1994-10-21: Tour de Azkaban


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Scene Title Tour de Azkaban
Synopsis As promised, Tonks takes Holly to see Azkaban for herself.
Location Azkaban
Date Oct 21, 1994
Watch For Merlin, Don't wake the Lestranges! oh and Sirius' old pad.
Logger Tongs.

Does Holly know warming charms? One would hope so. For Tonks shows up in the morning with her own broom, and a spare that can keep up. There were instructions of 'dress warm' And then probably 'No, warmer.'. Why? Because do you really think people can Apparate in and out of Azkaban? And so, the pair would have to get there the old fashioned way. On broomstick. Over the North Sea. In October. Hence the emphasis on WARMTH. No, she's not trying to kill you Holly. Really. If it makes you feel better, a visit to St Mungo's can be in order to amke sure the death of pneumonia hadn't settled in.
Landing on a platform at the base of the towering prison, they're greeted by one of the few humans that aren't stuck behind a cell. The Brooms are handed over, though Tonks insists they be able to keep their wands in case of Self Defense. Then, after confirming the Dementors /should/ stay in place and not bother the pair, Tonks'll lead Holly into the prison proper.
The cold? It hasn't gotten any better despite being indoors.

Given her herbology habit, Holly knows enough to keep her plants warm. That should also extend to keeping herself warm, too, though she's never used her magic for this particular application. She's clothed in warm robes, with a brown cloak thrown over her shoulder. The cloak has a large gold bear paw print emblazoned on the back - the colours of her house, she'll explain - and she also has a scarf around her neck.

The ride there? Cold. By the time they arrive, the scarf is pulled up around Holly's face, but there's no complaint from the American witch as they enter the Prison. The feeling of it… is hard to put into words, really. The Dementors are obviously here, as this is their permanent residence. It's not only a gloomy place, but it seems as if that gloom is seeping right through her.

It's not something she immediately feels, though. It's when she considers it that Holly realises that the trepidation she's feeling is coming from the prison itself, and only partially has anything to do with her own fears.

"If you feel weird or anything, let me know," Tonks'll offer. A quick patronus from either of them (even Holly's possibly not fully formed one) will allow a breather. Naturally one that can follow them around would be easier, but Tonks doesn't want to really /spook/ the dementors either. As they move through the prison, Tonks seems to have already a list of some cells she wants Holly to visit…Each person seems to have varying degrees of offense. Unfortunately, it seems they're all reduced to the same in the end. And it might be a trick of the eye, but sometimes, there might be dark wisps of…something that might be seen. Perhaps.

The only real outward sign that Holly is feeling any discomfort is that she's suddenly incredibly pale. Internally, her heart is starting to beat a little faster, her breathing is a little quicker, but even so, she sets her jaw and keeps only a step behind Tonks at any given time. The Auror knows what she's doing, and will logically be able to help if Things Go Wrong. Holly's not a coward, but dealing with Dementors, well…

"All these people were convicted of crimes?" she asks, voice sounding as dry as it feels, as they pass by a cell where the occupant is curled up in the farthest corner away from the door. "This is inhumane. People don't even treat their animals like— "

The statement cuts off as she turns. Did she see something? " —This."

Tonks has her eyes on /everything/. The Cells, the corners where she thinks the Dementors are looking, enticed by happy thoughts entering, whatever may be skittering on the floor. As for the prisoners. "Oh these ones, if I'm not mistaken, will get released eventually." Small consolation isn't it. She points in a direction, "This way. The corridor I'm taking you down we need to move by quickly." They do scale some floors, but thankfully Azkaban's a nice simple geometric shape so getting lost isn't a question. And the corridor she means is easily 'identifiable' because Tonks' pace picks up /rapidly/. However, at th e end, she slows down. This cell, strangely enough, lacks a person.

Holly still hasn't seen one of the Dementors up close, and that's probably a good thing if she already feels this crummy. It's not really terror as it is so much an emptiness and a fear of the unknown. The things that lurk here are more subtle than to cause panic simply based on their presence alone.

Every once in awhile, Holly will get close enough to Tonks that their shoulders will touch. She's certainly not dumb enough to lurk behind, and she's certain the Dementors know that she's scared. Even so, her wand is clasped inside her sleeve, and she has that happy thought ready, should anything decide to come nearer. "Anyone who leaves this prison would be insane, she states. "They'd never be able to integrate back into society. Why is it that the ministry always thinks of the worst possible thing they can do, and then does that?" For example, the recent werewolf uproar - it's almost certain that someone from the Ministry urged the release of those names. And now? Now she knows Lupin is a werewolf. At least Holly was looking to see if there's anyone she could contact to help.


"Where are we going?"

Problem with the registry? It was already public. Just nobody thought to actually go check to see if their Wizarding Neighbor Bog Boskins was a werewolf. But with it being in the prophet, most everyone would just be curious to see if anyone they know's on that list. "I'm not sure who's bright idea it was to decide to give Azkaban to the Dementors. They're about as trustworthy as any of You-Know-Who's followers…which," Now that they're at the end of the corridor and in front of this empty cell, tonks points out, "You just walked past three of them. I wanted to pass quickly before they realized people were there. Well, one of them anyway." That's all she needed was for Bellatrix to realize her freak neice was around again.
"And at the end here," she talks like she's conducting a tour, "Is the cell of Sirius Black. The only known man to have escaped Azkaban. Figured you'd like to inspect his cell. It was kept empty because nobody knows, still, how exactly he escaped, so every now and then someone comes down to poke at it. Look for loose bars or what not. Of course, the real mystery was how he had the presence of mind to actually think up an escape plan." Tonks gives Holly a wry look, "Imagine thirteen years in here."

