Portrayed By Natalia Tena
House Hufflepuff
Year 1991
Position Auror
Sex F
Race Half-Blood
Age 21
Place of Birth Essex, England
Date of Birth 06 June 1973
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Nymphadora Tonks was born the summer of 1973. She was an only child, but that was probably a blessing to her parents considering she was something of a handful or three in her youth. Her home was a humble one, considering her father was a muggle-born Wizard and her mother was an ostracized full-blooded one, and both were careful not to dote too much on their daughter—though some doting was always had.

It was obvious from the beginning that Tonks was special (and we're not talking the mental special either). Her hair, the day she was born, never remained the same color for the longest time. Initially, it would change according to her moods, often falling into a simple dark brown when she slept. As she got older, she was able to control this ability better, allowing her hair to remain whatever color she chose even while she slept. There was a name for this; Metamorphmagus. It translated to: Nifty!

Tonks was homeschooled, like most of her peers, learning the basics of magic, including the rules. Which she often pressed the limits of. After all, how else was an only child supposed to entertain herself? Extended family was more or less regulated to her father's family. Mum's family was, on whole, strained. Though, sometimes, Mum's cousin would come over and visit. He was pretty cool, in the young tonks' eyes. And not at all stuck up as she heard both of them describe their family. He was the only family from her mother's side Tonks would recall ever having met. Of course, the visits, as infrequent as they were, stopped when he got himself into trouble.

Naturally, when she was eleven, she got her letter from Hogwarts, inviting her to attend school there. There was no question about it, and that fall, she found herself starting her first year. She was sorted into Hufflepuff, and would prove to be one of the more mischievous members of that house. While certainly a gifted witch, earning high marks in her class, she had a penchant to be a bit on the misbehaving side. Frequent detentions were given to her for chitchatting during class, playing pranks on her classmates and sometimes teachers (Some people just don't appreciate how well she can mimic them…ahem), and getting into a row once or twice over a few sensitive subjects (ahem, her family). While she certainly had the grades to have been a prefect, those aforementioned bits of personality would have her ill-suited for the job.

Having a bit of flare for adventure as well as wanting to contribute something worthwhile, she set her sights on becoming an Auror. She even actually studied, hard, in order to get the marks needed for that particular career path. And it gave her no small amount of Joy that she succeeded. Of course, she didn't count on the three years of Seriously Hard Training (tm) afterwards, but she figured she'd cross that bridge wehn she got there.

And on that bridge was one Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody…Lovely. She went under his tutelage for the entirety of her training. Which likely meant she had a seriously hard time with an already difficult field. Still, it worked well. She benefited from his insight and wiles, though sort of tried not to absorb any of his chronic paranoia. Naturally, she excelled in the Concealment and Disguise portions of the training. HOwever, being a natural klutz and having the grace of an elephant on roller skates, she had a wee bit of difficulty when it came to stealth and tracking. However, she did manage to pass even that bit of training.

Her birthday month, that being June, would bring about a great present: Her full qualification as an Auror. And she was considered pretty young for the job, too… Icing on the cake, as it were! She would now look forward to adventures and general good-doing… Hopefully.


Tonks has a very bubbly personality. Enthusiastic and outgoing, she's rather easy going, and tends to get along easily with most people. She's not one to sit around and brood, springing back from bad feelings quickly. Usually. But the perky exterior doesn't get in the way of what the last three years has taught her. Make no mistake, while she's all smiles and laughs usually, she's got a nice healthy dose of paranoia, and tends to try to eyeball every situation with scrutiny. To do any less would disappoint her mentor most likely.

Family and Relationships

  • Parents Tonks is on good terms with both her parents.
  • Sirius Black Tonks' Second-Cousin. They've gotten relatively close since they met up again after his escape. He acts, and she tends to regard him as, something of a brother figure. They get along surprisingly well, likely due to Sirius' arrested development in the mental arena.
  • The Malfoys Narcissa Malfoy is her Aunt, so she's related to the Malfoys. Does she deal with them? Unless you consider rare, but probably sneered exchanges of looks from 'Uncle Lucius' in the Ministry 'dealing'….no. Not if she can help it.
  • The Lestranges Auntie Bellatrix and her husband. See above for general feelings. Save add a lot more hatred on their part and more Azkaban Goodness.
  • The Black Family Considering Tonks' immediate family doesn't even register with them? Yeah, no thought given at all.
  • Alastor Moody Tonks' Mentor during her Auror training. She holds him in very high regard.

Memorable Quotes:

"Wotcher." -Tonks favorite way of greeting practically anyone.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Tonks is a Metamorpmagus. Meaning she can change her physical appearance at will. She has only been recently made aware of one other. Otherwise, she'd thought she was on her own.
  • On that vein, Tonks' abilities are directly linked to her emotional well being. Should she find herself in deep emotional despair, her metamoprhing abilities suffer. It can get to the point where they fail completely.
  • Tonks trained under the watchful, vigilant and seriously paranoid eye of Mad-Eye Moody.
  • Tonks takes greatly after her mother. Enough so that when her hair is it's natural color, and her face is set to it's natural shape, she resembles both her mother, and her Aunt Bellatrix (without the raving psycho portion).
  • Tonks' natural hair color is a dark mousy brown.
  • Tonks is the youngest Auror in quite some time. She managed to qualify right after her graduation and immediately after her three years of training. Yes, even with her problem with graceful entrances.
  • Tonks loves clothes and fashion, be it wizard or muggle. In fact, her usual fashion sense is a mixture of both worlds. Shopping is her number one reason to visit the muggle side of London.
  • Tonks does permit being called "Dora", her father's nickname for her. However, only those extremely close to her are given leave to do this. Anyone who uses it without said leave will get a reaction had they called her Nymphadora.
  • She seriously dislikes her first name, no matter how pretty it may sound.

Character Hooks

Thinking about a character who might be tied to our favorite Metamorphamagi? Here's some ideas (FC/EC) ideas:

  • Andromeda and Ted Tonks - Parents are always fun. Note: Andromeda has been ICly played to be a Mediwitch at St. Mungo's.
  • Charlie Weasley - Tonks was in the same year as Charlie Weasley, and thus attended school with both of the older boys.
  • Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy - Aunt Cissy and Uncle Loo. Yes, that's what he's called. and yes, for that reason.
  • Rufus Scrimgeour - Teh_Boss_Man. Current Minister of Magic
  • Kingsley Shacklebolt - Fellow Auror, of the cool kind, and Order of the Phoenix Member.
  • John Dawlish - Everyone's favorite Fudge-supporting Auror. Be a blast at parties, get knocked out at every fight!

If you want OC ideas: Fellow Aurors and Law Enforcement is always welcome. Get to go on fun raids! Classmates and Housemates from Hogwarts Years are also welcome.

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