and she knows /people/. Little gestures that give them away, or having a sense of just what they need from her. It's a double-edged gift - as most are - but in the end, a useful one. So it is, that when Crane knocks on the door to the outside world and disturbs her bubble of peace, she lets him get away with it, despite the fact that there are plenty of other places where fresh air can be found. Plenty. "Yeah, c'mon up."

Well, that's good, because Crane is not especially fond of heights, and would probably have to climb back down if left on the ladder for a much longer period of time. He steps on to the stone floor of the observatory quite quickly, closing the door behind himself and letting his eyes adjust to the scene for a few moments. "Thanks. Was getting a little stuffy in there," He lies quite smoothly, pacing over to where she's laying on her makeshift pillow. He makes certain he's a fairly good distance from the edge of the tower before he sits down cross-legged by her, tilting his head to the side and causing his dark bangs to half-drift in front of his eyes in the process. "I take it you like it up here?"

"S'quiet," Siobhan offers, her voice sounding distant. Her eyes, normally warm and full of passion for whatever it is she's doing, are now passive, calm, chilled. They trace familiar patterns in the sky; constellations that haven't changed in millions of years. It's a comforting constant when things are as…topsy-turvy as they have been lately.

Crane nods in response to that, glancing up to stare at the sky for a few moments as the blonde girl does the same. After a moment he stretches out, crossing one leg over the other, and lays down next to her - not being an especially inhibited person - although he maintains at least a few inches of distance and lets his arms reach up behind his head so he can use them as a rest. "So. I'm no mind-reader, Noble, but it seems like something's eating you. Wanna talk about it?" The question is laced with his usual acerbic cynicism, but there's a serious offer underneath.

There's another long stretch of silence as Siobhan considers his offer. About his lying so close, she makes no mention; in fact, it doesn't even seem to occurr to her that such closeness usually carries with it other meanings. After a while, she seems to settle on an answer, for she blows out a long sigh and points up to a constellation almost directly ahead. "Did you know that early explorers used the Big Dipper as a compass? A light to guide them on their travels." It doesn't answer the question he asked, but perhaps that is an answer in and of itself. "They figured out that no matter what day it was, that star - that one there at the end of the handle - always pointed north. By that, they could set their course."

It's certainly not the sort of answer he was expecting, but Crane pauses briefly to consider this, biting his lower lip a bit in thought. It's been a /long/ time since he's been in Muggle classes, and Astronomy was hardly the sort of thing that got covered in grade school. "I see. So, you're telling me that they could just decide where to go by looking up?" He smiles a bit at the thought, temporarily letting his usual guard down, although eventually he shakes his head as if half-disbelieving the story. "But, that doesn't help you much if you don't know where you are in the first place, does it?"

A small smile quirks up just the edges of Siobhan's mouth. For her, it runs in the lower ten percent of smiles, but at present, it's impressive that it's been drawn out at all. "Yep." And she pops the 'p' sound on the end of that word, in a way that would be instantly recognizable if one only knows the Auror she pulled it from. His question has her wriggling a little so she can pull one hand out of her cocoon to gesture with. "They have this maths that they call 'Triangulation'. They use triangles and landmarks to figure out where they are. It's pretty amazing." Of course, without magic, they would have had to adapt some amazing skill, or they'd never have survived.

"Tri-ang-oolation," Crane repeats slowly, arching a brow just a bit at the word. It's true that he's half-blood, and even contents himself with watching television and hanging out in Muggle locales sometimes over the summer, but it's been a long time since he's really divested himself in any non-magical learning. "Sounds.. complicated. But not too different from Arithmancy." Which happens to be one of the subjects he's better at, so perhaps it's not so horrible. "So.. why are you so interested in this stuff, anyway?" He takes a moment to swivel his gaze away from the stars overhead and look at her face, to see if the question registers as being too forward.

"Not really, here." Siobhan pulls out her wand and mutters a spell under her breath. Fiery lines now appear in the air above them as she draws with her wandtip. She draws three dots that form what looks like a capital 'L'. "If you stand here," she points to the corner dot, "and you can see mountains three miles away in this direction and a lake four miles away in that direction," she points at the two end dots, "then you multiply each distance by itself, add them together, then take the square root and it will tell you how far it is from here to here." she draws a straight line between the two dots, then, and looks over at him with a shrug. "That's really basic, but it gives you an idea of how it works." His final question she doesn't answer at all.

A slight smirk works its way over Crane's lips, and he shakes his head slightly. "For as much as you try to act carefree, Bubbles, you let people know what you're thinking even less than /I/ do," He drawls, although it's not really an accusing statement - more like a playful jibe. "Mm.. I see. I think I remember this stuff a little - like so?" He studies the lines briefly, and after taking out his own wand, draws several curvy shapes starting from her carefully-laid out triangle. When he's done, it's a very scantily-clad woman - with the triangle as her only undergarment. "Hm. Now, how does that work, again?"

Deciding to acknowledge that first remark only with a slight grin, Siobhan watches him doodle the nude woman and tilts her head to one side, appraisingly. "Not quite enough breast for my taste, but a very nice drawing." Again, it's difficult to tell whether or not she's teasing. "How does what work again? If you need to triangulate your position on a woman's body, mate, you are /completely/ hopeless."

"Why thank you," Crane says pleasantly, chuckling to himself at the older girl's words. Whether or not she's teasing, he seems to be amused by the situation. "And I have to admit I hadn't considered the possibility of doing that kind of tri.. tri-ang-ulation, but hey - I'm certain there are some fellows who'd find it exceedingly useful." He sniggers softly, swishing the glowing lines away with his wand so that he can look up at the stars properly once more. "Well.. I suppose I've gotten my share of fresh air for the evening, then."

"I suppose…" With a stifled yawn, Siobhan tucks her wand back into her sleeve and snuggles up under her cloak. "You know, if you figured out how to work the maths for a bird's body, you could probably have Nigel sell it for you." She's teasing, mostly. Turning her head so she can watch Crane's face in the starlight, she smiles softly. "Wouldn't want to ruin your pretty face with too much air, now would we? Your fan club would string me up by my trainers if that happened." It's a bit of good-natured ribbing, but there's a bit of seriousness in her expression. It's a Sio-ish thank you, if Crane can interpret it correctly.

After quietly observing the sky for a few moments longer (and off-handedly smirking at Siobhan's comment about Nigel), Crane slowly gets to his feet, placing one hand on the small of his back and leaning back briefly to languidly stretch his muscles. "Mmm.. you strung up by your trainers, Noble? Wouldn't miss it for the world." Smirking, and confident at this point that the Seventh Year seems to have cheered up at least a little, he raises two fingers to his forehead in a mock-salute. "'Night, Bubbles. Don't stay up here too long and catch your death." And, on that note, he slips back through the doorway and, forcing himself not to look /down/, descends the ladder.

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