Narrowing her eyes, Holly looks backward at the cells they passed. For a moment, she thinks that the followers of a murdering wizard might deserve Azkaban, but that would be unfair of her. Every human being deserves to be treated fairly. Not necessarily with kindness, but not like trash, either. There are many who would disagree with Holly, but her reasoning is firm. Respect those you're afraid of, allow them some sort of kindness… And maybe they'll change their ways.

It's a hopeful outlook.

"I don't want to imagine thirteen years in here," she mutters, nearing the bars so she can look inside, the shadows stretching across the floor like wraiths themselves. "There are ways to make a prison escape-proof without killing everything that makes the inmates human," she notes with some disdain, looking up and down the bars.

Again, she turns, feeling a chill on the back of her neck like something is there. "Someone should— " Put the Ministry in here for thirteen years, she thinks to herself, but bites her tongue before someone can overhear. "They think this helps? Helps society? What?"

It's a good thing Holly doesn't bring up those others, because Tonks would say that that lot? Deserves Azkaban. After all, they were the ones responsible for the Longbottoms. Not something Tonks was around for, but if she didn't know prior to getting qualified, it was a sure bet that the moment she was able, she read up on the crimes her Aunt committed.. "It's convenient. Nobody has to worry about them." She does lean close to Holly, her voice a whisper, "And nobody realizes that…the Dementors were on You Know Who's side during the war. Not sure about you but that doesn't exactly give me warm fuzzies about my safety at night."
She takes a breath, "I'm not sure. the psychology behind it baffles me. I thin it's just a simple… the criminals are dealt with, they're out of people's hair and … nobody worries. Or they don't think to, anyway."

There's far too much wrong for Holly to handle all on her own. "I'm going to have to hire a law clerk," she says. "An apprentice. Someone to… It's even too much work for two people." She runs a hand along the cold stonework surrounding the bars. "There's a lot that needs to be done. We're witches and wizards - not Gods. We can't just put our problems in the corner and hope they go away. Criminals, werewolves — they still exist, no matter, where you put them or how you treat them, and it's idiocy for anyone to think that using force because you can is always the right way, always the only way."

By now, she's sweating, her hands are shaking, but she's still okay. Maybe she's found her calling. Stay in London, and try to fix the centuries of WRONG that's gone on here. Not likely, but… It starts with one. "Black can't come back here. I need him sane for trial. I can't have him in the stand and— yammering like a moron. Hell, I'm close to it myself right now."

"Black comes back here," Tonks speaks frankly, "there's nothing that'll keep the Dementors from giving him the Kiss." And she /won't/ lose the only person from her Wizarding side of her family she's close to. Especially not after her mum has found out about him, and his innocence. Andromeda's heart won't be broken like that again.
Still she regards Holly. The sweating, and everything. There's an excitability in her voice. Tonks can shrug off Azkaban for the most part, for short visits like this, because it was part of her training, to be able to get used to the vicinity effects of the place. "C'mon. I think tour time's over." She reaches into her pocket and she withdraws a bar of Honeyduke's chocolate. Breaking off a piece she hands it over to the lawyer.

Yeah, the kiss. Something Holly's read about and clearly remembers. Not a good way to go, sitting there without a soul for the rest of your life, unable to think, function, it's death, except it's worse for your loved ones than it is for you. Because at least with a real death, those left behind have closure.

The lawyer bites her lip, closing her eyes and thanking Merlin, God, and whatever other deity is nearby that Tonks is taking her out of this place. "I think I'm ready," she says, unafraid to admit that, yes, she hates this place.


Well, Holly's certainly not going to complain. Chocolate fixes everything.

Strangely enough, it actually /does/ help. "Hold on to the bar," which she'll give over, "And you can see if you can nibble some on the flight back." Standard Dementor First Aid. Tonks does hurry Holly down that corridor, again not wanting to alert the LeStranges. While the pace relaxes once they begin working their way down, there is still a slight hurry, just to get out of the oppressive prison. Fortunately, the Dementors keep where they are, outside of the few near-miss sightings here and there. "And that concludes your Tour de Azkaban for this evening.." Tonks says with a slight grumble.

Maybe— Maybe there would be some merit in talking to the people still in there, if for no other reason than to give them a small break from being behind those bars. Taking the chocolate, Holly is sorely tempted to eat it all now, but she'll wait 'til they're out of the prison for that. Another piece broken off, and another.

Dark brown eyes look upward at Tonks. Her skin is so pale now that the bags around them look black. To sum of the visit is difficult, really, to put it into words that would form a perfect picture of what she experienced. Instead, with a gaze that's slightly less haunted than it was a few seconds before, she says, "I'm never coming here again."

The wizard that was there to greet them meets them at the platform once more. Tonks takes a scroll and works on filling out the departure times and what not, while signing that they picked up their brooms. She hands it over to Holly. "With any luck, you won't have to. Don't forget your charms." She'll give her a moment for that, before mounting up and leading the witch back to the warmth and relative safety of the mainland.

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